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1. Please read and follow all the requirements from the prompt (I will upload the prompt as a pdf

1. Please read and follow all the requirements from the prompt (I will upload the prompt as a pdf file)
2. The essay should be based on the book, “One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter” by the author Scaachi Koul.
*Use this link to download the book:
3. No subheadings and no spaces between each paragraph please.
4. Use MLA citation.
5. No plagiarism!!! Everything must be original.
6. Must quote when citing sources. BUT the quotes should NOT take up lots of spaces. Must be shortened if it’s long.
7. Make sure to use 2-3 outside sources too. For example >>
or use any other outside sources.
8. Make sure to write FULL 3 pages I have asked for.
9. Please use advanced words instead of simple and easy words.

What’s Next for the Everything Store? devry tutorcom essay help essay writer

Jeff Bezos can easily be called one of America’s most interesting characters. To the world, he is larger than life. To his employee’s his pen can strike terror in the hearts of even the bravest. To his mother, he is the apple of her eye and to his biological father, he is someone that he never should have let go. Bezos is many things to many people. The article, “The Secrets of Bezos: How Amazon Became the Everything Store,” by Brad Stone take an inside look at Bezos that has never been seen before. This essay explores the most interesting facts about Bezos and gives him advice that can help take his organization to the next level.

One of the most fascinating discoveries about Bezos in the article is that he is somewhat of a tyrant when it comes to his employees. When one sees Bezos on a television or radio interview, he always presents himself as a smiling, cheerful person. It is easy to call him a nice guy. Reading the article presents an entirely different side of Bezos. The harsh, calculating side of Bezos that remains hidden behind the walls of Amazon was surprising.

Another fascinating fact about Bezos is that he comes from a rather ordinary, if not disadvantaged upbringing. Bezos did not have the opportunities growing up that one usually associates with becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world. Everything Bezos touches turns to gold. Even more fascinating is that he makes it by not playing by the accepted rules of big business. He is a rebel and has his own way of doing things and a style of management that hearkens to the authoritarian managerial style of the beginnings of the industrial era.

Bezos has climbed to where he is now by riding on the back of no one. The only question that remains is where he is going next. Bezos has his mind set on the space travel, but perhaps his next big thing should be more earthbound. He has a track record for taking on the biggest and best in the industry. Perhaps, he should go for broke and challenge long term rival Walmart. This would make the everything store unrivaled in its economy of scale.

Bezos has the ability to turn up the heat and watch his opponents melt like butter. He also has a penchant for starting something new and different than the world has ever seen before. One has to wonder if perhaps Bezos’ space bound quest is being done with ulterior motives. Could it be that underneath it all, Jeff Bezos wants to be the first retail store in space? Considering his track record, one would not want to put it past him. He has not expressed anything like this yet, but with Bezos, yet is the key. One never knows what will come out of that brilliant brain of his. Whatever he does, Jeff Bezos does not know the word fail and neither do his employees.


  • Stone, Brad. The Secrets of Bezos: How Amazon Became the Everything Store. Bloomberg Businessweek. October 10, 2013. pp. 2-23.

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POWER POINT WITH NOTES. “Malnutrition In The Elderly”

Reading Reviews

1.Evaluate the situation faced by the Mayo Clinic (Mayo) at the time of the case. What has prompted Mayo to reevaluate its strategic decisions? 2.Evaluate Mayo’s performance at the time the strategic plan was adopted. Why would such a large organization undertake a strategic change process at a time when it was doing reasonably well? 3.Compare and contrast the three major options that were considered by the Task Force in coming up with the 2020 Initiative. Explain the choice that Mayo made and how it compares with Mayo’s current strategy. 4.What challenges does Mayo face in putting its plan into practice? What would you suggest the firm do in response to these challenges?

Reporting Health Information For Patient Care

You are the Business Manager for Sleepytime Anesthesia Services and you work closely with Dr. General, the administrator of the Sleepytime Anesthesia Services (SAS). This assignment has 4 attachments to use in the completion of the assignment. Letter from LiveWell regarding a contract proposal, entitled SAS letter. Data report provided by LiveWell, entitled LiveWell Data Spreadsheet. Data report from SAS on ENT procedures, entitled SAS Data Report. Assignment questions to submit for grading, entitled HIM3522 Mod 8 Lab Reporting Health Information for Patient Care Decisions Begin the assignment by opening the Letter from LiveWell, SAS letter. The letter will set up the scenario and contract proposal which this assignment will respond to when complete. Then open and review the data sent with the letter from LiveWell Health Facility, Livewell Data Spreadsheet. This provides the statistical information from LiveWell and demonstrates their surgical case history. Next, as the Business Manager, you understand the value of data that can be obtained from patient information, specifically coded data that contains reimbursement data from your payers, and therefore you use your SAS software systems to pull data that is relevant to the contract considerations, SAS Data Report. Finally, open the written assignment sheet which you will complete and submit for grading, HIM3522 Mod 8 Lab Reporting Health Information for Patient Care Decisions. To complete this assignment sheet, you will need to open and use both data sheets – the one from LiveWell and the one from SAS. Be certain that you have given proper thought and recorded complete answers before submitting the attached assignment sheet.

