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A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Novel Writing Essay Help

Paper for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
For this paper, I’d like you to talk about parenting. In
this book, there are several good and bad examples of parenting that shape
Francie and Neeley into the people they become. Please pick three characters
from the book, discuss their parenting style, and show examples of how they
parent from the text. And then, tell me if you think they do a good job with
parenting or not.
Please use some of the other material from the unit to help
flesh out your paper.
Use some direct quotes and examples from the book.

Artist from period of Baroque to Romanticism or Rococo essay helpYour final presentation will explore one artist from any country, known to be a part of a period between from Baroque to Romanticism or Rococo.
What did it mean during this artist’s life in Europe to be an artist of his or her time?
Write two-page paper with bibliography and images on the third page. Make sure to explore the main question but to also bring details about the artist’s history, the style of the work, and the cultural influences of his/her time.
Do not add quotes without quotation marks and citations. If you are paraphrasing, don’t do it for more than a short paragraph, and always use citations when paraphrasing.
ptsd and photojournalism essay helpInclude some information on photojournalist and journalists such as Robert CAPA, Kevin Carter, and MAKIM Levin, the 6th journalist that died covering the war in Ukraine
Here are some sources:
6 Ukrainian journalists
(South African photojournalist KEVIN CARTER)
(Robert CAPA)
Photojournalists, Trauma & PTSD – Are Media Houses to Blame for Lack of Support?
I also have a preliminary draft. You may add on or extract some info from it to add to the essay.

They Called us Enemy by George Takei custom essay helpResponse Paper for They Called Us Enemy by George Takei
They Called Us Enemy uses George Takei’s memory as a frame
for the story of the Takei family’s time in the Japanese Internment camps of
World War 2. Takei uses the narrative technique to talk about not only his
experiences, but also the framing political issues of the war, as well as
issues of discrimination that continue into this day.
Choosing three narrative sequences from the graphic novel,
illustrate how the older, wiser Takei looks into his past to evaluate what was
happening to him as a child through adult eyes, what his parents’ reactions
really were in hindsight, or what Takei understands the historical forces
around him to be as he tells us his story.
In order to talk about those three instances of narrative
from the graphic novel, you should integrate also the opinions of the people
who also lived in the Internment camps from Children of the Camps, and look at
the juxtaposition of pages as discussed in Professors Malewitz’s videos. Were
there places where the narrative and thought bubbles lined up with what
happened visually on the page? Were there places were visuals and words were
telling a different story? Think about not only the use of backwards
perspective as George tells the story, but how those three instances are
evaluated in the graphic format.
This response paper should be 750-1250 words. Remember to
have an introduction with a thesis, well thought through examples, and a
concluding paragraph. MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited List should be
included. You MUST use the sources in the unit (Professor Malewitz’s videos,
Children of the Camps, and SJL’s interview of Takei). If you wish to add
additional sources, you may.
Children of the Camps:
What effect does participation in team sports have on the mental health of youth? online essay helpI need this paper to be as close to a A+ as possible. I included the assignment specifics below.
This is what I have done so far. If neccesary can you include these thoughts in the paper.
They Say/Common Ground: In recent discussions of the impact that team sports have on mental health amongst adolescents, a controversial issue has been whether participating is more beneficial than damaging or more damaging than beneficial. One the one hand, some argue that team sports help children release anger and stress. From this perspective, team sports are perfect for adolescents and can work as an outlet from other stressors they deal with as they grow up.
I Say/Problem: My own view is that team sports aren’t for everybody. Though I concede and believe that team sports have changed my life and molded me for the good, I still maintain that there is a chance that it can be a negative. For example, my role on a team sport was more of a dominant position, so from my perspective the team relied heavily on me but what would be the perspective of a person who wasn’t as heavily relied on by the team. Although some might object that every role on a team is equally important, I would reply that mentally every player on that team doesn’t feel that way. The issue is important because team sports can either have high reward or low reward.
Cost/Benefit: If this overlooked impact of team sports on adolescents isn’t taken more seriously and overseen to make sure that the children are benefitting from the sport then there will be an increase in mental health issues amongst youth.
Claim/Working Thesis: Parents and Coaches should be more involved in the mental health and in the impact that team sports has on there child or youth participant.
Synthesis Essay – Critical Thinking cheap essay help· Identify main points from each component (below) that you have found most interesting.
· Write these down on a piece of paper and spend some time contemplating how these points relate to one another.
· Form original questions and insights about the material on the basis of this synthesis.
· Think of a thesis statement based on these insights.
· Create an argument that would allow you to prove your thesis.
Use 3 footnoted citations from these reading (Chicago Manual of Style)
Please use the PDF also
Covid-19 pandemic in Maryland – Research Paper college application essay help1. Differentiate among the various roles of the nurse in population and community health in Maryland.
2. Analyze data using epidemiologic principles to identify the health of a population and a community in Maryland.
3. Identify determinants of health and illness based on data.
4. Discuss local and national population and community health resources.
5. Identify policy issues relevant to population and community health resources.
6. Discuss access and disparity issues in population and community health.
7. Discuss the impact of preventative care on population and community health.
8. Develop a preventative care plan for a specific population and community health issue.
9. What are the COVID-19 statistics for Maryland (at the time of evaluation)? When was the first case reported/what is the current rate?
10. Describe the sequencing of the mandates that have been set to restrict transmission of COVID-19? How do these restrictions affect your selected population? What assistance, if any, is offered to these residents?
11. How does this state’s mandates for control of the virus compare to Delaware’s actions?
12. Examine and report on the role of the nurse in these actions.
13. Design a questionnaire to evaluate what barriers the community group may be experiencing Design a questionnaire to evaluate how people adhered to the recommendations (ie. Social distancing, stocking of needed supplies for staying at home, employment requirements). Include asking what barriers the community group may be experiencing (transportation, childcare, finances, etc.)
14. Design a risk reduction document or copy an existing published one.
15. Send to at least 10 community members for their feedback.
16. Analyze input from recipients.
17. Design proposed options for assisting barriers.
Women in Leadership essay help onlineFor your initial post of 200-250 words, utilize the knowledge gleaned from your readings during the unit to answer the following:
Discuss the difference between masculine and feminine styles of leadership.
