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1. The literature review should “lead” to the research objectives. Why is it important to examine the effect of Essay

1. The literature review should “lead” to the research objectives. Why is it important to examine the effect of psychological pricing in the tourism industries after the COVID19? What is so special about it? What is the rationale? All of these need to be further elaborated and included in the manuscriipt.
2. Provide background information (e.g. about COVID19, Macau, Tourism

capstone process minimum 250 words and please include references in APA format 7th ed

After viewing the information on the capstone process and examining the DHS DPP Form [DOCX], what questions do you have as you prepare to move forward?
This is an example of another student work so you will know what to do>>
After reviewing the DPP Template and reading about the capstone process, there are several questions that I have. Please see the following:
What specific types of documents do you, as the professor, require for us to upload to our eportfolio? Currently, Pathbrite is experiencing ongoing technical difficulties and Capella University’s technical department is unable to provide any assistance with this as Pathbrite is a separate entity. So, do you have any suggestions as to how we as learners can get our work completed/uploaded on-time using this site?
Is there a specific form that we need to use when requesting site approval? I know what I want to do and where I want to do but I have no idea where to get the information needed so I can move forward and stay ahead in this course.
Do we directly upload our CITI Certificate and email it to our Keystone Instructor, or do we need to do it via the course room (i.e., discussion post, assignment area, etc.)?
When are we assigned a mentor during this process? If we are already supposed to have one, then how can we find out who they are to establish contact? There is a lot of information to absorb and no “chain of command” of who to contact for questions and guidance as most of us have never done this before.
Is all the steps and milestones listed on the Doctoral Project Plan supposed to be completed at the end of these 10 weeks as a part of HMSV 8700 or is it detailing the process up until graduation?
When we submit our assignments for this course, do they all need to be submitted in the DPP Template?
The DPP Template states that we are to use APA 6th edition but there is now a 7th edition…. therefore, which one are supposed to use for proper citation?
I do not understand the difference between the Keystone Instructor and Capstone Mentor. Can this please be further clarified as it is unclear in the DPP?
While there are many other questions that I know I will have during this keystone course, I cannot think of any at this very moment as I feel defeated already and very stressed. To be frank, I do not feel prepared for this course at all and am a little disappointed at how little Capella University has done to prepare us all for this phase of doctoral journey. Very little of this DPP or the process is making any sense right now and it is a shame that as hard as we have all worked, that we (majority of my fellow learners in this course) are feeling the same way. I am overwhelmed, confused and feeling abandoned to figure this out on my own which is a disgrace. I pray that Dr. Bowen will be of help to not only myself but my fellow classmates……

Case study HRIS

Management Assignment Help I am gonna submit a project plan
? NonSmart Is a sixteen years old alcohol supplier with one hundred employees in the United States only.
? You have been recruit as the HR Director to focus on employee development (Talent Management, Performance Management, Engagement, Manager Self-Service, etc.), not to process payroll or navigate the intricacies of tax compliance; unfortunately, it didn’t pan out that way once you started as this is currently where you are spending most of your time.
? NonSmart has an old HR system that logs little more than employee name, title, and compensation.
? Processing NonSmart payroll is an administrative slog, and only one staff member knows how the system works. If that individual is on vacation or ends up leaving the company, the most essential ask of an HR department (ensuring employees get paid) could be thrown into question.
? The quantity of time spent on just accomplishing the bare minimum made it impossible for your HR team to take a more aspirational direction. You think that investing in new technology might just do the trick.
? Your CFO is who you need to convince as she thinks that HR should be primarily focused on payroll, benefits, and compliance, the rest is good if you can get to it. However, the business and talent are demanding that you invest in a more efficient HRIS and process.
How will you choose an HRIS based on your targeted employee development goals and the amount of work that has to be done on the HR front? Who•will includ?
Which vendors do you think you’d like to meet with? Why?
. What factors should you look about while choosing a vendor?

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I have two questions I hope to get help with:
1. Using at least 5-7 peer reviewed sources in the last five years, explain phonemic awareness, highlight the skills and relate how teacher knowledge and confidence in their ability could impact students with learning disabilities learning outcomes. (4-5 pages)
2. Explain the importance of professional development in phonemic awareness and phonological awareness and how the acquired knowledge can influence their perception of teaching struggling readers. (3-4 pages) peer reviewed sources.

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