Assignment 1: Network Consultation For DesignIT

Good morning, Can I get someone to do this assignment CIS 175 Network Consultation for DesignIT, and I need by June 7th,2014. What do I need to do in order to get this assignment taken care of? Thanks

Final Paper

Final Paper. The focus of the second part of the research paper is on education and prevention and should be 4-6 pages in length. How would you advocate for this specific victim population? What are their most immediate needs? How would you make the community more aware of this population, and how would you assist in developing prevention services? How would you assist in obtaining restitution and compensation for your population? Are there public policies that need to be changed and/or implemented? This section also requires you to use critical thinking skills and to analyze your population as they move through the criminal justice system; therefore, part of this section of the paper will also include your opinion of the needs of the victim population. Final Research Paper The purpose of the assignment is to gain a comprehensive understanding of a particular victim population, one that is chosen by you, which reflects your research or career interests. It is preferred that you choose a victim population that has not been thoroughly reviewed in the class discussions. The topic of the research paper will be agreed upon by you and the instructor. While you are choosing your paper topic, please keep in mind that you need to be able to review professional journal articles related to the specific victim population. This may help guide your search. The first part of the research paper is a literature review on the specific victim population you choose and will be 6-8 pages in length. The review will be an analysis and summary of current (the past ten years) professional journal articles, government reports, and/or book chapters that relate to your topic. It is expected that you will use and cite five to eight references. More specifically, you should cover the following topics in this part of the research paper: Describe the nature and type of victim population. Explain the various risk factors associated with this victim population. Indicate how long the group has been identified as victims; i.e., how their status in society has potentially changed over time. Describe the response to the victimization, by law enforcement, service providers, policy makers, and society as a whole. NEW Assignment Type: Please click here to review instructions on how to submit your assignment. (Links to an external site.) Grading Criteria
Final Paper


I NEED WHOLE PAPER WITH EVERYTHING THAT Is LISTED IN THIS ASSIGNMENT. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM! REFERENCES ARE A MUST! As required by law, every health care facility must maintain a medical record for each patient that it treats (Pozgar, 2004). Although the exact specifications may vary slightly across each state, there are still some basic legal principles to remember when dealing with the medical record. As a part of the risk-management department for an assisted living facility, it has fallen to you to take a look at the facility’s policies on medical records. It is your responsibility to come up with a new policy that deals with the maintenance and release of medical records. Your group will be developing a two-part policy for medical records. The first part will be developed individually and the second part will be developed as a group. The components of Parts I and II are laid out below. Individual Portion Medical Records Policy: Part I Develop Part I of the Medical Records Policy that focuses on the maintenance of medical records. In this section, you should consider things such as the following: the contents of a medical record (i.e., what information goes in a record) guidelines for properly making an entry in a medical record (i.e., how to do so, how to make a correction, etc.) Group Portion Medical Records Policy: Part II As a group, develop Part II of the Medical Records Policy. In this section, you should consider issues such as the following: ownership of the medical record policies/procedures for the release of records ways to maintain confidentiality (include any major laws that govern this) Guidelines Use the library and other outside references to look up sample policies regarding medical records to use as a guide. You may not use a policy found in your research in its entirety. This is meant to be an original policy created by you. The final product of the individual portion should be an actual policy-make sure that it is presented just as policy would be in a real assisted-living facility setting. There is no need for any explanation as to why you chose what you did. Reference Pozgar, G. (2004). Legal aspects of health care administration (9th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Please add your file. For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Unit Materials

Philosophy Tutor Needed!!!!! Its A Philosophy HW

Write a one page summary of Descartes Meditations 4-6, in your own words. Do not quote Descartes, your job is to summarize as clearly and concisely as possible what he says. thats the source where u can get all the info

Research Proposal Rough Draft

Topic is research proposal on difficulties of prosecuting human trafficking cases. I have all pertinent resources that will be used. ¢ Title page ¢ Abstract (100-120 words) ¢ Introduction ¢ Hypothesis/Problem Statement/Purpose Statement ¢ Literature Review and Definitions included in research ¢ Research methods/design ¢ References ¢ Appendices – as needed (annotated bibliography, example consent form, example survey if used) The research proposal (Term Project) must be in a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the student’s folder through the assignment section. Students will be required to use at least three scholarly references in their work. Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines. Please make sure that you are using the course-writing rubric to use as a checklist so that you write a solid paper. Students must use a topic, which was approved by the instructor or their research proposal. Do not include quotes in your work. The student needs to display good critical thinking skills and not a string of quotes written by published authors. Your proposal is what is needed for a successful research project to be conducted in the future.

