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Use a proven strategy for essay and assignment writing

Students are demanded to present numerous assignment at the end of the session in their study, and essay is one of the main out of them. Essay writing is no nightmare when we know how we approach the essay topic step by step to attract our performance. Here are the few important steps one should take while writing essay or assignment.

  • Evaluate or answer the question as soon as possible and this will get the key terms
  • The Research Work takes account of Books/ Journals and other Academic Resources and sum up with short notes as per your requirement.
  • Always make a better plan with well organized manner for keeping your good track
  • Take a step into writing and produce your first draft or give us this opportunity to serve you better
  • Mostly changes should be made after two or three days while reading it aloud with cross checking the arguments
  • Also, proofreading is needed on the second draft after correcting before take final hit and handing over to the examiner.

Follow an Editing and proofreading checklist

Mostly errors are stick with no-no in essays/assignments, is your essay on the right track? If not then you have to make sure about editing at least two or three times. Here we provide you guide how improve your grade with proofreading and improve your editing skills.

  • Most important thing is that to make sure you have correct answered as per question.
  • You should keep in track about the model, written method, resources and good presentation.


  • Always do not proofread just after writing it; at least you should wait for two or three days.
  • Always review the content and search for common errors or mistakes.
  • Always focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes that can lose your marks.

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Follow the 6 golden rules of essay and assignment writing

You should always follow golden rules in terms of writing essay, so here we have a guide with which essay will be easier for you than you think.

  • Focus on structure; plan how paragraph by paragraph the question will be answered with a gradual development of the argument.
  • The pinpoint issue at the opening of the paragraph; don’t fudge readers with misleading statements.
  • Each paragraph should unfold a new thing about the entire topic, but also endorse your argument at the same time.
  • Try to the usage of the linking words at the inception of the paragraph that makes reader aware about the progress of the argument with step by step.
  • Investigate and supportive sources are crucial while you make presentation.
  • Try to highlight the quotation as it will make great impact.
  • Concluding paragraph also evince the issue that was the core topic.
  • Always writing Abbreviations in the proper manner will comfort the readers almost.
  • Try to follow academic style or use style guide book to make a positive impression.
  • Being proofread, edit and re-draft, always follows the steps until the content has zero errors.

Use proven tips for writing essay introductions and conclusions

The most challenging element of writing an essay is sometimes just getting started. You may already have an outline and know what you want to write, but you’re having trouble finding the appropriate words to get started. Don’t worry; you’re not the first person to struggle with how to begin an essay, and you won’t be the last.

Keep in your mind that effective introductions and conclusions are two eyes which mirror the quality of essay.


  • First one or two paragraphs will always define the keywords, the themes and the issues.
  • Always try to clear the approaches by signposting the argument and overall conclusions.


  • Be compiling your key elements of the arguments in order to reach your target.
  • Try to answer the questions and exhibit the ways how you have reached at this point.
  • Try to leave a possibility for further reading.

How to reference the sources in a paper?

Be citing the source is a most important element and we should be done it in proper manner. Acknowledgements are also necessary when we are writing an essay or assignment. Here we provide you a guide how to cite your references and mention the acknowledgements inaccurate manner that will enhance your quality of content. .

What is critical writing?

We can illustrate that critical writing is the declaration of refusal of the conclusions of other writers without giving a chance on the arguments which is presented with evidence. Here we will provide you the guide to brush up yours skills of critical writing. .
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