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17 10 51 67 Based on the discussion in class, according to the graph

Question: 17 10 51 67 Based on the discussion in class, according to the graph below, where is the open economy equilibrium of Gogoland? Good2 Good Ос OB ОА OD מן
Show transcribed image text 100% (1 rating)Transcribed image text: 17 10 51 67 Based on the discussion in class, according to the graph below, where is the open economy equilibrium of Gogoland? Good2 Good Ос OB ОА OD מן

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Econ classwork   total need 1.5 pages, plz sign question number of ur answer

Question 1; Why is it efficient to limit the duration of patents and copyrights, whereas real property rights endure almost forever?

Q2: The Truth-In-Lending Act (1968) requires the uniform disclosure of the interest rate to borrowers in a readily intelligible form.  Assume that before the Act, there was uncertainty about the true level of interest rates among borrowers, but after the act, the uncertainty was reduced.

What effect on the amount of borrowing would you predict from the passage of the Act?  Would there be disproportionate effects on the rich and the poor? Why?  Does the act increase the marginal cost of lenders? Does it reduce the profits of lenders?

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17 10 51 67 Based on the discussion in class, according to the graph

Options #1 & 2

For this milestone, identify which option you will do for your final Portfolio Project – option 1 or 2 (I chose option 1). Next, list several key points you will need to research. Finally, include a list of 5 references you plan to use (in addition to any course readings you decide to use) to write your paper/presentation. Submit a 2-page document identifying these key points for your Portfolio Project.

Option #1: Managing Union Handbook

In a 10-page paper, as the local Union President, design a managing union handbook for union relationship building and a process that favors union employees as well as identifying key components of the bargaining process that can easily be sold to your union members. Apply theory and design systems and policies throughout your work covering:

Contextual  factors (historical and legislative) that have impacted and still impact   the union environment;
policies that create a more sustainable union model;
management  strategy for union collective bargaining that includes: innovative wage,  Benefit, and non-wage factors; and
employee engagement and involvement strategies that take into consideration the diverse and changing labor force.


Your handbook should be 10 pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages, which are required.
Cite      4-6 sources for this assignment, outside of the textbook. These should be scholarly or peer-reviewed resources.
Format your paper according to the APA format.

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 Soc 101: Principles of Sociology                                

 Assignment #2: 13th Film Analysis

5-6 pages +Reference Page (25 points)

Introduction: (1/2 page) Introduce and summarize the content of your paper.

Apply your Sociological Imagination: (1-2 pages) Click to visit the Sociology Research Guide  and address the following parameters: What are the 1.) Social 2.) Political 3.) Economics factors that have led to or sustain mass incarceration (be sure to address one example of each). Engage thoroughly with these sources to get a deeper understanding of some of these dynamics involved.  Your research should inform the main ideas of the film.

Theories: (1-2 pages) Visit and choose two theories that relate to the content of the film.

Click to visit the Sociology Research Guide and find articles that address your chosen theory. Apply and engage fully with your theories using content from the film to explain and dissect. What examples from the film do you think relate best to your theory?  Why does this theory help create deeper understanding?

Creating Change: (1/2 -1 page) If you were a policy or lawmaker, what ideas would you enact to ensure equal justice while maintaining safety within the community? What states have already implemented reforms and what are the results? What are activists proposing in terms of changes that need to be made?  This section should rely mostly on outside research to support your ideas.

General Formatting Guidelines: All papers should be written in essay format; with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Submissions should be double spaced and written in Times New Roman with one-inch margins. 


In your paper, you must include four (4) sources that support your analysis.
Sources can include encyclopedia articles, books or book chapters, journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, or videos
Holman Library Databases:
All sources need to be cited (use either APA or MLA style)

you must include a “References” page (for APA style) or a “Works Cited” page (for MLA style)
you must also include in-text citations for each of your sources
Help on citing sources:

How to find reliable sources:


*See Grading Rubric on the following the page



The 13th


Social, Political, and Economic


10.0 pts

Excellent: Student fully engaged with the main points presented in the film and critically examined the various viewpoints that were brought up.
8.0 pts

Good/Fair Student engaged with some points of the film, but could have included additional information or detail including various perspectives.
6.0 pts

Poor: Student did not present an overview of the film or was missing main points.