Information System

Information System. I attached the chapters as well ! please no fake handshake and the price is 10$ ALL I CAN PAY , send a handshake if u r serious ! ((THE HOMEWORK DUE AFTER 3 HOURS FROM NOW)) NAME: __________________________________________ IS 3003 CLASS: 006 007 Exam 2 Extra Credit. All answers are one sentence, or sentence fragment, at most. Chapter 4: Answer chapter 4 exercise question 4-1, ignore bullets that follow question. Name three such issues, and describe each. 1. 2. 3. Chapter 5: Answer chapter 5 exercise question 5-2, ignore bullets that follow question. Name four such technologies, and define each. 1. 2. 3. 4. Chapter 6: answer chapter 6 exercise question 6-3, ignore bullets that follow question. Name five such tools, and define/describe each. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Information System

Powerpoint Presentation

6- slides (excluding title and reference slides) and speaker notes of 200-250 words per slide A key component of an effective workplace is the ability of the groups to successfully collaborate. Choose a work group within your organization. Using a model of organizational improvement, plan a development project for this group. Include responses to the following in your presentation: -Describe the group, its purpose (work function), how this group fits into the overall organization, its reporting relationships, and its key stakeholders. -How will you gather data (interviews, questionnaires, or group discussions) from the group and any key stakeholders? -Describe the type of data that you will need to design your development plan. How will you diagnose the level of functioning for the group? -Give a few examples of developmental activities that you would use for various levels of functioning that are based on your diagnosis. -How would you communicate the progress of the group to both group members and key stakeholders? -You must include a minimum of 4 scholarly references.

Dq For Wk 6 Hrm520

I must have ORIGINAL work!!! with up to date references. I need 1 paragraph with about 250 words with 1 recent reference. Talent Management and Online Recruitment Part A (Chapter 9) 1. After reading Chapter 9, read the two articles listed below: ?Integrating talent management and core HR systems valuable but tricky ?Applicant Tracking for High Turnover Environments 2. Why is it important to establish the meaning of talent and talent management in a particular organizational setting? How does the strategic direction of the organization influence human resource planning activities? What are some potential disadvantages of using a packaged application to help automate the employee goal-setting process? Why is it important to have an adaptable workforce in a global economy? Part B (Chapter 10) 3. What are the pros and cons of recruitment and selection in an Internet context? Provide examples of your personal experiences with online recruitment and selection. Do you agree or disagree with online assessments during the recruitment and selection process? Why or why not? Be sure to include your personal experiences with online assessments. I need a response to this paragraph in about 150 words. to Wanda. How does the strategic direction of the organization influence human resource planning activities? An organization’s strategic direction directly impacts human resource planning as well as the talent management strategy because HR must ensure that the most skilled talent is acquired. Having the right talent and resources will help to efficiently and effectively progress the strategic strategy. On the other hand, it can only be effective when the business executives see HR as more that a line of business that only focuses on compliance and the transactional aspects of the organization.

provides data from a compensation survey for the job of industrial engineer, collected from the same

provides data from a compensation survey for the job of industrial engineer, collected from the same. provides data from a compensation survey for the job of industrial engineer, collected from the same employers as the compensation survey for accounting clerks discussed earlier in the chapter. Assume you are managing a high-involvement firm that employs about 800 people and you employ 10 industrial engineers. Develop a compensation structure for this job, indicating the amount of base pay the job will provide (including the pay ranges) and the amount and type of performance pay and indirect pay. Assume the survey data are eight months out of date, and your new compensation structure will take effect in four months and apply to the following 12-month period. The following job summary was used in the survey, which was based on the National Occupational Classification for ?Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers: Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers conduct studies and develop and supervise programs to achieve efficient industrial production and efficient utilization of industrial human resources, machinery, and materials. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers are employed in consulting firms, manufacturing and processing companies, and in government, financial, health care and other institutions. Example titles include cost engineer, computer integrated manufacturing engineer, fire prevention engineer, plant engineer, work measurement engineers, methods engineer, industrial engineer, manufacturing engineer, quality control engineer, safety engineer, production engineer, time-study engineer.
provides data from a compensation survey for the job of industrial engineer, collected from the same

