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Year after year there are ringing calls for the Bahamas to invest more and do more to develop agriculture. In 2001, former Central Bank researcher Gabriella Fraser observed that Bahamian agriculture had “hardly evolved” over time, and asked whether enough effort was being made to achieve food security. Environmental advocate Sam Duncombe argued in a recent online exchange that If we don’t invest in agriculture and manufacturing, Bahamians will be condemned to “a life of servitude and dependence. Dr Marikis Alvarez of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation recently said agriculture could make a “huge contribution” to the Bahamian economy – if only we would inject enough funds into the sector to make it work. Farmer’s association president Keith Campbell says we need to focus on food security and “fully protect” Bahamian farmers from imports. Lawyer, physician and sometime politician Dr Dexter Johnson insists we can feed ourselves – and produce a surplus for export. Visioneer John Bostwick says that with better management we could easily achieve food self-sufficiency, and even replace oil imports with our own bio-energy crops.

BAIC chief Edison Key says agriculture could be “the catalyst for economic diversification” by substituting local products for $500 million of imported foodstuffs. Meanwhile, the government’s sector development plan argues that agriculture can be “repositioned as a strong pillar of the Bahamian economy”. And for anyone who remembers the “good old days” when granny and pa harvested fresh fruit and vegetables from their backyard, it is easy to believe that these projections can be fulfilled. We have heard these calls for agricultural development for as long as I can remember.

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Reaction Paper 1: Mother India Mother India is a 1957 Bollywood film, written and directed by Mehmoob Khan. The movie was made 10 years after India obtained its independence from the British. The movie had major significance in terms of the patriotism and the changing situation in the nation at the time, and how the country was functioning without British authority. The term “Mother India” has been defined as “a common icon for the emergent Indian nation in the early 20th century in both colonialist and nationalist discourse”.

The theme of female chastity and honour appears to be an extremely intriguing and engaging topic explored in the film. Lonely Planet described the film as “perhaps the most compelling film about the role of women in rural India, a moving tale about love, loss and the maternal bond”. In the 1950s, in India, a woman was expected to protect her chastity, especially prior to her marriage. Mother India illustrates how, the protagonist, Radha “stayed true” to this even after her marriage.

The sequence set in the bedroom after Radha and her groom, Shamu just got married portray how valuable chastity is to an Indian woman. Her shyness is portrayed in a series of close-ups and medium shots of her turning her head away from Shamu as her tries to get intimate with her. This act of moving away or turning away from an intimate situation suggests a sense of purity in a woman, that she is not accustomed to situations like this and that it is new to her and in a sense depicts her to be a virgin, to both her husband and the viewers.

Furthermore, the use of front lighting in the sequence amplifies Radha’s innocence through the soft, direct lighting on her face. Moreover, Radha’s character is continued to be represented as introverted during intimate circumstances with her husband, even after their first marriage night and after she bore children. This is exhibited in the sequence where Shamu tries to get intimate with Radha at home, while his mother is around and also the scene when he tries to get intimate with her in the fields when she goes to give him his lunch.

This gives rise to the fact that it is not just crucial to protect your chastity but rather your honour, especially in the public eye. These type of sequence consistently appears throughout the film, not only between Radha and her husband but also between their sons, Birju and Ramu, and their lovers when they grow older and into men. In Mother India, the honour of a woman goes beyond the life of a woman’s child.

This is exhibited through the sacrifice of her youngest toddler, where he dies of starvation because the only way she could have provided for all her children was by complying to the moneylender’s, Sukhilala sexual demands. Her honour and loyalty towards her husband are so great that she is forced to lose a child. Toward the end of the movie, her son, Birju wants to assault/kill Sukhilala’s daughter, Champa, to take his revenge out on Sukhilala.

However, Radha feels obligated as a woman to protect another woman’s honour and stops Birju from doing so. And when Birju retaliates, she is left with no choice but to shoot her own son. This just goes to show how much a woman’s honour is valued in an Indian society. Radha’s actions were unexpected to all audiences, but specifically to the audiences at the time of the movie’s release because a “Hindu” mother’s role atypically consisted on protecting her children and relying on her husband for money, food and all other necessities.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the character of Radha in Mother India also represents the changing role of the mother in Indian films and in Indian society in that the mother is not always submissive or dependent on her husband. Mehboob Khan’s portrayal of the themes chastity and honour in Mother India goes beyond representing an atypical Indian woman of the time because he takes these two respectable characteristics of a woman and draws them out in such a way that this conventional portrayal of a woman is almost modernized.

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About Applicant Tracking Systems Companies use applicant tracking systems for several reasons, but most often it is for one or more of the following, according to CareerBuilder’s May 2005 paper entitled “Total Integration: Your Roadmap for Streamlining the Recruiting Function”: •Real-Time Job Postings •Resume Data and Application Integration •Third-Party Resume Database Integration •Reporting •Leveraging External Technologies According to CIO. com, “an applicant tracking system (ATS), also called a candidate management system, is a software application designed to help an enterprise recruit employees more efficiently.

It is estimated that roughly 50 percent of all mid-sized companies and almost all large corporations use some type of applicant tracking system. ” Taleo Corporation, a major leader in this space, defines an ATS on their website as follows: “An applicant tracking system is a program (usually with a web-based section) used to monitor and coordinate an organization’s job applications and help manage its recruitment needs. In general, an applicant tracking system stores candidate resumes inside a database to permit effective searching, filtering, and routing of applicants.

Such systems usually include a job board, allowing companies to post jobs onto a secure website as a means of attracting candidates. ” Taleo goes on to describe why such a system is useful: “Corporations and agencies use an applicant tracking system to improve productivity in their recruiting process. Electronic handling of candidate data from their resumes plays a major role in reducing inefficiencies through automated processes. Further, the improved organization of candidate information through the use of an applicant tracking system allows quicker recruitment decisions. All of which leads to reduced cost and time per hire. ”

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Rainsfordss passion for hunting is very evident within the story. He considered himself a hunter because he has traveled all around the world and wrote many books on hunting. He expresses his feelings for the sport during the story calling it the best sport in the world. Rainsfords view on the hunt is that animals were meant to be hunted. He believes that animals have no fear or feelings of being hunted and says the world is made two into two classes the hunters and the huntees. But Rainsfords look on hunting takes a dramatic pause when he becomes the hunter he takes it very seriously.

Zaroff looks at Rainsford and that he has a strong admiration for hunting. It is clear that Zaroff is a good hunter for when rainsford went into zaroffs his home he sees the heads of many different animals some of which he doesn’t recognize. Zaroff expresses to Rainsford that he has read his books and that he reads all hunting books that are printed in English. Zaroff likes Rainsford books about his affection for the sport saying I have but one passion in my life and it is the hunt. Zaroff’s outlook on hunting is that of a murderous man. After he becomes board with hunting animals had nothing but his legs and his instinct.

Instinct is no match for his reason. So Zaroff hunts the one game that has the ability to reason humans. He somehow justifies hunting and killing men by saying Life is for the strong to be lived by the strong and if needs be taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure. I am strong. Why should I not use my gift. If I wish to hunt why should I not. I hunt the scum of the earth sailors from tramp blacks Chinese whites mongrels a purebred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them. Rainsford and Zaroff are similar and different in these ways.

Both men have a similar look on the joy and pride they get form hunting. But, at the end of the story these similarities change because Rainsford understands what an animal might feel when he is being hunted. The men’s differences are very clear. Rainsford hunts animals and Zaroff hunts people but one of the differences is that one of them is bigger and better while the other thinks he is a big shot at hunting but General Zaroff tries to kill rainsford but does not succeed and ends up going to hell for killing all of the other innocent people.

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Non-biodegradable waste will NOT break down (or won’t for many many years). Examples are plastics, metal and glass. Some dangerous chemicals and toxins are also non-biodegradable, as are plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam (polystyrene), and other similar materials but will eventually break down over time. Read more: http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_is_the_definition_of_non_biodegradable#ixzz1m8B59V9d Reduce, reuse and recycle, the three R’s for waste management, are effective measures that serve as alternatives to disposing waste in landfills.

Today, we have several options available for handling the solid waste that we produce. The Department of Natural Resources promotes an integrated approach to solid waste management, using a combination of alternatives. Below you will find information on how you can help with the three R’s. Missouri’s goal to maximize waste reduction is ongoing and we have made progress, but we need to go further. Basically, we need to remain focused on reducing the amount of waste we produce.

It is the “Orchid Capital of the Philippines” and the “City in Bloom”. It is the home of a lot of gardens, plantations and a wide variety of flowers. The most famous flower found in abundance in the city is Waling-waling or Vanda Sanderana, a type of orchid. Davao is also known as the city of Durian (a fruit known for its pungent smell and very delicious taste). This fruit is found everywhere in Davao. There are even places where you get to eat all the durian that you want (really something for durian-lovers to try).

Other than durian, the city has a lot of fruits to offer such as mangosteen, lanzones, banana, pomelo, strawberry, rambutan and avocado. Davao is also home to the 2nd largest eagle in the world – the Philippine eagle (formerly, the monkey-eating eagle). This eagle used to be threatened with extinction but thanks to the efforts of various organizations and the government, the eagle is again flying high in Davao. Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, can also be found near this city. As a matter of fact, part of this mountain is within the city’s jurisdiction.

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Mandatory Drug Testing of High School Athletes Brandon had always wanted to play football for his high school team. He had always been one of the slowest and smallest boys in his grade. While in 8th grade, he was introduced to performance enhancing drugs. He was sold on the fact that they would make him stronger, faster, and maybe give him a shot to make the high school football team. During his first year of taking the performance enhancing drug, Brandon had increased strength and self-pride. As others started to see his achievements they started asking how he had made such drastic changes in strength.

His response was hard work and determination, but quickly people started to really question these drastic changes. His upcoming senior year was turned upside down when the school decided to mandate all high school athletes be randomly tested for drugs. During week 3 of that season his name was pulled for the random testing. Of course he failed the test and his team had to forfeit all games that he had participated in. Performance enhancing drugs have a long term effect on student’s health. Mandatory drug testing of athletes promotes a drug free environment.

This is why high school nationwide should participate in mandatory drug testing of their athletes. Performance enhancing drugs have a long term effect on student’s health. Performance enhancing drugs such as steroids have been around since the 1960’s. Since then many athletes have seen and felt the negative effects of these drugs. The effects of these drugs at such a young age are more significant. “Steroid use during adolescence poses additional concern because the use of these drugs during this developmental period may result in the premature closure of the epiphyseal growth plates” (Drug Test Passes Court Test).

High blood pressure, liver damage, and aggression are (See image left, “Student Testing Gathers Prominent Support”) all possible side effects to this performance enhancing drug. According to Psychiatric and Medical Effects of Anabolic-Androgen Steroid Use, the possibility of contracting HIV is the most deadly side effect of steroid users. This is especially true in high school aged students due to the fact they have weaker decision making skills and are highly susceptible to peer pressure.

These long term effects on student’s health would be drastically reduced if high schools nationwide would participate in random drug testing of athletes. Mandatory drug testing of high school athletes promotes a drug free environment for all students. (See image left, “Askthejudge. info”) “The nation’s largest Steroids- testing program only caught two Texas high school athletes taking unauthorized substances out of more than 10,000 students who were tested”(Texas Steroid Testing Finds Use By Just Two High School Athletes).

Many believe that the increased testing has showed athletes that the school cares and wants to help educate the youth about drug abuse. According to Louise A. Rohrbach, nearly 10 % of adolescent males and 3% of adolescent females have used performing enhancing drugs to enhance sports performance or alter body size. “ Teens are going to school each day in a building where drinking, use, sale, and possession is as much a part of the curriculum as Math and English” ( Bowman16).

Mandatory drug testing has showed positive results in the states that have implemented such programs. According to NJ to Randomly Test for Steroids among Student Athletes, “only 54% of steroid users thought that steroids were “bad,” although it is possible that some users denied what they know to be true to justify their use of these drugs”(8). Mandatory drug testing of high school athletes would promote a drug free environment for all students. Brandon struggled with the schools decision of mandatory drug testing and the forfeit of games played.

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Masters in Marketing Communication In five years, I endeavor to have refined my strategic and client relation skills. I intend to be a leading expert in the design industry. After having proven my self as a Graphic Artist, I want to explore more on how to communicate and understanding more deeply the market. In that way, I would be able to execute a very exceptional and remarkable design. As a young professional, I still want to invest more on my education.

After having a work experience for less than a year, I realized that when I took up master’s degree I would be able to become more mature to understand seriously the market and the industry. Moreover, it will help me to become more strategic in every situations in business,. Also, this is a chance to meet up professionals in different fields of business so in the near future they will become my partners or networks in establishing my own business worldwide. Taking up graduate studies can have deeply understanding to the course she/he is taking up.

In that way, they could have bigger chance to become more successful in their field of business. That in the future they can create jobs for the people and also to help the economy grow. I deserve to get admitted in this program because I am a self-motivated person, I am hardworking, but easy to work with. Aside my work experience and knowledge, I think I have the personality and capability. I have a strong work ethic and integrity and I am capable of learning and catching on to new systems and ideas.

I’m responsible and well organized. I also take pride in following through with my tasks and deadlines to see them finished. I think my cheerful demeanor, personality, and my strong work ethics combined with my strong vision in life and my strong values, makes me deserve to get admitted in this institution. When I Admitted in the program, I’m looking for the possibilities to work on How To Strengthen the communication for the visually impaired or hear to different channels in marketing to develop strong relationship to them.

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It was funded by the German companies with a counterpart fund from the Philippines Office of Energy Affairs (Non-Conventional Resources Division).

Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) was the implementing arm through its Energy Research and Development Center (ERDC). The technology introduced by the Germans is for the installation of stand-alone photovoltaic energy generating systems or solar energy systems for households that are out-of-reach from the conventional power grid. More than 17 kilometers of distance from the power grid would make the PV systems unfeasible because if it is much shorter than that, the cost of extensions line from the power grid will be cheaper.

PGSEP is looking for a local group or company to undertake the project commercially because the contract prohibits PGSEP from commercializing the venture. Anton Co the entrepreneur-owner of ALCO Group along with Bingo Dimalata, the consultant of the company, were invited to see the prospects. Anton Co’s intuition was optimistic but he asked Bingo to the make a study and assessment on the prospects. ALCO Group is the mother company of Structura, Inc. (SI).

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In about a week, we will no longer be high school students, but instead we will be high school graduates and soon enough, college students. So as we longingly await May 21st, I will proceed with my final speech assignment about one of our very own classmates, Nicole Hentsch. I have known Nicole since 5th grade, when all the elementary schools combined at Larry Miller Intermediate School. I did not know Nicole very well at all, but I always thought of her as a very nice girl. Then, we moved on to middle school together.

Still, I did not know Nicole very well at all, but I always thought of her as a very nice girl. Then, we moved on to high school together where I still did not know Nicole very well at all, until my senior year. It’s sad to think that I’ve gone to school with Nicole for about eight years now and I had never really gotten to know her until now. We have had several classes together this year such as art III, government, lunch, independent art, and this class, of course. I have learned that Nicole is such a nice, sweet person and overall I am more than glad to have ever known her.

Her friends even said that she is the nicest person they’ve ever known and they know that they can trust her with anything. I have gotten to know Nicole a lot this year, but I learned a lot more after our interview. Having had two art classes together, I was able to see that Nicole is truly a great artist. She has excelled at painting, pencil sketching, colored pencil sketching, sculpture work, and much more. Nicole even plans to attend Kent State University and major in art education. She looks up to our art teacher, Mrs. Kennedy, and she hopes to teach high school art just like her.

She also would like to teach army based kids, which I think is an awesome goal. Not only is Nicole artistically talented, but she has also achieved many great things throughout high school and has made good aspirations for herself. Nicole is a very involved and motivated student. She participates in band, marching band, pep band, woodwind choir, and percussion ensemble. She plays the flute and she is a co-section leader in marching band. She also used to be in choir, and she plays guitar in her free time. This year she has accomplished many of her goals.

She received her driver’s license, her very own car, and a job at Sheetz, which is fantastic because those are all things that she has been longing to acquire. Once she becomes an art teacher, Nicole plans to get married and have three kids. She hopes to become just like her mother, a completely selfless person, and be better than her siblings for her mother’s sake and her own sake. Nicole has achieved many great things throughout her high school career and has become a better person because of these things. After having essentially completed her high school career, Nicole has learned many things.

