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a. Which European Nation First Initiated The European Colonization Of Sub-saharan Africa? Gp Essay Help

a. Which European nation first initiated the European colonization of sub-Saharan Africa?
1. England
2. France
3. Portugal
4. Spain

b. What river saw the southward and eastward migration of people that formed the D’mt kingdom (700-300 BCE)?
1. Nile
2. Congo
3. Niger
4. Senegal

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HRM 599 Disc 9

Summary And Discussions Ch-22

Chapter 22 The Mind/Brain Identity Theory Homework Requirements Homework assignment must contain. (1) a summary of the chapter, (2) discussions on one of the major issues in the chapter, and (3) a statement of your personal stance on this issue. Each homework assignment is to be no less than 2 pages double-spaced, and no more than 3 pages double-spaced. All direct quotes from the textbook or any other sources must be placed in quotation marks with reference to the sources. You may follow either APA or MLA style to document references, but be consistent. Do not mix styles. Please, No plagiarism. I need it after two days.

Investigate Development Case: Adolescent Drug Use

Adolescent Drug Use Exercise and submit your response in the text box here. MAKE A DECISION: What does George do? Frequently uses marijuana Occasionally uses marijuana Never uses marijuana Why? Give reasons for why you assessed George’s marijuana use as you did. Consider the following factors in your reasons: Parental monitoring and attitudes Sibling factors Peer factors Rubric PSY 1821 Case Development Rubric 2.1PSY 1821 Case Development Rubric 2.1CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent20.0 to >15.0 ptsAdvancedAll key components of the Case Development questions are addressed. Proper terminology to describe concepts in the vignette are used (3 or more terms).15.0 to >10.0 ptsProficientMost key components of the Case Development questions are addressed. Proper terminology to describe concepts in the vignette are used (2 terms).10.0 to >5.0 ptsDevelopingSome key components of the Case Development questions are addressed. Proper terminology to describe concepts in the vignette are used (1 term).5.0 to >0.0 ptsPoorFew or no key components of the Case Development questions are addressed. Proper terminology to describe concepts in the vignette are not used.0.0 ptsNot Present20.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFocus10.0 to >9.0 ptsAdvancedWriting remains focused on the topic assigned throughout, bringing each paragraph back to the thesis and making connections to sources. Paper also meets all length requirements (250 words or more).9.0 to >8.0 ptsProficientWriting mostly focuses on the topic assigned but misses some connections between sources and thesis. Paper meets at least 80 percent of the length requirement.8.0 to >7.0 ptsDevelopingWriting focuses on topic throughout but loses focus or digresses in individual paragraphs. Paper meets at least 70 percent of the length requirement.7.0 to >1.0 ptsPoorWriting struggles to focus on the topic in individual paragraphs and in the paper as a whole. Paper meets at least 65 percent of the length requirement.1.0 to >0 ptsNot PresentWriting was not submitted, is about a topic other than the one assigned, or meets less than 65 percent of the length requirement.10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA Style10.0 to >9.0 ptsAdvancedAssignment correctly follows APA formatting, including a title page, abstract, header, page numbers, and reference page. Sources are cited correctly in the document.9.0 to >8.0 ptsProficientAssignment is mostly correctly formatted and/or sources are cited, but there are a few errors in the format.8.0 to >7.0 ptsDevelopingAssignment exhibits many errors in APA formatting and/or sources are cited, but there are several errors in the format.7.0 to >0.0 ptsPoorAPA formatting is attempted, but several elements are missing or incorrect, an/or some of the sources are not cited and/or the format is incorrect.0.0 ptsNot PresentSources are not cited at all/format is not correct and/or APA is not attempted.10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpelling and Grammar10.0 to >5.0 ptsAdvancedSpelling and grammar are correct. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Paragraphs contain appropriately varied sentence structures.5.0 to >3.0 ptsProficientThere are some spelling and grammar errors. Some sentence level errors are present as well. Paragraphs contain some varied sentence structures.3.0 to >2.0 ptsDevelopingSpelling and grammar errors distract from meaning. Paragraphs are poorly formed.2.0 to >0.0 ptsPoorMultiple spelling and grammar errors. Sentences are incomplete or unclear.0.0 ptsNot Present10.0 pts