10.0 pts


10.0 pts

Excellent: Student engaged with two theories from the course and was able to successfully apply them to scenes or ideas found in the film.
8.0 pts

Good/Fair Students engaged with some theory but could have been more thorough or more detail.
6.0 pts

Poor: Student did not successful engage with any course theory.

10.0 pts


5.0 pts

Excellent Student presented a policy that was relevant and pertained to the content found in the film.
3.0 pts

Good/Fair Student engaged with some policy but could have included additional informational to provide a more holistic view.
0.0 pts

Poor: Student didn’t engage with policy or any ideas associated with them successfully.

5.0 pts

Total Points: 25.0


Supply Chain Innovation Assignments | Online Homework Help college admission essay help

Supply Chain Innovation

Identify and describe a supply chain innovation that has had a significant worldwide impact. Examples include containerization,  vendor-managed inventory (VMI), outsourcing, restoring, and ERP systems.  How has this innovation shaped modern SCM?

Should be between 175 to 250 words.

Social Deviance and Control Discussion Questions Assignments | Online Homework Help college admission essay help


1.  Groups that clean up beaches and parks is not deviant. Cleaning up is a good thing and some might say, the norm for society. It is those who litter who are deviant and to prove it, we have laws that are violated when someone is littering. What is the negative sanction that goes with littering? Could cleaning up an area be viewed as a positive sanction?

2.  BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest is a good example of how deviant acts can lead to positive outcomes. It is not so much the act that is positive but that it leads to a positive outcome. Which theoretical perspective of deviance would you use to explain the BLM movement?

Sequence Diagrams and Design Class Diagrams Assignments | Online Homework Help college admission essay help


1. Create a preliminary version of the design class diagram (first-cut design class diagram) for the Car Sharing IS. This requires that you (a) elaborate class attributes, and (b) add navigation visibility arrows (see pp. 308–314 in the textbook). See Figure 10-16 on p. 314 of the textbook for an example of the output of this step. Do not submit the first-cut design class diagram from the textbook!

2. Develop first-cut sequence diagrams to explain object interactions for the “Make Reservation through Web Interface” use case (see pp. 332–344) of the textbook, and follow the “Guidelines and Assumptions for First-Cut Sequence Diagram Development” on p. 344.

3. Develop a multilayer design for the “Make Reservation through Web Interface” use case. Follow the process in “Developing a Multilayer Design” on pp. 345–349 of the textbook.

4. Update the design class diagram by adding method signatures. Don’t forget to include all methods (see discussion on pp. 351–353 of the textbook) and any controller classes required. See Figure 11-18 on p. 352 for an example of what is required.

Part A is worth 80 marks. Marking criteria are completeness and correctness of

 sequence diagrams (40 marks)

o controller, boundary/view, data access classes (16 marks)

o methods – signatures, data passed/returned (8 marks)

o interactions – describe scenario completely and correctly (16 marks)

 design class diagram (40 marks)

o attributes (8 marks)

Page 3 of 4

o visibility – navigation (8 marks)

o methods (16 marks)

o controller classes (8 marks)

The organization and presentation of information are part of the interpersonal and communication skills required of systems analysts.


The design phase includes the development of several diagrams. Explain why that many diagrams are needed and what the purpose/value of each of them is. Make sure that your description clearly states the need for each diagram and that it is, therefore, clear how this diagram is different from others.

Answer the questions above, using overall 300–400 words. Being able to answer questions precisely is part of the interpersonal and communication skills required of systems analysts; therefore, meeting the word limit is important.

Answers consisting of more than 400 words will be marked with 0 points, and answers of less than 300 words will receive reduced marks proportionate to the length of the answer.

Make sure that your answer is written in your own words rather than being copied either from the textbook or from another source! Cite the sources you use in your answer, and provide references. There should be at least two references in your answer, and at least one of them should not be the textbook. If you are not sure how to list and cite sources, please read “How to Cite Correctly” in the Important Resources block on the right side of the course home page.

Part B is worth 10 marks. Marking criteria are

 completeness and correctness (9 marks)

 presentation – readability, use of references, etc. (1 mark)

The organization and presentation of information are part of the interpersonal and communication skills required of systems analysts.

