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1D kinematics

An object starts from rest and accelerates at 3.0 m/s2 for 4.0 s. Its velocity remains constant for 7.0 s, and it finally comes to rest with uniform deceleration after another 5.0 s. Find the following:
a. the displacement for each stage of the motion
b. the average velocity over the whole time

Discussion Post for Phys 1404

Lunar Effect DiscussionThere are a lot of folklore tales associated with the moon. Some are ancient, some modern. One relatively modern bit of folklore is that crime rates increase during the full moon. The reasoning is that just like tides are caused by the moon, then people (who btw are mostly water) are also affected by the moon. Use your critical thinking skills and respond to this bit of folklore. Address any or all of these questions: Can you formulate a hypothesis and imagine a method to falsify it? What are the variables involved in studying the lunar effect? Can it be tested experimentally? Also, if it were a real phenomena then how can we possibly have free will when the moon would have control of such things? Respond to some or all of these questions.

Electric Field Hockey

Physics Assignment Help Lab report
PhET – Electric Field Hockey
1- Start with just a single negative charge and ignore the other small charge and the netCheck the “Field” box and draw the field lines. Take away the negative charge and put in a positive charge and draw the field lines.
2- Next, place one positive and one negative charge and draw the field, do the same for two negative charges and 2 positive charges
3 – Place about 6 charges in a line and 6 – charges in a line like this:click the “field” button and draw the field in the gap between the and – charges4- move the charges up or down to get the charge to go into the net- Take a screenshot of your successful trial – It will say “GOAL!”
5 – Move to difficulty 1 and arrange charges to allow the positive charge to go into the net. Take a screenshot of your successful try and submit your results.
6 – explain what happened to the movement of the charge when you changed the arrangement Write your explanations to each of the prompts in the lab procedure shown in the Week 2 module.Be sure to take screen shots to verify your completion of the assignment.

potential energy and change energy

A) Find an expression for the electric potential at the point halfway between the two negative charges (in other words, at the bottom center edge of the square). No need to simplify. You will need to use the pythagorean theorem. B) An electron starts from rest at the point described in part A). (Halfway between the two negative charges). It then accelerates towards the center of the square. Find an expression for the kinetic energy of the electron when it reaches the exact center of the square. (No need to simplify, no need to plug in numbers; use the usual constant “e” for the magnitude of the electron’s charge, and me for the electron’s mass.)Don’t forget that the electron has a negative charge!(Hint: save yourself time and effort by referring to your answer from part A.)

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