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Accounting Question

Discuss a current issue in accounting professional news in at least 750 words, single spaced, using two articles from quality sources. Staying current with issues makes you conversant and prepared for your future profession.
The sources should be from accounting professional news. Many articles are free online. If you find subscriber based content, use the library link for access.
CPA Journal – Library:

Journal of Accountancy – Library:

Accounting Today – Library:

Tax Policy Center –
Deloitte Insights:
You are welcomed to use other sources that are high quality and based on issues currently taking place in the field, including podcasts and videos. If you do find these, contact me before you use another source.
This is the general structure of the paper. You can use a structure that best fits your creativity and professional writing style.
Introduction – Why is this issue important? What are key terms that reader should know, if any?
Summary – What are the key aspects of the issue? What people, leaders, companies, or organizations are involved?
Discussion – This is the primary part of the paper. What is your opinion, discussion, and thought on the issue? What are its implications for the industry, the profession, and/or society? What do you think?
Conclusion – What other questions are important and related to this topic? What else should we think about in the present and future?
Do not use headings for each section. Simply write this as a standard paper with a good summary and analysis.
No headers or cover page – only a title and your name at the top of the first page.
Add the two article citations at the end of your last page, each with article name, author, source, date, link.
Single spaced in a Microsoft Word document.
No long quotes – you can use key phrases and statistics only.
Accounting Fraud and Collusion
AI in the Workplace
ASC 606 Implementation
Detecting Fraud
These are examples only used with permission from the author; no parts of them should be used in your own work.

3-1 Final Project Milestone One

ACC 309 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: For Milestone One, which is due in Module Three, you will develop a portion of the workbook and a brief memo to management explaining the
impacts to stockholder equity and the impact of tax structures. You will build on this milestone in subsequent modules to create the balance sheet and executive
summary portions of your final project.
Prompt: First, review the Final Project Scenario document. Using your review of the scenario, begin your balance sheet and discuss the impacts in your
management brief, including impacts on stockholder equity and impacts based on changes to tax structure.
Note: Milestone One is a draft of some of the critical elements of the final project.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Workbook
A. Prepare adjusting entries for unrealized loss and tax issues.
II. Management Brief
A. Identify sources of other comprehensive income not included in net income.
B. Explain rationale for the inclusion as comprehensive income (as opposed to net income) of nondisclosure within notes.
C. Evaluate impacts of company goals and finances for their implications on stockholder equity, using financial information to support claims.
D. Evaluate impacts of company goals and finances for their implications on retained earnings per share, using financial information to support
E. Explain the impact of issuing preferred stock or debt for determining changes to equity structures.
F. Assess the impact of changes to current tax structure for articulating changes relevant to the company.
Guidelines for Submission: Your balance sheet must be submitted as a Microsoft Excel document, and your management brief should be a 1-page Microsoft
Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

ACC 345 Milestone II

Accounting Assignment Help Produce a financial statement analysis and valuation report that summarizes the financial health, projected future performance, and estimated value of the publicly traded (S

Swiss Banking and Offshore Tax Evasion

UBS Whistleblower Gets $104 Million.
The Panama Papers Scandal
Credit Suisse Pleads Guilty in Criminal Tax Case
Uber Warehouses for the Ultra Rich
Summary: These article links above represent just a few examples related to offshore tax evasion. To date 84 foreign banks have entered into deferred prosecution agreements and paid hefty penalties with the US Dept. of Justice.
Read the WSJ articles above that show the scope of offshore tax evasion.
Write a response summarizing what you found interesting in these articles.

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