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For this essay, you will conduct research on corporate strategies and the effect they have on the decision process. Use the same company you chose in Unit II. As you explore the decision process, consider how corporate strategies influence these decisions. In your essay, address the following questions:

What is a functional strategy?
What are the stability strategies in business? What are the pros and cons of these strategies?
What are competitive and cooperative strategies?
What are the tradeoffs (pros and cons) between an internal and an external growth strategy? Which approach is best as an international strategy? Why? What about retrenchment?

Your essay should be two to three pages in length, double-spaced, and in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. The title and reference pages do not count towards the minimum page length

Please see attachment below


SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola company

Miguel Figueroa

May 5th, 2019

Columba Southern University




Companies always need to evaluation to ensure they are in line with the requirements for them to be in the market for a long time and endure the challenges imposed from the competition and understand the advantages they need to take to maximize on the available opportunities in order to achieve the institutional mission and vision. The SWOT analysis will cover Coca Cola as the public company of choice and analyze all the possible endeavors to better their outputs.


Broad market

Being a global brand, Coca-Cola is internationally recognized in nearly all countries around the world. The forms a strong basis to withstand competition in the production of non –alcoholic drinks for over a long period of time without the company becoming obsolete. The company has a massive outreach and does trade its product across all the continents. Having such a broad market helps the company reputation to grow to sustainable limits thus outweighing the competitors.

Source of employment

Coca-Cola is a top employer providing employment to more than 500,000 people worldwide. This improves their living standards by acting as a source of income in distributer countries.  This improves the economy of the countries where the distributors and bottling stations are located as well. Women are also employed in this company which brings about gender equality in place.

The steady growth of revenue and income

Despite the taxation, the organic revenue of Coca-Cola company rapidly grows and the company makes a profit worth enough to keep the business ongoing. This is due to a stable growth rate with time though minimizing the cost of production while maximizing the output. Indeed, the company has a higher rank in terms of multicultural opportunities.


Organization instability

A fall in sales growth and instability of the organization has led to the company’s transition from being a capital intensive through structural modification over time. This is majorly felt in Africa and Europe, where certain structural changes have been made.

Structural changes

Refranchising plans for bottling operations across regional boundaries have negatively impacted the company’s revenue by a drastic fall yearly. This greatly affected the earnings of the company per shares as well as the top line. The more challenging weakness is that some popular supermarkets have ditched Coca-Cola in favor of other rival company and are no longer served by the company since they terminated the contracts established. This affects the product formulated to be sold at such markets.


Circular economy

The company has an opportunity to focus on the circular economy, that is products being able to undergo perpetual cycle. This comes in contrary to damping the product just after first use and should be put into consideration as a future model in business to make the products more sustainable.

Revolution in opportunities

There have been new innovations in the company, for instance, the production of zero sugar Coca-Cola soft drink. Focusing on these innovations will promote a competitive leading score which is an added advantage in this revolutionary world of business. The consumer wants to change with time, thus being in a position to adopt more often and address them accordingly can expound the growth limits of the company.

Fresh markets

The company can still invest in countries where there is no dominance of the product and maximize on the entire benefits as previously evident in the analysis.

Opting new products

Coca-cola can opt out new products such as food and diversifying the products it offers.

Introduction of healthy products

It can use healthy products to its stock to increase its markets and add consumers.




Although the Coca-Cola company is trying to improve its brand, rival companies are aiming at establishing broader e-commerce. This will pose greater competition if it meets the consumer’s expectation. Furthermore, prioritizing on premium products by competitors may result to decline in growth of the Coca-Cola company.

Effects of recycled bottles

Criticisms have also been raised over the use of recycled materials in bottle production. Just in case this comes as a distaste to the consumers, it can result in a boycott for the products from the company heavily impacting on it.

Sugar policy

Many countries are always in disregard for sugar and sugar tax is always higher than any other which places sugary drinks being implemented by the same policy.

Government tax

The government is in concern for tax being paid on overseas and that can result in more taxation.


SWOT analysis in the Coca Cola company indeed covers all the aspects that affect the company. The strengths are many than the weaknesses and the opportunities can open new fields for investment and innovation. These analyses should be done annually or in every quarter as they conduct an audit on the other departments.



