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600 word memo describing two recent software bugs and their impacts

use the attachment to start writing
at least 600 words of writing, not including the memo template part
about two recent software bugs and their impacts. Any software bugs as long as it is recent (2 years ago or less)

Communications Question

Pick a situation in which someone with whom you were talking with seemed defensive. How did you, or how could you, engage in supportive communication behaviors and avoid ones likely to produce defensiveness. Analyze what happens in terms of the other person’s comfort and communication.

Wk 1 Discussion – Domains and Modes of Communication

Throughout this course, you will be developing lesson plans using the ELP standards and content/academic standards to guide your planning. You were introduced to the ELP standards in SEI/300. This discussion activity will serve as a refresher.
Watch “English Language Proficiency Standards Guidance Document Overview” from the Arizona Department of Education.
Note: A transcript of the video is available on YouTube™.
Access the following documents from the Arizona Department of Education as you view the video:
2019 English Language Proficiency Standards Guidance Document
2019 Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards
Review the “Kindergarten-Fifth Grades” ELP standards.
Imagine a teacher who is new to planning instruction for English learners has asked you to explain the 4 domains and modes of communication included in the ELP Standards.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Explain the 4 domains and modes of communication.
Refer to Table 4 on p. 7 of the ELP Standards Guidance Document, and the ELP standards themselves, as necessary, to construct your explanation.

3-1 Small Group Discussion: The Current Starbucks Sourcing Plan

Writing Assignment Help Review the following videos that outline the Starbucks sourcing philosophy:
Video 1: Follow Starbucks’ 15 Year Journey to 100% Ethically Sourced Coffee (2:00)
Video 2: Sustainable Coffee Challenge (1:19)
Video 3: What Is an Agronomist? (1:18)
How will the company’s philosophy affect the cost and efficiency of its operation?
Is Starbucks able to balance the triple bottom line and reinforce its culture of corporate and social responsibility?
In other words, does Starbucks successfully fulfill environmental and social responsibilities while maintaining financial success?
How should Starbucks prioritize its financial, environmental, and social investments to achieve long-term success?

network traffic

have an excel file that contains a table with UE, Start time, duration in seconds and a matlab file
I want to calculate the erlang b formula based on the excel file provided.
I want to have a plot that counts how many calls recieved in a specific second
time between each call is discrete

Summary of natural vs synthetic biology applied to architectural and engineering projects.

Create a two-page summary (letter size) and summarize in your critical own words the differences or similarities of Natural versus Synthetic Biology with Autodesk Cyborg and generative design workflows, scripting, and coding that are applied to Architectural and Engineering projects.
Include a flow (chart) diagram on the second page and source your text and figures, (Chicago Citation Style, MSL, Harvard, or similar: (Links to an external site.)).
Please use attached files and links as sources.……

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