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Abstract of Qualitative Research Article

Overview: The term “abstract” is a homophone which can mean one of two scholarly writing activities. One, is the abstract that you will write to introduce your dissertation. The other meaning is a shortened writing assignment whereby you write a condensed summary of an academic journal. For this week, we will focus on writing a scholarly abstract of a qualitative journal. More information about writing an abstract can be found via the web resource “Writing Scholarly Abstracts.”
Directions: View the rubric and examples to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment. Create a 1-2 (more is fine) page single-spaced Analysis of Research abstract published qualitative scholarly article related to your mock dissertation topic/research question from week 1.
Using Data Science Techniques To Enhance Data Securit
Brevity and being concise are important as this analysis is intended to be a brief summation of the research.
Each abstract must therefore consist of the following in this order:
Bibliographic Citation – use the correctly formatted APA style citation for the work as the title of your abstract, displaying the full citation in bold font.
Author Qualifications – name and qualification of each author conducting the research
Research Concern – one-paragraph summary of the reason for the overall research topic
Research Purpose Statement AND Research Questions or Hypotheses – the specific focus of the research
Precedent Literature – key literature used in proposing the needed research (not the full bibliography or reference list)
Research Methodology – description of the population, sample, and data gathering techniques used in the research
Instrumentation – description of the tools used to gather data (surveys, tests, interviews, etc.)
Findings – summation of what the researchers discovered and the types of analysis that were used to describe the findings (tables, figures, and statistical measures)

Neuron’s Transmitter instant essay help

Question 28 (1 point) A neuron’s transmitter is released from which of the following? O A) cell body B) axon terminals OC) dendrites D) nucleus. Get Psychology Assignments  Help Today.

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Product Being Advertised Assignment | Psychology Essay Questions instant essay help

Step #1:  Find and examine TWO advertisements that clearly attempt to motivate you to purchase the product being advertised.

The advertisements can be print ads in a newspaper or magazine, or electronic ads you watch on TV or the Internet.

Step #2: For each advertisement:

Identify and briefly describe the product being advertised.

Describe the AUDIENCE for this product; who do you think the advertisement is targeting, and WHY?

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What are some product BENEFITS that the advertisement mentions? (Not features, but BENEFITS…)

Which type(s) of appeals are used in each of the two ads – logos, ethos, and/or pathos? Describe the type(s) of appeal and evaluate their effectiveness.

Finally, how effective do you feel each advertisement is at motivating you to want to buy this product? Explain your response. Get Psychology Assignments  Help Today.

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Writing Assignment Help

 Family Assessment Part II  View RubricDue Date: Feb 17, 2019 23:59:59       Max Points: 150  Details: Refer back to the interview and evaluation you conducted in the Topic 2 Family Health Assessment assignment. Identify the social determinates of health (SDOH) contributing to the family’s health status. In a 750-1,000-word paper, create a plan of action to incorporate health promotion strategies for this family. Include the following:

  1. Describe the SDOH that affect the family health status. What is the impact of these SDOH on the family? Discuss why these factors are prevalent for this family.
  2. Based on the information gathered through the family health assessment, recommend age-appropriate screenings for each family member. Provide support and rationale for your suggestions. 
  3. Choose a health model to assist in creating a plan of action. Describe the model selected. Discuss the reasons why this health model is the best choice for this family. Provide rationale for your reasoning.
  4. Using the model, outline the steps for a family-centered health promotion. Include strategies for communication.

Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Family Assessment Part II 1 Unsatisfactory 0.00%2 Less than Satisfactory 75.00%3 Satisfactory 79.00%4 Good 89.00%5 Excellent 100.00%80.0 %Content20.0 %SDOH Affecting Family and Family Health StatusSDOH affecting family health status, and the direct impact to the family, are not presented.SDOH affecting family health status are partially presented. SDOH listed are not relevant to the family. The direct impact to the family, and why the factors are prevalent to the family, are unclear. There are inaccuracies.Key SDOH affecting family health status are summarized. The SDOH identified are relevant to the family. The direct impact to the family, and why the factors are prevalent to the family, are generally discussed. More support or rationale is needed in some areas.The overall SDOH affecting family health status are accurately identified and described. The SDOH identified are relevant to the family. The direct impact to the family, and why the factors are prevalent to the family, are discussed. The SDOH directly affecting family health status are relevant, accurately identified and thoroughly described. The direct impact to the family, and why the factors are prevalent to the family, are discussed in detail. The discussion is well supported and illustrates insight into SDOH and their effect on family health status.20.0 %Age-Appropriate Screening RecommendationsAge-appropriate screenings are not presented.Screenings are presented for some family members. The screenings are not age appropriate. Screenings are not relevant to the information gathered through family health assessment. Screenings are presented for each family member. Screenings are generally age appropriate, but entirely not relevant based on the information gathered through family health assessment. More rationale and support is required.Screenings presented for each family member are age appropriate. Screenings are relevant and based on the information gathered through family health assessment. Some minor rationale or support is needed.Screenings presented for each family member are age appropriate and highly relevant. Screenings correlate to the information gathered through family health assessment. Strong rationale and support is presented.20.0 %Assessment of Health ModelA health model to assist in the creation of a plan of action is not presented. The model chosen is not a health model.A health model is selected to assist in creating a plan of action. The description of the model is incomplete. It is unclear why the chosen model is best for this family.A health model is selected and described. A summary of how the model will assist in creating a plan of action is presented. A general overview for why it is best for this family is provided. More rationale and support is required.A health model is selected and described. A discussion of how the model will assist in creating a plan of action is presented. Reasons for why it is best for this family are provided. Some rationale or support is needed.A health model is selected and thoroughly described. A detailed discussion of how the model will assist in creating a plan of action is presented. Reasons for why it is best for this family are clearly outlined. Strong rationale and support are provided to support reasoning.20.0 %Application of Health ModelFamily-centered health promotion using selected health model is omitted. Steps for a family-centered health promotion are partially presented. The health promotion is not based on the health model. Significant aspects are missing. There are major inaccuracies.The health model is used to create a general family-centered health promotion. The steps to achieve the desired outcome require more detail to illustrate a clear plan of action. A general plan for communication with the family is presented. More rationale and support is required.The health model is used to create a relevant family-centered health promotion. The steps to achieve the desired outcome are illustrated. Strategies for communication with the family are presented.The health model is used to create a relevant and viable family-centered health promotion. The steps to achieve the desired outcome are described in detail. Appropriate strategies for communication with the family are clearly presented. The health promotion is well-designed and demonstrates an ability to assimilate findings and appropriately apply theoretical knowledge to achieve desired outcomes.15.0 %Organization and Effectiveness 5.0 %Thesis Development and PurposePaper lacks any discernible overall purpose or organizing claim.Thesis is insufficiently developed or vague. Purpose is not clear.Thesis is apparent and appropriate to purpose.Thesis is clear and forecasts the development of the paper. Thesis is descriptive and reflective of the arguments and appropriate to the purpose.Thesis is comprehensive and contains the essence of the paper. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.15.0 %Organization and Effectiveness 5.0 %Argument Logic and ConstructionStatement of purpose is not justified by the conclusion. The conclusion does not support the claim made. Argument is incoherent and uses noncredible sources.Sufficient justification of claims is lacking. Argument lacks consistent unity. There are obvious flaws in the logic. Some sources have questionable credibility.Argument is orderly, but may have a few inconsistencies. The argument presents minimal justification of claims. Argument logically, but not thoroughly, supports the purpose. Sources used are credible. Introduction and conclusion bracket the thesis. Argument shows logical progressions. Techniques of argumentation are evident. There is a smooth progression of claims from introduction to conclusion. Most sources are authoritative.Clear and convincing argument that presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner. All sources are authoritative.15.0 %Organization and Effectiveness 5.0 %Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use)Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. Inappropriate word choice or sentence construction is used.Frequent and repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader. Inconsistencies in language choice (register), sentence structure, or word choice are present.Some mechanical errors or typos are present, but they are not overly distracting to the reader. Correct sentence structure and audience-appropriate language are used. Prose is largely free of mechanical errors, although a few may be present. A variety of sentence structures and effective figures of speech are used. Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English.5.0 %Format2.0 %Paper Format (use of appropriate style for the major and assignment)Template is not used appropriately or documentation format is rarely followed correctly.Template is used, but some elements are missing or mistaken; lack of control with formatting is apparent.Template is used, and formatting is correct, although some minor errors may be present. Template is fully used; There are virtually no errors in formatting style.All format elements are correct. 3.0 %Documentation of Sources (citations, footnotes, references, bibliography, etc., as appropriate to assignment and style)Sources are not documented.Documentation of sources is inconsistent or incorrect, as appropriate to assignment and style, with numerous formatting errors.Sources are documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, although some formatting errors may be present.Sources are documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and format is mostly correct. Sources are completely and correctly documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and format is free of error.100 %Total Weightage