High school has given her a realization of real life and has made her want to be a better person. She has learned that you should not care what people think of you and she has also learned that not everyone has to like you because you can’t please everyone. Nicole may miss football games, dances, and how carefree high school is, but she is more than ready to move on with her life and start her future as a Kent State student and eventually a Kent State graduate, an art teacher, a wife, a mother, and the absolute best person she can be.

I am more than sure that all these things will come easy to her. So, Nicole, no matter where life takes you, I hope you never forget all the friends you’ve cherished, all the memories you’ve made, and all the great things you’ve done here in this simple little town of New Concord, OH at John Glenn High School, and I wish you the very best in all that you do. An unknown author once said, “I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. ”

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Plates diverse from ridges that is located within the oceanic basins causing melting, metamorphism, the rise and fall of crustal blocks, and volcanism. Sedimentary rocks start off as a cycle (rock cycle). Magna starts off the rock cycle. Magna is a hot liquid that is made of melted minerals. The minerals from the hot liquid cools and crystals are formed. Igneous rocks form underground where the magna cools slowly, or they can also form above ground where the magna cools quickly. The wind and the water then break the igneous rock into pieces and move the pieces to another area.

This process is called weathering and erosion. The rock pieces also known as sediments drop from the wind and the water and form a layer. When the layers of sediment that are deposited on the earth stick together for an extended amount of time the sediment becomes cemented together. This then turns the sediment into sedimentary rocks. The heat from the earth and the gravity then bakes the sedimentary rock, and the crystals that are already present in the rock become larger. The change in the sedimentary rock is then called metamorphosis.

This occurs when the rock is heated to 300 or 700 degrees Celsius. When plate tectonics move on earth heat is produced. When they collide mountains are made and metamorphose rocks are formed. Plate tectonics makes the rock cycle that produces sedimentary rocks never end. The process starts all over again, because the rocks from the mountains break, and are washed away The sediments from the washed up rocks forms layers and the layers eventually mold themselves together and become sedimentary rocks.

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She states ‘ The book and writer both Were love’s purveyors” “Oft – times by that reading our eyes were drawn together, and the hue fled from our altered cheek…. . She explains that the romanticism in the text drew her and Pablo together causing them to commit adultery. Alighieri highlights this as an example of incorrect reading practice. Francesca and Pablo were reading Lancelot for pleasure and were looking merely at the visceral nature of the text rather than looking at the overall message of the text this then resulted in their damnation to hell. Alighieri explains that Francesca should have read beyond the surface of the text and rather allegorically.

This then serves as a guide on how to read Inferno. In order to read Inferno correctly, without corrupting the text, the reader must have in mind the sub level of meaning throughout the text. In conclusion, Alighieri wants the reader to get a specific spiritual moral out of reading Inferno. In order to achieve this the reader must read beyond the surface of the text and search for the underlying message throughout the text. Therefore the reader must read allegorically, which is the correct reading practice when analyzing inferno.

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I want to do well so I am going to have to set a schedule that includes daily study time. I will not be able to deviate from the schedule or procrastinate. I will probably still have time for fun activities, but it will have to fit into my schedule. I am going to have to be extremely focused. I will not have as much free time as before. The AIU virtual campus is unique. I do not really have anything to compare it to, but it is different from anything I have experienced before. It is loaded with resources that are designed for student success.

Even though it is a virtual campus, it is designed to make the experience as close as possible to a real campus. I was really motivated and inspired by the resources in the virtual library and the Learning Labs. There is a wealth of information that is designed for new students. I was able to envision my success. I was able to plan a step by step progression of my week to accomplish all of my assignments in a timely manner. I definitely envision using the resources I discovered as I completed the Personal Resources Worksheet as I move through my academic journey.

Previously, I had not had the opportunity to navigate and become familiar with the resources on the virtual campus. Now I know and I am more familiar with what is on the virtual campus. I know where to go for help and a wealth of other information. I will use the learning labs to strengthen me in areas where I have weakness and training in needed areas. I will use the library for research for my assignments and projects. I am feeling more and more confident. Everything I need is at my fingertips.

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As predicted gas has risen over twelve dollars a gallon. The latest class of hybrid cars are unable to keep up with the diminishing amount of oil. The days of suburban towns have long passed. Major methods of transportation now consist of walking and biking. With the staggering amount of people flocking towards cities – as living in one is the only way to commute to work and to buy food and other necessities —overpopulation threatens safety. With no consistent source of energy to turn to, the world holds its breath in wait for a new means of energy production to emerge and rescue them.

Although any critic of global warming, climate-change, or a need for a new fuel source may attack this idea as overstatement; this apocalyptic image may not be overshooting it by that much. If we refuse to dispel this illusion – then we are increasing our susceptibility for this to occur. Before we begin to pose possible solutions to advert this catastrophe, we must fully comprehend the problem and all it entails. Fossil Fuels, The Problem and America’s Dependency There’s no question that our world population is growing.

The most desired commodity to enhance the quality of their everyday lives shared by the majority of third world countries, where populations are rising the fastest, is energy. However, meeting amplified energy demands, from a rising global population, with a limited supply of energy is a paradoxical situation. In the 2009 documentary Collapse, Michael Ruppert discusses how America’s addiction to fossil fuels is far worse than that of a smoker to nicotine, “In 2001 there was not only a great deal of evidence that proved that peek oil was very real, but that government agencies were responding and acting if peek oil was very real” (Smith).

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Background Enager Industries, Inc. was a relatively young company whom manufactured and produced products/services within three divisions- Consumer Products, Industrial Products and Professional Services. Consumer Products, the oldest among the three divisions in Enager, designed, manufactured and marketed a line of houseware items. Industrial Products built one –of –a– kind machine tools to customer specifications.

Professional Services, the newest among the three, provided several kinds of engineering services and this division had grown rapidly because of its capability to perform “environmental impact” studies . At the urging of CFO Henry Hubbard, Enager’s President, Carl Randall, had decided to begin treating each division as an investment center, so as to be able to relate each division’s profit to the assets the division used to generate it profits. However, several issues arose regarding this performance evaluation method and other management control choices.

First of all, profitable new project at Consumer Products Division, whose return was 13% calculated from Exhibit 3, could not get approved from upper management because it could not reach the pre-determined universal target return of at least 15 percent, even if all the divisions had completely different line of business. This could potentially discourage product development managers’ incentive to engage in new projects. More importantly, the company could miss out the opportunity on new products in the long-run, although it might not have a large return right away in the short-run.

Secondly, the president of the company, Carl Randall, was both puzzled and disappointed at the discrepancies among the performance evaluation parameters of the company in 1997. Both ROA and gross return dropped from 1996, while return on sales and return on owners’ equity increased. There were also discrepancies across different divisions, as Professional Service easily exceeded the 12% gross return target; while other two divisions, especially the Industrial Product division had a ROA that was only 6. 9%.

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I conducted an interview with an adolescent named Jonah Navarro, age 15 to try and determine which stages of Erickson’s psychosocial development he had completed, and which one’s he had not. According to Erik Erickson, all people come to understand themselves and the meaning of behavior by completing 8 stages throughout life that start at infancy and end with old age (Feldman pg. 265) Erickson spoke of a specific area that involve adolescents in their search for identity.

He said that this search inevitably leads some adolescents to an identity crisis involving substantial psychological turmoil (Feldman pg. 284). Erickson believed that one could not complete or move on to the next stage until he had completed the previous stage (Amy Buckingham Lee, Ch. 9 slides/lecture). In interviewing Jonah, I asked a variety of questions to asses which stage of Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development he might fit into. To asses the trust vs. mistrust stage, I asked how he felt in new situations (Amy Buckingham Lee Ch. 9 slides).

He said that in any new situation he felt uneasy and nervous, but at the same time anxious to see “what’s new. ” Then I asked him how he felt when he needed something, if he was confident that other people are there for him. He said that “when there is something I need I feel determined and focused on doing what I can to get it. ” Based on Jonah’s answers I feel that he is passed Stage one of trust vs. mistrust without crisis. His optimism about being able to focus on getting what he wants tells me he trusts the world in general and trusts his own abilities.

For the second stage of autonomy vs. shame and doubt, I asked Jonah if he felt confident about doing new things. He said he did, but then when I asked him if he liked trying new things he said he was a little nervous, but interested “in discovering what lies ahead. ” Even though Jonah expressed his nervousness I still feel that he passed the autonomy vs. shame and doubt stage without crisis. He seems upbeat and positive about new things, just a shy kind of kid. For the third stage of Industry vs. Inferiority, I asked Jonah if he was able o ask for help and if he felt successful in general. He said that it was a bit of a struggle to ask for help, and that he didn’t feel successful. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said “I think a teacher like my Dad, or maybe a firefighter. ” He did not want to elaborate much on this, so I didn’t push it. At the time I thought that based on his answers that he may still be in the Industry vs. Inferiority stage, but I asked him a few more questions to explore stage four, Identity vs. Confusion, and stage five, Intimacy vs. Isolation.

He answered very positively to questions like, “Do you feel like you have a strong sense of identity? Do you like to explore a situation before you commit to it? ” He gave me strong answers and examples to back them up, so I continued. When I asked: “Do you feel like you have close, intimate relationships with your friends? Do you feel lonely or isolated? ” Jonah’s answers were a little more conflicted and negative. I was glad I decided to move on and ask more questions, because in light of his new answers, he does seem to also be in stage five: Intimacy vs. Isolation.

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Prior Restraint and 1st Amendment Rights The American government has long feared that the release of classified information may jeopardize national security and has made special efforts to prevent publication of information considered top secret. There has been extensive debate over freedom of the press versus the right of the government to prevent publication of certain material. When the government intervenes before publication has occurred, it is called prior restraint.

This paper seeks to examine the importance of the concept, define the restrictions associated with prior restraint, and determine whether a written document is an acceptable infringement of civil liberties by viewing Near v. Minnesota, New York Times Co. v. United States (The Pentagon Papers), and United States v. The Progressive Inc. ; which are case studies on the subject matter. The Near v. Minnesota case, argued in 1931, takes this thought and attempts to expound on it. Justice Hughes cited the wartime argument of Schenk v.

United States and then followed up with a standard definition. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, for the Court, held the law unconstitutional in a decision that firmly established the freedom of the press against censorship by 5 to 4 vote. But Hughes went further to say that “this statute … raises questions of grave importance, transcending the local interests involved in the particular action. It is no longer open to doubt that the liberty of the press is within the liberty safeguarded by the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment from invasion by state action” (Murphy 706).

This set a precedent for other courts to follow. One of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States constitution is the freedom of the press. The Supreme Court was previously charged with determining whether the government had sufficiently met the burden of proof for the imposition of such a command. The Court’s ruling against prior restraint prohibits the government from banning the expression of ideas before publication, and it is based upon the principle that freedom of the press is essential to a free society.

In Near v. Minnesota case, the Court responded to the Minnesota state law that permitted public officials to seek an Injunction by siding with Near. This set a precedent for other courts to follow. It meant that a person or organization had the right what he or she wanted in their newspaper, magazine, or other periodical. This does not include publication of any malicious, scandalous and defamatory that could be used to hurt national security. This statute was used to suppress publication of a small Minneapolis newspaper, the Saturday Press, which had crudely maligned local police and political officials, often in anti-Semitic terms” (Finan 125). The law provided that once a newspaper was enjoined, further publication was punishable as contempt of court. This set a standing of a nation that is at war; the American citizens must abide by rules that are unnecessary at peacetime. What they express is what we hold dear in a peacetime, but it may not be acceptable in wartime.

Justice Hughes also made clear that hostility to prior restraint is at the very core of the First Amendment. Only in exceptional circumstances could the possibility of turning to prior restraint be considered. Thus the “Gag Law” was struck down in its totality as delivered in the opinion of the Court

Huckleberry Finn: Equal Opportunity Wrongdoing by Whites university essay help: university essay help

Huckleberry Finn: Equal Opportunity Wrongdoing by Whites Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, has been viewed as providing a very negative view of racism, but Twain also has a lot to say about Southern culture in general. The book does not just talk about the negative aspects of racism and slavery – the way that whites treated blacks. Twain also has many negative things to say about the way that whites treated whites. Huckleberry Finn is not just a book about racism and slavery before the Civil War; it is also a book about how bad white culture was in general at that time.

At the time Twain was writing the book, the early- to mid-1880’s, the world that he was representing was already distant history for many Americans. Twain grew up in pre-Civil War Hannibal, Missouri, in the 1840’s and much of the setting of the book, as well as the characters, is based on his boyhood experiences and friends (Pflueger 17). Twain’s family was not rich and got into more financial trouble as time went by, meaning that they were not the kind of people who would have owned slaves (Pflueger 22).

Twain nonetheless certainly would have seen the occasional slave and also learned much about the white culture of the time that stuck with him until later in life. He wrote both The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) about his hometown of Hannibal and the people and life he had known there, but Huckleberry Finn is not a fun book about river rafting and fishing. As an older man, Twain remembered many negative things about the culture he lived in as a child, and he wrote about them, too.

As Twain grew older, he learned more about the world and suffered losses. His son, Langdon, died of diphtheria when he was only 19 months old (Pflueger 40). Twain lived in the Northeast for many years and personally knew Harriet Beecher Stowe and Frederick Douglass. He learned more about the struggles of black people and women while he lived in Connecticut and Buffalo, but he never forgot about the place where he grew up (Pflueger 51). He was able to see the experiences he had when he was a boy in a different way.

He probably came to understand that even though his childhood was mostly pleasant, there were a lot of things about the culture where he grew up that were not so good. Even when Twain was living in the Northeast, he was working at a newspaper and he knew what was going on in the South. Although slavery ended when President Lincoln read the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and was completely finished when the Union won in 1865, much of the culture of the South did not change very much after the Civil War.

During Reconstruction, the time after the Civil War, blacks did not suddenly become wealthy and whites did not suddenly accept black people. The opposite happened. Whites passed laws that made it hard for blacks to vote and own land, leading to the start of the Jim Crow Era in the South. Most blacks were not much better off than they were before the war and white people were still poor and proud and ignorant – this was the time that Twain was writing Huckleberry Finn.

Mark Twain looked back on his youth in the writing of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and even though he remembered happy things a lot of fond memories of growing up on the Mississippi River (Pflueger 21), Twain did not like a lot of what he saw, either in terms of white treatment of blacks or white treatment of whites. Even though slavery was over, Twain still felt he had to write Huckleberry Finn because the book does not just remember slavery and talk about how bad everything was back then when the country was uncivilized.

Many people do not realize it, but Twain was not just criticizing the culture of the South of the 1840’s when he was a boy who was Huck’s age, he was criticizing the culture that was still in existence in the 1880’s at the time of his writing. White Southern attitudes are in view from the first pages of Huckleberry Finn and do not say nice things about Southern Whites. It is also important to remember that the South which Twain was writing about for much of Huckleberry Finn is the moderate South of Missouri.

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Individual: Wireless Signals Erwin Pancho IT/242 February 7, 2012 Wireless Signals First of all lets define what a wireless signal is. Wireless internet/technology creates a network by sending radio-frequency signals between your computers to share information. This allows wireless networking technology to happen without the use of wires and makes it easier for other computers on the same network to communicate with one another.

In wireless networking, a peer-to-peer or in other words point-to-point wireless network means that each computer can communicate with every other computer on that same network. Wireless networks that use client/servers have an access point. An access point is a wired controller that receives and transmits data to the wireless adapters installed in each of the computers. There are four main types of wireless technologies which include but not limited too are Bluetooth, IrDA, HomeRF, and Wi-Fi (wireless Fidelity).

Bluetooth wireless technology allows users to enable links between their mobile computers, mobile phones, portable handheld devices, and Internet connectivity, which require no wires to be involved or that is needed. It is mostly used for devices such as cell phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, computer hardware, headphones, MP3 players, etc. Bluetooth technology is supported by application and product development in a broad range of market subdivisions, which include software developers, peripheral and camera manufacturers, silicon vendors and many more.

