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Academic Petition

Using these points:Ive held good grades my entire academic career(currently a junior)I  was allowed permission to take prebusiness courses sooner than most sophmores at the time as I  was ahead of schedule since I  took college classes in high school and during the summers in college.I  received a good grade when taking accounting 1. I did not realize I  was taking accounting 2 with the same professor until I  was already starting the semester, so I  bit the bullet and thought maybe I’d understand it better (Accounting 2 is the class im asking to retake). I  completed all of my accounting 2 homework on time and always received full credit. I  received an 82 on the final exam after I  gained a tutor and studied tremendously. my main and only downfall was in the first two of three exams.  Immediately after I  failed my first exam I  had a call with the professor  discussing if there was anything i could do to redeem myself for my failure in which he did not budge and had no extra credit opportunities. I  attempted and completed two assignments that were originally marked as extra credit which the professor would later remove the point value less than a month before the end of the semester. I take full responsibility of my failure in this course but I  also want to recognize I  felt like I  was allowed no redemption or mercy by the professor, and im not the only student as the class average for the exams were never higher than 68% which is technically failing. Then construct a future plan of what will be done to pass and complete the course on the third attempt. Include a tutor that is already aligned for this next semester, 4-6 hours per day will be open for additional studying and lectures and notes, will have daily alarms and reminders set for each due date to ensure no assignments and exam are neglected, etc.

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