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7. Investigate the cyclic nature and variability in demand daily and yearly? 8. Investigate

Question: 7. Investigate the cyclic nature and variability in demand daily and yearly? 8. Investigate the energy resources that are cyclic/variable/unpredictable nature? 9. Can renewable energy sources meet this variation in daily and yearly demand? Explain See the answerSee the answerSee the answer done loading

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7. Investigate the cyclic nature and variability in demand daily and yearly? 8. Investigate

Review the Journal of Accountancy article on Criminal Minds and answer the following questions:


Select one case from the six in the article where you disagree with the author or can think of additional ideas for how the fraud could have been prevented and share your ideas.
Recently the accounting profession has seen legislation that is intended to prevent many of these frauds.  Do you think that legislation might have prevented any of the frauds in this article?  If so, which ones and why?  If not, why not?Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

InstructionsReview the information provided for Johnson & Johnson in the Financial Statement Analysis Case located in the Using Your Judgement section in the Chapter 10 End of Chapter Material in your



Review the information provided for Johnson & Johnson in the Financial Statement Analysis Case located in the Using Your Judgement section in the Chapter 10 End of Chapter Material in your eText.
Answer the four questions.

Financial Statement Analysis Case

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, the world’s leading and most diversified healthcare corporation, serves its customers through specialized worldwide franchises. Each of its franchises consists of a number of companies throughout the world that focus on a particular healthcare market, such as surgical sutures, consumer pharmaceuticals, or contact lenses. Information related to its property, plant, and equipment in its 2014 annual report is shown in the notes to the financial statements below.

1. Property, Plant and Equipment and Depreciation

Property, plant and equipment are stated at cost. The Company utilizes the straight-line method of depreciation over the estimated useful lives of the assets:

Building and building equipment         20-40 years

Land and leasehold improvements     10-20 years

Machinery and equipment           2-13 years

4. Property, Plant and Equipment

At the end of 2014 and 2013, property, plant and equipment at cost and accumulated depreciation were:

(dollars in millions)                                     2014                              2013

Land and land improvements                   $833                              $885

Buildings and building equipment           10,046                          10,423

Machinery and equipment                       22,206                            22,527

Construction in progress                          3,600                             3,298

                                                                          36,685                             37,133

         Less accumulated depreciation                20,559                             20,423

                                                                          $16,126                          $16,710

The Company capitalizes interest expense as part of the cost of construction of facilities and equipment. Interest expense capitalized in 2014, 2013 and 2012 was $115 million, $105 million and $115 million, respectively. Depreciation expense, including the amortization of capitalized interest in 2014, 2013 and 2012, was $2.5 billion, $2.7 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively.

Johnson & Johnson provided the following selected information in its 2014 cash flow statement. Johnson & Johnson 2014 Annual Report

                                                          Consolidated Financial Statements (excerpts)

                   Net cash flows from operating activities                                                   $18,471

                   Cash flows from investing activities

                            Additions to property, plant and equipment                                     (3,714)

                           Proceeds from the disposal of assets                                                 4,631

                           Acquisitions, net of cash acquired                                                     (2,129)

                           Purchases of investments                                                                   (34,913)

                           Sales of investments                                                                           24,119

                           Other (primarily intangibles)                                                                 (299)

                 Net cash used by investing activities                                                         (12,305)

                 Cash flows from financing activities

                           Dividends to shareholders                                                                (7,768)

                           Repurchase of common stock                                                          (7,124)

                           Proceeds from short-term debt                                                         1,863

                           Retirement of short-term debt                                                          (1,267)

                           Proceeds from long-term debt                                                           2,098

                           Retirement of long-term debt                                                            (1,844)

                           Proceeds from the exercise of stock options/excess tax benefits       1,782

                  Net cash used by financing activities                                                         (12,260)

                 Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents                   (310)

                Increase in cash and cash equivalents                                                          (6,404)

                Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year (Note 1)                                20,927

                Cash and cash equivalents, end of year (Note 1)                                          $14,523

               Supplemental cash flow data

               Cash paid during the year for:

                              Interest                                                                                                 $603

                              Income taxes                                                                                       3,536


(a)  What was the cost of buildings and building equipment at the end of 2014?

(b)  Does Johnson & Johnson use a conservative or liberal method to depreciate its property, plant, and equipment?

(c)  What was the actual interest paid by the company in 2014?