From a Christian perspective, gender role distinctions are readily accepted as orthodox theological and doctrinal positions. As Biblical scholars, how do we address the culture gap between Biblical times and modern times? How do we find balance between equality and Biblically distinct gender roles?
Describe the difficulties modern Christian leaders face in addressing the issue of women in leadership, especially in the local church.
sources: 1) NIV Holy Bible 2) Northouse, Peter G. Leadership: Theory and practice. Sage publications, 2021. 3) attached document
Project Planning essay help online freeWhether we know it or not, we all have planned and executed projects at some point. For the assignments in this course, you will select a project to undergo the project management process. This project can be real or fictional, but you should choose something that you are interested in.
Remember a project must:
Have a beginning and an end.
Result in something being delivered to someone.
Require a series of activities that must be done to complete the project.
Require resources (for example, people and materials) to complete the work.
Again, we have all done projects. A project can be something as simple as taking a vacation, having a family reunion, putting on a wedding, having a birthday party, or buying / selling a house. The project could also be job-related, such as managing a major technology upgrade for the organization, putting together an annual management retreat for all employees, or something else that meets the definition of a project. The focus of your paper should be on the concepts learned from the chapter readings and not how well you can describe a project. All opinions must be supported with sources and in-text citations. Also, feel free to use different projects for each assignment.
Note: To avoid a high SafeAssign percentage, do not simply copy and paste from one assignment to the next.
Note: You are prohibited from using projects that can found on the Internet, including projects found in places such as CourseHero. All project submissions are submitted to SafeAssign for review.
Write a 3–4 page paper in which you define the scope of your project:
Provide an introduction and overview of the project.
Explain why it is important to define the goals and objectives for a new project.
Describe at least two goals for the project and describe an objective for each of the goals. Include in-text citations from credible sources that explain the importance of establishing and defining goals and objectives for a new project.
Explain why it is important to understand the organizational structure where the project will be completed.
Chapter 3 in the course textbook describes project management structures.
Describe the project management structure that you will use to manage your project and why you made that choice.
For example, will you manage it via the existing functional structure of the organization, set up a projected/dedicated project team, or use a matrix management structure? If you will use a matrix structure, which type will you use?
Include in-text citations from the course textbook to explain these structures and the benefits of one over the other.
Define the term “project stakeholders,” identify the stakeholders involved with your project, and discuss their impact/role on the project.
Discuss some of the best practices for estimating and developing a project budget.
Chapter 5 in the course textbook discusses budgets.
Use at least three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.
Adolescence: Contemporary Issues and Resources essay helpResearch the range of contemporary issues teenagers face today. In a 500-750-word paper, choose one issue (besides teen pregnancy) and discuss its effect on adolescent behavior and overall well-being. Include the following in your submission:
Describe the contemporary issue and explain what external stressors are associated with this issue.
Outline assessment strategies to screen for this issue and external stressors during an assessment for an adolescent patient. Describe what additional assessment questions you would need to ask and define the ethical parameters regarding what you can and cannot share with the parent or guardian.
Discuss support options for adolescents encountering external stressors. Include specific support options for the contemporary issue you presented.
Diet Analysis Reflective Essay scholarship essay helpConsider all the material that you have learned in the course and through your textbook readings and how this information applies to YOU!
Consult pages Chapter 2 in your textbook review the principles of diet planning (e.g., adequacy, balance, moderation, etc.) and the nutrients.
Are you meeting the Dietary Guidelines?
How does your diet compare to the MyPlate recommendations?
What about other health and physical activity recommendations?
Consider your diet in terms of overall nutritive value and how it fits into your lifestyle… Are you on a path that promotes overall good nutrition and successful weight management?
What are the strengths of your current diet/exercise habits? What are the limitations and how can you address them….
Describe your experience with your nutrition counselor. What did you learn? Did you set goals and work towards them? Were the meetings helpful to you to reflect and to be accountable for goal(s) set?
Based on your summary, please include at least one short-term and one long-term goal you have for yourself related to improving your own dietary intake. (see your responses in Worksheet 1 and your Goal Log)
Identify ways in the future in which you will try to meet or have met these goals and how you will measure your success.
DIGITAL Newsletter cheap essay helpCreate a digital newsletter for families of ELLs to explain assessment practices. Consider how you communicate the information for non-native English-speaking families. Include the following in your newsletter:
Description of each type of assessment (diagnostic, formative, and summative), including how and when each will be used to support English language instruction
Explanation of alignment of the assessments to ELP and content standards and the use of assessment data to determine student progress in both language and content
Description of testing accommodations for ELLs
Discussion of how the data from assessments will be used to inform instructional decisions and planning, including enrichment and interventions
Identify strategies to communicate timely and meaningful feedback with students and families, including student self-reflection strategies
Support your newsletter with 2-3 scholarly resources.
Tesla a level english language essay helpTHE COMPANY IS TESLA
The marketing plan is a pattern of decisions the company undertakes in a unified fashion that specifies the fundamental and critical choices it will make about the creation, communication, and delivery of its value-laden products and/or services to customers it believes will benefit from these offerings. It outlines the strategies necessary to develop an all-inclusive plan for excellence: customer, product, operations, location.
It will include:
Product and service offerings
Resource acquisition
Delivery methods, i.e., channels, Internet presence; accessibility
Markets including the opening of new and/or emerging markets
Pricing models
Content creation, messaging, and an integrated marketing communication plan
Basis for building a sustainable competitive advantage
Marketing strategies include but are not limited to:
Generating traffic to the company (i.e., e-commerce, physical stores, etc.)
Establishing ROI targets and meeting them
Developing an appropriate budget
Managing the website experience
Developing content for targeting a global audience
Recruiting, hiring, training, developing appropriate staff
Developing an account-based marketing strategy
Profiling the target market(s)
For your research, you may use the company’s website as one source but you should also research the marketing strategy of the company from other perspectives such as from business analysts. You could check sites such as Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Inc., or Forbes. In addition, you should look at the annual report of the company and the Form 10-K filing as both of these documents will present the company form a slightly different viewpoint.
For example, the annual report is written primarily to shareholders and those with an interest in the financial success of the company so it will perhaps look at bit more favorably on events through the year.