Week 1 lab | SCI207 | Ashford University instant essay help

Stream Morphology Laboratory

[WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 3, 5]

This lab enables you to construct a physical scale model of a stream system to help you understand how streams and rivers shape the landscape, and how human actions can affect river ecosystems. This lab is done with materials that you will need to supply; the list of items you will need to obtain is in the Stream Morphology Investigation ManualPreview the document.

The Process:

Take the required photos and complete all parts of the assignment (calculations, data tables, etc.). On the “Lab Worksheet,” answer all of the questions in the “Lab Questions” section. Finally, transfer all of your answers and visual elements from the “Lab Worksheet” into the “Lab Report.” You will submit both the “Lab Report” and the “Lab Worksheet” to Waypoint.

The Assignment:

Make sure to complete all of the following items before submission:

  • Before you begin the assignment, read the Stream Morphology Investigation ManualPreview the document and review The Scientific Method (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. presentation video.
  • Complete Activity 1 and Activity 2 using the materials that you supply. Photograph each activity following these instructions:

    • When taking lab photos, you need to include in each image a strip of paper with your name and the date clearly written on it.

  • Complete all parts of the Week 1 Lab WorksheetPreview the document and answer all of the questions in the “Lab Questions” section.
  • Transfer your responses to the lab questions and the data tables and your photos from the “Lab Worksheet” into the Lab Report TemplatePreview the document.
  • Submit your completed “Lab Report” and “Lab Worksheet” through Waypoint.

“””detroit lions vs green bay packers””” 2018 live stream nfl free instant essay help


The NFL wanted to know if London could host three back-to-back games. So far it has passed the test with flying colours. Wembley’s

Watch NFL Game 2018 Live Stream FREE 

Watch NFL Game 2018 Live Stream FREE  

stint with painted end zones finishes this Sunday afternoon with what might be the biggest London game to date. The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles travel to the UK for the first time to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

It’s a game that looked a little more tantalising eight weeks ago before the season started. Both the Eagles and Jags have disappointed, and both currently sit outside the playoffs with 3-4 records. Jacksonville have lost three straight games after a 3-1 start, while Philadelphia snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by giving up a 17-0 lead in the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday.

In most other divisions defeat here would spell disaster, but the Eagles and Jags are lucky to find themselves in the two weakest divisions in football. That said, losing four on the bounce would put Jacksonville in one hell of a slump, and Philadelphia radio stations were already burying the Eagles after last week’s defeat – Philly is not a city which takes losing well.

We can’t call it a must-win game, but maybe a should-win. That’s a new one for you. Here’s where the game will be won and lost, and what to look out for on Sunday afternoon.

Key match-up: Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery v the Jaguars defense.

Tight end Zach Ertz absolutely dominated the first half against the Panthers last week. Carson Wentz looked to him on almost every passing down, and he finished with nine receptions for 138 yards.

Ertz’s size and speed make him a match-up nightmare for pretty much any defense, and thanks to smart routes and late movements at the line of scrimmage he’s managed to get himself wide open a lot this season. He’s on course to go over 1,300 yards if he stays healthy, and is averaging a touchdown roughly every other game.

