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Time Capsule Paper

Essay Preview: Time Capsule Paper

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Time Capsule Paper

In my Humanities pursuit I have been task with being a cultural anthropologist in search of hidden time capsules from both The Renaissance and Age of Baroque periods. It has been rumored that there are artifacts from both periods such as art, music, architecture, philosphy, and literature that lie within these capsules. I hope to be able to unlock some of the myteries of these periods once we descover the were abouts of the time capsules. The Renaissance is described as the intellectual and economic changes that occurred in Europe from the 14th through the 16th centuries. “During the era Europe emerged from the economic stagnation of the Middle Ages and experienced a time of financial growth. Also, and perhaps most importantly, the Renaissance was an age in which artistic, social, scientific, and political thought turned in new directions.”(Fiero, G. 2002) “The Age of Baroque (1600-1750) style used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur from sculpture, painting, literature, and music. The style started around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe”.( Wikipedia)

After traveling the world and going on leads of the possible were abouts of the time capsules were have finally have what we think to be a lead to the

time capsules that we have been looking for. During this time I had a lot of time to think of what could be possible hidden inside of the time capsules from both eras. I am going to give examples of what I think are rumered to be located inside the capsules from both eras.

Art is difficult or perhaps impossible to come up with a single definition that will include all forms of it. “Art requires creative perception both by the artist and by the audience, as well as the need to appeal to human emotions.” From the Renaissance period I believe that Leonardo Da Vincis His Last Supper would be a art piece that would have been preserved from the times. “Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal.”(WebMuseum 2001) The second piece that I believe is in the time capsule is Michelangelos The Creation of Man piece. “Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, and poet who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art.”(WebMuseum 2001) Both of this pieces of art from the Renaissance period have impacted the societies of the past and present in the daily evolution of people. They have had a strong impact on the church and the people that fallow the religion.

For the Age of Baroque period I believe that Caravaggios The Inspiration of Saint Matthew would have bee a significant painting for the era to preserve from the time. “Caravaggio was an Italian painter that abandoned the rules that had guided a century of artists before him, and had idealized the human and religious experience”. (WebMuseum 2001) The second piece that I believe eould be in the time capsule would be Jan Vermeers Christ in the House of Mary & Martha. Both of this pieces of art from the Age of Baroque period have impacted the church of the past and present in the daily evolution.


Music is defined as entertainment, or other human activity which involves organized and audible sound. Music has been all around us for thousands of years, and has eithier moved us emotionaly or phisically pumped us up. For both the Renaissance and the Age of Baroque period being that this era happened before modern tecnology we would hope to find some type of musical sheets or notes that helped define the sounds that they listen to back then. From Leonel Power a composer of the late Medieval and early Renaissance eras, and Jean Mouton a French composer of the Renaissance; to the Age of Baroque period with composers such as Jacopo Peri an Italian composer and singer of the transitional period between the Renaissance and Baroque styles, and Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni a Italian composer. All of these composers played a vital role of establishing music sound in there era and in modern day.


Architecture is defined as a science of designing, and building of a structure. Architecture has been around for more than a thousand years. “During the Renaissance, architects trained as humanists helped raise the status of their profession from skilled laborer to artist.” ( Wikipedia) They hoped to create structures that would appeal to both emotion and reason. Three figures in Renaissance architects were Filippo Brunelleschi, Leon Battista Alberti, and Andrea

Selena Gomez And Lives Of Many Children essay help websites: essay help websites

Selena Gomez Research Paper

Essay Preview: Selena Gomez Research Paper

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There are thousands of celebrities that are wealthy enough to provide for more than just them self. Often times, people conclude to the fact that famous people use their wealth and fame for the wrong reasons. Selena Gomez is a young adult striving to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. She works specifically with UNICEF hoping to enhance the lives of many children around the world. Gomez is a giving humanitarian because like many others she takes things for granted, she desires for the less fortunate to be at more ease.

Selena Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas on July 22nd, 1992 (Petruso, A. 198). She was named after the late Tejano legend, Selena Quintanilla Perez (“Selena Gomez”). When Gomez was born her mother was only sixteen years old. She has no siblings (“Selena Gomez 1992-American Actor” 121). Gomez’s father, Ricardo Gomez, was of Mexican descent. Her mother, Amanda Cornett, was of Italian extraction (Petruso, A. 198). Gomez attended elementary school in Grand Prairie but later decided to be homeschooled. Most celebrities choose that option because it is easier for them.

