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1. Single Space (NOT doubled space) 2. New Times roman 3. 12 pt font with 1 inch margins 4. Essay

1. Single Space (NOT doubled space)
2. New Times roman
3. 12 pt font with 1 inch margins
4. 4 FULL pages

The paper will be about physical fitness, focusing on the 5 health components which are: (1) body composition, (2) flexibility, (3) muscular strength, (4) muscular endurance, and (5) cardiorespiratory endurance. Feel free to add more information focusing on physical fitness and the impact it has on health.

ADR 410 Facilitation fundamentals

part 1) As a Facilitator, conducting any type of group work, there must be certain ground rules in place. For example, in a classroom the teacher/facilitator may enforce a rule which requires the student to raise his or her hand before speaking, thus ensuring a certain amount of control of the discussion process while not chilling the substance of the discussion. Describe a facilitation setting and come up with several ground rules to enhance the facilitation experience. Part 2 Continued from part 1) 1, address one of the six diagnostic steps in the intervention cycle, and just how you might implement in a group you are facilitating.

[1800 words] Business Question

1.The confident writer:
Read the “Sample Student Anecdote” in this module. What do you think of this anecdote? Why is it so effective (= why does it work well)? Be specific. 150 words
Sample Anecdotes:”I was standing in an elevator, waiting to go back home. A little boy eating an ice cream cone stood next to me. In fact, there were only two of us in the elevator. It seemed like we were waiting a long time. I am a person who dislikes quiet, especially when people stand together, so I decided to break the ice. I looked down at the little boy and tried to make eye contact. However, he was very focused on his ice cream. The quiet, which bothered me very much, didn’t seem to make him uncomfortable at all. “It’s not good for your health to eat ice cream,” I said, with a friendly smile. There was no response. He continued concentrating on his ice cream and didn’t even give me a glance. “My great-grandma lived to be one hundred and three,” he said, finally. “Oh, really?” I replied. “Is that because she ate ice cream every day?” “No,” he said, “she lived a long time because she never minded other people’s business.”
2. Export and Import Policies and Practices:
Chapter 3: Setting Up the Business
Question: Sate three typical organizational structures of firms that are engaged in international trade. Is a separate export department necessary for a manufacturing firm with limited exports. 150 word
Chapter 4: Planning and Preparations for Export Question: Discuss the two major approaches to selecting a product for exports. Why is it important to participate in overseas trade shows? 150 word
Case 4.1: Developing Export Markets (Page 94 of the e-Text) 1000 words
Please read the case and answer the question(s).
Developing Export Markets:
A recent survey by Babson College and the London Business School on entrepreneurship noted that middle-income countries have a larger share of individuals engaged in business ventures with high growth potential than high-income countries. The study also notes that these middle-income countries have higher percentages of people starting businesses. This is partly attributed to the deployment of existing technologies to exploit their comparative advantages. High rates of early-stage entrepreneurship, however, do not necessarily translate into high rates of established business. Rich countries such as Japan, for example, have low levels of early-stage entrepreneurial activity but a large number of established businesses. This is because the start-ups are opportunity-driven companies with lower rates of business failures than those in middle-income or poor countries that are largely motivated by the necessity to earn a living. In rich countries, there is also a tendency for entrepreneurial activity to shift from the consumer such as retailing to business services.
Export of luxury tea from Argentina. During the worst financial crisis in Argentina (2001), three young entrepreneurs founded a luxury tea business with just $10,000. They focused on quality with a view to selling in high-value export markets. The bags are a hand-tied sack of muslin (which does not alter the flavor of the tea) containing one of five types of organic tea: cedron, black-leaf tea, peppermint, Patagonian rosehip, and mate, lightened for the overseas market. They traveled to different parts of Argentina to locate the best growers. After finding suitable suppliers, the partners agreed to create a premium product to be sold in up-market outlets and trendy stores. Over 75 percent of the output is sold in overseas markets: in the United States, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Over the last few years, the company has registered substantial increases in sales.
The partners note that 1) exporting maximizes the benefits of selling from countries with weak currencies, 2) it is necessary to focus on quality materials, production, and packaging to charge premium prices, 3) high quality products should be sold in high quality outlets, and 4) it is important to disprove national stereotypes such as lack of punctuality, honesty, etc. with buyers and distributors.
Exports by Rwanda’s nascent entrepreneurs. Rwanda is a small landlocked country with a population of eight million and located in the Great Lakes Region of East-Central Africa. Despite the legacy of genocide and war, the country is showing signs of rapid development. J. Nkubana, one of a number of women entrepreneurs, sells over 5,000 Christmas ornaments and baskets to Macy’s in New York. Another rising entrepreneur, Beatrice Gakuba, founder of Rwanda Floral, is the nation’s largest exporter of roses. She sells over five tons of flowers a week at auctions in Amsterdam. Exporters, however, face a number of challenges in Rwanda: 1) regular electricity outages resulting in lost productivity, 2) Rwanda’s landlocked status requires the use of ports in neighboring countries and this delays shipments and delivery of exports, 3) borrowing costs are high (17 percent interest on loans) and banks require 100 percent collateral. Public funding is almost non-existent to promote exports.
1.Comment on the statement that “exporting maximizes the benefits of selling from countries with weak currencies.”
2.Based on the information provided, what is your advice to the government of Rwanda to increase exports?
4.International Strategies Management:150 words
Select an industry (food, airlines, automotive, technology, etc.) with which you are familiar, and identify at least 3 companies that are competing in that industry. What are some of the products and services that those companies provide that make them members of the same industry?
5.Advanced Spreadsheet: 150 words
Using the Internet, conduct a thorough search for more information on Module 2. Choose one bullet listed below and explain and also include a reason to use in your worksheet for your bullet from the following:
Section 2.1
Change fonts, font style, and font color
Add fill colors and a background image
Create formulas to calculate sales data
Format numbers as currency and percentages
Format dates and times
Align, indent, and rotate cell contents
Merge a group of cells
Section 2.2
Use the AVERAGE function
Apply cell styles
Copy and paste formats with the Format Painter
Find and replace text and formatting
Change workbook themes

IT-365 2-3 Milestone

Writing Assignment Help To complete the first of four milestones, you will need to research the file system of your OS. The research conducted in this milestone will help you gain a better understanding of the operating system and the file system, including file replication and memory management. All feedback from milestone assignments should be incorporated into the final submission in Module Seven.

Chapter 4 informs us that the relationship between language and meaning is complex and multi-faceted. One such concept that

Chapter 4 informs us that the relationship between language and meaning is complex and multi-faceted. One such concept that complicates understanding is semantics (meanings derived from the words themselves). Chapter 4 discusses several ways to improve semantics and lessen the chances for communication breakdown–identify one of these five ways, and provide an example from your life that exemplifies the problem, and explain how that technique would have improved the situation / solved the problem.

Your response should be 1-2 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, and the examples you provide from the textbook should be properly cited (APA or MLA format.)

COMM 120 Semantics Assignment Rubric


Identifies one (1) of the 5 techniques for improving semantics. _____/10

Offers example from own life that exemplifies a problem or challenge they faced within this category. _____/10

Explains how proper use of technique improved situation or solved the problem (or would have, had it been properly applied). _____/10

Spelling and Grammar _____/2.5

Spelling, grammar, sentence structure

References are properly cited ____2.5

Required references are cited in either APA or MLA format


Excel Question

Use the Word doc to help you complete the excel workbook assignment. The word doc has steps on what u should do with the excel file I attached. I attachted an .txt file that will be needed to complete the assignment.

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