The second type of wireless technology out there is IrDA, which is an acronym, which stands for the Infrared Data Association. IrDA uses a series of infrared data pulses to transfer data from one device to another. Since IrDA uses infrared light, the communicating devices must be in direct line of sight with one another. IrDA was the earliest wireless technology and it was used for such things as television remote controls, garage door openers, and other more primitive wireless devices.

Today’s technology now has improved the use of IrDA’s standards for data transfer speeds and other important features. The third type of wireless technology is HomeRF, which stands in this case (RF stands for radio frequency) was an alliance of business that developed a standard for wireless data transfer, which is called Shared Wireless Access Protocol also known as SWAP. SWAP-based networks are usually point-to-point. Since this technology lacks access point, HomeRF networks are significantly cheaper than the other viable wireless network technology. This is where Wi-Fi comes in handy.

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In a few years the country surpassed its pre-war economic status and Komatsu benefited greatly from this growth in the local economy. During1963, the Japanese government decided to open the doors to foreign investors in the industry of Earth Moving Equipment. This is when Caterpillar penetrated the Japanese market, but it did so through a joint venture with the local brand, Mitsubishi. This strong venture raised the standards of quality, making Komatsu fight for its position in the industry.

However, Komatsu did feel strong, and with the growth of the domestic market slowing down, they decided to expand its business to other countries. Komatsu began branching out to other parts of the world, but they were working with nonexclusive dealerships since their competitors had strong contracts with the other dealer networks (Jao, 2010). Two manufacturing plants opened to distribute to their markets in the United States and the United Kingdom. The manufacturing plants did not adapt to the local needs, and after the quick increase in value of the yen, Komatsu began raising its prices dramatically.

An international business division was created to continue their expansion, and in 1988 they signed a joint venture with Dresser Industries, making them the second-largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the United States. Komatsu’s struggle for success outside of Japan led them to create a division to help their international business, promoting joint ventures to become more glocal. The firm continued to focus on competitive growth and made their biggest operational bases in Japan, Europe and the United States more autonomous.

Despite all of these efforts, Komatsu was not adapting well and even in large ventures such as that with Dresser Industries, Komatsu suffered great losses. This destructive tendency had to be addressed and a new strategy was created: Growth, Global and Groupwide. The firm pushed for an increase in sales and more autonomous regional production. Komatsu’s range of products continued to diversify and after their joint venture with Applied Materials Inc from the USA, Komatsu became a strong electronics firm.

Komatsu expanded quickly into the Asian market, but their entrance was met by the economic crisis in 1997 and the lack of demand led to millions of losses (Kelly, Kevin. 1991). Komatsu needed to regroup, so factories began to consolidate and close others down. They sold their stake in the venture with Applied Materials Inc. This led to the reduction of the board members, as well as the workforce. They began renting smaller equipment as part of their recovery strategy and later launched the Dantotsu Strategy.

This incorporated a line of products that had highly differentiating features, superior to any of their competitors. Their recovery was well under way and a restructuring of their geographic mix led to change of focus from the Japanese and North American markets towards the emerging markets in other parts of Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Their plants were integrated through an ERP planning system that has allowed them to better control their manufacturing and sales, as well as their planning and logistics.

Despite Komatsu’s successful strategies of recovery, and their striving for cultural diversification within the organization: the global financial crisis that started in 2008 has decreased the demand for their products. This created considerable losses in 2010 and continuing. Their inability to achieve a diverse cultural understanding of foreign markets is one of their weakest links during times of crisis. This lack of understanding and communication has caused labor problems in different plants, contributing to the losses of the firm.

Though Komatsu has shown great resilience, changes must be made to obtain and maintain a stable position in the market (Black, Khayat; 2010). 2. Why did growth strategies in different geographical locations succeed at times and fail at others? Komatsu did very well in Japan, and in other parts of the world as long as the economy was thriving. Their lack of planning and foresight led them to many unprofitable directions, which caused tremendous financial losses. Initially, there was a good growth rate in the local economy and hence in the construction industry.

Komatsu rode this wave of growth and positioned itself well within the local market. Their focus was on improving the quality of their products as well as the efficiency with which they were manufactured. Komatsu was also interested in improving such quality of the production and end product through the integration of technological advances available for this industry. Because of these meticulous implementations, they were able to secure a strong position in the Japanese market. The recession in the United States caused a slowdown in the construction industry and Komatsu decided to standardize production and to internationalize it.

All of these attempts to reduce cost and maximize productivity were hindered by the firm’s traditional policies and rigid business style. From the very beginning of this expansion, Komatsu faced a situation that would prove catastrophic for all its operations; the competition was tough outside of Japan, and all of the best dealerships in the industry had already signed contracts with Komatsu’s competitors. Komatsu’s lack of vision and planning, and over dependence on their local success, led them to believe that working with smaller or lower quality dealerships would not affect their firm’s international success.

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Persuasive Speech Outline General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to stop anybody they know from smoking to prevent damage to their health. Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. I. Attention step: You may wonder what our future generation may look like because of the effects of smoking. According to a study of teen smokers, young men who smoke may be both compromising their fertility and increasing their risk of fathering a child with genetic abnormalities due to sperm mutations in smokers. Males who smoke have a cough reflex that is slower to react than nonsmoking males.

A person’s reflex to cough is a defensive action that prevents foreign material from entering the respiratory tract and helps to remove mucus from the airways. Women who smoke may also have reduced fertility. One study found that 38% of nonsmoking women conceived in their first cycle compared with 28% of smokers. Smokers were 3. 4 times more likely than non-smokers to have taken more than a year to conceive. Since 40% of you are tobacco users and 80% of you have a member at home or a friend who are tobacco users, you should be aware of the long-term effects.

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There are many makes and models of vehicles on the market that claim to be both environmental friendly and cost effective. The American automotive industry along with their foreign counterparts has provided the consumers with affordable vehicles. It is estimated that alternative vehicles will make up less than 10 percent of the market by 2016 (J. D. Power and Associates “2011 U. S.

Green Automotive Study,”) despite the large number of models expected to become available in the coming years. This paper will compare and show the differences why consumers are not purchasing alternative fuel vehicles at a higher volume. One of the key factors when purchasing any kind of vehicle is the cost. Many consumers when considering buying a Hybrid will compare the cost benefits to gas powered vehicles. The base price of a Honda Hybrid Civic will cost a prospective buyer $23,950, when you compared the cost of a gas powered Honda Civic at $15,805.

The average buyers may not be willing to pay a premium price without seeing benefit to them personally in the form of significant saving. A 2007 study states, “That it would take a person 12 years to see the cost saving if they were to purchase a Hybrid vehicle”. (Editorial. auto. msn) Another factor to consider is the overall cost of fuel. The combination of higher gas prices and, the greater number of Hybrids vehicles that are now available on the market. Has made new car buyers seriously thinking about, a Hybrid as their next vehicle.

As automakers continue to produce Hybrid vehicles, the overall sale of them has decrease by six percent. On the other hand, the sale of gas-powered vehicles has risen by 11percentage points (Hybridcars. com). When compared the average cost per mile for the Honda Civic Hybrid is $0. 52 while the Honda Civic will cost the consumer $0. 48 per mile. Another of the major comparison with the Hybrid’s and, gas-powered vehicles are the miles per gallon (mpg). The Honda Civic Hybrid vehicle has a rating of 40/43 mpg, while the gas-powered Civic produces 26/34 mpg.

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The poem on a literal level discusses the sights and sounds seen on an average venture with the “scallop edged waves in the twilight” (Whitman, 136) and the “crowds of men and women attired in usual costumes”(Whitman, 135) to cross the river from Manhattan to Brooklyn, yet on a figurative level Whitman discusses the adventure of the soul and the commonality of the body and soul, and within every human.

Whitman’s use of the Brooklyn Ferry as a means to communicate to the reader about the human condition proves to be both inquisitive and insightful in that it raises questions about the body and soul that weren’t considered at the time, and rarely thought of today. His belief in people and the world flow into his poem, just like the tides of the Brooklyn Ferry, allowing the reader to see what Whitman believes. Whitman’s style is as a poet for his time breaks barriers.

He uses no specific form, therefore as a means to create rhythm he uses anaphora, syntax, and diction to create a rhythm for the reader. He also employs detailed imagery and uses the second perspective by asking the reader questions to ultimately better involve the reader, allowing them to see his philosophies.

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Cost Plan Part of project management is the estimation of the project cost. The budget can be derived from the project plan by looking at the following criteria (Marchewka, 2009): * estimated duration of activities, * resources identified and assigned to tasks, and * wages and overtime rate for resources. In addition to hard numbers resource leveling is important. Resource leveling helps with accurately planning a project and will help identify if people are scheduled to have more work than hours in a day.

Having too much work assigned to one person is a risk to the project. Figure 2 – Riordan Budget Report illustrates the Riordan HRIS replacement project budget based on the resources allocated to tasks in the project plan. The budget report will be monitored weekly at the beginning of the project and daily as the project progresses. Additional cost factors such as material, facility cost, insurance, and other administrative costs will be added to the project budget cost to establish the overall project budget. Figure 2 – Riordan Budget Report Performance Measurement

It is important to not only to establish critical tasks and sub-tasks, but also to identify a means to measure current progress against estimated progress. Without a clear understanding of where the project is in regards to the timeline management is unable to identify potential trouble spots and delays that can drive up costs and derail the project. What Is Performance Measurement The U. S. General Accounting Office (GAO) provides the following definition of Performance Measurement: “Performance measurement is the ongoing monitoring and reporting of program accomplishments, particularly progress towards pre-established goals.

It is typically conducted by program or agency management. Performance measures may address the type or level of program activities conducted (process), the direct products and services delivered by a program (outputs), and/or the results of those products and services (outcomes). A program” may be any activity, project, function, or policy that has an identifiable purpose or set of objectives. ”(Performance-Based Management Special Interest Group [(PBM SIG)], 2001, p. 3).

When undergoing a project or process there must be a method in place to judge or measure the progress and outcome, which will allow management to make intelligent decisions. Performance Measurement delivers that data management requires by applying a method of evaluating progress toward accomplishing predetermined goals, including information on the efficiency with which resources are transformed into goods and services (PM Solutions Center for Business Practices, 2005). Performance Measurement vs. Value Measurement

In measuring performance, program management is trying to gather information to help them make decisions to affect change that, with any luck, will improve that performance. For example, project performance measures are initiated to provide crucial information to managers in order to provide purpose and direction over the project. Those measures must be pertinent and applicable to the organizational level that can immediately effect change based on information it learns in order to control the performance of the project.

In measuring value, you are trying to demonstrate that decisions you made to implement change, through project management improvement initiatives, has indeed added value to the organization. This is actually measuring value rather than performance, which may not be the same. While improved performance can be translated into value, value measurement, provide information on the performance of the organization rather than performance of the project. Riordan Project Performance Measures Measurement Construct The Measurement Construct utilized in the Riordan Project is based on the adherence to estimate.

Accurate project estimation is crucial in keeping project costs down and stakeholders happy. The Key Performance Indicator project managers want to minimize is expressed by the formula [(E-A)/E], where E = estimated Value to complete project and A = actual Value used to complete project. Project managers can substitute any value into the equation, such as hours or cost, to determine adherence to estimate. This will allow the project management team to spot trends early on during the project and then make the necessary adjustments.

To better illustrate this concept figure 2 depicts the subtasks identified as Milestones. The project management has estimated the time required to complete the 1st phase of the project (Project Preparation) would require 10 days. Completion of the phase is signaled by the development of the Statement Of Works. The project management team could measure the performance of the project resources or team members by comparing the actual time required to complete the Milestone against the estimated time to complete the Milestone. Figure 3 – Milestones

Figure 2 depicts that the estimated time to complete phase 1 was 10 days. If the actual time required to complete phase 1 was recorded at 12. 5 days the performance measure would be as follows: [(10-12. 5)/12. 5]= -20% This value describes a value of -20% of efficiency of the performance of this task. Ideally the task performance would be 0%; the milestone would have been completed within the time estimated during the project inception. While many may feel it is better to come in under the original estimate, the goal is to optimize resources and organizational assets throughout the project.

Over committing assets and resources on one project may have undesirable effects in other areas of the organization. The key is to have exactly the required assets and resources available when required and only when required. Project Baseline The project baseline is set when all of the details for the planned project are set. The project baseline in MS Project® is set by selecting View > Gantt Chart > Tools > Tracking > Set Baseline > Entire Project (eHow, 2011). The Riordan HRIS replacement project baseline is illustrated in Figure 3 – Riordan HRIS Project Baseline Illustration.

Figure 4 – Riordan HRIS Project Baseline Illustration Evaluation Figure 5 – Riordan HRIS Replacement Tracking Sheet Risk Analysis Reporting Project Evaluation and Reporting takes a key role in the process and collection of project information for all members involved in the project to track changes, maintain budgetary requirements, and complete objectives on-time. “Monitoring the progress of the project allows you to adapt the program as needed to ensure that you attain your objectives.

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When the Great Depression swept over the nation, the country was left in shambles. In order to resolve the problems at hand, solutions and abrupt change needed to be taken. The country had seen little progress taken by President Hoover, but when Roosevelt took office, the nation began to seem immediate change. Although some displeased with his steps forward, Roosevelt and his brain trusts worked progressively and effectively to activate immediate change through relief systems for the hurting country.

FDR’s new deal jump started many relief programs that eased the ache of many homes. However, not everyone was in favor of his fast-paced progressive actions and understood it to be heading towards communism. A particular patron addressed in his letter to Senator Robert Wagner that relief in so many areas will end up leading to disaster in the end. Others felt that the federal government was abusing their authority and some even brought them to the courts to address such matters.

As addressed in New Masses, some felt that the women we’re being overlooked and the government cared only for the jobless men. Others felt that Roosevelt overlooked the Negro population However, in the midst of all the complaints and displeasure, FDR offered many significant relief systems in his new deal. William Lloyd Garrison, Jr. pointed out in “The Hand of Improvidence,” that “some assisted and some retarded the recovery of industrial activity.

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Process Essay Cognitive Development There have been many different areas of interest in the field of psychology. The most popular area is the cognitive development of children. Cognitive development is the growth in children’s ways of thinking about and interacting with their environment. Some of the famous theorists concerning in the development of cognitive human development are Freud, Erikson and Piaget. The most accurate theory is Piaget’s theory. His theory provided many fundamental concepts in the field of developmental psychology and concerned the growth of intelligence.

Piaget divided the cognitive development into four stages period that children use to understand the world, roughly correlated with and becoming increasingly sophisticated with age: The first stage is the sensorimotor stage that begins from birth until two years of age. During this stage, the child is concerned with gaining motor control and learning about physical objects. Children are curious explorers and try to the think about the world by interacting with it. They do not have idea if the object exists once it is removed from their sight.

The child does not has a of basic concepts about time, space, causality, objects, and so on. The next stage is the preoperational stage that lasts roughly from age two to age seven. During this stage, the child acquires a number of abilities. Language is, of course, one of them. Another important advance is the recognition of object stability; they know that objects continue to exist even when they are out of sight. The child is preoccupied with verbal skills. At this point the child can name objects and reason logically. The third stage is the concrete-operational stage which occurs between the ages of seven and eleven.

During this period, the child become less egocentric than they were in the preoperational stage; they begin to understand that other people do not always share their perspective. However, the child begins to deal with abstract concepts such as numbers and relationships, but their cognition is still not entirely adult-like. The formal-operational stage is the fourth and final stage of cognitive development in Piaget’s theory this stage begins around age eleven and continues to adulthood. During this stage the child has the ability to think theoretically, reason logically and draw conclusions from the information available.

When they are faced with problems, adolescents formulate hypotheses about the possible causes and solutions and systematically test those solutions. All of these four stages are very important to the developmental growth of a child. There are many exercises and games that parents can do with their child to improve the cognitive development of children. The process to this development does take a long time to develop fully, but with the help of the parents you can help your child be successful and learn to engage in activities that are good for him and his cognitive learning process.

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Throughout the Three pieces of literature I read – “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, “Crazy Courage” by Alma Luz Villanueva, and “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes, multiple claims are implied on the subject of knowledge and individual power. Whether it is about Race, being different, or the struggle to survive, they all point towards the same direction. They all show that being strong, proud, and courage is what makes you individually powerful, even if others may look down upon you or think of you as weird.

