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Accounting Question

For this case assignment, each student should answer the five assignment questions at the end of the case. Number your response to each question and submit your answers in a Word document. Make sure to include your name on your submission.Typical submissions will average 3-5 pages.

ASR 22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations

You are required to consider the financial reports of CSL Limited for the financial year ended 30th of June, 2021.
Please download the company’s 2021 full-year financial statements from the Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium data service (accessible through the UTS library at to an external site.) and complete an accounting analysis as follows:

You are required to address the following issues.
Provide a brief summary of the company’s activities and its strategies as outlined in the annual report and any other sources considered relevant.
Background information: (a) Identify the no more than three key accounting policies which you consider of significance to the company’s financial reports; (b) Identify the accounting standards and rules which apply in respect of these accounting policies
Evaluate the flexibility management has available in selecting the key accounting policies
Evaluate the accounting strategy employed by management in respect of each key accounting policy and suggest/identify possible incentives behind the choice of strategy. Remember that this is an accounting assignment. Thus, you should not spend too much time discussing business strategy unless it relates to the company’s accounting strategy. By accounting strategy, we mean the approach taken by the company in preparing its financial statements. This approach involves accounting policy choices, accounting estimates and accounting disclosure choices.
Identify potential questionable accounting numbers and, if there is sufficient information available, attempt undo distortions in the numbers provided using footnote disclosures and other information in the annual report
Briefly summarise any financial press discussion of the company’s performance and accounting numbers.
You should place approximately 50% of your emphasis on items 3 and 4 above.
Your grade is based on:
(a) how you have addressed the six content criteria above;
(b) quality of analysis – clarity, rigour, reasoning, persuasiveness, strength of arguments, appropriate level of detail and effective use of accounting information;
(c) quality of writing (spelling, grammar, syntax, terminology), organisation, use of references, citation of sources.
Bonus points may be awarded for extremely innovative or original analysis and presentation of the written report.

Weekly lecture reflections

Accounting Assignment Help Write a reflection summary on the lecture slides attached below. The reflection consists of a short summary of the lecture (in your own words), a reflection that demonstrates your understanding of the material.
1. Use bullets
2. Aim for 5 or more bullets
3. Be concise (limit sentences to 12 to 15 words
Refer to the rubric attached to do it correctly

read and answer

first task- For the first file: Read the two management guidance releases below. What are the 3 most important things about these earnings releases from the investor perspective? Consider an investor who is either going to make an investment in Tiffany or Walmart, not both.
second task-
Find a company you are interested in and post the company’s latest income statement. You can find this information on the company’s investor relations website or at Don’t forget your name if you want credit:). Why are you interested in this company? Do any numbers stand out and warrant further investigation?

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