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2 small questions use as the book says which I will attach below

6.12 It is estimated that 66% of new businesses fail during the first ten years. What is theprobability that in a sample of 30 startups, more than half will fail in the first ten years? page 94
6.15 An online retailer claims that 90% of all orders are shipped within 12 hours. A consumer (page 95)group placed 98 orders of different sizes and at different times of day.a. What is the probability that at least 80% of these orders will be shipped within 12 hours?b. What is the probability that less than 95% of these orders will be shipped within 12 hours?

Lab #3: Analyzing the Association between Variables

Make a copy of the Lab #3: Analyzing the Association between Variables (????????) activity under the File menu and share it with your group members. Complete the activity, fully answering the questions and upload a copy of your document as a PDF on Canvas. Only one person per group needs to submit the assignment.

Z Scores: Location of Scores and Standardized Distributions

Statistics Assignment Help Students should use the PowerPoint slides for this Module’s chapters to identify the Key Concept. There is one Key Concept identified by the professor of the course and labeled with the terms “key concept” in the slides that students must locate and summarize each week. Note, there is not one Key Concept per slide deck. Instead, there is one Key Concept within all slides for each Module that students must locate.
For the assignment, locate the Key Concept identified in the chapter(s) PPT slides. Briefly explain, in 8-12 sentences, the Key Concept using complete sentences and your own words. (Plagiarized or quoted explanations will not receive credit.)

Statistics Question

It is time to submit your final project. Throughout the course you have been applying the specific skills covered in the course to your article analysis. For this task, create a polished paper that incorporates all the feedback you received from your peers and your instructor throughout the course. I have also submitted the article and Final Project Guidelines and Rubric.

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