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1. A Growing Tomato Plant Is Sprayed With A Chemical That Destroys Chlorophyll. College Essay Help

A growing tomato plant is sprayed with a chemical that destroys chlorophyll. Explain (using an explanation of photosynthesis) why this will kill the tomato plant.
The equation for photosynthesis is 6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight –> C6H12O6 + 6O2. Explain the role of each of the products (left side of the arrow) and explain where the products (right side of the arrow) came from.
Using figure 4.8 for guidance, explain which colors of light a plant with just chlorophyll a would result in the highest photsynthetic output. Why would a yellow only light scenario not be ideal for plant containing both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.
Please see the attached screenshot.
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the C3 pathway for photosynthesis. Under which conditions would a C3 plant have an advantage? a disadvantage?
A drug that inhibits hydrogen ion gradient formation is deadly to humans and plants? Explain why this is so.
Explain the relationship between food consumption and cellular respiration. How does the food we eat generate ATP energy? Make sure to discuss ATP synthase in the electron transport chain.
Explain why oxygen is not needed in glycolysis but is in the electron transport chain. How is water formation related to the role of oxygen in the electron transport chain?
Explain why a drug that inhibits NADH production would be deadly to an organism that undergo aerobic cellular respiration.

Dear all,
This final news analysis is about North Korea. You will find plethora college application essay helpDear all,
This final news analysis is about North Korea. You will find plethora of critical news about North Korea in the media these days.
News analysis on two articles.
Module 1 Discussion
In the last 1800s, there was a huge battle to determine what college essay help onlineModule 1 Discussion
In the last 1800s, there was a huge battle to determine what kind of electricity was going to light the world. On one side of the fight was Thomas Edison who insisted that DC was going to light the world and on the other was Nikola Tesla who thought AC was the better way.
From what you know about the two forms of electricity.
Name advantages and disadvantages of each type
What sort of tactics were deployed by each side to convince people their way was better?
Why did Nikola Tesla eventually win the war?
What would the world be like if Thomas Edison had succeeded, and power were supplied by DC instead of AC?
Make sure to:
Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 250 words.
Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.
Address all questions.
Use proper grammar and punctuation.
If you researched your topic and are using information from what you learned, remember to cite your sources.
Include at least 2 references in your discussion and cite your sources
Do not plagiarize.
You will not be able to edit your assignment once you post, so please proofread and spell check before hitting post!
With reference to Powell’s chapter, explain the following three trends he identi essay help onlineWith reference to Powell’s chapter, explain the following three trends he identifies using one example from the text for each trend. In addition, provide one or more examples for each trend from the real world.
– From Jobs to Projects
– Flattening of Hierarchies
– Cross Fertilization
The PDF is attached. All of the concept are underline. No need to read all the chapter
Create an annotation of this article as if you were considering it for a source college essay help onlineCreate an annotation of this article as if you were considering it for a source in a paper.
List the article in APA format, as the video describes. (Note: the publication date for this article is not listed. A quick Google Search of the article title will show you that the year of publication is 2013. Include this in your citation.)
Write a 150-200 word summary/critique of the article in which you not only summarize the article but also note any strengths or weaknesses you find in it. In addition, mention whether it will be a possible article for an essay on the topic of teaching grammar in writing courses. (Note: you won’t be writing about this topic for your own writing assignments.)
Your annotation thus should include the following:
Focus of the study (~ 1-2 sentences
Conclusion(s) of the study (~ 1-2 sentences)
Analysis of the study (e.g., any strengths or weaknesses? Any thing that was particularly remarkable/helpful?) (~ 1-2 sentences)
Its relevance to research on teaching grammar in writing courses (~ 1-2 sentences)
Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty scholarship essay helpFollow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.
1. Complete a health assessment/history on an individual of your choice who is 18 years of age or older and NOT a
family member or close friend.
a. The purpose of this restriction is to avoid any tendency to anticipate answers or to influence how the questions
are answered. Your goal in choosing an interviewee is to simulate the interaction between you and an individual
for whom you would provide care.
b. Inform the individual that information obtained will be kept confidential and do not use identifying information
within the assignment.
c. There are three parts to this assignment.
2. Include the following sections when completing the assignment
a. Health History Assessment (50 points/50%)
1) Demographics
2) Perception of health
3) Past Medical History
4) Family Medical History
5) Review of Systems
6) Developmental Considerations- use Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development- which stage is your
participant at and give examples of if they have met or not met the milestones for that stage.
7) Cultural Considerations- definition, cultural traditions, cultural viewpoints on healing/healers, traditional and
complementary medicine, these are examples but please add more
8) Psychosocial Considerations- support systems-family, religious, occupational, community these are examples
but please add more
9) Resources to Improve Health- give examples of resources available to improve the health of the participant
such as community, nutritional recommendations, healthcare, spiritual, etc.
b. Reflection (40 points/40%)
Reflection is used to intentionally examine our thought processes, actions, and behaviors in order to evaluate outcomes. Provide a written reflection that describes your experience with conducting this Health History.