Post- James G

I need a positive argument based in this discussion question. Respond to this argument in one or more of the following ways: Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research. Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives. Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research in the Walden Library. Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research. Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings. Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence. Use references My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission In 2011 I graduated from Nursing School. I knew I wanted work in the Emergency Department. I had finished my practicum in an ED and was slotted to be hired once I passed my NCLEX. As life would have it, I wouldn’t be able to take that job until year later. In the meantime, I toughed it out as a floor nurse, and honed my skills. I knew that floor nursing was not in my 10-year plan, so I made it a point to get all the experience I could to prepare myself for a career as a nurse. My journey since becoming an RN has been an amazing one. I have completed Critical Care fellowships, worked beside some of the finest physicians, and now with all my experiences, I need to become a Nurse Practioner. I am currently working in the Operating Room and have absolutely fallen in love with Orthopedics. Becoming an Orthopedic Nurse Practioner will allow me to treat patients in clinic as well as assist the surgeon to increase mobility in those requiring surgery. I found Walden University during a school fair at my current hospital. I spoke with a representative who, in my opinion, made the choice very easy. I did research other online programs, but I always came back to Walden University. The ability for me to attend a program and still be able to work full time was a must. I felt like this University had my best interest in mind after reading the School of Nursing’s (SON) vision and mission statement. The mission statement states ?Walden University provides a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change. (Walden University, 2011a) I feel as though Walden University will assist me to be in control my transformation from Registered Nurse to Nurse Practioner. Incorporation of Social Change Everyday our society experiences change whether swift or gradual. I want to promote positive social change by integrating Walden University’s views with my own. ?Positive social change results in the improvement of human and social conditions. (Walden 2011b, para.1) I want to be part of that change, I want to be part of the improvement, I want to use my knowledge and experience to help improve the way we live together as human beings. I feel like Walden University will provide me with the tools needed to make this vision a reality. References Walden University. (2011a). About the school. Retrieved from Walden University. (2011b). Vision, mission, and goals. Retrieved from

POWER POINT WITH NOTES. “Malnutrition In The Elderly”

Power point presentation WITH NOTES for topic ” Malnutrition in the elderly “. It must be 18 slides, not including your cover slide or reference slides. Your reference slides should cite at least seven references. Your presentation should, at the minimum, include the following topics regarding your chosen vulnerable population and related health education program/plan: Clearly states population chosen Describes the vulnerable population States the current population demographics Discusses background of the problem, and its effect on public health Discusses the cultural background of the selected population and any relevant history pertaining to the population Discusses the psychosocial concerns and/or norms of the population Discusses the economic concerns of the population including, but not limited to, income levels, educational levels and occupation Discusses specific health concerns of the population Information on specific risk factors for target population is presented concisely and accurately Discusses prevention and control of health concerns and risk factors (primary, secondary and tertiary) Discusses the role of the public health nurse in caring for vulnerable populations States the core functions of public health and applies it to the care of the specific population Three local agencies/facilities delivering services to the target population are identified and accessibility and service rendered are fully described Additional resources needed in the community are identified. Information discussed is current, within the last 5 years. Rubrics: Clearly states population chosen, describes the vulnerable population, states the current population demographics, and discusses background of the problem, and its effect on public health. Clearly states purpose of research and indicates main points to be covered. Expands upon the cultural background of the selected population and any relevant history pertaining to the population, including psychosocial concerns and/or norms of the population, the economic concerns of the population including, but not limited to, income levels, educational levels and occupation, and specific health concerns, and risk factors. Topics include prevention and control of health concerns and risk factors (primary, secondary and tertiary), the role of the public health nurse and the core functions of public health as it applies to the care of the specific population. Three local agencies/facilities delivering services to the target population are identified and accessibility is and services rendered are fully described. Additional resources needed in the community are identified. A specific health education program/plan for the identified vulnerable population is clearly articulated and could be implemented in a like community. The visual slides include a variety of graphics, text, and animation that exhibit a sense of wholeness. The overall presentation is directed toward the appropriate audience, and the tone is appropriate to the content and assignment. All Information presented is current, within the last 5 years. Creative presentation is submitted; including backgrounds, color/size of font, transitions, style, and design. Written material uses Standard Edited American English. Language and diction are appropriate to audience. Follows rules for grammar, spelling and usage. Writing has a polished and elegant style. APA formatting is present to include a title slide and a reference slide. The number of references required by the assignment is presented. In-text APA citations are used in the presentation.

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