QUESTION 1: After viewing the video by Fr. Spitzer on the spiritual (trans-physical) soul of the human person, name and discuss 3 key truths that you found insightful, helpful or altogether new to you. QUESTION 2: What questions were raised for you by this video? QUESTION 3: In light of Fr. Spitzer’s primary point, namely that each person has a trans-physical (aka spiritual) soul that survives the death of the body, why do you think it is important for those of us working in healthcare to take into account the fact that each of our patients has a spiritual soul, which will endure beyond the death of the body? If you are currently working in a healthcare setting with patients, do you have any examples you can share with the class regarding why this consideration is important? QUESTION 4: In our assigned reading from our course text, Spirituality of Nursing, it is mentioned that in order to understand another person’s spirituality, each nurse or health care practitioner needs to understand her or his own spirituality, as the basis from which one views the world. Why is this? Namely, the more we are in touch with our own spiritual journey, the better-able we are to accompany another person in her or his journey. In our assigned reading from chapter 1 of our course text, Spirituality in Nursing, Dr. O’Brien offers 4 aspects of what the spirituality of each human person refers to, when this term is used. These can be summarized as follows: 1) A relationship with the Supreme Being, God, that directs one’s beliefs, choices, and actions in a harmonious way, including one’s relationships with others. 2) The dimension of a person that is concerned with ultimate ends and the greater purpose of one’s life and existence. 3) An inner desire to transcend the material dimensions of this life and orient/understand one’s experiences in this life in terms of the Supreme Being Who transcends all. 4) Source of ?inner-strength and ?sense of the sacred derived from one’s relationship with the Supreme Being. Which of these 4 aspects of spirituality stands out and offers meaning to you, personally speaking, as you reflect on your own spirituality? Tell us why – giving us some real “beef” in your answer. Really give this question some real and deep thought — before writing your answer.

Turnover Evaluation

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you evaluate the various types of turnover outlined in the following scenarios: A sales associate, who is slightly above average in the number of sales, has decided to leave the company for a competitor. As the HR Manager, what are your concerns about this person’s exit from the company? In what ways might this be positive turnover? In what ways might it be negative? After training a new inspector for a year, a city decides to terminate his employment. Although the inspector is technically competent, local contractors have made many complaints about his lack of customer service and his approach to enforcement. In what ways might this be positive turnover? In what ways might it be negative? Discuss, in general, the benefits of turnover to the organization, and compare it to turnover that is unhealthy for the organization.

3 Pages

Since 1955, the ancient city of Baalbek (also called Baalbeck) in the Beqaa Valley region of Lebanon holds an international cultural festival. Performers from around the world come to Baalbek to present music, dance, theater, and any other kind of entertainment you can imagine among ancient Roman ruins. The city itself was named after the ancient storm god, Baal: an important figure in Middle Eastern mythology. For this assignment, you will be study Baal, the city of Baalbek, and the Baalbek festival. Task: You will write a short paper (3 pages; pictures don’t count toward length) examining the history of the god the city was named after, Baal and the Baalbek festival, and analyze the impact of the Baalbek Festival on Lebanese society. Paper Requirements: ¢ It must be a unique paper. Do not plagiarize your paper from your source materials (i.e., don’t cut and paste from Wikipedia). ¢ You must use at least three sources documented using MLA citation style. Assistance in documenting sources can be found at the Pfau Library or at 1. Begin your paper with a general history of the use of henna in the Middle East. 2. Continue with a brief discussion on the use of henna in Arabic society. 3. Finish your paper with a description of a henna design you find interesting. Expected Student Outcomes: You will gain insight into Arabic culture, as well as develop an appreciation for Arabic traditions. Due Date: This paper is due Week 10. Potential sources to get you started: (history of the city) (tourism) (official YouTube channel for the festival (mythology) (mythology) (Baal and other gods/goddesses)