The Form 10-K is written to show compliance with financial requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is for publicly traded companies. It will often discuss its market, associated challenges, and will have less fluff and more factual assessment of the market(s) in which the company operates.
You are looking for the marketing strategy of the company via its marketing plan and determining how well it is working given its current target market and its needs, government regulation, economic pressure, changing demographics, market trends, competition, global pressure, global trade, global unrest, cultural aspects, and other issues. You will try to answer questions such as “Is its marketing strategy still working given what the company is dealing with today?”. Or, is a directional change needed? If so, in which direction? Demographic? Market-based? Product-based? Think about companies like Dell that have recently undergone directional changes and what was needed to accomplish the change. For Dell, it has worked (so far). That same philosophy may not have worked for another company.
You will want to discuss the company from vantage points included in the Marketing Plan such as:
Mission, objectives, etc.
SWOT analysis
Market opportunities
Marketing Mix
Resource allocation
Your written report should follow APA guidelines. If you need assistance on setup, please ask me in class and I will review it for everyone.
Economics Course Paper college essay help near meThe writing requirement for the course counts for 20% of the final grade. The paper is to be on some form of public policy. The paper must be submitted through the course drop-box by May 2. Students may submit the paper earlier than scheduled. I will also be happy to read rough drafts and offer suggestions.
Potential term paper topics:
minimum wage legislation
fiscal policy
monetary policy
labor policy
agricultural policy
international trade policy
anti-trust legislation and policy
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Correction of externalities
Social Security changes and policy
Food Stamp program
Affordable Care Act– potential benefits and costs
Recycling and landfill policies
Legalization of marijuana
Trade wars and the impact of tariffs and quotas
Public Health Policy (Covid 19)
You may also choose another topic for your public policy paper. Please clear your topic with me if you select a topic that is not on the above list.
Expectations for the paper:
I want students to learn more about a public policy issue.
Students may use the APA or MLA format for the paper.
All sources must be cited.
A minimum of 3 sources should be used.
The paper should be between 1200-2000 words.
Include the benefits and costs of the public policy.
A review of the history of the policy policy should be included.
Discuss controversies with the policy.
Include possible future issues with the policy.
The paper is to be typed, double-spaced, and include a complete bibliography.
The paper should be submitted through the course drop-box in a PDF file.
Note: This course uses Turnitin to check for originality. Remember to credit all sources.
World cultures writing essay helpIntroduce the context of world cultures (Introduction)
Discuss what culture is and why it is important
Discuss a major contemporary political issue in the world
Discuss a major contemporary security issue in the world
Tie all of this together for a final assessment of success (Conclusion)
One paragraph per question
Response paper of a short article essay help site:eduThe Response Paper is not only a summary of the article or reading.
For each Response Paper, you will do THREE things:
1. Summarize the assigned reading. Summaries must be at least one paragraph, and should be longer depending on the length and depth of the
2. Respond to material in the assigned reading. Select THREE quotes (a quote is any sentence or sentences that has
an idea or information that you would like to respond to) from anywhere in the reading and provide a separate
response (paragraph) for each one. Your response should answer one or more of the following questions:
a. What does this statement mean to you?
b. Have you seen instances of this in your experiences (world around you)?
c. Does this idea/information change the way you perceive the world? If so, how? If not, why not?
3. Describe at least one specific behavior/action you will take to apply what you have read to your life.
Link for the article:
Essay essay help freeMany poets of the Harlem Renaissance made extensive use of the sonnet form; contains examples such as Countee Cullen’s “From the Dark Tower,” Helene Johnson’s “Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem,” and Claude McKay’s “If We Must Die.” Write an essay in which you compare some of the sonnets written during the Harlem Renaissance. How do different approaches to the sonnet form signal different thematic concerns?
three essay questions 700 each scholarship essay helpcourse: social science international development studies.
sources to be used:
Origin of crops


Discuss each of distributor’s positions, and whether or not society’s distribution of wealth and income corresponds to their ideals. essay help online freeJohn Stuart Mill, John Rawls, Robert Nozick, and Tara Smith have different views on the just distributions of society’s wealth and income. Discuss each of their positions, and whether or not society’s distribution of wealth and income corresponds to their ideals.
Organization Change model best college essay helpThis
final project will be a model for change within an organization that you have
developed from the knowledge you have gained in this class.
1. For this project you will choose an organization
with which you have first-hand experience, analyze it from an OD perspective,
then design an OD program or intervention for it. You may want to use the same organization
that you used for the Organizational Culture Assessment (but it does not have
to be); it could be an intervention to improve their organizational culture.
2. Your
report will include the following:
a. A
brief history of the organization to provide background to the problems it has
of at least one full page. (10 points)
b. Organization
chart, mission, vision, core values (10 points)
c. A
description of at least one of the OD problems found there and its causes. (20
d. Recommended
interventions and your reasons for choosing the interventions (choose at least
two interventions). (30 points)
e. Expected
sources of resistance, the types of resistance, and the methods you would use
to overcome resistance (refer to Class #13, Chapter 13) (20 points)
APA 7th edition format, TNR12’
font, double spaced with title page and reference page (10 points)
Undergraduate students
– 4-6 full pages of text, double spaced throughout, not including title page
and reference page with least 2 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles cited
in your text.
Personal Reflection Essay custom essay helpWord Count: 1500+ words (if your essay falls short of the minimum word count, I will automatically deduct 10
Writing the Reflection Essay
(Corresponding chapter in The Little Seagull Handbook: W-8)
What is a Reflection Essay?
This Reflection Essay is a personal essay—you will reflect back on an event that had a significant impact on
you. It is important that you choose a topic that is dear to you, which you can write about in some detail. In this
essay—and only in this essay—you will use the first person; this includes “I,” “my,” “mine,” etc., because this is
an essay that concerns your personal experience.
Your essay should reflect on who you are today, what you think is your place or role in the world today, and how
you came to that understanding. Choose something from your life that has had a bearing on who you are today
and how you see your role in the world, and write about that.
The personal essay by Zora Neale Hurston is a good example of a reflection essay. Notice how Hurston focuses
on a particular topic—her identity and how she perceives it based on her environment. She looks back on various
memorable moments in her life reflects on the impact that they had on her life.
A personal essay is often an open form essay—this means that it does not set out to answer or solve a problem.