Through the use of the rhetorical appeals ethos, logos, and pathos, these three authors truly move the readers to really accept what they are trying to prove. In “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, the narrator’s claim is that if you do your best to obtain knowledge, even those considered to be low class can flourish and rise up in a world such as ours. In this specific case, the narrator turns his quest for knowledge into a fight to improve his life as well as the lives of his fellow Indian’s.

He read whenever possible in hopes that he could escape the poverty of the reservation and make something of himself, unlike the other kids who purposely did bad in class and pretended to be stupid. Sherman Alexie uses the rhetorical appeal of Pathos, or emotion, as well as Ethos, to get his point across. He writes about how when he was a kid, no one was there to help them in school and teach them how to write properly, and how as an adult he Is continuously fighting to help kid’s in the same situation he was once in so that they do not have to go through what he did to succeed and become successful in life.

There is no better interpretation of what Alexie is trying to prevent or solve as he himself was in the same situation that he is fighting to end to this day. He says “I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives” (Alexie Phar. 8). Throughout his essay, he shows how using his knowledge, arrogance, and luck he manages to “break out” of the Indian reservation to become a successful writer in an attempt at saving “our” lives: Not just his life, but the lives of all Indians, both current and future.

In the poem “Crazy Courage” by Alma Luz Villanueva, the author talks about a man named Michael that she met in her fiction class, who, as she later finds out, is a cross dresser. Using the rhetorical appeal Pathos, the author truly proves her point- that other people’s opinions do not matter so long as you are courageous and confident about yourself. In the poem, Michael seems so courageous, even though he is dressed in woman’s clothes and in front of an entire class, that it “shocked / the young, seen-it-all MTV crowd / into silence”(Villanueva 20-23).

The class was so shocked at the confidence of the person in front of them considering his situation that they couldn’t even speak. In fact, even “those who would kill him” were impressed at the level of courage he must have had, and the fact that he seemed even happier in the seemingly odd clothes and outfit he was wearing (Villanueva 27). Last but not least is the poem “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes. The author Langston Hughes seems to use more of a Logical appeal. While it doesn’t seem to be the most organized Poem, there is without a doubt some sort of claim.

While it isn’t necessarily the best example of a claim that relates to knowledge and individual power, it seemed like an interesting poem to write about. In my opinion, the author is trying to show that even though he is of a different race than his white teacher, and even though he is from Harlem, he is just like everyone else. He likes “to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love. / [He] like[s] to work, read, learn, and understand life”(Hughes 21-22). On the other hand, I feel like this poem has a hidden message, which is that obtaining knowledge is important for him to eventually become as “free” as his older, white teacher.

That is why, in my opinion, he mentions where he went to school and the fact that he is in college to learn, in hopes of getting somewhere in the long run. That is also why, in my opinion, he points out that he is the only colored student in his class. Not necessarily to point out his color or race, but to show that he is one of the few in his race that finds knowledge to be an important thing. Overall, I feel like all of these claims are somewhat valid. The claims in “Crazy Courage” and “Superman and Me” are without a doubt true in my opinion, however the claim in “Theme for English B” seems a bit weak.

I’m not quite sure when the third poem was written, however nowadays I feel like the level of colored people obtaining an education is relatively fair. Racism is for the most part nonexistent in at least the northern half of the United States, so that is no longer a problem in our society here. I feel like if the poem was written recently it would not have been as successful as it was, and you wouldn’t be finding it in text books. Perhaps the poem was written a long time ago so the authors points were valid, however nowadays plenty of colored people are receiving proper educations and going to college.

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Compare and Contrast Paper The Yellow wallpaper and A Doll’s house In class we discussed various stories that linked themselves in different perspectives. Some were related through plot and setting and others through characters and themes. Yet the same way that they were related, they also conflicted with each other. Just like the stories The Yellow Wallpaper and A Doll’s house. In both of these stories they show very similar characters that share the same idea and concept.

The setting also contributes to the similarities that these stories share. Yet at the same time, they also differ in certain aspects of particular characters and setting. As mentioned before both of these stories have peculiar characters that are similar to each other. For instance Nora from A Doll’s house can be compared to the female character in The Yellow Wallpaper. Both of these females are limited to the power they have over themselves, they are both held over by their husband’s dictations.

In A doll’s house we see the control that Nora’s husband has over her by the way he constantly calls her pet names such as “little squirrel” and “little bird”, names that already show the control over her as if she was an animal Not only does he treat her like a pet, he also controls her actions and even what she eats, for example Torvald says “My sweet tooth really didn’t make a little detour through the confectioner’s? (pg, 611) Here we see how he has become the ultimate dictator in her life and she has no control of what she even desires to eat.

Torvald continues to push and handle Nora to the highest point, where she finally decides to leave him and her children behind. These same circumstances occur in A yellow wallpaper but in a different manner. Here the narrator’s husband, John, has taken control over her health. The narrator had suffered from post pardon depression and she believes that her treatment towards getting better is writing. But her husband John believes otherwise. He takes her to an isolated house and controls and observes her every move. He bands her from writing because he believes it worsen her “condition”.

As a physician that John is, he begins to treat his wife more as a patient and controls her every move. If she wants the window open he shuts the window down and tells her that what she felt was a draught. John also says that the very worst thing she can do is to think about her “condition”. We continue to see this repetitive pattern over domination over and over again, even over the smallest things. Eventually, his stubbornness leads to the total melt down of his wife. They both wanted freedom and in returned they were both dependent of their husbands. Yet they also differ in certain aspects.

In Nora’s case we can identify her; she has a name and gains an identity of her own towards the end of the story. As opposed to the narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper, she is nameless and therefore more disconnected with her surroundings and herself. With Nora we see her come to life when she decided to leave her husband and her children behind, taking in consideration that the time set of the story was back in the 1800’s, where women still were powerless and depicted as objects, she did what she considered best for herself. She disregarded what the people might of say about her and did what her heart desired.

Leaving everything behind including her children was something that she had to do for herself in order to become an individual. As for the narrator of the yellow wall paper, first she is given to name. We automatically know that she is very disconnected to herself; she does not possess an identity of her own and is blended into someone else’s ideas. She also does not do what she truly desires. She continues to listen to her husband’s orders and eventually lead her to insanity, into believing that a wallpaper was taking control over her. She took no action of her own to better herself and gain individuality, something that Nora did.

Both characters also had different interests. Nora only wanted luxuries, money and materialistic items. She thought that money was the root to happiness and that through money she was able to obtain everything she wanted. Her husband was even aware of her desire for money, he even mentions “Torvald: Nora guess what I have here? Nora: Money! ” (pg610). Here we see how he kept her caged through money, because that was Nora’s only desire. In contradiction with the narrator of The yellow Wall paper, her only desire what to write and to write only. Her health and her bettering dealt in her wanting to write but not being able to.

In the story she mentions “Personally, I believe that congenital work, with excitement and chance, would do me good”. She honestly believes that writing can save her, but take no action in trying to create a chance. These stories also share another similarity which is the idea of the setting. Firstly, both of these stories are written around the same time period in the 1800’s. The time period itself was still around the time where women had no power or voice. As it is shown in both of the stories, these women had no power and had been limited to their husbands’ voice. They had no saying in their own homes or their own lives.

Not only was the time period similar, they were also both strained into a particular place. Nora was compress in her own home; she became the doll in a dollhouse and remained constantly there. Her husband trapped her into his security space, where he locked her away like girls lock their dolls. As well as the narrator from The yellow wallpaper, she was also kept held at the one place her husband had placed her, she wasn’t allowed to go or do anything without his consent. The difference in setting is that Nora instead of staying in that particular place that constricted her from being herself, she actually left away from it.

She didn’t let that home take the best of her and kept her trap. Instead she fled from it. Opposing the narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper where the house was part of the reason for her insanity, she decided to stay there and unfortunately that became her disgrace. For this reasons, I believe that both The Yellow Wallpaper and A Doll’s house can be compared to. They both have similarities and distinctions between the main characters. The difference in character and theme are very obvious and stated.

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Economic Issues Simulation Paper HCS/440 January 23, 2012 Charles Sigmund Health care economics studies such issues as demand for medical care, pharmaceutical prices, competition among health care providers and insurers, and financing of health care services. Castor Collins has put together a plan which will help solve many issues facing the organization. The plan is built to maximize profit for the company and minimize the risk of poor choices provided to individuals who will cause the organization to fall. Castro Collins Health Plan

Castro Collins Health Plan was founded in 1999 as a regional HMO, which provides health care services and health insurance to their enrollees which consist of 100,000 peoples. Castro Collins Health Plan uses a capitulation model through its network statewide of doctors and hospitals to pay its health providers. As vice president of the organization, alone with the Chief Financial Officer Helen Fouerman, the Chief medical officer Jonathan Wikes, and the executive vice president of planning and development Adam Hunter, together will put together a plan for the growing need of Castro Collins.

Castro Collins was approached by two separated groups of people for health insurance. Either group has employer insurance which means both groups will pay for their own insurance. The first group, Constructit consists of 1000 people who are willing to pay a maximum annual premium of $4000 per person while the second group, E-editor consists of 1,600 people who are willing to pay a maximum annual premium of $4,500 per person. Demographics of the Employees Constrictit has 550 men and 450 women ranging from the age of 26 to 42.

About 60 percent of the group is married which mean consideration must be made to insure the spouse and children if desired. Thirty- two percent of the people at construtit has a work profile that involves great physical activities, 25 percent has moderate physical activity while the other 43 percent is involved in sedentary activities. E-editors have 750 men and 840 women arranging in age from 35 to 54 with most of them as being married. Ninety five percent of them do sedentary activities, which has led to several instances of obesity in this group.

Health Care Risk Factors According to the profile of constructit, their enrollees do great physical activities; however, 43 percent of them do sedentary activities. Obesity affects 39 percent of the group, therefore, Castro Collins has to consider the risk of obesity- related diseases such as; high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. There are 170 men and 210 women who has not been diagnosed with having no major health risk at all.

Seven hundred and twenty of the people of E-editors are obese, which indicates risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol Plan Details Castor standard and Castro Enhanced are individual plans, Castro standard does not cover preexisting medical conditions. Castro Enhance does cover preexisting medical conditions. Castro Collins must now look at the risk, cost and profitability the company will incur in providing insurance to both groups. Castro Collins also provides detail of service for both groups.

Coverage for the following services is provided under the terms and conditions and at the co-payment each company list for chemical dependency, treatment, durable medical equipment, emergency services, family planning, hospitalization services, maternity care, and mental health care services, prescription services, preventive health services, and obesity treatment and skilled nursing care. The plan does not cover chiropractic and acupuncture, dental and outpatient services which are not listed above.

Copayment for both services is quite reasonable, with the exception of surgical benefits which is the most expensive concerning the copayment. Castro Collins will focus on the issues at hand which are finding a good and affordable plan for each enrollee that will fit their budget and one that will not cause any risk to the company. Obesity is an issue that Castro Collins must look at from both groups. The copayment for obesity treatment is $10, the annual well woman examinations is $25 considering women are more likely to go the doctor each year than men.

Inpatient and hospital services for (Constructit) Castro Enhanced premium to be charged is 4, 428 making an annual earning. E- Editors premium to be charged is 4, 556 with an annual earnings of 7,289 earnings of 4,428. This is a very high premium for both groups of individuals to have to pay. Consideration of coverage Castro Enhance and Castro Standard is the best solution for Constructit and E-editors, they both provide the premium for both companies within the allotting budget which are affordable to the individuals.

The best coverage for constructit enrollees would be the Castro Enhance coverage because the premium is within the allotted budget and individuals are willing to pay. Although many employees currently have medical conditions, the plan will provide the medical services necessary for the enrollees to help turn their lifestyle around. The cost is $3,428 per premium saving, saving the company 3. 43 million dollars. Castro Standard care plan would be most suitable for E-editors, the individuals are willing to pay and the premium is well within the allotted budget.

Many of the employees do not have preexisting medical conditions however, they are more likely to develop them based on their current work habits and the obesity which causes other health risks. Castro Enhance is not a good decision for E-editors, for this company has a high risk of receiving a higher premium which the individuals will not be able to pay and it will not help the growth that Castro is seeking to add to the company. Though the earnings are greater in the case of E-editors because it is a larger group of people who is willing to pay a higher premium than constructit, the risk are greater than in the case of Constructit.

Therefore Castro Collins is providing a plan that covers preexisting conditions. Castro Enhance or Castro Enhance minor to E-editors would not have been a wise decision for Castro Collins at the premium they are willing to pay. Castro Collins will maximize their earnings and lower their risk by providing one of the services to Constructit. Castro Collins has a great team working within the organization; together the ability to make things happen for the growth of the company is always a success for the team. Reference Health Care Simulation

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Ford Develops, produces, distributes and services automobiles and parts all over the world. Ford functions in two divisions, Automotive and Financial services. The automotive side markets cars, trucks and parts through a host of retail dealers; the financial side offers many different financing products to dealerships and customers. The company is worth over Legal issues or obstacles Ford Motor Company could encounter: * Globalization – which is the free movement of capital, goods, and services. Ideas, information, and people across national boundaries.

Markets in every country have become fierce battlegrounds where both domestic and foreign competitors fight for market share (managing human resources ch. 1). * Product Differentiation – Consumers have a large quantity of choices when it comes to certain functions and performance attributes purchasing a vehicle. In order to stay competitive auto makers like Ford Motor Company have to offer different products that attract consumers by addressing their wants and needs. * Product Development – Developing a vehicles is very costly, time consuming, and risky. It can cost billions of dollars to design, engineer, and tool a major new model vehicle. Federal, state, or local laws that could be broken because of these legal issues: * International Labour Laws – Laws put in place to prevent international competition from taking place to the disadvantage of workers, and would constitute a kind of code of fair competition between employers and between countries. * International Trade Laws – Laws put in place to govern trade between countries by monitoring trade rules and customs. Recommendations to minimize possible litigation: * Inform and Educate – construct training sessions to inform employees on international Laws and Regulations

Unions have affected Ford Motor Company and other companies in the automotive industry for many years. The United Auto Workers has recently reached a four year agreement with Ford Motor Company that will provide profit sharing checks and the investment of billions of dollars into U. S. plants, which ensures jobs for UAW’s members. The company also agreed to provide over 12,000 jobs and preserved health care and pension packages This agreement may not do much for the amount of money the employees make but, it ensures them that the manufacturing plants they work at and depend on will remain open for business for years to come.

With so many employees losing their jobs and benefits due to plant closings or outsourcing jobs out of the U. S. union leadership plays a key role in speaking on the behalf of employees and negotiating better work circumstances for its members. The union gives its members a sense of security in a time when economic conditions provide much uncertainty in the industry which they depend of for survival. Employees have the right to participate in union activities, get organize and bargain collectively with union leaders. This process is done without any interference from management and is outlined in the Taft – Hartley act of 1947.

This act states what management and unions can or cannot do in regards to union and non-union members of the organization. The process generally starts when an employees contact the union representative for assistance or by union representative contacting employees. After the union gains entry it must then gain the signatures of the company’s employees stating that they would like to be represented by the union. The union needs at least 30% of the company’s workforce to sign the petition before it can take the potential bargaining unit before the National Labor Relations

Board. The NLRA governs the relationship between employers and labor unions and guarantees the rights of the employees to operate without prejudice. There are to processes in place for which a union can be certified. The first one is the card check process; it involves the union representatives providing the employers with signed authorization cards from the majority of the employees 50% plus 1. If the employer accepts these cards as proof that its employees want to join a union, the NLRA then certifies the union and elects a representative.

The second process is called secret ballot elections; it requires an election petition to be filled up by all members wanting to have an election. The union must then win the election by a majority vote of the employees. If the union wins it represents all employees in bargaining situations. Unions bargain by negotiation, there are two forms of bargaining used. They are distributive bargaining and integrative bargaining. In distributive bargaining approach it’s a win lose situation, both parties can’t come to an agreement and the court system is sometimes involved.

In the integrative bargaining approach it’s a win situation for both parties, which means if one party reaches its goals it doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of the other party. Both sides are able to achieve their objectives. Bargaining can have vast effects on an organization depending on the outcome. It can lead to strikes, lock-outs or third party involvement, all of which cost the organization money. It is in the best interest of both sides to come to an agreement if it is at all possible to save time and money. References 1. Allen, Booz, and Hamilton. Challenges facing the global automotive industry.