(d)  What is Johnson & Johnson’s free cash flow? From the information provided, comment on Johnson & Johnson’s financial flexibility.

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Metaboliser intermediate metaboliser and Ultra Rapid Metabolizer with reference to the types of genetic changes and functional consequences these genotyoe to phenotype assoications define. Using the analgeis drug Codeine desrcibe the metabokic pathwat clinical effects and therapeutic implications of using this medication in PM and UM individual. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Current Medical History Of Osteogenesis Imperfect Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Case Study:

Harriet Potter (Medical Record Number MRN568923) is an 8 year old girl with a current medical history of osteogenesis imperfecta. She has presented to the emergency department following a simple fall at school with a query fracture to her left femoral shaft. Her mother Jeannie is in attendance and has assisted in completing the admission notes as below.

From the information you have read above regarding Harriett, answer the following critical thinking questions.

1.    Science: Critically discuss the mechanism of injury of falls in a younger patient. In your answer explain how it is possible that Harriet sustained a fractured femoral shaft, a fracture requiring significant force, despite the mechanism being a simple fall. Identify the significance of observing for limb length disparity and external rotation that is documented in the nursing progress notes?

2.    Science: Identify the medications, both routine and those prescribed for this admission, and discuss their pharmacology. Explain their indication for use in this patient.

3.    Nursing: Based on the assessment data discuss the immediate nursing priorities for this patient (i.e. within the ED).


This assignment will allow the students to meet the following unit learning outcomes with particular emphasis made in BOLD.

LO1: demonstrate a broad and coherent understanding of the gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal systems including related anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics, pharmokinetics, pharmodynamics, the quality use of medicines and complementary therapies.

LO2: demonstrate the application of comprehensive gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal assessment and evidence based clinical reasoning skills in theory, clinical and simulated environments;

LO3: review critically, analyse, consolidate and synthesise principles of ethical and legal practice within a team approach to person centred care;

LO4: apply reflective practice and professional communication skills that facilitate the delivery of safe and effective quality care across diverse settings to manage the care of individuals and groups; and

LO5: use initiative and judgement to plan and implement person centred primary health care and health promotion strategies related to gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal health and wellbeing. Get Pharmacy homework help today

Morphine Sulphate Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

1. Explain the way in which morphine sulphate acts as an analgesic. Include receptor binding and the cellular events (5 marks)

2. Morphine sulphate has a number of listed adverse effects. For each below, outline how this may occur (10 marks – 2 marks each) (a) constipation (b) nausea (c) cough suppression (d) rash (e) euphoria. Get Pharmacy homework help today

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E11-8 Computing Dividends on Preferred Shares, and Analyzing Differences

This is the question which I am stuck on.

The records of Hoffman Company reflected the following balances in the shareholders’ equity accounts at December 31, 2017:

Common shares, no par value, 40,000 shares outstanding $800,000
Preferred shares, $2, no par value, 6,000 shares outstanding 150,000
Retained earnings 235,000

On September 1, 2018, the board of directors was considering the distribution of a $62,000 cash dividend. No dividends were paid during 2013 and 2017. You have been asked to determine dividend amounts under two independent assumptions (show computations):

The preferred shares are non-cumulative.
The preferred shares are cumulative.


Determine the total amounts that would be paid to the preferred shareholders and to the common shareholders under the two independent assumptions.
brief memo to explain why the dividend per common share was less under the second assumption.
Why would an investor buy Hoffman’s common shares instead of its preferred shares if they pay a lower dividend per share? Explain. The market prices of the preferred and common shares were $25 and $40, respectively, on September 1, 2018.

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Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Respond to the following:

What can you learn from the financial statements of competitors that determine the relative cost position of your company?
What are some of the ways in which you can secure a sustainable cost advantage over the competition?
How does maintaining a strong understanding of relative costs help you maintain the competitive advantage?
How do you use cost structure to differentiate products? Do you think product differentiation is a successful growth strategy? Why or why not?
What is the usefulness of conducting a customer profitability analysis?Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Diagnosed With Asthma Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Details of patient – 76 year old Caucasian man. His name will be Mr. Smith

Previous Medical History – Asthma, COPD, Aortic valve replacement (2003)

History of complaint – (1st admission) 3rd August 2017 to 10th August

Presents to local hospital with bruising around naval. Dr dismisses and said that this is normal for people who are on Warfarin. He diagnoses Mr Smith with diverticulitis, and gives a script for Amoxicillin 500mg BD for 5 days, Movicol satchels daily to help with constipation, and Endone 2.5mg 6/24 PRN (as required). They performed a CT of his Abdomen, (formal results pending at this stage) and as Mr Smith was about to be discharged, the Dr came back with a dishevelled look, saying the CT result indicates that you have had an internal bleed and need to be admitted.

