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According to your reading of Katherine Benton-Cohen’s book Inventing the Immigration Problem: The Dillingham Commission and its Legacy:

_______ Please put all the pertinent information (name, date, paper title, etc.) on a separate cover sheet (which is to say, in additional to your 800-1100 words).  2. _______ Write a typed 800-1100 word, double-spaced essay in response to all of the prompt questions above. Going over 1100 words or under 800 words will negatively affect your grade. Please number the pages.  3. _______ Chose a minimum of three (3) people from the reading you identify as playing a significant role in defining ‘the immigrant problem’ and/or worked toward offering solutions for this problem, and one of those three people was a member on the Dillingham Commission.  4. All papers are to be:  a. _______ Double-spaced  b. _______ 12 pt. Times New Roman font  c. _______ 1” margins  d. _______ No spaces between paragraphs  e. _______ Written in complete sentences.  f. _______ Free from spelling and grammatical errors.    5. _______ Have a thesis statement in the first paragraph. A thesis statement is your answer to the questions of the paper prompt, in 1-2 sentences, and gives an overview of the specific evidence you will use to support your claim as well as addresses the significance (‘so what’ question) of your claim.  6. _______ You must support your paper’s argument/thesis with specific examples (quotations or paraphrasing) from your reading.  7. _______ Do not assume that your reader will understand the meaning of a quotation or paraphrased passage the same way as you. Do not simply reiterate points that the author makes, or let a quotation serve as a stand-alone sentence. Instead, explain for your reader how specific examples support your position – your thesis statement.  8. _______ You are not permitted to consult outside sources. Do not do any additional research. The goal of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to collect your ideas regarding your reading of Katherine Benton-Cohen’s book Inventing the Immigration Problem. Therefore, a successful essay will closely and carefully pull from the assigned reading, as well as notes from class lectures and the course textbook.  9. _______ Be sure to properly quote and cite your sources throughout your paper. Proper citations for this course will adhere to either MLA Style or Chicago Style. See the “How to Cite” guide in the module folder on Canvas for specific citation and formatting guidelines for both styles. A failure to cite is considered plagiarism, and at best will result in a failed paper.  10. _______ You are NOT required to provide a Works Cited page or Bibliography page for this paper, unless you are using a different version of the book than is assigned to our class (as it appears in our syllabus). For example, if you’re using an electronic version of the book, please provide the citation information for that source. 1

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