Rather, it seeks to explore an idea, often in the form of a narrative. In contrast with an argument essay in which
the writer is clear on what her conclusion is (for example, “Smoking is bad because it puts the smoker at risk of
many health problems”), in an open form essay the writer may not have a specific conclusion in mind when she
starts writing (for example, “I did not know at the time of my eighth birthday party how things would change
irrevocably”). Notice in the second example that even though the reader knows that the writer’s eighth birthday
party was important, the reader will not find out why until the end of the essay, after the writer has told her story.
In an open form essay the writer reaches her conclusion through the process of contemplating the topic,
reflecting on it, and writing about it. Thus, your personal essay should be an investigation of the significance of
your topic and its impact on you—you will have to tell the story before you discuss its significance to you.
Focus and Details
Your focus for this essay should be evident from the details you choose. Even though this is an open form essay,
you will still need a clear focus which should be developed in the first paragraph. In other words, anyone reading
your essay should be able to figure out what the main focus of your essay is from reading your first paragraph.
An important part of the Reflection Essay is providing clear, descriptive details that paint a vivid picture of your
topic for your reader. You must show, not tell. What this means is that your descriptive language should allow the
reader to experience what you are writing about. For example, consider these two descriptions of being cold:
1. As the wind blew, I could tell my nose was turning red; I shivered uncontrollably under my woolen pea
coat, sweater, shirt, jeans, and thermals; and I knew it was bad when the tips of my fingers started going
2. I was very, very cold.
Notice the differences between these examples—the first one allows the reader to really experience the cold,
whereas the second one only tells the reader that you were really cold. The first example is more descriptive and
therefore more engaging.
Understand that not every single detail needs to be described extensively; however, the ones that are essential
and important to your story must be conveyed descriptively and in a vivid manner. This is what makes for
interesting and engaging storytelling.
You will also want to pay attention to the pacing of your story—how you tell the story. Think about the
following: what details should go first, how much time you spend discussing some aspects of the story over
others, and how you will move through the events of the experience. You will need to consider the organization
of the essay—more on this in “Organizing the Reflection Essay.”
By the end of the essay you will want to reflect on the effect that your topic has had on you—how it has affected
your life, how it has changed you, etcetera. This should be an insightful discussion that takes into account what
you have learned as a result of the experience you have described. This should be at least a paragraph long, not
just a few sentences.
As with everything you write, you will want to proofread and edit your essay according to the conventions of
standard American English. Feel free to use the Tutoring services available to you online and at various
campuses. Reading your essay out loud SLOWLY will also help you to catch grammar errors as your ears are far
more sensitive than your eyes. If, for example, as you are reading your essay out loud and you find yourself
pausing naturally at a place in the essay where there is no punctuation, you might want to look closer at your
essay and see whether it requires some kind of punctuation there.
You will also need to give an original title for your essay. Simply calling it “Reflection Essay,” will not suffice.
Topic and Discussion Board
The topic you choose should be something of some importance to you, something that affected your life in a
significant way. The topics can be anything, but you do need to email me your top 3 choices by the date
indicated on the syllabus. You also need to discuss your main ideas for the essay on the Reflection Essay
Discussion Forum. I encourage you to comment on and help your classmates with their ideas. This discussion is
not graded. The purpose of this discussion is for you to bounce ideas off your classmates.
Policy Brief – Climate Change & Urban Planning college essay help onlineThis paper is how climate change has devastated our cities and why poor urban planning is partly to blame. I’ve attached a powerpoint which hints at several articles but more importantly provides a framework on how the essay should flow. I will also attach articles please summarize these first few articles and use these as a guide as you form the argument about how climate change is affecting our cities.
For the 2nd part, appx one page, provide insight on how we can better design our cities to avoid such disasters in the future. Please provide at least two more sources for this portion.
Applied Research Paper on Canada’s hotel industry essay help onlineApplied Research Paper on an Industry:
For industry, you will analyze the industry based on the following items.
o Internal Rivalry within the industry
o Potential Entrants into the industry
o Suppliers’ Market Power
o Buyers’ Market Power
o Substitutes and Complements
The format of the research paper is a consultant’s report. All references must be cited.APA style.
Should include:1 page summary double space. Total 13 pages of double space.
Topic: Canada’s hotel industry
Public Relation cheap essay helpDescription: You will be writing a strategic communication consultation paper where you suggest improved messaging for an organization. You pick the organization but it needs to be campus or local. Could be a campus group or club. It could be a small business in your town. It just needs to a group where you could contact the leader/leaders. Phone/email contact is fine. Talking to a person involved with the group (preferably a leader), you will need to find out about their communication needs (social media, flyers, press, events, etc.). This will be different for each group. For example, a philanthropic group may be doing a charity event that they want social media to support. A new club may be seeking out interested potential members. It varies. Your role is to construct a strategy for the group according the items outlined below. You will then write this up in a 5-7 page paper (app. 1250-1750 words).
Situation (use this heading): You need to provide a description of the group you are consulting. You should also briefly explain the challenges/opportunities they face in the current environment. You should also assess their current communication such as their social media use, flyers, events they’ve done, any advertising, etc. (success, failures, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, etc.). A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis might be a good here.
Objectives (use this heading): What goals would the organization have for the communication they put out? In talking with people in the organization, you need to know what they want their communication to accomplish. How can it help them meet other organizational objectives? What benchmarks would be a good measure for their communication success?
Tactics/Audience (use this heading): In this section, you will need to explain what channels of communication you would recommend using (social media, flyers, events, etc.). You need to show what kind of content you would be creating for these channels. You also need to identify how this content would support the organization’s objectives AND how the content/channel is the best fit for the audience they are trying to reach. Any mock-up samples that you can create would help to visualize your tactics in this section (i.e. sample tweets, screen capture of your idea for a facebook page, detailed description of an event they should do, etc.). What communication things can they do to achieve objectives?
Link to Course Content (use this heading): Finally, you need to link your overall approach to AT LEAST five SPECIFIC concepts we’ve discussed in class. Please put these in BOLD or underline them when using the term from the course. Be sure to define them, as well (word for word from the readings is fine here). You need to show why they are important. You also need to show how your campaign enacts these concepts for the benefit of the organization’s communication (i.e. why this would be a good thing achieving the stated objectives).