The Eagles like to try and get Ertz into situations where he’s covered by a linebacker, as he is able to outpace them and gain some separation. The good news for the Jags is that in Telvin Smith, they have a linebacker who is well equipped to deal with number 86. Smith’s had a nice season so far, with 57 tackles through seven weeks – 11th in the NFL.

The less good news for Jacksonville is that their second team All-Pro cornerback AJ Bouye hasn’t travelled to London because of a calf injury, and fellow CBs Tylar Hatmon and DJ Hayden are also sidelined. This leaves Jalen Ramsey playing alongside three undrafted rookies, and opens up a huge window of opportunity for Eagles star wideout Alshon Jeffery.

Bortles has been rancid in October – so rancid that after yet another turnover against the Texans last week he was benched for Cody Kessler – a humbling experience for anyone.

Bortles will be back in the line-up on Sunday, but he will need to snap out of this slump. After closing September with a respectable 93.6 passer rating, Bortles has completed just 54.5 per cent of his passes, has five interceptions to just two touchdowns and has fumbled three times. All that leads to a league-lowest 60.2 rating for the month, and Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins using Bortles as a prime example of why Colin Kaepernick should have a job in the NFL.

What’s encouraging is that Bortles tends to be a different beast in London. He’s won his last three games here, and threw for 244 yards, four touchdowns and zero picks in a 44-7 crushing of the Ravens last time he was on our shores.

Never underestimate how much effect the 3,500-mile trip across the pond can have on an NFL team, particularly if it’s their first rodeo. That’s the case for the Eagles, who’ll become the 29th franchise to play on our shores on Sunday (just the Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans are left).

Of the 16 teams who have played just one game in London to date, nine lost, two tied and just five won. Add to that Jacksonville’s 3-0 record over the last three years and the Jaguars have reason to believe they can win this game. They have a routine in London now, it’s familiar to them, and feeling settled is a huge part of the mental side of sport.

For me, this is the toughest game of the whole week to predict. There are so many variables, from how the Eagles travel to whether Bortles can get out of his funk, but in the end I have to plump for the Eagles, because I believe they are the superior team.

Result? I’m going to say Eagles 27-13 Jaguars, which is at least a two-score game. A slight improvement on past trends. Hopefully I’m wrong and we get a 42-41 thriller though, eh.

One final thought: It’s a shame Jay Ajayi is injured and can’t take the field for the Eagles. It would have been a second London game in as many seasons for the British-born running back after his former team the Miami Dolphins were shout out by the Raiders last season. It would have been nice to see him have a chance to get a win on home soil.

What we have to hope for more than anything is a close game. Here are the scores in London over the past two seasons before the Chargers’ one-point win over the Titans last Sunday: 27-3, 33-8, 33-16, 33-0, 20-0, 44-7. Not a single game decided by less than three scores. Pray to the football gods for a good one.

He also has more support than in the past few weeks – the addition of running back Carlos Hyde through a trade with the Browns will help fill the Leonard Fournette-shaped hole in the Jags’ offense, but he’s coming up against one of the league’s stoutest run defenses. For me, Bortles always plays best when he’s allowed to use his legs, so that could be an option in offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s mind for Sunday.

Jeffery already has 306 yards and four touchdowns in four games since returning from injury in week four. If he can make his presence felt against a Jags defense that was already haemorrhaging points before losing key men then Wentz should be able to find him for some big gains down the sideline

Martin Luther Assignment | Psychology Essay Questions instant essay help

Which is false about Martin Luther?

A.He translated the Bible into the vernacular.

B. He strongly objected to the selling of indulgences.

Psychology Essay Writing Help

C. He believed that the authority of the Bible was greater than the authority of the Pope.

D. His Ninety-Five Theses established a new religion separate from the Catholic Church.

Written assignment 1 | Biology homework help instant essay help


Written Assignment 1: Trace the Scientific Method in a Primary Scientific Article

Addresses course outcomes 1 and 4:

  • recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems
  • weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method

Before starting this assignment you might want to revisit the Scientific Method Tutorial in the Science Learning Center under the Content area.