1) Reflect on your interaction with the interviewee holistically.
a) Describes the interaction in its entirety: include the environment, your approach to the individual, time of day, and other features relevant to therapeutic communication and to the interview process.
2) How did your interaction compare to what you have learned?
3) What barriers to communication did you experience?
a) How did you overcome them?
b) What will you do to overcome them in the future?
4) What went well with this assignment?
5) Were there unanticipated challenges during this assignment?
6) Was there information you wished you had available but did not?
7) How will you alter your approach next time?
3. Style and Organization (10 Points/10%)
Your writing should reflect your synthesis of ideas based on prior knowledge, newly acquired information, and appropriate writing skills. Scoring of your work in written communication is based on proper use of grammar, spelling, APA, and how clearly you express your thoughts and reasoning in your writing.
1) Grammar and mechanics are free of errors.
2) Verbalizes thoughts and reasoning clearly
3) Uses appropriate resources and ideas to support topic with APA where applic
Paper 2 Topic Proposal
11 unread reply.11 reply.
Submit your topic proposals for writing essay helpPaper 2 Topic Proposal
11 unread reply.11 reply.
Submit your topic proposals for the research paper here. *** If I do not accept your initial proposal, you must conference with me in my office (on campus or in the Virtual Office) before moving forward with a topic.***
Topic Proposal Handout Download Topic Proposal Handout
Sample Topic Proposal Download Sample Topic Proposal
From the Paper 2 Handout:
After you have read and seriously thought and considered the ideas in that text, it is time to write a 400 word proposal. Formal proposals call for you to identify an issue as a problem and present a solution to the problem. For this course, the proposal is a pre-writing activity for the researched argument essay. Thus, the problem you will need to identify is what you don’t know about your research topic and how you plan on solving that problem through research.
In 400 words, propose why you should research a certain topic for your argumentative essay addressing the following issues:
Significance of the topic: What do you already know about the history of the topic, the topic’s affects, etc.
Two sides of the argument: identify the two sides of the argument, and where you expect to position yourself in this argument. What reasons does each side provide as support for their position?
Explain your position on the argument. Be sure to explain the logic of your choice rather than the emotions that drove you to accept this position. Remember that you need to provide valid, logical reasons rather than rely simply on the rightness or wrongness of an issue.
The type of research you plan to complete: What specific journals, books, etc. will you consult? Do not simply state you will search the internet and/or the library. I want specific titles of magazines, newspapers, journals, books, and websites and why you plan to consult these specific references. You should also include the key terms you will use while searching various search engines.
Once you submit your proposal, you must then comment on at least two of your peers’ proposals. Think about their topic. Is it arguable? Is there more than one side? Can it be academically researched?
With this assignment, you are planning your research strategy and argument. If you wish to change your topic at a later date, that’s fine, but you will be required to write another proposal, and contact me before submitting it.
Your proposal will be graded on your address of each of the four issues above, the essay’s structural strategies we have covered so far this semester, and comments to your peers’ posts. You need to submit your proposal essay as an attachment labeled Lastname_first initialProposal.doc (MS Word file) such as Smith_JProposal.doc.
You will also be participating in Discussion Board workshops for your research paper as well, so make sure to manage your time wisely in the coming days.
My topic is: Is sex trafficking being overlooked?
For this week’s assignment, you will create a discussion post. Consider what you best college essay helpFor this week’s assignment, you will create a discussion post. Consider what you have learned about the nature of planned change and applicable theories, models, and types. Now draft a response where you articulate theories of change and the general model of change and describe pragmatic consultation issues that may arise when leading and managing change. Points to consider and discuss:
Change is inevitable. So, why do many change efforts fail?
Describe key elements of an effective change effort.
Explain why people resist change and then identify the strategies you would suggest to deal with resistance to change.
Consider how people experiencing change require a consultant to have a great capacity for empathy and support. Then, determine how a consultant can use power constructively in a change process.
Length: 400-500 words
References: Support your discussion with at least one scholarly reference.
Written Assignment 1 – Brand Impression/Customer Journey
Explain how your Custom best college essay helpWritten Assignment 1 – Brand Impression/Customer Journey
Explain how your Customer Journey Experience with a specific Brand (From Awareness toward Advocacy) has been shaped by your impression of the brand’s unique selling proposition and why it resonates with you. Then identify several points of contact with the brand and the impression those interactions have made, positive or negative. Explain impressions in 350-500 words.
Try to truly analyze your journey with this brand and explain its dynamics – the how and why of the impact from the way the brand captured your attention to the immediate impression it made to the evolution of your perception about the brand. Make sense of the experience rather than simply superficially describing the steps in the process.