Ivanov, D., Tsipoulanidis, A., & Schönberger, J. (2019). Operations and Supply Chain Strategy. In Global Supply Chain and Operations Management (pp. 81-110). Springer, Cham.

SHTAL, T. V., BURIAK, M. M., AMIRBEKULY, Y., UKUBASSOVA, G. S., KASKIN, T. T., & TOIBOLDINOVA, Z. G. (2018). Methods of analysis of the external environment of business activities. Revista ESPACIOS, 39(12).

Eligibility Evaluation Process Assignments | Online Homework Help college admission essay help

Since September, Mr. Franklin and you have been co-teaching superstars, creating a trusting professional relationship that was built on a foundation of strong communication.  After school one day, you discuss Henry, a student who is falling behind his peers during his Language Arts class.  He started school a few weeks after the beginning of the school year, without any records from his previous school.  You and Mr. Franklin have noticed that while reading silently, he struggles with answering grade-level comprehension questions.  During group activities, Henry sits quietly while his peers actively participate.  You agree with Mr. Franklin that Henry is never a behavior problem and really shines during gym and art class.

Initial Post: Create an initial post that discusses how Henry’s lack of academic progress may contribute to a continual decline in reading comprehension and higher level thinking skills.  Explain, in detail, the potential ‘next steps’ in determining if a disability under one of the 13 categories under IDEA is present.  Use your text and additional resources as scholarly support for your writing.

Characteristics Assignments | Online Homework Help college admission essay help

In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of the learning objective: Identify the characteristics and learning differences of students with mild to moderate disabilities based on the IDEA.  Additionally, completion of this assignment represents an introduction to Course Learning Outcome 2 and MASE Program Learning Outcomes 1 and 2.

Researchers have identified multiple potential causes as well as suggested interventions for children who have been identified as having mild to moderate learning disabilities.  These strategies may include environmental, instructional, behavioral, and/or psychological approaches within the classroom or school setting.  This information can be instrumental in the decision-making process, specifically for the IEP team, when developing a student’s individualized goals and services.  Using research-based interventions along with the student’s present levels of performance, background, and cultural influences, for the purpose of developing an individualized plan are the recommended procedure for supporting a student’s needs.

Assessments are one important measure of a child’s level of functioning.  They can measure a variety of areas including academic performance, processing abilities, language comprehension, and usage as well as many others.  There are many types of informal and formal assessments that contribute to the overall picture of a student’s abilities and which help to determine the gaps that need remediation.  Whether conducted by a teacher or school psychologist, a report is written to explain the findings, which include current levels of functioning, strengths, and weaknesses.

After reviewing Henry’s assessment report, you will contribute to his case study by completing the “Background” section.


In this assignment, you will read a Case Study, Henry, and then create the “Background History” section using the characteristics of mild to moderate disabilities. In addition, you will explain how each determinant may impact his academic progress.

Review Henry’s Case Study

I. Background History

Week 2 Assignment

II. Reason for Referral

Henry is a transfer student to the school who enrolled approximately three weeks after the start of the school year.  His previous school did not send past school records.  Henry is currently in an inclusive classroom that is being co-taught by Mr. Franklin and you.

Henry is a quiet young man who sits near the back of the classroom and is reluctant to participate in whole-group discussions.  When asked to read aloud, Henry will comply; however, his verbal expression is reticent but he is able to decode each word. While reading silently during independent practice, he struggles with answering grade-level comprehension questions that require higher-level thinking skills.  In group-work settings, Henry will volunteer for the secretary role to avoid peer engagement.

III. Behavioral Observations during Testing

During the reading portion of the educational assessment, Henry told the assessor that he didn’t like reading because he “isn’t very good at it.”  He also said that his mom takes him to the library once a week but he has a difficult time finding a book he likes and usually ends up checking out a movie or CD instead.

Although Henry mentioned, several times, how he does not like reading, he was willing to try each portion of the assessment and seemed to be putting forth his best effort.  It is relevant to mention that after each subtest, Henry asked the assessor if he did “a good job?”

Based on Henry’s overall performance on the education assessment and his academic history, the evaluation results appear to be a valid representation of his abilities.