At six years old, Gomez decided she wanted to try acting. Turning seven years old she joined the auditions for Barney and Friends (“Selena Gomez 1992-American Actor” 122). Selena Gomez played Gianna on Barney and Friends (Petruso, A. 198-199). She credits the famous children’s show for a lot. She claims it taught her all the basic things she needed to know about acting and good manners. Selena Gomez auditioned for Disney Channel at an opening cast. She was only twelve years old. Two weeks later, her mother and she were asked to travel to Hollywood for more auditions because she did so well. At times Gomez felt left out because of her Mexican heritage. She recalls wanting to be like her friends, blue eyes, blonde hair. She later came to realization that her Mexican Heritage set her apart in a good way (“Selena Gomez 1992-American Actor” 122-124). In 2007 Gomez was cast as Alex Russo on a TV series called Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez also had an interest in singing. She signed a recording deal with Hollywood Records at the age of sixteen (Petruso, A. 199). She was not ready to settle with a single career. Gomez wanted to expand her singing opportunity. Selena Gomez learned to play many instruments so she could have her own band (“Selena Gomez”). Gomez did not want to be a solo artist. She began recording in her free time (Petruso, A. 200). Her efforts that went into singing made her even more known than she already was.

Celebrities that are young of age always have a difficulty with their education system. Selena Gomez was homeschooled. She desired to go to college, preferably Northwestern University (Petruso, A. 200). The statement she made is good because it inspires many other children to continue their education no matter what the circumstances are. Many kids look up to Selena Gomez as their role model. They see how much she has and what she has become that they have the same wishes as she once did to get to the top. Gomez had hoped to launch her first clothing brand in the fall of 2012 called Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez. She was named Ambassador to UNICEF in 2009. For her first mission she visited Ghana. Selena Gomez is the youngest person to be named as UNICEF ambassador (Petruso, A. 200). This is a great title to earn and it gives children the idea of giving to charity and wanting to reach a place like her.

Along with giving to charity this young actress also took time to visit the needy. Selena Gomez travelled to Valparaiso, Chile accompanied by UNICEF staff and her family. In an article it stated, “UNICEF is helping Chilean families get out of poverty, prevent violence within the home and promote education.” UNICEF supports a program called “Porgrama Puente”. This organization helps families better understand and develop skills to deal effectively with early childhood education, development, and parenting skills and other programs related to raising children. The “Programa Puente” works with around 8,911 families in Valparaiso. The public often likes to see celebrities doing something for a good cause, “Selena Gomez witnessed UNICEF’s efforts to help raise awareness and promote early childhood education and development” (“Selena Gomez Makes Charity Trip to Chile for UNICEF”). With such efforts it is clear that there are people trying to make a difference in the world. Each step taken is to better progress our societies. It is especially important for people to help those who live in countries that have a high rate of poverty.

In 2007, Selena Gomez gained the role of Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place (“Selena Gomez 1992-American Actor” 124). This is a very popular show on Disney channel that stopped airing in January of 2012. This show is based on three siblings that are wizards. Wizards of Waverly Place attracts many young children because they love to wish they had magical abilities. A major accomplishment of Selena Gomez is that she became a UNICEF ambassador (“Selena Gomez Makes Charity Trip to Chile for UNICEF”). Throughout her life she has had many achievements. It is very significant that she has had many major accomplishments because it shows that she is working hard.

Although Gomez does a lot of charity work there is one she is actively participating with. The charity that Selena Gomez actively works with is called UNICEF. This charity stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund however it was shortened to United Nation’s Children’s Fund. UNICEF works to prevent the spread of harmful disease such as HIV/AIDS which is common among young people (“About UNICEF: Who we are”). It is important to UNICEF for families to have correct information on how to improve their lives and their children’s (“Selena Gomez Makes Charity Trip to Chile

Time Management And Productivity Of The Selected Abm Students college essay help los angeles

Time Management and Its Relevance to Productivity of the Selected Abm Students at Marcelo H Del Pilar National High School, S.Y 2016-2017