Note: In analytical Business writing, avoid expressing points in the First Person, (I, me, mine). Express points objectively and support them with descriptive evidence. (It will be difficult in an analysis about your personal experience but it can be done and still convey your perspective. At the very least, however, you should limit the use of personal pronouns in your writing on this subject).
Analytical Essay Criteria
1. Well organized objective information delivered via clear, concise writing;
2. Strong examples and evidence demonstrating thoughtful perspective and purposeful reasoning to support the points;
3. Exhibits appropriate grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, consistent style, use of paragraphs and proofing.
I have uploaded the instructions.
Note: I don’t care which topic is chosen.
No college essay help near meI have uploaded the instructions.
Note: I don’t care which topic is chosen.
Note: One of the sources requirements is to use 2 articles from Penn Foster’s digital library data base. Once you choose a topic let me know and I will go into the database and get 2 articles for you to include in the essay
Okay, now it’s your turn! Pick two of the following scenarios and writ essay helpActivity:
Okay, now it’s your turn! Pick two of the following scenarios and write a summary news lead for each one that follows all the news lead-writing and AP style rules you’ve learned here so far.
Objective: To analyze information and select the appropriate facts for a news story’s lead.
Use this Checklist for News Lead-Writing Exercises to review and perfect your work. Include the completed worksheet with your Try-It response (pasted in or attached to the post).
n.b. You must use the scenarios provided in this Try It. Do not try to complete this exercise using a story you have selected from the news.
A few final reminders:
Do not put any names in the lead.
Write a single sentence.
Use 20 or fewer words.
Write in active voice.
Use verbs in past tense.
Use a day of the week for the time element.
If the scenario does not clearly state a day of the week for the time element, assume you are writing a breaking news story Saturday about events that happened that same day.
Assume the news lead will be published in a newspaper the day after its events happened.
Eliminate every single word that’s not absolutely essential to the meaning of the sentence.
If the scenario provides the name of a community but not the state in which is it located, use your home state.
Thoroughly study the lectures in your Course Resources, particularly the “Course AP Stylebook,” “The Central Point,” “The Characteristics of News,” “News Lead Basics” and the Step-by-Step: How to Write a News Lead worksheet before you write this Try It.
Remember to perfect your finished work using the Checklist for News Lead-Writing Exercises( attached), which you should complete and attach to your Try-It post.
If your feedback suggests your grammar needs a touch-up, you can refresh your memory of basic American English grammar rules with this course’s optional grammar practice exercise under Activities & Assessments > Quizzes in the course navbar before you submit your revised Try It.
The scenarios contain writing errors. Proofread your work for spelling, grammar and mechanics errors. Use your word-processing software’s spelling- and grammar-checking functions for this. Consider also using the free Grammarly software for a final double-check.
Do not respond to this Try It before you have studied and learned the rules for writing news ledes.
Use the feedback you receive to revise your Try It and post the revision as a reply to your original response.
Keep an eye out for spelling errors, too!
Here are the scenarios to choose from:
Scenario 2
There’s been a robbery at Colonial Mall in Flagstaff, Ariz. A man walked into the Starfire Jewelry store about 10 minutes before the mall closed on Saturday, then before anyone stop him, smashed a glass jewelry case with a hammer and scooped out watches, bracelets and engagement rings. A sales clerk sitting behind the counter fixing a watchband started screaming. Her name’s Louise Mitchell, 46, of Chilton Lane, according to the police report. The man fled with his booty. Some people in the mall heard the screams, saw the man running, and took up the chase. At least a dozen men and women pursued the man into the parking lot. “Guys like this, they need a job,” said Kevon Steffans, one of the shoppers who joined the chase. Once in the parking lot, more people began chasing the man. Former Northwood High School football player Jeffrey Oats, managed to tackle the man as 20 or 30 other people surrounded the two on the ground. Oats, 37, is a security guard for drinks. Police identified the man as Todd Taylor, 18 of Marigold Lane. He was charged with grand theft and is being held on $25,000 bond. Taylor became so frightened that he tossed the bag of loot into the crowd, Officer Jane Tripp said.
