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Accounting Question

No plagrisiam , i want original text
You can find the instructions inside the file.
Support your answers from the textbook
Thank you.

Our Textbook (I don’t have a copy).
Eldenburg, L. G.,

Accounting Question

No plagrisiam , i want original text
You can find the instructions inside the file.
Support your answers from the textbook
Thank you.

Our Textbook (I don’t have a copy).
Eldenburg, L. G.,

Accounting Question

Accounting Assignment Help No plagrisiam , i want original text
You can find the instructions inside the file.
Support your answers from the textbook
Thank you.

Our Textbook (I don’t have a copy).
Eldenburg, L. G.,

Appraisal Case Study (105 points)

Appraisal Case Study (105 points)
Managers must monitor and help improve the performance of employees to meet organizational objectives, goals, and response to unforeseen circumstances such as an increase or decrease in sales demand. A manager will often help improve business processes, including the performance management plan.
Malek is a member of a three-person management team for a small business merging with another organization. Both companies have experienced poor performance from staff, a decline in sales, and low morale. The newly appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO) has asked Malek to create a performance management appraisal system to improve poor performance, issues with decreased sales, and low employee morale.
Although Malek knows the other managers on his team, he is not familiar with how the managers in the other organization have approached performance management. Malek is also unsure about the experiences of his new co-managers with recording performance management and what their attitudes to collecting this kind of data might be.
Putting yourself in the place of Malek, and based upon the information provided in this scenario, address the following:
What are ways that Malek can ensure alignment from managers in both organizations about data collection for the purposes of performance management?
How can Malek set goals and reinforce those goals with employees, specifically since individuals are coming together from two organizations?
What are some potential approaches that Malek could take to ensure that performance appraisals are reliable and consistent across the new organization?
What are key performance indicators (KPIs), or methods of measurement will you use to track performance?
Ensure to integrate sufficient support from scholarly resources throughout the assignment. Use suitable headings and subheadings to organize the work in an appropriate manner.
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 4-6 pages in length, which does not include the title and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.
Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.


InstructionWhen writing the assignment I will send my previous work so you can add more to it. The 2nd file is the Guidelines for the assignment
The 3rd file is my own work please add to it I was told to write more to it But I have other assignments to do

using entity relationship diagramming template in microsoft visio, develop an erd for the business described above.

Using Entity Relationship diagramming template in Microsoft Visio, develop an E-R diagram for the business described above. Save and upload your Visio file.Denton National Bank has a number of branch offices in several states. Attributes of branch offices include Branch ID and Location.Each branch office has one or more employees. Attributes of employee include Employee ID and Employee Name.While an employee can work for only one branch office at a time, the employee can be transferred to different offices.The bank wants to keep track of all branch offices an employee has worked along with the beginning date and the ending date of each assignment.For each branch office, there is always one employee assigned to manage that office.The managing employee may manage only the branch office to which she is assigned.The bank maintains account records including Account ID, Account Type and Balance.Each account is associated with the branch where the account was created.Each branch office may have any number of accounts.Each account belongs to one or more customers. Attributes of customer are Customer ID and Customer Name.While an account can be associated with multiple customers, one customer must be designated as the primary account holder.[Note] You will develop a database based on your ERD using Microsoft Access in the next assignment.

discussion question

Discussion Question :
Use the problem-definition process outlined in Chapter 6 of the Zikmund textbook, then respond to the following question:
Describe the steps involved in the problem-definition process.
Evaluate the following statement of business research problems. For each, provide a decision statement and corresponding research purpose:
An employees’ credit union: Our problem is to determine the reasons why employees join the credit union, determine members’ awareness of credit union services, and measure attitudes and beliefs about how effectively the credit union is operated.
The producer of a television show: We have a marketing problem. The program’s ratings are low. We need to learn how we can improve our ratings.
A soft-drink manufacturer: The marketing problem is that we do not know if our bottlers are more satisfied with us than our competitors’ bottlers are with them.
Your discussion should be a page long. APA

business law

Read the discussion forum below, which shows several employees’ posts about how to develop a better performance review system. Then, answer the questions that follow.
Jackson: Hi team, this week we’ll use this forum to discuss our performance review system. Specifically, we want to explore the benefits and drawbacks about the timing of our reviews. Currently, our reviews are conducted annually. The HR team wants to know what we think about quarterly reviews. The HR team wants us to share our views with them by September 10.
Cynthia: I’ve never experienced quarterly reviews before, so it’s hard for me to say if that’s better. My hunch is quarterly reviews would be more fair and helpful. But, I also assume they take a lot of extra time for our managers. @Erin I think your last company held quarterly reviews. What are your experiences with more frequent reviews? Has anyone else worked at a company with more frequent reviews? Tell us what it was like.
Erin: @Cynthia your assumptions match my experience. I enjoyed getting more frequent feedback. But, when I was a manager, it was a crushing responsibility because the company expected me to conduct the reviews without lightening my load elsewhere. @Nigel thanks for sharing your experiences with monthly reviews. You mentioned the reviews are more like check-ins that don’t require so much time by the managers. Totally makes sense to me. @Vilmaalso think your comments about adding peer reviews makes a lot of sense and relieves managers.
Nigel: Hi all, there’s one discussion point I hope we can meet in person (or by online conference) to discuss. I appreciate the HR team wants our input about the frequency of reviews, but I’m worried that we’re not addressing one of the problems: perceived fairness of the reviews. I believe in 15 minutes, we could work out a few common concerns to share with the HR group from our whole team.
Jackson: Thanks for your comments, team. Overall, here are what I think are the key take-aways: (a) we want more feedback, so quarterly reviews may be helpful; (b) we don’t want to create an unreasonable burden on managers; and (c) we want more conversation around objectivity and fairness of the reviews. At this point, I propose I draft our comments into a short report for your review. I also suggest we set up a one-hour
1. Identify five strategies used in this online forum. (3 Marks)
2. What are the main differences and similarities between blogs and forums? (1 Mark)
3. In your point of view, do you think this forum is an effective or ineffective forum? Why? (1 Mark)
250 words

talent and preformance management presentation

Each student will give an 8-10 minute presentation on your research paper. Presentations must be audio/video recorded and posted in Canvas.

Presentation will cover:

Training and Development, Performance
Management , Managing Compensation and Pay for Performance

Your presentation should include information on how the industry trains and develops employees. What training programs do they offer? How is training viewed within the industry? How do training programs align with the unique jobs they must recruit for? Which organizations are considered a learning organization? Why?

How are companies performing in the industry?

The presentation should also include how organizations pay and incentivize employees. Are bonusses or other pay for performance programs used? If so, which ones and how are they designed? Can you find examples of equal pay laws being violated? If so, how did these violations impact the industry? Do employees feel they are paid fairly? Which organizations lead or lag in their industry in compensation? How are executive pay packages designed within the industry and what perks do executives receive that other employees do not. What stock options or retirement incentives are provided to employees?

Conclude with your key takeaways and suggestions for improvement.

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