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1619 (Extra Credit) and The 14th Amendment in the 21st Century (Extra Credit) (Links to an external site.)Listen to the Trailer: Introducing ‘1619’ and Episode 2:  The Economy that Slavery BuiltAnswer the following questions in a one-page, SINGLE SPACED essay that you will post as a discussion response to this thread.What is your opinion on the 1619 project? Is this a valuable resource to understand the underpinnings of racism in American History?  What can we as citizens discover about ourselves through a project such as this?First and foremost, explain your answer as you understand the topic. You can quote or use specific sections of the podcast, just tell me the timeframe for citation purposes.You must answer ALL the questions for full credit.Part 2 : The 14h Amendment in the 21st Century (Extra credit).Read the following two articles about the 14th Amendment.  Write AT LEAST a one-page, SINGLE spaced essay.  You will post the essay as a discussion posting to this thread. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Answer the following:What is your opinion about the relevancy of the 14th Amendment in the 21st Century? Do you agree or disagree with the authors? Why or why not?You must answer ALL the questions for full credit.****DISCLAIMER: The articles are opinion pieces and does not reflect my or CSN’s position on the 14th Amendment. The articles are for reference only.****Citation Guide for Discussions• Remember the period is placed after the last parentheses.• Page numbers and dates in this guide are an example.Foner textbook: (Foner, 25) or (25)Lecture Notes: (Rayner, 9/5) or (Lecture, 9/5)Any direct quote: (Author Name, Page Number)• Example: (Washington, 25), any primary source from Voice of Freedom.o Use quotation marksDocuments: (Name or Author)• Example: Nevada Constitution (NV Const) or U.S. Constitution (USC)Video: (Video, 1) The number is the MODULE)• Example: Video from MODULE 1Companion Notes: (Comp Notes)Image: Chapter where the image is obtained.• Example: (Image, Ch 3)Please ask if you are unclear how to cite a source!

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