Scenario 4
Fit ‘n Buff, an independent chain of 6 gyms in your state that is headquartered in Harkensville, is closing. It’s owned by Mike Cruz of 435 Price Street. He’s a former body builder and personal trainer. Patrons found signs saying “Closed Until Further Notice” on the Packard Street facility’s doors on Monday when the gym usually is open at 6 a.m. You as the reporter can’t reach Cruz, but his attorney, Raymond Forth of Forth & Davenport on E. Main St., tells you the chain is bankrupt. A total of 180 employees will be out of work at the six facilities he says. Some members paid up to $1,200 for a year’s membership. The Packard St. facility was the first gym to open as “Mel’s” 15 years ago. Mel was Mike’s father and a middle-weight boxer. As it grew in popularity, Mel Cruz changed its name to Fit ‘n Buff. Some number of people in the county have $3,999 lifetime memberships that they bought when Mel ran the business, Forth confirmed. The state’s Dept. of Consumer Affairs is investigating. Forth said the company was losing $3K a week after an overly aggressive expansion into other counties
This week, you learned about the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to college application essay helpThis week, you learned about the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to be an effective internal or external consultant. Using the information from this week’s resources, apply the principles of a SWOT analysis to yourself and discuss your own consultation skills and competency and reflect on strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats, and conclude with a plan to address the identified gap. You may use the provided template to complete the SWOT analysis.
Length: 2-3 pages (excluding title and references)
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references.
For this discussion, select one of the personality disorders discussed in Chapte college essay help onlineFor this discussion, select one of the personality disorders discussed in Chapter 10 that you find interesting, then conduct web research to find a person (i.e., living or not, historical, famous, and/or even fictional) who suffers from the disorder you chose to serve as a case study. Then choose a model of personality that will serve as a framework for devising a theoretical explanation and therapeutic intervention for the case you selected.
For your initial post,
Describe the personality disorder for the case study you selected.
Apply the theories in your selected model to explain how the disorder may have developed for your particular case and what may have been the underlying causes. The primary focus here should be on the theoretical explanation of how your chosen disorder may have developed and should not be a detailed description of the disorder.
Discuss possible therapeutic interventions that might be applied in your case, based on your chosen model.
The concept of health and wellness differs greatly between people. Health can be college application essay helpThe concept of health and wellness differs greatly between people. Health can be the absence of disease, while wellness can imply a positive state of health in holism, encompassing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even social aspects. Think about your own state of health. Do you consider yourself a healthy person? If so, what motivates you to be healthy? If not, what would motivate you to become so?
Your task this week will be to debate different theories of gender college essay helpInstructions
Your task this week will be to debate different theories of gender development.
To do this, submit a transcript of a mock debate (or one that you may have overheard) between two psychologists who have primary interest in gender development but belong to different schools of thought, and show the two viewpoints. You can use any two perspectives you are interested in. Remember that social scientists love to talk about their subject; they rarely answer questions with yes/no answers. And they tend to interrupt each other to prove their point.
The transcript could look something like this:
Discussion Moderator introduces the speakers.
Audience Question:
Answer Dr. X: …
Answer Prof. Y: …
Interaction between scientists if warranted
Moderator will conclude a discussion with giving the summary of the theories discussed.
Be sure to have a minimum of 5 questions that are in the debate. The transcript should conclude with a brief reflection of your own take on the topic discussed.
Length: 5-7 pages
For this assignment, you will choose TV or movie characters to observe. Mute wha best essay helpFor this assignment, you will choose TV or movie characters to observe. Mute what they are saying and then sit back and watch. Take notes while viewing and then use your notes to write a typed two-page essay (MLA format) describing what you witnessed.
-Include nonverbal terminology describing at least 10 gestures.
– cite movie or tv show
Include the following:
Introduce what show/movie you chose, which character you focused on and what their self-concept may include based on their communication style.
What type of gestures (emblems, regulators, illustrators, adaptors and affect displays) are they using? Identify at least 10 by highlighting or underlining the action.
What are they conveying (main message, emotions etc.)? How many repetitions?
How often do they use each one? Are they aware of these gestures?
What are the circumstances (context)? What’s going on in the scene?
-Things to Know Before You Start
Nonverbal Communication – communication that does not occur through words
Kinesics – the study of body motion or body behavior; gestures, movements, facial expressions
Haptics – the study of the significance of touch
Paralanguage/paralinguistics – aspects of your voice (tone, pitch, rate, volume)
Proxemics – the study of how physical space is used to communicate
-Types of Kinesics
Emblems: gestures that have a direct verbal translation and can stand alone such as the “ok” sign or a thumbs up
Illustrators: gestures that complement our words such as pointing when giving directions.
Regulators: gestures that may prolong or terminate the conversation such as looking at your watch, walking away or nodding and leaning forward.
Adaptors: gestures that make you feel more comfortable in a communication situation such as twirling your hair or tapping your fingers.
Affect Displays: facial expressions motivated by emotion such as a smile frown.
This is a team project. Each member is assigned with a business leader and they online essay helpThis is a team project. Each member is assigned with a business leader and they have to discuss about them. My group members gave me the
task of writing about Steve Wozniak. Instructions are in the document uploaded.
The instructions will be provided in the file I upload. I am also uploading both college admission essay helpThe instructions will be provided in the file I upload. I am also uploading both poems with their citations are provided.

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