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Case Questions for Ford Fiesta Instructions: This exercise is to be completed individually. You may discuss the assignment in a group, but each person should complete the exercise separately. Please provide a clear, concise, and well organized essay that addresses at least the following questions. You are free to address other issues in the case as well. The intent of the assignment is to have you think critically about the marketing problems faced in the case. It is important that you consider both sides of the argument when you answer these questions. Analyze the quantitative material, if any, in the case to support your answers.

Spend most of your time in defining and defending your recommendation for what should be done. Good answers may require assumptions of facts that may not be presented in the case. You are welcome to make these assumptions, but please state these assumptions and briefly justify why that are reasonable. Also, you may use whatever resources you can locate to provide further information about this industry or the web in general. Please reference your sources. Your response must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and a 10 to 12 point font size. This writeup must not exceed 2 pages in length.

You may attach exhibits, tables, and/or graphs to support your arguments. These supporting materials must be referenced in the text and do not count toward the 2 page limit. Required: 1. How should Ford evaluate the success of this social media campaign? What metrics do you believe are helpful in answering this question? 2. Do you think Fiesta agents’ content was changing people’s opinion about Ford? How can Ford encourage the agents to describe or demonstrate the vehicles advantages? Or should it even try? 3. How should Ford follow-up the success of this campaign? (Hint: What would an interactive marketing strategy suggest? )

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Analyzing the U. A. E. and Saudi Arabia’s Special Relationship By Christopher Gooding Thesis: Both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are very similar in a number of ways; culturally, economically, and even in sharing the same traditions; however the way the countries are managed and the way of life in each is fundamentally different in numerous ways. Though Islamic royal families govern both, there are some key differences that also need addressing. Introduction:

In order to be intuitive and analyze the relationship between these two neighboring countries, one must first know the basic background of the region and the formations of the countries. The United Arab Emirates is a relatively small Federation that lies on the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia, Oman, and sharing sea borders with Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Iran. The U. A. E. is made up of 7 states, or emirates that are each ruled by an individual monarch; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain,,Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah.

Though the capital and center of commerce is Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the leading emirate in the tourism department and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year (Alkim, 2010). Though the UAE is a heavily Muslim, Arabic speaking country, the society itself is extremely liberal. When one walks through a mall in Dubai for example, it is normal to see ladies dressed in Western attire walking along side those wearing the traditional Hijab. Norms such as this allow for a sense of comfort among the foreigners that travel there and allow them to feel like they are right at home. The U.

A. E. is said to have a very democratic feel to it, almost as though it were a Democracy. This is all, however, an illusion. This essay will look at the Saudi Arabian influence on the U. A. E. and their contemporary relationship as fellow Islamic countries. Islam in the Region This section will not attempt to define Islam as a religion; it will however describe its persuasive tendency to get what it wants. Yet how can a religion discern likes and dislikes? The answer is that it can’t; but the face of the religion, Saudi Arabia, can. In Saudi Arabia, Sharia Law is followed to the letter.

All women, regardless of nationality or religion must wear the Hijab, and only recently are allowed to drive with the consent of their father or husband. Those who steal are often displayed in a main square and publically have their fingers chopped off, though this brutal tradition is slowly declining in popularity; perceived to be a way of pleasing the West. The government censors the media, cutting scenes from movies in an attempt to essentially protect the youth from attaining westernized ideology’s that hinder the dominance of Islamic culture in the region.

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Strategic Plan III: Balanced Scorecard A balanced scorecard is a strategic business tool used to collect and report information to management on four specific areas which include the financial perspective, customers perspective, internal operations perspective, and learning and growing aspect. These help a business monitor performance and make necessary improvements that will contribute to the success of the organization.

In the following paragraphs I will discuss my ice cream parlor’s balanced scorecard and how it will be used to better my business. In my ice cream parlor’s financial perspective of my balanced scorecard the strategic objectives that merit the main focus would be revenues and costs, profitability and competitive position objectives. Revenues and costs are extremely important because these will help us get the necessary ratios to determine the current ratio and whether or not we are stable in our finances.

The goal is to have higher revenues than costs. The profitability is also just as important and we can use the profit margin to conclude if we are meeting our objectives and targets, which are to maximize the business value and to increase profits by three percent every six months. The initiative used would be to create a main focus on net income and sales to create stricter strategies to meet our goals. Lastly, our competitive position would be our products prices.

They will be lower than the other ice cream parlor- like stores because we will buy from a wholesaler or distributer and start selling making a slight profit but as the competition raises their prices we will raise ours but keep them lower than the rest. Customer value perspective is very significant to my business. My business strategic objectives would dominate in the following areas: customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer value. The most important strategic objective is to keep customers happy and loyal to my company.

This can be achieved by keeping the business fun, friendly, clean, and fast which is what most customers want. This can help us predict that we will maintain a stable clientele and be able to attract more customers. To measure this, web polls, surveys, and emails will be used. We will have many promotions and use different media types to advertise so we can meet our target of increasing our clientele 3 to 5 percent every 6 months. Our customer value is what will help us establish our customer retention.

We will give the customer a delightful and high quality treat for the low price they are paying as well as the best service possible. Our internal operations perspective includes strategic objectives on measures of process performance, productivity, and operations metrics. The objective on measuring the process performance will be to keep a high quality of products and service as well as a friendly staff. This would be measured by customer satisfaction through web polls and surveys.

In this aspect, our target would be to introduce a new product every 6 months and reassess processes to modify as needed. Productivity objective would be to keep high levels of production and maintain high levels of demand. Employees would be trained accordingly and would also have incentives and rewards for extraordinary performance. As for our operations metrics, our objective would be to maintain efficiency in all processes and operations. We would achieve this goal by having regularly checks and getting input from employees as well.

The learning and growth perspective would include strategic objectives in areas such as employee satisfaction, employee retention, and level of organizational capability. Employee satisfaction and employee retention go hand in hand and the objective for these is to develop a strong relationship with each employee to keep a dedicated employee and keep them happy. To measure this we would survey employees and have monthly meetings where they could also have a say in most aspects of the business and give ideas that could better processes whether it is speeding them up or lowering operational costs.

The target is to be to better in all aspects of the staff which includes communication, management, skills, morale, and knowledge. Employees would receive incentives, bonuses and rewards for being the best. All aspects of a balanced scorecard are very important and can definitely help an organization flourish. It will give insights and remind everyone of objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives. In my ice cream parlor, a balance scorecard will help establish goals and report information to all shareholders. It is a valuable tool that helps achieve success.

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Introduction Family planning is the planning of when to have children, and the use of birth control and other techniques to implement such plans. Other techniques commonly used include sexuality education, prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, pre-conception counseling and management, and infertility management. Family planning is sometimes used in the wrong way also as a synonym for the use of birth control, though it often includes more.

It is most usually applied to a female-male couple who wish to limit the number of children they have and/or to control the timing of pregnancy (also known as spacing children). Family planning may encompass sterilization, as well as abortion. The Centers for Disease Control characterizes family planning as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century. In 1800, women had an average of 7 children; today women average 2. 1 children.

A woman is fertile for an average of 35 years of her life; if she has two children, she will spend about 30 years of her life avoiding pregnancy. Family planning information and services help individuals maintain their overall health and improve family and community health by supporting men and women to have children when their health, financial conditions, and personal situations are optimal. Access to family planning services is an important factor in planning for healthy pregnancies.

An unintended pregnancy is one that is unwanted or mistimed at the time of conception. It does not mean an unwanted birth or an unloved child. It does mean that there is less opportunity for the parents to prepare physically and financially, take advantage of pre-pregnancy risk identification and management, and initiate needed changes in diet, exercise, smoking and drinking that help ensure a healthy pregnancy. For some, unintended pregnancies result in healthy children in happy families.

For others there are negative health effects from late or inadequate prenatal care, low birth weight, fetal exposure to alcohol, tobacco smoke and other toxins, and maternal depression. Unintended pregnancies are also associated with economic hardship, marital dissolution, poor child health and development, spouse abuse, and child abuse and neglect. Almost half of all unintended pregnancies end with an induced abortion. A woman’s ability to avoid an unintended pregnancy is related to her level of risk for pregnancy, her choice of methods, the strength of her otivation to avoid pregnancy and her pattern of contraceptive use. These factors, in turn, are often associated with a woman’s demographic and socioeconomic background, characteristics of her sexual partnerships, and her experiences with and attitudes toward pregnancy and contraception. While slightly more than half of unintended pregnancies occur among women who were not using any method of contraception in the month they conceived; more than four in 10 occur among women who were using a contraceptive method the month they conceived.

Issues related to inconsistent or incorrect use of method were the primary reason they conceived. Research indicates that the most effective birth control method is the method the client is the most comfortable with. Client understanding of various methods and comfort with the one they choose is best accomplished with non-directive counseling and education and from a family planning provider that they trust. Family planning providers aim at increasing the percentage of clients who use their chosen method consistently and correctly.

Here in our country, the Philippine government is working for a bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care, and it’s known as Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill). One of the main concerns of the bill, according to the Explanatory Note, is that the population of the Philippines makes it “the 12th most populous nation in the world today”, that the Filipino women’s fertility rate is “at the upper bracket of 206 countries. ” It states that studies and surveys “show that the Filipinos are responsive to having smaller-sized families through free choice of family planning methods. It also refers to studies which “show that rapid population growth exacerbates poverty while poverty spawns rapid population growth. ” And so it aims for improved quality of life through a “consistent and coherent national population policy. ” The majority of Filipinos are in favor of family planning. The Catholic Church teaches the necessity of responsible parenthood and correct family planning (one child at a time depending on one’s circumstances), while at the same time teaching that large families are a sign of God’s blessings.

It teaches that modern natural family planning, a method of fertility awareness, is in accord with God’s design, as couples give themselves to each other as they are. The RH bill intends to help couples to have government funded access to artificial contraception methods as well. Definition of Terms Presentation of Data A. Features of Family Planning Family planning includes all methods of birth control, from the pill to condoms, Intrauterine Devices (IUD), injectable hormonal contraceptives, and diaphragms, caps and spermicides.

Depending on the area, family planning may also refer to methods used to terminate a pregnancy or possible pregnancy, such as abortion and emergency contraception. Family planning may also refer to surgical sterilization methods, including vasectomies and tubal ligation; and to non-surgical methods of sterilization such as Essure Family planning is also the term preferred by religious couples who do not approved of using artificial birth control methods to prevent pregnancy.

In this case, family planning, sometimes called natural family planning, refers exclusively to techniques such as temporary abstinence, the withdrawal method, or the rhythm method, in which no outside interference is used. While family planning clinics do not favor any method over others, they are usually able to accommodate most preferences and beliefs. B. The importance of family planning Family planning allows people to attain their desired number of children and determine the spacing of pregnancies. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of infertility (this fact sheet focuses on contraception).

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A sonnet contains fourteen lines; each line with five iambic feet or ten syllables. The rhyme scheme follows one of two different patterns. The Italian sonnet or either the Shakespearean sonnet, also called the English sonnet. There are very few sonnets written for children, but the particular poem I have chosen has proven very popular with adolescents(Russell, Chapter 6,  2009).. “High Flight” OH, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, And danced the skies on laughter- silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth.

Of sun-split clouds- and done hundred things You have not dreamed of- wheeled and soared and swung, High in the sunlit silence, hov’ring there; I’ve chased the shouting wind along and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air, Up, up the long delirious burning blue. I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace, Where never lark, or even eagle flew; And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod. The high untrepassed sanctity of space Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. -John Gillespie Magee Jr. To me the poem is wrote as a meaning and learning experience.

It includes some religious views and is aimed at a particular audience because not everyone believes is God. In the Renaissance period yes, but in today’s world this poem could offend some people. I feel that the poem is just trying to say that no matter where life takes you, no matter how far you go or how many activities you do in life you still have to face God in the end. The writer used fantasy to describe what it might be like in heaven and all things you can do in heaven. I think the fact that this is a poem is great. Poems are a good way to appeal to people.

Especially in the world today. Poems do not take that much time to read or comprehend. They are simple and get the point across in a fun way. After reading this poem I think it represents kinesthetic images because kinesthetic images refers to actions or motions. The work of fantasy I chose is “Peter and Wendy. ” A fantasy is any story of the impossible. Peter and Wendy is a fantasy story that is now called “Peter Pan. ” Peter is a boy who does not want to grow up. He flew into Wendy’s room and lost his shadow. Once they found his shadow Wendy sewed it back on so he would not loose it again.

While getting his shadow sewn back on Peter began telling Wendy and her siblings stories of Neverland. He told them that in Neverland you never have to grow up. Wendy and her siblings wanted to go with Peter. Peter sprinkled them with pixie dust and they all flew to Neverland where they met The Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and Tiger Lilly. Their journey to Neverland was filled with action and fantasy. In my opinion this fantasy would be considered a journey fantasy because they all go on a journey to Neverland. It can also be considered a magical fantasy because people do not really fly.

I think that this story represents many different cultures. I do feel that any stereotyping is involved. The story uses many different images to represent their story. By reading the book or story you get a mental picture that just keeps changing. For me, this fantasy represented visual images, auditory images, tactile images, gustatory images, kinesthetic images, and olfactory images. In my opinion Peter Pan is an all around great story. It represents many cultures and backgrounds and keeps the readers mind wondering. Peter Pan is a fantasy that once you read you will never forget it.

The point that the story is trying to make is that eventually everyone has to grow up. Being a fantasy is the best way to get the point across. Most of the time we are referring to children when we are talking about growing up. Being a fantasy keeps it fun for the child but lets them know their time to grow up is coming. Both the poem and the fantasy that I chose I really enjoyed. Both represent fantasy in their own way. Both appeal to children. The story appeals more than poem does. Overall this was a great assignment. References Russell, D. L. (2009). Literature for Children: A Short Introduction (6th ed. ). Retrieved from .

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The Ninth Circuit believed that because respondents’ donning and doffing is an vital and necessary preliminary activity included by respondents’ principal work activity, all activities performed afterward such as walking accordingly occur during the ‘principal’ workday and is compensable. The court rejected the petitioner’s argument that Section 4(a)(1) of the Portal Act makes clear that the walking time at issue is not compensable even if it follows clothes changing.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the employees of IBP, Inc. because putting on protective gear and walking to and from changing areas are “integral and indispensable” to the job’s “principal activities”. ISSUE(S) The issues presented to the Supreme Court for determination were whether the time spent walking between donning and doffing areas and workstations, and the time spent waiting to put on protective equipment were compensable under the FLSA as amended by the Portal-to-Portal Act.

The Supreme Court held that time spent walking following putting on protective equipment and prior to removing protective equipment was compensable under the FLSA as amended by the Portal-to-Portal Act REASON(S) The Court held that any activity that “is ‘integral and indispensable’ to a ‘principal activity’ is itself a ‘principal activity’ under section 4(a)(1) of the Portal-to-Portal Act.

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Joe Fuller I. Introduction and Identifying Information Intelligence of a person somehow defines him/her. Through intelligence, a person will know his capacities and abilities and where he is good at. It boosts someone’s self- esteem and improves the confidence he had in himself. If you’re intelligent, you can possibly do and deal with anything especially if you have a very brilliant mind. An intelligent person knows how to deal with people and accept their mistakes and imperfections. Intelligence adds confidence but overconfidence that leads to mistrust and hostility is another issue.

Intelligence must also be balanced with the emotional quotient which everyone must work hard for. Such is not the case at hand. The patient is a male whose name is Joe. He lived in a lower middle- class neighborhood in a large, northeastern city. His father is a steamfitter and his mother is a home maker. He had 2 older brothers and a younger sister. When Joe was 11 years old, his grandmother started living with them. His grandmother is already invalid and is not already capable to take care of herself after Joe’s grandfather died. Joe was exceptionally bright student.

Yet, he had several chaotic relationships with his family, friends and other people around him. Later on, he developed anxiety and panic attacks that made him consult to a doctor. Then the doctor referred him to go to a psychiatrist. II. Background Information History and Course of the Present Problem The patient is described to be exceptionally bright and overconfident. He was admitted to a prestigious high school and college. He was an “A” student and often made jokes about people who “couldn’t make the grade. ” Whenever a teacher made a mistake in class, Joe was always the first to laugh and make a side comment.