Executive Summary college essay helpFinal Project Assignment Instructions
Scenario Background:
A marketing company based out of New York City is doing well and is looking to expand internationally. The CEO and VP of Operations decide to enlist the help of a consulting firm that you work for, to help collect data and analyze market trends.
You work for Mercer Human Resources. The Mercer Human Resource Consulting website lists prices of certain items in selected cities around the world. They also report an overall cost-of-living index for each city compared to the costs of hundreds of items in New York City (NYC). For example, London at 88.33 is 11.67% less expensive than NYC.
More specifically, if you choose to explore the website further you will find a lot of fun and interesting data. You can explore the website more on your own after the course concludes. cost-of-living-rankings#rankings
Assignment Guidance:
In the Excel document, you will find the 2018 data for 17 cities in the data set Cost of Living. Included are the 2018 cost of living index, cost of a 3-bedroom apartment (per month), price of monthly transportation pass, price of a mid-range bottle of wine, price of a loaf of bread (1 lb.), the price of a gallon of milk and price for a 12 oz. cup of black coffee. All prices are in U.S. dollars.
You use this information to run a Multiple Linear Regression to predict Cost of living, along with calculating various descriptive statistics. This is given in the Excel output (that is, the MLR has already been calculated. Your task is to interpret the data).
Based on this information, in which city should you open a second office in? You must justify your answer. If you want to recommend 2 or 3 different cities and rank them based on the data and your findings, this is fine as well.
Deliverable Requirements:
This should be ¾ to 1 page, no more than 1 single-spaced page in length, using 12-point Times New Roman font. You do not need to do any calculations, but you do need to pick a city to open a second location at and justify your answer based upon the provided results of the Multiple Linear Regression.
The format of this assignment will be an Executive Summary. Think of this assignment as the first page of a much longer report, known as an Executive Summary, that essentially summarizes your findings briefly and at a high level. This needs to be written up neatly and professionally. This would be something you would present at a board meeting in a corporate environment. If you are unsure of an Executive Summary, this resource can help with an overview. What is an Executive Summary?
Things to Consider:
To help you make this decision here are some things to consider:
Based on the MLR output, what variable(s) is/are significant?
From the significant predictors, review the mean, median, min, max, Q1 and Q3 values?
It might be a good idea to compare these values to what the New York value is for that variable. Remember New York is the baseline as that is where headquarters are located.
Based on the descriptive statistics, for the significant predictors, what city has the best potential?
What city or cities fall are below the median?
What city or cities are in the upper 3rd quartile?
short answer about Nikhil/Gogol argumentative essay helpD
Unit 15.2 Discussion Forum – submission
Unit 15.2 Discussion Forum – submission
At this point, Nikhil/Gogol truly begins his public life outside the family. This movement, of course, continues the development of the assimilation, naming, and identity themes while fundamentally altering the context through Gogol’s relationships with women and his encounters with their families. Ready to enter university, Gogol officially changes his name, adopting Nikhil as his “good” name just as his parents initially intended. How does this change affect both Gogol and his parents? Consider how his relationship with his college friends and their easy switch to Nikhil as his given name affects Gogol’s sense of himself. What complications arise for him regarding his two names, his “twoness”? See in particular Gogol’s thoughts on pages 105-06. Additionally, Gogol’s relationships with women (from his initial sexual encounter with an unnamed student to his affair with Ruth to his extended relationship with Maxine Ratliff) affect his separation from his own family. Still, they might also, to some degree, provide evidence of distinctions between social and cultural expectations in America and those that governed Ashima and Ashoke’s early lives. Consider how Gogol’s experiences might further complicate his understanding of his parents and their responses to his relationships.
Jazz essay help site:eduOnly have to be 125 words each.
Prompt 1 – Describe the difference between Ornette Coleman and Louis Armstrong in terms of their approaches to Jazz.
Prompt 2 – What relationship exist between the attitude when has toured freeform jazz in one’s understanding of the way the musical elements are used by the performer and expressing musical thoughts?
Disability Narrative Paper – Jergen, R. (2004). The little monster: Growing up with ADHD. college essay helpJergen, R. (2004). The little monster: Growing up with ADHD.
read the narrative written by a person with a disability, 5+ page typed paper (please use 12 point font Times New Roman) is also required in which you will respond to the following prompts:
NOTE: Respond to ALL questions!
What is your overall response to the narrative? How did it make you feel and why do you think the book evoked those particular feelings?
What did you learn about the particular disability featured in the book? Be specific and give examples. What aspects of this disability surprised you or challenged your thinking?
How does this book deepen your understanding of the political/social/economic conceptualization of disability versus the medical model of disability?
How does this person’s race, class, culture, and gender intersect with his or her disability experience throughout life?
How does this person’s disability impact the family unit? (e.g., parents, siblings, extended family, marriage, parenthood)?
What messages does this person receive from society (e.g., family, teachers, doctors, therapists, friends, acquaintances, strangers) about his or her disability? How does he or she respond?
How does the person’s understanding of disability shift over time? In what ways is the person’s disability part of his or her identity? How do you know?
Choose several quotes from the book that “spoke” to you. Explain your choices.
Were you troubled or confused by any aspect of the narrative? If so, explain.
What did you learn about yourself by reading this account? How might the book influence how you interact with students with disabilities and their families? Be specific.
Do you have any other insights you would like to add?
Climate Change: rewrite the essay provided with the source and answer the prompt college essay help near mePrompt: Is there a moral duty to refrain from joyguzzling? Reconstruct one of Kingston Sinnot-Armstrong’s arguments as to why there’s no moral duty to refrain from joyguzzling and critically evaluate it. Present and defend your own view as to whether there’s a moral duty to refrain from joyguzzling.
Use these bits of info to guide you:
– Engage with 1 or 2 of the argument that Kingston + Sinnott-Armstong put forward and then refute those arguments as well.
-Kingston Sinnott-Armstong says: there’s no moral duty to refrain from joyguzzling
–> Agree with the thesis that there’s no moral duty but defend the thesis against new objections or add your own critical argument
-INCLUDE IN ARGUMENT: There is no moral duty to refrain from joyguzzling
1. Even if the impact is negligible, it contributes to a large-scale cumulative impact which can also have a social impact that influences others
a. You drop a wrapper on the street and your litter, it encourages others to participate and increases the odds that keep happening
b. Contribution to a cumulative impact, people never know whether you’re driving for pleasure or for a purpose.