Essay Preview: Time Management and Its Relevance to Productivity of the Selected Abm Students at Marcelo H Del Pilar National High School, S.Y 2016-2017

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Time Management and its Relevance to Productivity of the Selected ABM Students at Marcelo H del Pilar National High School, S.Y 2016-2017Kathleen Jewel Eleazar Caila Monique Carpio Samantha Ivy Carlos Gemie lyn Vivas Erica Perez Jasper Jake Mendoza   Amyr FerrerResearchersABM-C, GROUP 1Marcelo H del Pilar National High SchoolSenior High SchoolA research paper submitted as a requirement in Applied Research I, to Rosita A. Elopre, MAR, Subject Teacher Oct. 2016Chapter OneIntroductionIntroductionSenior High School is a new step forward for the students of Marcelo h del Pilar National High School who successfully passed grade 10 in Junior High School. This new curriculum contains a variety of tracks and each track has different strands. Students’ allotted subjects increased and so do their tasks for each of it, so if their priorities are not organized enough together with their given time, their productivity will decrease , hindering them from obtaining academic success.  One of these strands is the ABM Strand where us, the researchers, belong. The main idea of this research is from our observation. We observed that the students from this strand are always cramming up to meet deadlines, affecting their work performance negatively even though they were given enough time to finish their tasks. There’s a load of activities that these students shoulder  and an effective time management is a need among these students to be productive and to have a well performance to achieve academic success.1.2 Background of the StudyWe cannot control time but we can learn to use it more efficiently and effectively by planning carefully. Time management is an important way of how the students could manage their time effectively on parting their school duties and other chores. Effective time management doesn’t mean being busy all the time but having a more effective functionality. The failure of time management results inefficient work flow, poor work performance and missed deadlines. In good handling of your time, you would not experience the failures of poor time management instead, you’ll gain the productivity, that the time management offers.1.3 Statement of the ProblemThis study seeks to answer the following questions:What are the students’ habits that can cause poor time management?How important is time management among the selected ABM-C students’ productivity?What are the strategies to manage their time well?1.5 Significance of the StudyTime management is an important act for organizing tasks for the betterment of performances and its results. It is necessary especially when a certain person has a load of tasks to do and organized priorities are a must to not just accomplish few activities but a set of other activities rather. This research will benefit the ff:Students. This study aims to help the students to know their habitual time management and what is the negative and positive effects of it. By this study, students would also learn about the most effective strategies on how they could productively manage their time to gain academic success.

Parents. All the parents’ hard works will be paid off because their children will be responsible enough about their school  duties to fulfil the academic success that they are dreaming of of their children. Their children will also have extra time for their family.Teachers. Their allotted activities for the students will be passed on their given due date.     1.6 Scope and Delimitation This study will only take research for the students’ habits that can affect their time management and the strategies they can use to organize their time well. This study covers the selective students of   ABM-C students of Marcelo H del Pilar National High School along academic year 2016-2017. Chapter TwoReview of Related Literature2.1 Time Management We are given an equal amount of time , just right for the things that we must accomplish every day for a week, in a month, for the whole year. Davis et al (1977) stated that time management simply means to  manage your time effectively to accomplish your goals. To manage means to take control over your priorities or important things that must be done throughout the given time duration. Time management is not about getting more things done in a day. It is about getting the things that matter most done, said Adeojo (2012) in her research study. Being busy all the time doesn’t mean that you’re maximizing your time. It (time management) is a meta-activity with the goal to maximize the overall benefit of a set of other activities within the boundary  condition of a limited amount of time (Wikipedia). We only have 24 hours a day and if we spend our time on being busy for an unimportant and few amount of works, we’re not maximizing our time but wasting it rather. If we could prioritize the things that must have been done and set of other things to be accomplished, then we could say that we are being productive. The main goal of time management is to give us a productive work ethic and based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, productive means doing or achieving a lot; working hard and getting good results; producing or able to produce something especially in large amounts; causing or resulting in something. Time management are referred to business, work activities, personal activities or even school activities etc. It is stated in (site) that time management often involves children monitoring their own efforts and actions, having an appropriate sense of urgency to complete assignments, and having the ability to efficiently follow step-by-step procedures. An effective time management helps the students to be free from cramming on activities, assignments, and projects from rushing on meeting the proposed deadline. Besides from school duties, students also have a lot of  household tasks , church tasks etc.  Davis et al (1977) stated that the word effectively, is the key to proper time management – to effectively manage the time allotted for all of your activities, not just study time or class time. It means that students who effectively manage their time accomplish not only their school duties, but a set of other activities that are not school related, as well.