He avoided group activities and issues with relationships. He couldn’t trust everyone and he was very suspicious. He liked to work alone over his projects because he always thought that people will steal his ideas. Joe would always think that he was the best and nobody could compete with him. The patient had argued with a teacher about a grade and after that he heard one of his classmates say, “I don’t know why some people have to work so hard for everything”. Joe took this comment as an insult to his family so Joe decided to get revenge. So while this student is attending a basketball game, Joe found his car and poured sugar in his gas tank.

Suddenly, he started experiencing panic attacks that resulted him to go for a check-up. Current and Past Medical History The patient went to a doctor because he wanted a treatment for his anxiety and panic attacks. He had palpitations, sensations of shortness of breath, chest pain and nausea or abdominal stress. But his panic attacks are not associated with agoraphobia. Joe felt that he had no mental disorder at all. The doctor prescribed him Tofranil, an anti-depressant. But Joe had more knowledge on how this drug affected neurological mechanisms than the doctor.

The said treatment was unsuccessful because Joe did not think that he has a personality disorder. The doctor, which he named as Dr. Fein, did not have any prior knowledge that Joe might have a paranoid personality disorder. Joe was not open to his life and Dr. Fein should have considered the possibility that Joe has a paranoid personality disorder that is why he behaved the way he did. Right now, Joe’s panic attacks still continued. Social History Joe is said to be rude and arrogant. His first steady relationship is with Carla but then later on, Carla broke up with him.

Joe wanted to get revenge. Since then, he became extremely suspicious of women’s intentions. One time, Joe made fun of a guy talking to his date at a party. Joe always finds chaos with others. He argued with a professor for receiving a B+ instead of an A. Joe began to date his future wife Ruth. He also got his first job working with a drug company. Joe on his first job This is an ideal position for Joe. But he was asked by his boss to stop his independent research. Joe behaved with hostility towards his co-workers. Because of this continuous attitude, Joe was asked to resign after 3 years.

Joe on his second job Joe took a job working in a university. Joe didn’t like his new job. He was asked again to curtail his independent research. He was asked to work in a new employee and suspected he was a spy. Joe accused the university in trying to kill him with radiation in the laboratory. Later on, Joe was fired and he took another job which is driving a taxi cab. Familial Relationship According to the patient, his father is mentally ill and he believed that he was being disregarded by his family. He was estranged to his family and friends and he believes that “he had nothing”.

As a middle child, he felt that he is being left out so he needs to step up in everything he must do. In an early age, he became hypersensitive to the evaluation of others and believed that the world is a hostile place persecuted for being different. Later in his life, he married Ruth and they had a daughter. Their marital relationship has been putted on the rocks for a lot of times because of misunderstanding and Joe’s paranoia about his wife. Later on, Ruth recognized that Joe was overreacting to minor events. Joe then suggested that Ruth was a part of the conspiracy that people were trying to steal his ideas.

After some years, Joe and Ruth divorced. Until now, he is still convinced that Ruth betrayed him. Typical Problem The patient’s life story stems up from his place in the family. In an early age, he faced struggles that led him to become suspicious of the motives of people to him. Since he’s very intelligent, he assumes that he knows everything and people are trying to steal his ideas that led him to have poor relationships with others. He received a comment before that struck his ego and saw it as an insult, so he always wanted to have revenge with people. The patient thinks that he is the best and nobody can beat him.

He developed anxiety and panic attacks, which is a manifestation of Paranoid Personality Disorder, but still he thinks that he is not ill and he is mentally stable. A Misunderstanding of Some Sort When Joe went to a psychiatrist whose name is Dr. Flein, he reported their for treatment of his anxiety and panic attacks. The doctor gave him an anti-depressant drug without considering the other manifestations in the personality of the patient. Dr. Flein just thought that it was only a simple anxiety disorder, but he never takes the regard to consider Paranoid Personality Disorder on Joe.

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The Evolution of Hip-Hop and Transformation of Rap Music Hip-hop, not to be confused with the musical genre, is a form of musical demonstration and artistic culture that has remained popular since its emergence in the 1970s. It can be categorized as a cultural movement that includes four primary elements: Disk jockeying (DJing), rapping (emceeing), break dancing, and graffiti art. It gave birth to a new musical genre known as “rap,” a rhythmic style in which lyrics are spoken or chanted. Over the last three decades, rap music has stirred up more vehement public debate than any other genre due to its influence on the youth.

In the beginning, rappers used their music as commentary on social, cultural, and political issues in American contemporary society, but today, the genre has evolved into a form of music that primarily focuses on masculinity, crime, and violence. This paper explores the development of hip-hop culture and primarily focuses on the transformation of rap music from social commentary to the exploitation of the negative aspects of inner-city life and its influence on our culture and youth today.

Identifying the origins of hip-hop culture is essential in understanding the progression of the movement and the impact it has had on the world and its youth over the past three decades. Hip-hop began in communities within the Bronx that consisted of African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Caribbean Americans, and it included specific styles of visual art, dance, dress, music, and speech. The culture focused on areas that were most economically distressed due to federal budget cuts that caused a decrease in low-income housing and public services for inner-city residents (Starr and Waterman 382).

Three major conditions and events are said to have stimulated the development of hip-hop culture and its generation. First, the construction of a new highway through the heart of the Bronx caused the middle class to relocate, leading to an influx of poor black and Hispanic families into this community. Coexisting with these poor families were crime, unemployment, and drug addiction. The second event occurred in 1968 when the construction on a co-op apartment complex near the highway was completed.

The migration of the middle class increased rapidly, and as a result, the Bronx disintegrated into a neighborhood with many neglected and uninhabited buildings. The third contributing factor occurred when a group of seven teenage boys began to terrorize areas of the Bronx. This group would later be known as the Black Spades in which Afrika Bambaataa, a revolutionary hip-hop artist, was once the leader. This occurrence is important to recall because it laid the foundation for an escalation in street gang activity.

The main objective behind the creation of hip-hop was to form a response to the poor living standards that the youth had to face in inner cities around the Bronx; it could also be viewed as an attempt by the youth to claim their roots in a divided and harsh environment such as the Bronx at the time. All of the primary elements of the cultural movement were forms of art that provided individuals with a medium in which they could satisfy their desires for expression. For example, the performance of break dancing and creation of graffiti art were first started as a form of exhibition in which each individual could express their local identity.

The young adults that participated in such expression were organized into social groups called “crews” or “posses,” and each was associated with a certain neighborhood or identity (Starr and Waterman 383). Break dancing required the stretching of an individual’s body to its limits. It was popular throughout New York City and included dance moves such as “The Windmill,” “The Backspin,” and the “Floor Lock. ” According to Henry Rhodes’ lecture, originality and style were the core of “break dancing” and other aspects of the “Hip Hop subculture. Graffiti was a popular art form that allowed artists to manifest their identities and neighborhood pride throughout all of New York City. “Style is one of the most important aspects in graffiti writing. One could get respect and recognition by getting one’s name around in large quantities…” (Rhodes). Most graffiti artists were motivated by the fame and notoriety they would gain from “tagging” their names on subways, walls, and trains in the city. It is important to point out that the four elements of hip-hop culture were often intertwined.

Most graffiti artists were also break-dancers, DJs, and emcees. This widespread participation by the “hip-hop generation,” as it is often called, has proven to be a catalyst for the emergence of hip-hop into mainstream. Up until 1979, the year the Sugarhill Gang released their popular hit “Rapper’s Delight,” hip-hop music was considered a local phenomenon. Sugarhill Gang was a crew based in Harlem that named themselves after Sugar Hill Records, an independent record label owned by African Americans.

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American Marriage in Different Eras Marriage has changed dramatically over time in the many years it has been around. What do think Marriage was like 100 years ago? The article, “American Marriage in Transition”, describes how many different types of marriage there are and how people have changed their view on it. Andrew Cherlin (the sociologist of the article) does a great job going in depth explaining American marriage.

He arranges the different marriages in three different categories; Institutionalized which was the earliest type of marriage, then Companionship around World War II, and currently we are considered Individualized. Institutionalized marriage is the earliest type of marriage that he describes in the article. This was where the men were mainly the bread winners and the women would stay home with the kids and do chores around the house. The couples would only be having kids if they were married and it was very rare back then to have any without any marital status.

The U. S. National Center for Health says, “1 of 6 births in the United States occurred outside of marriage. ” Usually the women would not have any education the majority of the time. Also back in the day they would have gotten married younger than today’s standard which makes it very surprising that getting divorce was very unlikely. The concept of same sex marriage was not talked about and was pretty much banned from society, also the thought of having multiple partners was either not allowed or just hidden from everybody finding out.

Marriage started to transition into the companionship marriage where it is more common to see some of the men staying home and the women in the workforce. This would start happening around very challenging times like World War II and the Depression. There would most likely be split chores or responsibilities around the house that the men and the women would take turns doing. This first change of getting married was starting to become more of a choice rather than a necessity. This way of marriage still remained the only socially acceptable way to have a sexual relationship and to raise children in their home.

The sociologists of the time say that 4% of kids were born outside the marriage. They were marrying at a lot younger ages between 1900 and 1960 which average age went from 26 to 23 for men and from 22 to 20. Around that time the birth rate increased at a very dramatic rate. So after the World War II the whole meaning of marriage began to weaken, which started the next type of marriage. Beginning in the early 1960’s the average age of men and women rose back to an all-time high, with men around 27 and women around 25. This is where we start seeing more individualized marriages.

Most of them wanted to stay single until they finished their education and found some sort of stable job to support the family. So that’s when it came a lot more acceptable to have kids outside the marriage and have a family without being married. The divorce rate increased substantially and so did the number of same sex marriages, which was looked upon differently for the first time. For the household chores the men in the relationship started to become a lot more understanding and more helpful in the house. This is when we also see both the men and women working outside the home.

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All these components are essential to learn, understand, and be an effective communicator in the criminal justice organization. Effective Communication According to Merriam Webster, communication is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior” (Mathewson, 2009). This can be broken down into verbal and nonverbal communication. To help us understand verbal and nonverbal communication, each of these types has components which help us break down the meaning of communication.

Within verbal communication, “Researchers are unable to reach a consensus on the exact number of styles; however, most are willing to concede that they cluster around four dimensions: blaming, directing, persuading, and problem solving” (Mathewson, 2009). Verbal communication can be easily understood because it is simply the use of words. It is the way words are communicated through verbal speech and how we choose to express and convey our message. “Communication encompasses more than what comes out of the mouth or into the ear.

It includes hand, arm, and leg movements; facial expressions; voice tones; and other body gestures. Such nonverbal behavior can send a different meaning or message than the spoken word” (Ford, 2006). This constitutes as nonverbal communication, which is also understood through written word and/or body language. “Criminal justice professionals must be able to write clearly and coherently. Excerpts from reports are often introduced into court proceedings, and superiors review them as part of the investigative process” (Matheson, 2009).

This kind of communication can be of greater importance than verbal. By watching and listening for these nonverbal communication components, people can see different things such as picking up signs of stress or lying. “People tend to lean away if they are in fear or apprehensive about something, while others may cross their arms and have slight grimaces. In many cases when a person lies, they will unconsciously look away from the individual whom they are addressing” (Mathewson, 2009). These signs can help the criminal justice organization immensely if they know how to read nonverbal communication.

This will prove to be beneficial in an interview and or during investigation and court proceedings. “Also, with advancing technology, venues of communication have dramatically changed; agencies now commonly employ e-mails, memorandums, text messages, newsletters, and blogs” (Ford, 2006). These types of communication need to be evaluated correctly to be used appropriately in a situation. Furthermore, these forms of communication have become useful and convenient for the criminal justice professionals to stay current with the events and up to date with all the events. Everyone wants to be heard and understood, but at one time or another most people don’t listen and fail to understand the meaning of another person’s words. It’s a fundamental human need to have your feelings acknowledged, whether or not someone agrees with you” (Hellesvig-Gaskell, K. 2011). This is where the difference of listening and hearing come into play. “Hearing defines only the physical measurement of the sound waves that are transmitted to the ear and into the brain where they are processed into audible information” (Hellesvig-Gaskell, K. 2011).

When something is being said, you hear it whether or not you would like to hear it. Listening, on the other hand, goes far more beyond than hearing. Listening means that you are actually paying attention to the words being spoken and have the intention of understanding the message conveyed. Consequently, “an active participation in the communication process results in the ability to listen which is grouped into five distinct processes which include; receipt, attendance, ability to understand, initiative to respond, and ability to remember” (Writing Tips, 2012).

In the criminal justice organization, it is vital that listening be used rather than hearing because everything that is being said by a professional within the criminal justice system is essential. A police officer cannot merely hear the person they are talking to but carefully listen to what they are saying in order to understand their message and act accordingly and appropriately. For example, when there is a complaint made for a domestic violence assault, it is critical that the officer carefully listens to both sides of the story to ensure that no mistake is made and an accurate report is written and filed.

With communication in the criminal justice organization, it is essential to understand the formal and informal channels of communication. “The criminal justice system includes courts, police, and corrections. The formal channels are the strict procedures defined by the policies of the organization. The informal channels consist of the undocumented sharing of information. Both channels share in the efficiency and inefficiency of information sending and receiving” (Sinclair, C. 2011). Examples of formal communication channels include procedures, assignments, and various job descriptions.

For a police officer, the formal communications are forms of conduct, laws and regulations, and specific job descriptions for their specific field of expertise. As for informal channels, this can include the information shared between the criminal justice professionals that are not documented, like sharing the history of past events. A number of communication barriers exist which cause the receiver to incorrectly understand the message being delivered by the sender in the way it was intended.

These barriers can include language, cultural, and interpersonal barriers. A language barrier can be created when a criminal justice officer needs to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. This can also include a completely different language as well as an accent. This can lead to different interpretations and potentially harmful misunderstandings and misunderstandings by both sides. Alongside language barrier is a cultural barrier. These can include the background and history of a person as well as gender, age, and social status.

Finally, interpersonal barriers are found in the organizational settings and can include low levels of motivation, refusal to cooperate, trust concerns, inadequate knowledge of a topic, and facial instructions (Writing Tips, 2012). “At the core of community policing are partnerships and problem solving, but those essential elements can be hindered if law enforcement is not able to communicate with the growing diverse population in this country. Recognizing the need to improve communication is among the next steps in advancing community policing.

By developing and implementing a language access plan, law enforcement agencies will be able to strengthen their police community relations, increase trust, and be better positioned to address public safety problems” (). Some steps that can be taken to achieve this effective communication and see positive results is learning and understanding all the concepts and types of communication. Taking simple steps like refraining from interrupting a speaker, having an open mind, making direct eye contact, and avoiding to make judgments can be good strategies to improve communication effectiveness.

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A healthcare manager’s role is to make sure that the staff in which they are managing are present and working their scheduled shift and if they are unable to the manager must see to it that the position is filled prior to the starting of that shift. Productive time is the net or actual amount of hours an employee is physically working, and non-productive time is time that the employee is not working but if full time may qualify to be paid for as though they actually were working for example, vacation days, holidays, personal leave days, and possibly sick days.

Cost is tied into staffing by calculating the hourly rate of an employee along their weekly hours of work and the amount of productive time they qualify for, which will allow the manager to know exactly how much it will cost the area in which he or she is managing. Annualized method is a method used to determine the number of hours an employee who is eligible for vacation time will be working and how many hours their position will have open when they use their unproductive time.

Scheduled position method is used to figure out how many hours are needed to fill in for a single employee with a full time so the total hours balance out at the end of the year. Annualizing is good because the manager will have a clear view of how many hours the department that is being managed will require from his or her staff in order to properly operate as well as the cost on a yearly basis.

The benefits of recording productive and non-productive time are records to show the employee an overview of the actual time they work and the total number of paid and unpaid time they have off. It also gives the manager time to prepare in advance and find staffing when employees use their accumulated vacation time.

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Inflation in Pakistan 2001 to 2010 Abstracts Generally, Inflation is known to be the rise in the general price level of goods and services. Inflation is at its peak all over the world and there are different reasons for it. In the case of an Asian country, Pakistan inflation is the result of monetary phenomena. The excess money supply growth in Pakistan has basically enhanced inflation.