IV. Sources of Information, Tests, and Procedures

Personal Observations and Interviews:

Henry (student)
Henry’s parents
Teacher reports
Classroom observation

Formal and Informal Assessments:

Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement
Curriculum-Based Measurements (CBM)
Student portfolio

V. Test Results

Woodcock-Johnson, Education Assessment: The following is a summary of Henry’s current performance in reading, math and language/content:

Letter-Word Identification: Henry was asked to read a list of words beginning at his level of independence and gradually becoming more difficult.  He scored within the low average range (standard score: 88)
Word Attack: Henry was asked to decode (phonetically pronounce) a list of nonsense words using letter patterns that gradually advanced in difficulty.  He scored within the low average range (standard score: 87)
Passage Comprehension: Henry was asked to read a passage (beginning at his level of independence) silently and then verbally provide the omitted word.  This subtest measured Henry’s level of reading comprehension.  He scored within the low range (standard score: 77)
Reading Vocabulary: Henry was asked to provide the antonym (opposite) and synonym (same) for two separate vocabulary lists, and then he was asked to complete analogies.  He scored within the low range (standards score: 76)
Writing Fluency: Henry was asked to formulate and write sentences comprised of three given words along with pictures within a 7-minute timeframe.  He scored within the low average range (standards score: 82)
Writing Samples: Henry was asked to formulate sentences that combine visual and auditory information.  There is no penalty, in this subtest, for basic writing, spelling or punctuation errors. He scored within the average range (standard score: 92)
Math Calculation: Henry was asked to complete basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations gradually advancing in difficult to more complex computations involving decimals, fractions, and geometry.  He scored within the average range (standards score: 95)
Math Fluency: Henry was asked to complete simple addition, subtraction and multiplication facts within a 3-minute timeframe.  He scored within the average range (standard score: 90)

VI. Conclusions

Strengths: Henry’s strengths are in math calculation and fluency where he scored in the average range.  He also excelled in completing the “Writing Samples” and “Letter-Word Identification” subtest that requires visual and auditory information input.
Areas of Need: Based on the assessments administered, it is evident that Henry struggles in the areas of reading and vocabulary comprehension.  In the subtests that required “Passage Comprehension (standards score: 78), “Reading Vocabulary” (standard score: 76) and “Writing Fluency” (standard score: 76), Henry scored in the low range.  These scores indicate an area of need in demonstrating vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.  Although considered low-average, Henry struggled with phonetics of non-sight words in the “Word Attack” subtest (standard score: 87).

VII. Summary & Recommendations

Student Summary: At this time there have been no records transferred from Henry’s previous school for teachers and other school personnel to review.  Because there is no background information, the team is only able to use the current class performance and his educational assessment regarding his ability levels and eligibility for services provided under IDEA. It is evident from the teacher and parent reports along with classroom observation that Henry’s area of weakness is in reading and vocabulary comprehension.
The assessment results indicate that Henry is not making effective progress in the areas of reading and vocabulary comprehension at his grade level.  If allowed to continue with proper support and intervention strategies, he will continue to fall behind his same-aged peers as he progresses through each grade level.

Content Expectations:

Within your paper, you are to identify characteristics of a mild to moderate disability and how each may impact Henry’s academic progress.  Use the following guidelines for creating your presentation:

Identify and define characteristics of a mild to moderate disability as outlined by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.
Explain how Henry’s specific disability was chosen with justification from the case study, the week’s reading assignments and independent research.
Describe at least three potential causes (environmental, instructional, behavioral and/or psychological) for the disability.
From the above, establish the overall potential impact on Henry’s academic success.

Written Expectations:

Syntax and Mechanics: Exhibit meticulous use of grammar, spelling, organization, and usage throughout your submission.
Source Requirement: Reference at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook in order to provide compelling evidence to support your ideas.
Page Requirement: Your submission must be two to three pages in length excluding a title and reference page.
APA format: All in-text citations, page format and references must be written in APA 6th edition format.

Next Steps: Review and Submit the Assignment

Review your assignment with the Grading Rubric to ensure you have achieved the distinguished levels of performance for each criterion.  Next, submit your document no later than Day 7.

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