Movie Versions Of Reginald Rose And Movie Adaptation Produce grad school essay help: grad school essay help

12 Angry Men

Essay title: 12 Angry Men

This essay will compare & contrast the protagonist/antagonists relationship with each other and the other jurors in the play and in the movie versions of Reginald Roses 12 Angry Men. There arent any changes made to the key part of the story but yet the minor changes made in making the movie adaptation produce a different picture than what one imagines when reading the drama in the form of a play.

First off, the settings in the movie are a great deal more fleshed out. In the play, the scene begins with the jurors regarding the judges final statements concerning the case in the courtroom and then walking out into the jury room. In the movie, the audience is placed in the role of the invisible casual observer, who for perhaps the first 5 minutes of the movie, walks throughout the court building passing other court rooms, lawyers, defendants, security officers, elevators, etc. Not able to remember much about this particular part of the movie, I believe this introductory scenes purpose was to either enhanced the realism of the setting by emphasizing the court buildings efficient, business like manner or to provide a timeslot in which to roll the credits for producer, director, stars, etc. The settings arent only built upon through use of scenery and extras in the movie. Invisible and distant in the play, we see in the movie the judge, bailiff, those witnessing the trial and most importantly of all- the defendant. This is an important change because in the play, we are free to come up with our own unbiased conclusions as to the nature and identity of the defendant, whom we only know to a be a 19 year boy from the slums. Seeing his haggard and worn face in the movie changes all of that, yet for better or worse, it engages the audience deeper into the trial as they surely will sympathize with him and can gain some insight into why, later, Juror 8 does so as well. Of final note in this summary of points concerning the differences in setting, the jurors all mention the heat wave affecting the city when they begin, and as it agitates them, it serves to heighten the tension between each other and their resentment or other feelings towards jury duty. Oh- also lastly, I think we can infer that the movie takes place in Manhattan, New York City. Which jurors are from which boroughs is easily obvious and yet Im hesitant to say that the defendant could be from any of them- slums were persistent in those times.

Concerning the characterization of the cast and their conflicts with each other, the movie holds true to the plays guidelines. For the most part, each character I saw in the movie matched up with the picture my minds eye had painted whilst I was reading the play. One thing irked me however: all the jurors seemed at least 10 years older that I had imagined them. For instance, I had seen Juror 8- the protagonist of the play and Juror 3- his rival, the antagonist as being perhaps 30-ish or so and spirited and vibrant in their arguments. While somewhat vibrant they were, their age made them seem to come across as being more stubborn and grumpy (at least in, Juror 3s case) than lively. Even Juror 2- the meek, weak and timid-spoken one, I thought would be so because of the age disparity between him and the older (and thus, supposedly- wiser) jurors. Yet he is portrayed as such a man but balding and smoking a pipe. His voice, however, fit nicely to its role. The conflicts in the movie, while also being more fleshed out than in the play, did match up essentially but there

Short Introduction And Meridian Sl1 Pbx easy essay help

Nortel Meridian

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Meridian crash course


Posted: 20 May 05 (Edited 3 Jun 05)

Programming Meridian SL1 PBX

This is a short introduction into programming a Meridian PBX. The Meridian PBXs software divides information into LOADS. Each Load has a specific function for example. LD 20 is where you can print information about phones. The loads range from LD 01 – LD 143

How to HyperTerminal in to the PBX and VOICEMAIL Systems.

1. Launch HyperTerminal

2. Set phone number to your modem dialin number

3. Set terminal emulation to VT102 X Modem

4. Dial… it should end up at a blank HyperTerminal window

5. Type the password to access the PBX modem. This will not show up on the screen when you type it. The screen should now display “Ok, You are now transparent to port 1”.

6. Type “logi” to login, then the password.

7. You should now have a > command prompt.

To go from PBX commands to VOICEMAIL

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