There are also many other reasons for the inflation to be high, such as, international increase in the commodity prices, external shocks, worsening of exchange rates and exhaustion of natural resources all have contributed significantly in enhancing the inflation. Introduction Pakistan has undergone a significant change in economic growth during the last few years, but the core problem of the economy is still unsolved. Inflation still continues to be the biggest of among all these.

Inflation is one of the most dangerous elements which have grasped the Pakistan till now. As we are in the Globalization world the Inflation is also increasing day by day in Pakistan. as compared to decade of 90,s when inflation averaged around 10% therefore any increase beyond 4 percent would make people a bit nervous. These are due to wrong economical policy, wrong governance, irresponsible political people who even don’t know the meaning of Politics. And the world Economical recession has also hit a Pakistan due to Inflation, Unemployment.

Historical Background During the 1970s, the period of great structural changes and uncertainty, the role of inflation expectations was quite evident. People consider expected inflation while making their optimisation decisions. The 1980s were a decade of relatively low average inflation (7. 2 per cent). Private sector borrowing, exchange rate depreciation and adaptive expectations were the main factors behind this growth in consumer prices. De-nationalization enlarged the private sector and, as a consequence, private sector borrowing increased during this period.

In 1990s, the mainstream liberalization policies picked up momentum. Frequent changes in the government, inconsistent policies, nuclear explosion and other dramatic political and economic developments put upward pressure on prices. Average inflation rate increased to 9. 6 per cent. Increase in wheat procurement prices, government and private sector borrowings, exchange rate depreciation and adaptive expectations were the main factors behind the surge in inflation rate. 1. Period 2010 The Survey revealed that people were expecting that Inflation would rise in future.

It showed that demand-pull, cost push and structural factors were responsible for current inflation in Pakistan and the government policies were not useful to enhance growth. Current cause of inflation include demand, pull, cost push and structure inflation. The survey revealed that cost-push factor was much responsible for causing inflation. The contribution of cost push inflation was 29. 1 percent followed by demand-pull factor (14 percent) and structure factors 13. 5 percent. Collectively, all the three factors were contributing about 56. percent to current inflation 2. Period 2009 According to the Inflation Outlook covering the period of January-June 2009, the inflation is expected to be in the range of 21. 3 percent in the current month of January 2009 as against 11. 9 perencet in January 2008. According to a Projection presented Economic condition committee of the Cabinet meeting held on January 13, 2009, inflation was measured at 24. 3 percent at the start of July in 2007. According the reserve the cause of Inflation is the continuation of year 2010. 3. Period 2008

Generally the whole world is effecting the problem of prices alike, but in Pakistan it has become a severs problem with more than 11% inflation rate per annum, which is the highest in the world. It is considered that inflation rate from 2 to 3% is necessary for the proper growth of economy but if it exceeds from this limit, then it becomes menace. The major cause of increase in the price level is an increase in currency or credit money. Increase in stock of money induces people to demand more goods and service. The policy of deficit financing has led to increase the quantity of money in the country particularly after 1972.

In January 1193 currency in circulation was Rs 166 billion which has gone up to Rs 834 billion in June 2007. 4. Period 2007 Year on Year CPI Inflation rates in February 2007, when compared with rates in January 2007, show upward movement in the overall inflation as well as in its two broad components of food and non-food inflation. This is mainly due to unusually high one-month increase in CPI and its components Overall, CPI increased by 1 percent, which is twice the five year average of the January February increase. It also said increase in one month non food inflation is only one third higher than the respective five Year average.

Trend rates of Inflation continue to be a downward direction, although the pace of downtrend remains sluggish, Twelve,-month moving average rates in overall CPI and its broad categories of both and upward movement in food inflation. 5. Period 2006 During the year 2006 there was a decrease in the total inflation of the country general and food form 9. 3 to 7. 9 percent and 12. 5 percent to 6. 9 % respectively. The Government took several major steps to bring the inflation down during this year as well by tightening in the monetary policy and augmenting the supply of essential commodities through liberalization of mport regime. As a result the general inflation declined from 9. 3 % and the non governmental borrowing in the year 2006 become 23 percent. 6. Period 2005 During 2005 consumer witnessed a very high Inflation rate, such as, international increase in the commodity price. This year there was a massive increase in the inflation rate, the core inflation in the year 2005 was 8. 8 % which has almost doubled since the last year in which the inflation rate was 3. 8 %. During this year borrowing increased by 30%.

The two main reason for high inflation during this period were because of excessive government borrowing and the price of wheat. Government estimated the inflation rate in the next year would range between 7. 7 and 8. 3 %. 7. Period 2004 The major factor that led to such steep increase in inflation in 2004 that there are four factors responsible for rising inflation around the globe, First, the unprecedented increase in oil price and food prices, and Pakistan being part of global economically cannot remain immune to global inflationary pressures.

Secondly, inflation in Pakistan is largely a food price driven inflation owing mainly to the rise in the price of wheat, wheat flour, meat, onion and tomatoes, Thirdly, inflation of 9. 3 % in the month of July 2004 is measured a very low inflation environment on an average of 4 % during the last five years. 8. Period 2003 When inflation crosses reasonable limits, it has negative effects. It reduces the value of money, resulting in uncertainty of the value gains and losses of borrowers, lenders, and buyers and sellers, the increasing uncertainty discourages saving and investment.

A reasonable rate of inflation around 3-6 percent viewed to have positive effects on the national economy as its encourages investment and production and allows growth in wages. 9. Period 2002 Pakistan has come out poorly in an annual index of economic freedom exercise conducted by the conservative think tank heritage Foundation, and the Wall Street Journal. Pakistan is included among 10 of the 155 countries surveyed whose performance “worsened “ during 2004. It is now bracketed with Ethopia, Uganda, Haiti, Bangladesh, Morocco, Qatar, Cuba and Tunisia.

As for banking and finance, the survey said that the government plays large role in the sector and owns 11 financial institutions. Banks are taxed at a rate of 47 percent. The rate would be bought down to 9. 3%,. The credit policies of the government found approval from the US Department of Commerce but credit targets were seen to be applied to state –owned bank only. The department noted, however, that a programmed of concessionary credit to private sector through stat-owned commercial banks had been approved. 10. Period 2001 Inflation may affect aggregate demand through a number of distinct ways.

First, inflation can affect investment activities in the economy by creating uncertainty about the future evolution of output and input prices and profitability. Second, inflation can exert negative effect on consumer spending by reducing the real value of consumer wealth. Third, it can reduce the real value of government expenditure, which is an important component of aggregate demand, particularly in developing countries. Fourth, inflation can affect economic activities by promoting imports through increase in domestic prices relative to foreign prices.

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Flatter areas of Ampara affected by Flash flood & and highly destructive, Riverine flooding has been a very destructive phenomenon, although with a slower onset, affecting densely populated and cultivated areas. In lower Akkarapattu & Kalmunai, the ongoing riverine flooding may have longer lasting effects. By 19th January 2011 nearly 0. 5 million people were directly affected by the flood Reported 11 deaths. Around 1100 houses fully damaged or made unlivable & nearly 4800 houses partially damaged due to flood victims. More than 2700 hectares of standing crops were damaged or lost.

More than 60 percent lost immediate access to their primary livelihood and are faced with a drop. Livestock was severely impacted with on average 40% of livestock lost by flood affected households. Also flood causing millions of LKR in looses and damages to infrastructure, housing, agriculture & livestock, and other family assets. Essential infrastructure & irrigation resources including roads, bridges & markets, Irrigation channels & some tanks has been severely damaged & many remains impassable. This flood impact assessment is based on several just completed rapid surveys from different agencies & TRP rapid assessment findings.

Infrastructure & Irrigation Channels Damage to road infrastructure was extensive, cutting off many communities from essential supplies. The damage was greatest in the areas impacted by the flash floods in flatter areas where many bridges, culverts & Irrigation channels collapsed rendering some areas completely inaccessible. The flood caused damage to electricity supply and installations. Power supply was interrupted in some towns. The majorities of ground water wells were clogged up with mud and silt and are unusable.

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The topic of section sixteen is the pathophysiological changes that can occur in the integumentary system. These include inflammatory reaction of the skin and the formation of lesions, burns, cellulitis, dermatitis, folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles, fungal infections, pressure ulcers, psoriasis, scleroderma, toxic epidermal necrolysis and warts.

All these possible alterations mentioned applies to physiology because the integumentary system, which consists of the skin, the subcutaneous tissue below the skin, hair, nails and assorted glands protect our body from invading microbes (chemically and physically), regulates body temperature, prevents dehydration, acts as a blood reservoir, aids in excretion and vitamin D synthesis. The skin is the largest and heaviest body system, and it takes a lot of work to keep it balanced.

It is considered one of the most valuable parts of the body. Since the skin is our first line of defense, we must take necessary precautions to keep it healthy and prevent any kind of infection from developing and spreading. The hair and nails both have protective functions in addition to their cosmetic appeal. The integumentary system has two main types of glands, sebaceous (oil) and sudoriferous (sweat).

The sweat glands function primarily in thermoregulation by the production of sweat, and sebaceous glands produce oil that keeps the skin and hair from becoming dry and serves as a bactericide. After reading the highlighted disorders from the book, I learned that as a nurse, the main focus of my care will be teaching about the disorders, its treatment and prevention. It was extremely informative to read all about the causes of the disorders, the signs and symptoms, complications, diagnosis, treatments and special considerations.

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The colors used are neither too bright nor too dark, but lush, emphasizing natural forest green, as well as cloudy white. The sister and baby are given an almost doll-like, powdered look through useage of white and tanned colors. There is no notable sunlight, although the composition itself is outside, it appears that everything is simply fleshed out well. The entire composition itself feels ‘earthen’, as the people are lightly dressed and in colors reminiscient of dirt/ground. In terms of balance and space, ‘The Elder Sister’ has what I note as an implied cross, with the baby and sister forming a ‘plus sign’.

The two compromise the focal point, and seem to bring some form of balance and symmetry. With that said, the girl herself is not proportional to the background, and actually appears to be floating above the ground. With respect to unity, I found the subject matter to be unified because the composition presents them focally alone, without any other people, and centered with the horizon. They gaze towards the viewer and dominate the picture spatially, by being on what seems to be a separate plane from the background which has a linear perspective.

Much of the characteristics of the girl’s facial features remind me of Leondardo DiCaprio’s drawings because she has similar eyebrows, and has very perfectual body features like that of the High Renaissance. On a side note, the clothing worn by the girl indicates a time period at least a century old. In “Portrait of a Young Woman”, by Rembrandt van Rijin, there are a few similarities to ‘The Elder Sister’ as well as many differences. Two key similarities in the work can be found symmetrically, as well as in the subject’s body language.

The artist renders a woman floating over a dark void, with a similar gaze to the viewer that the subject in ‘The Elder Sister’ holds, and the woman being the symmetrical focal point also unifies the composition the same way. In terms of human physical appearance, it could be said that the woman holds the same powdered, doll-like complexion as well. In this work, though, two blushed cheeks are very noticeable, giving the human figure a more lifelike and physical/realistical feel, as well as the useage of color to show emotion as being different.

One of the biggest differences in Rembrandt’s work is in the very dark tones and colors he uses to depict a character or scene. Rembrandt’s young woman has red hair, and wears a black dress which seems to intentionally melt into the background, making it feel as if the viewer is only looking at a head with a dress. The red hair draws the viewer’s eye toward the woman’s face, because the rest of the composition is very dark. Another difference can be found in perspective as well as with background/foreground.

Rembrandt’s work differs from Bouguereau’s in that ‘The Elder Sister’ has a clear vanishing point in the background, where as Rembrandt’s composition lacks any visual components in the background. Even without a background, Rembrandt does make some subtle use of lines which could not be found in ‘The Elder Sister’; The woman’s neck garment seems to span out in triangular shape, and the lines pull the viewer’s eye over and around. Rembrandt’s composition has no visible source of light, and in fact the woman even seems to b unnaturally lit up for such a dark room.

It feels as though there is an intended sense of rhythm from bottom to top, using white-to-black-to-white-to-black color scheming. A final difference to be compared is in the texture – Rembrandt’s work feels more ‘realistic’, using a less smoth and soft look than the previous work, and focusing on the napkin-like look and feel of the woman’s clothing. By comparing both works of art, I feel they are a little easier to understand in meaning. I think ‘The Elder Sister’ is a portrait possibly of young girl, perhaps a daughter, that the artist knew or was reflecting back upon.

I feel the same about Rembrandt’s work, however, given the dark nature of the picture, it could be a family member or loved one passed away. Overall, I found the most prominent difference to be color and the allusion to nature in Bouguereau’s work versus darkness in Rembrandt’s, and I personally preferred ‘The Elder Sister’ because of the way it simplistically describes a girl taking care of a baby away from society and around nature. Ultimately, I feel the different time periods are what led these two works to have such different atmospheres to them.

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Have you ever been to the circus and seen the amazing tricks the elephants and other animals do? They may look cool but these elephants aren’t born knowing how to do these tricks, they are tortured to learn them with whips, bullhooks, chains, bush knives, ear halters, and ropes to control them to do whatever the mahout (trainers) wants them to do. These wild animals are not meant to be tamed but to live a happy life in the wild. 1Bears, elephants, tigers, and other animals do not voluntarily ride bicycles, stand on their heads, balance on balls, or jump through rings of fire.

They don’t perform these and other difficult tricks because they want to; they perform them because they’re afraid of what will happen if they don’t. For animals in circuses, there is no such thing as “positive reinforcement”—only varying degrees of punishment and deprivation. To force them to perform these meaningless and physically uncomfortable tricks, trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks, and other painful tools of the trade. In the Ringling Bros. circus, elephants are beaten, hit, poked, prodded, and jabbed with sharp hooks, sometimes until bloody.

Ringling breaks the spirit of elephants when they’re vulnerable babies who should still be with their mothers. Unsuspecting parents planning a family trip to the circus don’t know about the violent training sessions with ropes, bullhooks, and electric shock prods that elephants endure. Heartbreaking photos reveal how Ringling Bros. circus trainers cruelly force baby elephants to learn tricks, and it’s not through a reward system, as they claim. The picture above is of circus trainers bounding this poor elephant to ropes for “training”. These elephants never forget the abuse they go through, they are one of the smartest animals.

Elephants get along very well with humans as long as they are being treated right, when you hear about elephants attacking circus trainers or escaping its only because they are treated so terribly and they eventually decide to do something about it. How would you feel if someone was torturing you 24/7 and you even had to sleep with chains around your feet, you would probably do the same and try to fight back. 2The Elephant Sanctuary in Hoenwald Tennessee is set on 2700 acres of land and is designed for both Asian and African elephants. There is a 25 acre lake, 9000 square foot heated state of the art barn for the animals.

This is an overall amazing place for rescued elephants and is for them to live just like they would in the wild. Tarra the elephant was born in 1974 in Burma Asia, she was captured from the wild that same year and preformed in zoos and circuses until March 3rd 1995 after performing for 21 years she retired and moved into the elephant sanctuary. She stands at 8’ 2”, weighs 8700 pounds, and she loves watermelon. Tarra was seen many times holding a stick with her trunk drawing in the dirt and would spend wrestles nights doing so on the floor in her barn.

They eventually gave her paint brushes and she would enjoy painting and sticking her trunk in the paint and blowing it everywhere, but each piece of artwork was never finished until she added her very distinctive signature. In 2003 bella wondered on to the sanctuary property and instantly became best friends with Tarra, they were in separable, Bella would even roll over on her back and let Tarra pet her belly with her Giant foot. They would play in the snow together, swim in the ponds, and just explore together. The size difference did not matter to them, They were the ultimate best of friends.

When Bella had gotten a spinal cord injury she couldn’t move her legs and couldn’t even move her tail, for the next three weeks Tarra stood in the same spot outside the office just waiting for Bella, so they decided to bring Bella out to see Tarra and Bellas tail started to wag and Tara was very excited, they continued to do this till Bella was able to walk again. In 2011 Bella had passed away from what they think was a coyote attack, Tarra brought her back to the barn and stayed by her side. Work Sited: 1 http://www. peta. org/issues/animals-in-entertainment/circuses. aspx 2 http://www. elephants. com/index. php

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What theological concerns prompted Martin Luther’s challenge of the authority of the Catholic Church? What specific reforms did he advocate? -The church was saying that you needed to be saved and you needed Catholic priest to be directly involved in your path to salvation. Luther put emphasis on an individual’s personal relationship with God through Jesus.