Assignment 3

Assignment 3: Policy Outcomes Write four to six page paper in which you: (Note: Refer to Chapter 6 Review Question 4 for criterion 1.) see attachment 1.Construct constitutive and operational definitions for any three (3) of the actions and outcome variables listed in the shaded box under Review Question 3 at the end of Chapter 6. (Note: The box includes Program expenditure, Equality of educational opportunity, Energy consumption, etc.) (Note: Refer to Chapter 6 Review Question 5 for criterion 2.) see attachment 2. Identify three (3) policy problems listed in the shaded box under Review Question 4 and determine an appropriate indicator or index that would help determine whether each of the identified problems are being solved through government action. Justify for position on each. (Note: The box includes Work alienation, School dropouts, Poverty, etc.) (Note: Refer to Chapter 6 Review Question 13 for criterion 3.) see attachment 3. Construct valid rebuttals to the following argument using at least four (4) threats to validity: (B) The greater the cost of an alternative, the less likely it is that the alternative will be pursued. (W) The enforcement of the maximum speed limit of 55 mph increases the costs of exceeding the speed limit. (I) The mileage death rate fell from 4.3 to 3.6 deaths per 100 million miles after the implementation of the 55-mph speed limit. (C) The 55-mph speed limit (National Speed Law of 1973) has been definitely successful in saving lives. 4. Appropriately incorporate at least four (4) quality sources. A quality source can be either grey literature, such as a news article, or scholarly, such as peer reviewed works. In the case of public administration, government websites are appropriate quality resources. Note: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. Visit the Strayer University Library at to conduct research. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: ¢Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. ¢Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

“America” and “Latin America essay

Before the Western hemisphere was named “America” or “Latin America,” the indigenous empires had their own self-designated names such as Anahuac for what is today known as Central Mexico, and Tawatinsuyu for the Andes region of Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. An Italian cartographer realized that he was sailing along the coast of a continent and named it after himself, “America,” thus creating the fourth continent known to Europeans. 

By the middle of the nineteenth century, citizens of the United States had begun to refer to themselves as “Americans” and Los Americanos who spoke Spanish had begun to refer to themselves as “Latin Americans” (rather than Americans or Spanish Americans) with encouragement from France (Review the term Latinidad. See pg. 58-59 in Mignolo’s Chapter 2).

Talk about the significance of names such as “American,” “Spanish American,” “Creoles” and “Latin Americans.” Why choose one identity over another? Which countries are traditionally included in the designation “Latin American”? Why? Which countries are excluded?
Prepare and Submit
Write a well-organized essay with a minimum of 1000 to 1200 words (3 to 4 pages double-spaced) in which you address the following:

PROMPT: Analyze and discuss the material that has been assigned, and address the following statement: “Those countries south of the United States which speak languages derived from Latin, such as Spanish, Portuguese or French have a common heritage and identity and should be included in the phrase ‘Latin America’.” Discuss if you agree or disagree with the statement.

Some issues to consider: 
Should English-speaking countries such as Belize and Jamaica be included in Latin America? What about Dutch-speaking countries such as Surinam? Should Puerto Rico be included in Latin America since it is not an independent country?What about Bolivar and Jose Martí’s idea of calling all the countries part of “Nuestro América” instead of dividing the hemisphere between North, South, and Central? Some Brazilians do not like to be included in Latin America. Do they have a point? Would “Ibero-America” be a better term? Haiti has traditionally been included in Latin America by some scholars but excluded by others. What about Quebec? If your family is from Latin America or a Spanish-speaking country you prefer to refer to yourself as “Latino”? or “Hispanic?” or just American?