In this essay, I will argue that passive euthanasia is unethical. argumentative essay helpApr 4, 2022 at 12:00 AM
Once you’ve submitted and gotten feedback on your paper topic and paper outline, you should start writing your paper. Here are instructions:
1. The paper is to be written in some standard wordprocessor format in complete sentences. It is to be about 1200-1500 words on any topic covered in class.
2. The paper is to have a thesis statement, that is, a statement of your intent to argue for a particular conclusion. Here is an example: “In this paper I will argue that passive euthanasia is immoral.”
3. The paper is to consist mostly of your reasons (or arguments) for proving your thesis statement. The paper is not a statement of your opinion or feelings on the topic. Here is an example: “One reason that passive euthanasia is immoral is because it can lead to a slippery slope. In other words, once doctors start letting their patients who are in pain die, they might let other patients die. It is possible, therefore, that eventually there will be great loss of death.”
4. You should present 3-4 different reasons (or arguments) in support of your thesis. You should come up with these yourself. Nonetheless you can also draw from one or more ethical theories that we covered as well as the relevant articles that we read. Do not consult outside sources. When referencing the material that we did cover, simply cite the page numbers of which quotes, if any, you draw from them.
5. You should also present objections to your view. Here is an example: “Someone might object that, with strict laws, there won’t be any slippery slope resulting in the death of many other patients.” And you should present responses to those objections. Otherwise it looks as if you’ve contradicted yourself!
6. Once you present your reasons, objections, and responses, make sure that you state what your decided view on this is. Here is an example: “I don’t think that laws can cover all cases. Even if the laws are strict, therefore, it’s still always possible that doctors and patients will find loopholes. Unscrupulous doctors might take advantage of these loopholes quite a lot. The slippery slope worry is serious.”
7. Please do not start your paper with: “Lately my topic has become very controversial” or “For a very long time people have argued about my topic.”
Here is the general way that your paper should be structured:
I. Intro
A. Thesis statement
B. Roadmap of how your paper will proceed
II. Arguments for your thesis, objections against it, and responses to those objections
A. First argument, objection, response
B. Second argument, objection, response
C. Third argument, objection, response
III. Conclusion: your decided view
Please post on that first discussion board — Questions about Course — any questions that you have about this. Otherwise feel free to submit any of the Assignments between now and their due date. And good luck!
Argumentative Essay college essay help onlineDue: End of Unit 5
Essay length: 1,000–1,200 words
Weight: This assignment is worth 20% of your grade.
Choose one topic from the list below about which to write a research-based argumentative essay.
Begin your research. You might start with a general Google search and then a Google Scholar search, but you will also need to visit the AU Library databases to find sound academic articles.
Find two to six reputable secondary sources and review them carefully. At least one source should be a peer-reviewed journal article accessed through the AU Library databases.
Develop a straightforward thesis that is sufficiently limited in scope (meaning that you can do justice to it in a short essay). Do not begin this sentence with phrases such as “In this essay…,” “This essay will,” or “I will argue….”
Create a very brief outline for your essay.
Ask your tutor to review your thesis statement and essay outline before you proceed further.
Write a first draft. Your essay must be approximately 1,000 to 1,200 words in length (about four double-spaced typed pages). If your essay exceeds the length requirement, it could be returned to you for revision.
Your essay must include all of the following:
An introduction that includes an interesting lead-in and an explanation/summary of what the issue is. (As necessary, convince your audience that the problem or issue exists and that it matters to others—or should.) Then, still in the introduction, briefly summarize each side of the issue, and finally, add a thesis/essay map that takes a stance and clarifies the purpose of your discussion.
Hint: You practiced this skill in Session 2 of the discussion forum, so review your previous work and any suggestions your tutor might have made.
Body paragraphs that develop your viewpoint. The more thorough and detailed this section, the better. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Use specific, logical examples, and integrate information from your research, as follows:
Of the reputable secondary sources that you located and reviewed in Step 3, choose at least two (and no more than six) to use within your essay. Integrate paraphrases, summaries, and quotations from these sources into your essay. Then, every time you paraphrase, summarize, or quote, follow these four steps to cite and integrate the source properly:
Introduce the source.
Present the research.
Credit the source parenthetically.
In other words, include “quotation sandwiches” and “paraphrase sandwiches” in your essay. Don’t just drop in quotations or paraphrases from sources into your essay. (Some experts call these “hit-and-run quotations,” “dropped quotations,” or “floating quotations.”)
Opposing arguments/rebuttal. There are a variety of ways to approach this component. You will do it differently based on whether you are following Pattern A or Pattern B, and based on what your approach to the topic requires. When writing persuasively, assume that your audience opposes your thesis. Then, as you write, try to foresee any possible objections the opposition might have to your argument, and address those objections as necessary. This might be as simple as a sentence in your introduction or a sentence or two within the body paragraphs. Depending on the debate, a paragraph after your introduction or before your conclusion might be necessary. Be mindful that the only reason to address opposing arguments is to rebut or refute them in order to further promote your thesis.
A concluding paragraph that reinforces and emphasizes the thesis and main points without repeating them. Remember that this is your final opportunity to impress your reader and to emphasize the significance of this debate.
Create a bibliography that lists every source you cited in your essay. (In MLA style, this page is titled “Works Cited,” while in APA style it is titled “References.”) Take this task seriously. We expect you to pay very close attention to detail and follow samples for each entry. We recommend the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) for all citation matters.
Reminder: In ENGL 255, we prefer MLA format and citation style unless you have a specific reason for choosing another style. If you wish to use APA style, please speak with your tutor before proceeding.
Thinking about your essay-in-progress, review the checklist “Fifteen Common Research Errors in First-Year Papers” in Part 2, Section 10 of AOW, and consider whether your essay requires revision.
Reminder: Unfortunately, citation generators will not necessarily produce correct results. Thus, we strongly recommend you avoid citation generators of any kind. Be aware that there is a citation generator on the Purdue OWL, but it belongs to an advertiser. If you are inclined to use a citation generator as a first step only, review “Using Citation Generators Responsibly ” on the Purdue OWL.