The next morning, Mr Smith wakes to find more bruising arounf abdo extending around to his back. The Dr is concerned and checks his INR (    Clotting time) it is now 5, which is very dangerous for someone on Warfarin, (can bleed quickly, blood a lot thinner). The Dr Decides to reverse the Warfarin with Vitamin K injection, which makes the blood clot. It was a very difficult balance between managing the bleed, and not forming a life threating clot on his lungs, heart or brain.

They commenced Mr Smith on a Heparin Infusion (dose required) over next 48 hours. Then slowly re introduced warfarin and doses of 2mg one night 3mg next night (2mg, 3mg, 2mg, 3mg)

His INR became reasonably stable and the bleed had stopped. He had 3 CTs over the week to monitor the bleed.

(2nd admission) 17th August – 13 days Local Hospital and Tertiary Hospital – CCU

Mr Smith was having difficulty breathing and felt weak. He was taken to hospital again by his wife. He was admitted in after a CT of his lungs and heart, showed extensive fluid surrounding them.

He was having lunch on the 3rd day of admission in local hospital where he had some discomfort in his chest and throat, he had an ECG and Troponin levels done, This showed a NSTEMI (non ST elevation Myocardial Infarction). He was seen by the Specialist lung Dr and the next morning he was flown to a Tertiary hospital and admitted into a CCU (Coronary Care Unit). He was seen by a team of Drs and had multiple tests including ECHO of his heart, CT Lungs, and Angioplasty which showed no damage to his heart. The focus then became focused on the lungs. (He required CPAP on arrival to Tertiary Hospital). The Lung Dr’s commenced him on Frusemide 40mg BD to help reduce the fluid around his lungs. Also IV Cephalexin 1gm BD (twice a day) for any infection.

On the 12th day, Mr Smith had improved enough that discharge home was possible the next day or so.

This assessment is 2500 words, worth 40% and needs APA referencing. Prefer a medical based writer  Please include any other details you can make up or include to make this an interesting case study including use of multiple medications you see fit and parameters for medications and tests, blood test and diagnostics. Anything that will match the marking rubric, This is just a bit of info about the patient. Get Pharmacy homework help today

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The centralized computer technology department of Hardesty Company has expenses of $320,000. The department has provided a total of 4,000 hours of service for the period. The Retail Division has used 2,750 hours of computer technology service during the period, and the Commercial Division has used 1,250 hours of computer technology service. How much should the Commercial Division be charged for computer technology department services?Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Sales Revenue October $42000 November $45000 December $50400 Company A sells each whistle for $12.$50400

Company A sells each whistle for​ $12. They have a desired ending inventory for production of​ 20% of the next​ month’s budgeted sales in units. How many units does Company A need to produce in​ November?

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Thrombosis Assignment | Homework For You college essay help online free

Mr. X is a 65-year-old farmer. He was involved in a tractor accident and sustained a mid-shaft fractured femur. He has undergone surgery to repair this. His past history includes: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and hypertension. He is currently prescribed nifedipine (CR) 60 mg daily and warfarin 10 mg daily. His initial obs: T 36.4, P, 82, BP 160/95 mmHg, R, 24, Oxygen sats 98% on room air, BSL 5.9 mmol/l.. Mr. X is a widower, lives alone and, prior to this injury, had an active lifestyle. Mr. X has no relatives living nearby for support and is concerned about his ability to manage his farm work. Your assignment will need to include the following information: Identify and briefly explain the surgical options for a patient presenting with a mid-shaft fractured femur. 150 words Identify the potential post-operative complications which impact on the mortality and morbidity of patients following surgical repair of a fractured femur. For three (3) of these complications, utilizing current literature, discuss: a) the nursing interventions required to prevent or minimize the risks of three (3) of the complications you have identified. AND b) how you would monitor for these. Provide evidence based rationales for your interventions and monitoring strategies. words (850 words) APA 6 th edition. Get Pharmacy homework help today

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