Part 1 – Complex Systems And Visual Decision Support & Part 2 – Short Research Paper

Part 1 – Complex Systems and Visual Decision Support Write 3-4 paragraph with references Chapter 13 discussed managing complex systems and chapter 15 introduced the advantages of visual decision support. Discuss how you would combine the two concepts to create visualizations for an ABM-Based Gaming simulation for policy making. First, describe what specific policy you’re trying to create. Let’s stick with the SmartCity scenario. Describe a specific policy (that you haven’t used before), and how you plan to use ABM-Based Gaming to build a model for simulate the effects of the policy. Then, describe what type of visualization technique you’ll use to make the model more accessible. Use figure 15.9 and describe what data a new column for your policy would contain. To complete this assignment, you must do the following: A) Write 3-4 paragraph with references As indicated above, discuss how you would combine the two concepts to create visualizations for an ABM-Based Gaming simulation for policy making. First, describe what specific policy you’re trying to create. Let’s stick with the SmartCity scenario. Describe a specific policy (that you haven’t used before), and how you plan to use ABM-Based Gaming to build a model for simulate the effects of the policy. Then, describe what type of visualization technique you’ll use to make the model more accessible. Use figure 15.9 and describe what data a new column for your policy would contain. — Please see the attachment Part 2 – short research paper Write 2 pages with references Each student will write a short research paper for a peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s assigned reading. This will be a detailed summary of the research paper and what you gained from the research. Each week, you will find an article/peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s assignment. If you have a difficult time, Google Scholar is a wonderful location to find these types of articles: — -Please see this link to find the article Summary – Once you find the article, you will simply read it and then write a review of it. Think of it as an article review where you submit a short overview of the article.

School Counseling

You have read about the ASCA’s National Model (A Framework for School Counseling Programs). For this discussion, use that information to answer the following questions:
What benefits do you see in using a model such as the ASCA National Model? Explain your answer.What barriers (more than one) might prevent you from following the ASCA model? Explain your answer.How might you address these barriers?      Explain your answer.Do you see any disadvantages to implementing the ASCA National Model? Explain your answer.
 All initial posts should include in-text citations to provide credibility to what you are asserting and give credit to the author/researcher. This is an APA requirement. You must include a relevant reference or references!


For the art paper you must go on Youtube and take a virtual tour of a museum like the British Museum or the Smithsonian…This is part of the international section of the class. That means you cannot use American artists but must look at artists from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia or the Pacific Islands. Your paper should be about 600 words in length. You need to write about two different items from two different genres of art from two different continents.. Genres are fields of art such as pottery, weaving, sculpture, paintings, photography,. So select an item from Asia and one from Africa. Or select an item from Latin America and an item from Europe etc. Then listen carefully as the tour guide talks about that item. Also read the museum placards that are posted by various exhibits. Jot down notes from those two sources. You can also look up a research article on the web about the artist or the item if you need to find additional information.Then you would need to tell me everything you can about each item i.e. what does it symbolize? how do you view it aesthetically, what it is made out of, what are the colors, dimensions, when was it made and who created it etc. Only use items for your paper that are located in the museum you visit.


Assignment 3: Elastic and Inelastic Traffic Due Week 5 and worth 80 points Write a three to four (4-5) page paper in which you: Outline a plan for the development of an addressing and naming model in an environment of the following scenario: Ten (10) departments in a 1,000-employee organization Equal separation by geography Use a common data center of twenty (20) backend enterprise servers Analyze the functional problems of throughput, delay, and packet loss as it pertains to your plan. Analyze and explain how you would use DNS in your plan. Compose a two-paragraph executive summary highlighting the main points of your plan. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

HRM 599 Disc 9

Select one of the case studies listed below (located in your text.) Then complete the following: Add your opinion about the choices and decisions being made-if this was your company would you make this choice? What would you do differently? CASE 14-1 HANDLING THE UNHEALTHY EMPLOYEE CASE 14-2 YOU ARE NOT HURT? GOOD-YOU’RE FIRED! CASE 15-1 CEO COMPENSATION: DO THEY DESERVE ROCK STAR PAY? CASE 15-2 MICROSOFT, NOKIA, AND THE FINNISH GOVERNMENT: A PROMISE MADE, A PROMISE BROKEN?

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