Revise and edit your draft. You should have produced and edited at least one preliminary draft before you hand in the final copy.
Consider using the Write Site’s coaching support . Your ENGL 255 tutor is not expected or encouraged to review your drafts, but reviewing drafts is one of the mandates of the AU Write Site.
Review the assignment checklist and answer the questions honestly. Revise your essay further if necessary.
When you’re ready, upload your assignment through the assignment drop box below, and then click “Submit assignment.”
Essay Topics
Choose one of the following topics for your essay.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue that the implementation of a specific policy (or policies) has enhanced or diminished hockey (or another sport) in a specific context (in a particular league or at a particular level).
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue that people looking to acquire a pet should go to an animal shelter or a rescue organization instead of a pet breeder.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue for or against a bylaw that bans particular breeds of dogs from a municipality.
Considering two markedly different approaches to training a dog (or a horse), argue that one is superior to the other, basing your argument on evidence from research.
Should Canada, like the United States, ban the slaughter of horses? Argue for or against such a move, basing your argument on evidence from research.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue that safe injection sites are effective in reducing harm.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue that nurse practitioners play a beneficial role in a specific health-care setting (e.g. urban hospitals, rural communities, etc.).
Hint: It is important to explain the professional designation of nurse practitioners, their training, and their scope of practice—probably in the introductory paragraph, or possibly in the first body paragraph.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, defend or oppose the routine practice of embalming and restoring the body of a deceased person.
Hint: We suggest beginning your research with Jessica Mitford’s “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain .”
Some democracies (Australia, for example) require their citizens to vote. Should a mandatory voting policy be adopted in Canada? Argue for or against, basing your argument on evidence from research.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, establish a specific context and argue that Indigenous communities should move toward more self-government.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue that restorative justice practices are an effective approach to summary conviction offences in cases in which the chances of rehabilitation are high.
Hint: It is important to define both restorative justice and summary conviction offences early in your essay—probably in the introductory paragraph.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue for or against a specific government providing a minimum annual income for all citizens.
Should every able-bodied citizen be required to serve in some branch of the military in Canada for a certain period of time? Argue for or against, basing your argument on evidence from research.
Do Western nations have an obligation to intervene in other nations’ genocidal wars (examples: Rwanda, Myanmar, Sudan, Bosnia, Yemen)? Argue for or against, basing your argument on evidence from research.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, defend or oppose the “embedding” of journalists in war zones.
Hint: Questions to consider as you begin to develop a focus and a thesis: Does being “embedded” compromise a journalist’s objectivity, credibility, and integrity? Is having some news from a war zone, even if it is highly controlled, better than having no news?
Do social media platforms have an obligation to combat misinformation that is shared on their sites? Argue for or against, basing your argument on evidence from research.
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue for or against “slacktivism” as an effective means of social/political protest.
Hint: We suggest beginning your reading with Emma Jones’s “In Defense of Slacktivism .”
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue that Pride Parades are still relevant and necessary.
Should the acronym LGBTQ+ (and its variations) simply be replaced with Q? Argue for or against, basing the argument on evidence from research.
Hint: We suggest beginning your reading with Jonathan Rauch’s “It’s Time to Drop the ‘LGBT’ From ‘LGBTQ.’ ”
Basing your argument on evidence from research, argue for or against ecotourism (or volunteer tourism).
Checklist for Research-Based Argumentative Essay
After you have drafted your essay, use the checklist below to evaluate how well your essay meets the requirements for Assignment 5, and—if necessary—revise your essay before submitting it for marking.
Did you use MLA or APA guidelines to format your essay? Did you check your formatting against examples on the Purdue OWL?
Is your thesis stated in the last sentence of the first paragraph?
Is your thesis sufficiently narrow for an essay of this length?
Is your thesis statement a direct-list thesis statement (i.e., does it contain an essay map or preview statement)?
Did you check that your thesis statement does not contain phrases such as “I think,” “I believe,” or “This essay will argue…”?
Have you used third-person point of view throughout?
Does each paragraph have a topic sentence, at least two supporting points, and a non-repetitive closing sentence that sums up?
Did you use a transitional word, phrase, or sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph? Did you use transitional words and phrases as necessary to connect sentences within your paragraphs?
Did you integrate research from at least two reputable scholarly sources into your essay?
Did you introduce your sources properly? Did you present your sources according to MLA of APA formatting requirements? Did you credit your sources parenthetically? Did you discuss the quote or paraphrase? (If you don’t understand these questions, please contact your tutor for help.)
Did you check each use of research to determine whether you integrated it?
Did you make sure that no paragraph (excepting the conclusion) ends with a quotation?
Does the concluding paragraph reinforce the thesis and main supporting points (without repeating the thesis statement word for word)?
Does each in-text citation properly match the corresponding Works Cited or References entry? Check this very carefully—remember that the first word of the citation must match the first word of the corresponding entry.
Did you format the in-text and Works Cited or References entries correctly? Did you check each citation word for word and punctuation for punctuation against an example from the textbook, the Purdue OWL, or another reputable up-to-date source?
Did you revise very carefully for grammar and mechanics?
If any of the links above are broken, we would appreciate you sending an email to [email protected] with the particulars.
Why Catelyn Stark Is Actually A Villain In The TV Show “Game of Thrones” essay help onlineThis piece just needs to be about how Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones is a villain. Some ideas I’ve brainstormed are the fact that she treated Jon Snow horribly, she released her son’ Robb’s prisoner, she held Tyrion Lannister captive etc.
– Sources must have their own page (the last page preferably)
Relational Turbulence paper writing essay helpexplaining a concept, process, or theory, and then offering practical advice based on Relational turbulence.
When writing your article, please follow the following guidelines:
The text of the paper (not including the title page or references) should be 4.5-5 pages long. All papers should be written in APA formatting (cover page, References page, in-text citations)
Summarize the literature on your topic in a “user-friendly” manner so that a general audience can understand the research and put it to practical use. This paper is MORE than just a literature review; you need to include practical applications or advice based on the literature you summarize. The content of your paper should be based on scholarly research rather than personal opinion.
Incorporate information from at least five scholarly (academic, peer-reviewed) sources into your article (course readings are fine to use).
