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A problem in nursing practice

Consider an example of one concern you have had within your nursing practice. This could be a nagging question, a quality of care concern, or an observed gap between standards and practice. Questions you might ask yourself as you reflect include:- Why do we do it this way?- Are there better ways to assess or intervene?- It seems that patients with a specific intervention/assessment have better outcomes. How might this research question or problem of interest be studied using qualitative research?  How would it be studied using quantitative research? For example, if your study was about pain, a qualitative study might focus on the number of patients who experience less pain if a distraction is used versus the number of patients who don’t experience less pain. A quantitative study about pain might examine a patient’s experiences and feelings about pain.Read each question below and include your answers in your responses:a) How do you identify a research question or problem of interest?b) What is your research question or problem of interest?c) Identify and briefly describe various research study designs. What type of research study design do you think would work best to help a nurse researcher find answers to this research problem? Specifically, state whether you feel this question or problem would best be answered with quantitative or qualitative research, and describe why.d) Identify potential barriers that exist in evidence-based practice. Assume that research was conducted and results were obtained. What are the two greatest barriers to implementing evidence-based practice related to this problem? Why?Must include TWO peer-reviewed article references (APA 7th edition)

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