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1-1 Discussion: Shell Scenarios

Go to the Shell Scenarios webpage. Once you have navigated to the site, watch the “Shell New Lens Scenarios” video (1:38) found on that page. (If you have trouble locating the video, it can also be found on YouTube.)
After watching the video, read the two scenarios, Mountains and Oceans, as well as pp. 22–24 in your textbook. (Mountains and Oceans is a PDF file attached found on the Shell Scenarios webpage.)
Then, in your initial post, consider the following:
Which of these scenarios do you think is most likely to occur? Defend your choice by analyzing it in the context of the deep historical forces outlined in the textbook.
How does Shell utilize business teams in this process?
What advice would you give Shell to prepare for its future to succeed in the face of likely governmental impacts?

For this assignment, you will design a research plan on the topic that you presented in Unit V. You

For this assignment, you will design a research plan on the topic that you presented in Unit V. You will not conduct the actual research; rather, you will simply provide a written plan as if you were going to prepare to conduct the research.
First, provide a design specification for your research project. The purpose of the design specification is to set out a detailed plan of the method(s) you have chosen to investigate your research problem.
Next, include the elements below in your research plan.
Explain the research topic and research questions.
Describe the appropriate hypotheses.
Describe the methods (e.g., nature, number of observations/data generation instances).
Provide operational definitions of variables/evidence.
Describe your subject selection and the sampling procedure/rationale for participant recruitment.
Provide stepwise data collection/generation procedures (number your steps).
List the instruments used.
Explain the method for addressing reliability (as applicable).
Indicate your method of analysis.
Detail any ethical considerations for your study.
Support your research plan by including three peer-reviewed academic sources that you located for your Annotated Bibliography in Unit V.
Your assignment must be a minimum of five pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. This assignment must follow proper APA format.


Business Assignment Help Answer the two questions below in two separate posts/threads. In order to receive full credit for posting you must make two original posts answering the questions and provide two replies to others. Original posts made ON the due date can only earn up to half credit so post early and get the discussion going!
Give an example of a time where you were a part of a work team that functioned poorly? Make sure and address the following points 1) what was the team’s mission 2) what was the structure/composition of the team 3) in what way was it a “poor” team (e.g., performance, process, long term health, etc.)
Having completed the tutorials and readings on teamwork what would you say was the primary cause(s) for the poor functioning? What best practices might have been implemented to improve team functioning? Did you learn any lessons from that experience that you can connect to the best practices that were discussed in this module……

Sorry for just give you less than 2 days. This should be a learning portfolio of myself, about what

Sorry for just give you less than 2 days. This should be a learning portfolio of myself, about what I’ve learned and what I’ve improved and what skill I developed during the study. I’ll tell you a bit of myself and the other stuff just depends on you, you could make up or write it based on some of your own experiences. I’m a guy from China, and I’m learning Master degree in UK. I’m good at critical thinking, innovation, stress management, and I’m quite self-aware. But I’m quite shy and quite lazy sometimes. During the group discussion, I’m too shy to talk and I worried about my English skills are imature. And I always skip classes and participation log(its a short record of what I did during the workshop, which I need to submit every week. workshops are usually just answer questions and group discussions. You could check the workshop files to see the contents). Maybe you could choose the 2 topics based on my information. Sorry for the unsorted files as well…

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