Term Paper(s): Briefing Paper – Waco Seige/Massacre
Basic Requirements: double cheap essay helpTerm Paper(s): Briefing Paper – Waco Seige/Massacre
Basic Requirements: double spaced, one inch margins, page numbers in footer or header, citations required (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard), 2-3 pages.
· Briefing Paper : Waco Seige/Massacre
o A comprehensive breakdown of an intelligence collection or analysis (Example on iLearn)
§ Component parts
· Background (state the basic history of the event: groups, organizations, intelligence agencies, etc.) 1 page
· Form of intelligence:
Signals intelligence (sigint) is phone or data used to describe and discover information.
Human intelligence (humint) is provided by assets and whistle-blowers.
Data Intelligence (DataInt) emails, documents, etc.
· Purpose (half page)
· Result (half page)
Module 11 Written Assignment – Case Study: Planning and Pre-work
An custom essay helpModule 11 Written Assignment – Case Study: Planning and Pre-work
Any intervention involves change management. Change can be very threatening to employees. as they tend to experience change as loss of control, and this triggers anxiety. They may fear a decline in status or that their job may become less satisfying. Further, in this stressful, anxiety laden situation, conflict is almost inevitable.
For this paper, outline your recommendations to reduce or prevent the stress of change from escalating into more dysfunctional behavior and project derailment. Your paper will have three sections:
A communication plan,
An outline of the steps of the project, from current to future state,
Additional project elements that may be helpful to make the change smooth and as stress-free as possible.
Justify your choices with references, and cite them. You may use the familiar case study for context or you may provide your own context.
Familiar Case Study
Promises made by sales reps need to be fulfilled by operations personnel. To get the sale, sales reps have been making promises that stress the fulfillment process. Sales reps receive a base salary and a commission for each sale. Many of the operations employees are unionized. If they have to work extra hours for rush jobs they get overtime pay that eats away most of the profit.
The sales reps complain that the operations people work slowly to get overtime. The operations employees complain that the sales reps don’t understand the business they represent and are lying to customers. Your client does not want to just implement a bunch of rules and ignore all the bad feelings. She would like the employees in her product division to work more harmoniously.
Paper Requirements
Length: 1000 words maximum
Double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins
APA Format
The Ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787 was the end result of cheap essay helpThe Ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787 was the end result of an effort to strengthen government after recognizing the failures of the Articles of Confederation.
§That effort also recognized the importance of each state to control itself and was fearful of what TOO much governmental power would mean.
§After the Civil War, there was a widespread belief that the Government, far from being a threat to liberty and freedom, had a responsibility to secure these things for citizens. This led to the concept of Civil Rights and the ratification of the 14th amendment.
§Which view of the federal government do you feel is more accurate and why…give some examples throughout history where the government either acted as threat to freedom and liberty…or give some examples that support your argument of government securing it for citizens.
This assignment must be in either a word or google DOC. DO NOT SUBMIT VIA EMAIL. Either submit it on blackboard or bring a copy to class the day the assignment is due. It must be in proper MLA format and must be at least 3 FULL pages of writing in Times New Roman or Arial font.
This is supposed to be a judgement essay. I would like it to be based on composi essay helpThis is supposed to be a judgement essay. I would like it to be based on composite softball bats. I’m a softball player so I can relate to this subject. Essay should be 3-6 pages long, double spaced with one inch margins.font should be 12 Times New Roman.
The purpose is to get readers to understand the reasons for my judgement.
Please research the ‘Townsend’s Big-Eared Bat’ and write about the life history college admissions essay helpPlease research the ‘Townsend’s Big-Eared Bat’ and write about the life history of the bat species, reproductive strategies, climate vulnerability, and conservation efforts that are made in ARKANSAS to prevent the species from going extinct. This thesis needs to be relevant to populations of this species of bat in Arkansas. Can include information about the species generally, but must tie into how Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is conserving this population since it is endangered and conservation efforts made worldwide to prevent overall decline. Ensure that the document is typed in 12pt Times New Roman font, including a title page, body of the document, and literature cited section (references). The thesis can/may include figures and tables. A minimum of 10 references that are free peer-reviewed scientific literature are required. Use the Harvard style for the in-text citations and reference list:
Please finish this no later than May 4, 2022. I have included a document of the guidelines as an attachment.
argument (affirmative)
claims and evidence to support those claims ‘
ar cheap essay helpthesis
argument (affirmative)
claims and evidence to support those claims ‘
argument (opposing)
claims and evidence to support
In the uploaded files I have attached the rubric for my paper, the assigned read college essay help onlineIn the uploaded files I have attached the rubric for my paper, the assigned reading that I MUST draw information to support my claims, and the 2 artworks I have chosen by Aaron Douglas (along with their assigned description) as they were displayed in the art gallery.
I am aware that the rubric says it is due by May 3rd, but I must have it done by Sunday, April 30 so I have plenty of time to review it.
Finally, please include all of the grading recommendations including adding citations (the citations are not included as a page, I am required to write 1.5-2 pages of text)
chapter 9 (short answers are fine questions in bold and in this format)
Answer t best essay helpchapter 9 (short answers are fine questions in bold and in this format)
Answer the following questions/ respond to the following statements:
Explain how due process applies in the identification context.
Explain how the Sixth Amendment’s right to counsel applies in the identification context.
Explain the three types of pretrial identification procedures.
What is an in-court show-up?
What would a constitutionally valid photographic array look like?
What are some of the flaws associated with identification procedures?
What can be done to improve identification procedures?
What is a tainted identification?
Make a 8 slide powerpoint presentation for the class project. You can pick the t cheap essay helpMake a 8 slide powerpoint presentation for the class project. You can pick the theme just as long as it stays on par with the entire project. Can also tip
Hi! I have an essay due on a book we read in class. I already have the written e best college essay helpHi! I have an essay due on a book we read in class. I already have the written essay from a student my professor had last semester. However, it needs to be thoroughly rewritten since he had her so recently and he reads each detail of every paper. It also needs to remain in chronological order in terms of the history aspect. The title to the book is at the bottom of the essay if you would like to use different quotes, that would be great. If you have any questions please let me know.I attached a file with the essay from a previous student below. Again, it needs to be thoroughly reworded. Thank you so much!

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