Please review one of the provided Science Daily articles and the corresponding peer-reviewed scholarly written article below.

  1. Identify and describe the steps of the scientific method. Which observations do you think the scientists made leading up to this research study? Given your understanding of the experimental design, formulate a specific hypothesis that is being tested in this experiment. If a hypothesis is stated, please rewrite it IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Describe the experimental design including control and treatment group(s), and dependent and independent variables. Summarize the results and the conclusion (50 points)
  2. Criticize the research described. Things to consider: Were the test subjects and treatments relevant and appropriate? Was the sample size large enough? Were the methods used appropriate? Can you think of a potential bias in a research study like this? What are the limitations of the conclusions made in this research study? Address at least two of these questions in your critique of the research study (20 points).
  3. Discuss the relevance of this type of research, both for the world in general andfor you personally (20 points). Proper grammar will count for 10 points.
  4. Write a paper with title page, introduction, paragraphs addressing the questions, conclusion and references. You must write in your own words and paraphrase information from the selected information sources, addressing each of the questions for your chosen topic. Your paper should consist of less than 10% direct quotes. Your paper should be 500 – 750 words, excluding references and title page. Use APA style for references, see

Article options (choose one):

Gut bacteria from wild mice boost health in lab mice

Gut bacteria from wild mice boost health in lab mice Researchers recently reported that laboratory mice that are given the gut bacteria of wild mice are better able to survive an infection of the flu virus as well as fighting colorectal cancer.

Journal Reference: Rosshart S. P.,Vassallo, B. G.,Angeletti, D., Hutchinson, D. S.,Morgan, A. P.,Takeda, K.,Hickman H. D.,McCulloch, J. A.,Badger, J. H., Ajami, N. J.,Trinchieri, G.,Pardo-Manuel de Vilena F.,Yewdell, J. W.,Reherman, al. Wild Mouse Gut Microbiota Promotes Host Fitness and Improves Disease Resistance. Cell, 2017 Nov 16;171(5):1015-1028.e13.2017 DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.09.016

Multivitamins in pregnancy may be linked to lower autism risk in children

Multivitamins in pregnancy may be linked to lower autism risk in children An international research team set out to assess whether nutrient supplementation during pregnancy is associated with reduced risk of autism spectrum disorder, with and without intellectual disability.

Journal Reference: DeVilbiss, E. A., Magnusson, C., Gardner, R. A.,Rai, D., Newschaffer, C.J. Lyall, K., Dalman, C. Lee, B.K., Antenatal nutritional supplementation and autism spectrum disorders in the Stockholm youth cohort: population based cohort study. BMJ, 2017 Oct 4;359:j4273. DOI: 10.1136/bmj.j4273

Higher dose of vitamin D increases bone density in premature babies

Higher dose of vitamin D increases bone density in premature babies

Recent investigations suggest that if the standard supplementation of 400 IUs of vitamin D is increased to 800 IUs daily there are reductions in the number of premature and preterm babies with extremely low bone density.

Reference retrieved from:

High blood pressure lowers significantly after drinking tart montmorency cherry juice

High blood pressure lowers significantly after drinking tart montmorency cherry juice  Drinking tart montmorency cherry juice significantly reduces human blood pressure at a level comparable to that achieved by medication.

Journal Reference: L. A. Te Morenga, A. J. Howatson, R. M. Jones, J. Mann. Dietary sugars and cardiometabolic risk: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials of the effects on blood pressure and lipids. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2014; 100 (1): 65 DOI: 10.3945/ajcn.113.081521

Avoid plagiarism

It is very important to write with your own words. If you do copy one or two sentences directly (use sparingly), use quotation marks (“) around the copied text. All information sources need to be included in the reference list and as in-text references. Plagiarism will be reported to the proper UMUC authority. Guidance on how to avoid plagiarism can be found here: UMUC’s How to Avoid Plagiarism


Submit in assignment folder by due date stated in the course schedule.


Your paper will be graded based on the following criteria:

(see attachment below)

Mental health quiz | Psychology homework help instant essay help