What forces worked against such an empire in the sixteenth century? – Pressures from France and Ottomans halted expansion of the empire 6) How did European monarchs increase their power in the early modern era? What are some of the common characteristics of the new monarchs? -Extended their rule by expanding their lands and territories. A monarch is the person who heads a monarchy, a form of government in which a country or entity is usually ruled or controlled by an individual. 7) What is the fundamental difference between absolute monarchy and a constitutional government?

Rapid growth of major cities. Cities increasingly important as administrative and commercial center. 12) What are the characteristics of capitalism in the early modern age? What financial innovations supported the growth of capitalism in Europe? – Joint-stock companies like EEIC and VOC organized commerce on a new scale. Capitalism actively supported by governments, especially in England and Netherlands. Protected rights of private property, upheld contracts, settled disputed. 13) What are some of the social changes that resulted from the growth of capitalism? What groups would have been most threatened by or resistant to these changes? Early capitalism altered rural society: improved material standards, increased financial independence of rural worker. Families more independent economically, socially, and emotionally

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“A person lives only once, but if you live right, once is enough”. The same truth applies to one’s career decision because the career you choose is going to live with you throughout your life & the education you perceive was, is & will be your most loyal friend and which will help you achieve your career goals. I knew at a young age that I would enter the business field. But, in order to establish oneself well in a business field, one needs to have at least the basic technical knowledge along with management skills.

So, accordingly, I completed my B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu where I was ranked in the Dean’s List in 2007-2008. By the time I completed my course, I had, in my hand, a job offer from WIPRO Technologies. It would be almost a year before I joined a B School. So I decided to take the job and learn something rather than sit idly a home. I joined Wipro Technologies in November, 2011 where as a trainee, I performed extremely well.

I was grouped into the “Fast Track Batch” which consists of the top 5% of the freshers who join WIPRO every year. I was also awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2000 for being the third best programmer in my batch. Now, to achieve my career goals, I need to learn much more about current developments and techniques in management, international markets and market applications and acquire hands-on experience of management. A Master’s Degree in management will provide me with theoretical understanding and depth idea of practical approaches in aiding managerial decision-making.

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Introduction The efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) is a dominant financial markets theory developed by Michael Jensen, a graduate of the University of Chicago and one of the creators of the efficient markets hypothesis, stated that, “there is no other proposition in economics which has more solid empirical evidence supporting it than the Efficient Markets Hypothesis” [Jensen, 1978, 96]. This paper analyzes whether it is possible to measure if markets are efficient in the strong form of EMH.

A generation ago, the efficient market hypothesis was widely accepted by academic financial economists; for example, Eugene Fama’s (1970) influential survey article, “Efficient Capital Markets. ” It was generally believed that securities markets were extremely efficient in reflecting information about individual stocks and about the stock market as a whole. The accepted view was that when information arises, the news spreads very quickly and is incorporated into the prices of securities without delay.

Thus, neither technical analysis, which is the study of past stock prices in an attempt to predict future prices, nor even fundamental analysis, which is the analysis of financial information such as company earnings, asset values, etc. , to help investors select “undervalued” stocks, would enable an investor to achieve returns greater than those that could be obtained by holding a randomly selected portfolio of individual stocks with comparable risk.

The efficient market hypothesis is associated with the idea of a “random walk,” which is a term loosely used in the finance literature to characterize a price series where all subsequent price changes represent random departures from previous prices. The logic of the random walk idea is that if the flow of information is unimpeded and information is immediately reflected in stock prices, then tomorrow’s price change will reflect only tomorrow’s news and will be independent of the price changes today.

But news is by definition unpredictable and, thus, resulting price changes must be unpredictable and random. As a result, prices fully reflect all known information, and even uninformed investors buying a diversified portfolio at the tableau of prices given by the market will obtain a rate of return as generous as that achieved by the experts. Definition of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis In 1970 Eugene Fama coined the term efficient markets hypothesis and introduced its three forms: weak, semi-strong, and strong.

The efficient markets hypothesis states that, “prices fully reflect all available information” (Fama, 1991, 1575). The efficient markets hypothesis assumes information is fully reflected in prices, price changes are continuous, investors are rational profit-maximizers sharing the same investment goals, expectations, and holding period, and security prices follow a submartingale [Mandelbrot, 2004, 83-87]. A process is a martingale if the present value of future cash flows is the current stock price. In 1965 Paul Samuelson proclaimed that the stock market is one such process.

Fama further specified that security prices follow a submartingale, a type of martingale with positive expected returns instead of zero. The submartingale condition assumes stock prices always equal the present value of future cash flows (also known as intrinsic value), are normally distributed, and are independent of one another [LeRoy, 1989, 1585-1595 & Mandelbrot, 2004, 87]. Jensen also defines an efficient market as one in which prices reflect information to the point where marginal benefits of acting on information do not exceed the marginal costs(Jensen,1978).

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In the mineral processing industry, production costs cover more than 40% of the total cost on average, while the production costs of grinding covers more than 40% on average. While the investments of grinding equipments account for about 60% of the total investment of mineral processing industry. All the processes that make large particle materials into small particles through outside force can be called crushing, the mechanical appliance is called crusher.

All the processes that make small particle materials powder through outside force can be called crushing or grinding. It can be called powder mill for short. The machinery can be called pulverizer and grinding mill . The machinery that combine the crushing and grinding can be called crushing and grinding machine. In the cement industry, the role of broken grinding costs in the cement works are around 20% of production costs, and electricity consumption of crushing machinery accounts for about 10% of total electricity consumption, while the powder mill accounts for 60%.

With the economic rapid development of modern society, The demand and production scale of all kinds of metal, nonmetal, chemical minerals, as well as cement, building materials increase gradually, so the material that needs to be crushed and grinded is increasing rapidly. Since the 90s, the annual amount of material through the broken grinding is up to 100 million tons. China’s annual output of brittle materials has already reached more than 1. billion, of which about 240 million tons are iron ore, more than 100 million tons of nonferrous metals ore, more than 260 million tons of non-metallic minerals, over 30 million tons of chemical minerals, about 400 million tons of cement ,more than 470 million tons of limestone for building. Most of these materials must be broken through the grinding, so we can see crushing and powder projects play a huge role in the national economy. Many different types of stone crusher, stone crushing production line are often used, complete production line and mineral sand production line stone, stone crushing production.

The current breaker Heavy machinery industry has developed into a relatively large branch of industry, the benefits of working the heavy machinery crusher applications for the current situation and the stone industry in a variety of different quality characteristics, according to different Application of sums up the current industry crusher several major categories, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and a cone crusher and so on.

The whole pulverizer is of a standing structure and characteristic of a small occupying space and strong integration capability. It can form up an independent production system from lump material crushing to finished powder and packaging. The electrical system of the pulverizer is centrally controlled and the advanced model is rationally selected. Basically, an unmanned operation can be realized in the pulverizing workshop.

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Ymere is one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands, active in the Northern Randstad. The organization manages about 82,500 houses, shops and commercial business accommodations, and develops new houses and social property on a large scale. This project, which they are working on, is created to improve the red light district and eventually eliminate any illegal prostitution and drug barons from the area. The idea is to achieve a structural change in this area, the image must change into a high quality and attractive entrance area that reflects the ambitions that Amsterdam has.

The municipality of Amsterdam is working on putting the red light district in a different light and therefore is engaging and encouraging other companies that are situated in the area, to do so as well. The commissioning client is the Ymere housing corporation and they are responsible for managing a big building located on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in the Amsterdam city centre. The project group is assigned to create a new concept for an ultimate club experience and because this area is an entertainment centre, Ymere wants to use this building to accommodate a very trendy club where visitors can gain a new and special experience.

The concept for this club has to differ from the other clubs located in the area, so no more sex theatres such as “Casa Rosso” or “Yab Yum”, but more clubs which offers the visitors a high quality experience such as “The Supperclub” offers to their guests or “The (old) Roxy” used to. Knowing more about the assignment and the background of the project means that the project group can focus on the process that follows. We will be brainstorming for a new concept, participating in desk research and participating in field research by visiting two clubs in the Netherlands and two clubs virtually abroad.

When the research is done the project group will document everything in a written advisory report for the commissioning client. In this report we will advise the commissioning client on an innovative concept for The Ultimate Club Experience. The advisory report will consist of several parts: 1. The professional supply and demand analysis 2. The observation assignment 3. Development of the concept (the brainstorming stage) 4. Development of the concept 5. English summary The advisory report will be presented and explained to the commissioning client, the consultant and tutor by the members of the project group, in a presentation.

Project Objective On Friday 23 December the project group will have produced an Advisory Report consisting of a professional supply and demand analysis, the observation assignment, development of the concept including the brainstorming stage and a summary. These products are based on the creation of The Ultimate Club experience that will be located on the Niewezijds Voorburgwal. In week 2 of the year 2012 we will present our concept clearly and concisely to the commissioning client and give an advice on the realization of the club experience based on our research outcomes and arguments.

Project Delineation The project group will prepare an extensive analysis on the supply and demand side of club experiences in Amsterdam and come up with ideas that fill the gap in the supply. The project group will do desk research and also field research regarding the same matter by making research observations on the consumers (gender statistics, the degree of satisfaction, etc. ) and set up interviews with club managers in order to get a better insight into the supply. The project group will not make contact with the consumers, for example through surveys or questionnaires.

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Hoskisson, we have to use two stages of thinking: •In analysis stage we will analyze the general external environmental issues affecting the firm; •In synthesize stage we will generate alternatives that can resolve the significant problems or challenges; To follow these two stages effectively we have to follow the six steps of case analysis process

Gaining Familiarity – determine who, when, how, where and when as well as identify the places, people, activities and context of the situation and the degree of certainty / uncertainty 2. Recognizing Symptoms – list all facts that are not as expected, and ensure the symptoms that are not the problems. 3. Identifying Goals – identify critical statements by major parties and list goals of the major parties that exist or can be reasonably inferred. 4. Conducting the analysis – decide which ideas, models, theories seem to be useful.

Apply conceptual tools and as the new information is reveled cycle back to sub-steps. 5. Making the Diagnosis – indicate predicaments, problems and prioritize predicaments / problems regarding timing, importance and so. 6. Doing the action Planning – specify and prioritize the criteria used to choose the action alternatives. Discover or invent feasible action alternatives. Examine the probable consequences of action alternatives. Select a course of action. Design an implementation plan / schedule. Create a plan for assessing the action to be implemented.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered by many to be one of the greatest American Presidents of all time. He was a man challenged by one of the most tumultuous times in American history. Roosevelt’s first one hundred days as president were unprecedented and still serve as a measuring stick for American Presidents today. Roosevelt’s story is quite impressive. This essay will cover Franklin Roosevelt from his polio diagnosis to his first 100 days, with an emphasis on his Inauguration and the first New Deal. Franklin Delano Roosevelt burst on to the political scene in 1920 as a vice presidential candidate on James Cox’s ticket.

Despite losing the 1920 election, Roosevelt constructed a strong political base. In 1921 Roosevelt was diagnosed with Polio. Before his diagnosis, Roosevelt was only familiar with the privilege and contentment of the upper-class life in which he was born. Instead of giving up and surrendering to this horrible disease, he fought tirelessly to strengthen his body and mind. It is evident that FDR’s struggle against Polio showed him what it meant to endure pain and hardship, feelings that were common amongst the majority of Americans.

At the same time, FDR and his political companions were attempting to keep his disease a secret, for it could possibly prove to ruin his career. This is where Eleanor and Louis Howe came into play. They both kept his name alive in the political arena, with Howe acting as his political liaison with Democratic leaders. Eleanor attended political rallies, social affairs, speeches, and reported back to Roosevelt with important issues. His return to politics began with his relationship with Al Smith, whose political connections made his election of governor possible.

During his governorship of New York, he demonstrated his progressive ideals by supporting tax relief for farmers, conservation, cheap electricity, and reforestation. When Roosevelt won the democratic nomination in 1932 he began to speak publicly of Herbert Hoover. He felt Hoover was a reckless spender who concentrated too much power in Washington. Republicans: Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover controlled the Presidency all throughout the 1920’s, but in 1932, FDR won the election over Hoover in a landslide. The great depression called for a leader with great strength.

A leader who had seen adversity—just as the American public had seen through the depression. A leader who understood struggle, but never gave up. On March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took his oath of office in front of Chief Justice, Charles Evans Hughes and used the radio to address the American public about his New Deal plan. The new president’s “fear” speech is one of the most recognizable Presidential Inauguration speeches1—along with Kennedy’s “ask what you can do for your country” speech2—and was done at a time before Roosevelt was considered in such high regard.

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Rooming houses may have as few as three rooms for rent, or more than a hundred. Rooming houses are the cheapest form of permanent accommodation currently available in Toronto. Rents average about $400-$450 a month. Those who cannot afford a room in a rooming house, or who are evicted from a rooming house because they cannot pay the rent generally have to go to a hostel. (This puts an added burden on the city, because housing people in hostels costs about $1,200 per person per month. ) Rooming houses are an essential form of housing for low-income people.

They constitute the bottom rung of the housing ladder. If they disappear, it will become even harder for low-income people to remain on the ladder, let alone climb it. In other words, the fewer rooms that are available in rooming houses in Toronto, the greater the number of people who will fill the hostels and live on the streets. The decline in the numbers of rooming houses in Toronto has occurred at the same time as an increase in homelessness. The people who live in rooming houses are those who cannot afford self-contained apartments.

These people include people on social assistance, people with minimum-wage jobs, students, new immigrants who are not yet established in jobs, refugees, old age pensioners with low incomes, disabled people, and former psychiatric patients. Recently, because of the shortage of inexpensive apartments in Toronto, working people who would normally have found apartments have begun to move into certain rooming houses. A rooming house is considered illegal if it contravenes city bylaws. In the former City of Toronto, rooming houses are required to obtain a license from City

Hall to operate. Any rooming house that does not have a license can be considered “illegal. ” Rooming houses may also be “illegal” because their owners did not obtain a permit to make renovations to divide up the building, because they do not have sufficient parking for tenants, or because one or more rooms are below a certain minimum size. Rooming houses are also “illegal” if they are located in one of the former municipalities that prohibited them in its bylaws. Boarding houses offer tenants food and other services in addition to accommodation.

Boarding houses often house elderly people, former psychiatric patients, or the disabled. A program called Habitat Services helps ensure that certain boarding houses maintain adequate standards of cleanliness and care. This program requires that the owner/operator of the boarding home sign a contract with Habitat Services. In return for funding, the owner/operator agrees to accept periodic inspections of the house and regular visits from service providers.

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Epics Over the Years The Odyssey, a historical epic, was the first written of its kind. Since then, many stories’ plots have focused on the characteristics that made it an epic, such as Finding Nemo. Although the Odyssey was written many years ago, Finding Nemo’s qualities are along the same lines. Both stories contain characters on a journey in search of something of significance. Monsters threaten the quest home, helpers assist the heroes on their journeys, the heroes are glorified in the end, and there is a strong relationship between a parent and their child.

Some of these are more commonly found or recognized than others. The most commonly used motif of all is the quest for something of importance. In the Odyssey, Odysseus was away from home for twenty years and could not wait to see his faithful wife, Penelope, and loyal son, Telemachus (Homer). Odysseus is on his journey home to see his family and reclaim his throne as king of Ithaca. Just like Odysseus, in Finding Nemo, Marlin, a clownfish, swims across the ocean in a desperate search for his son, Nemo, after he was captured by a scuba diver. Marlin’s son was precious to him, and the only family he had in his life (Stanton).

Odysseus and Marlin’s families are greatly important in their lives, and they make it clear that reuniting with them is a top priority. Not all trips are smooth sailings, for there will always be an obstacle to overcome. In the Odyssey, Odysseus comes in contact with many different characters that lengthen his journey home. He had to trick the Cyclops into allowing him and his men to leave. He was forced to pass the Lotus Eaters, Sirens, and overcome Zeus’ lightning bolt to his ship (Homer). These are just a few of the problems that Odysseus and his men had to conquer. Finding Nemo has many obstacles, also.

Marlin has to flee the sharks without being eaten or blown up, he has to escape the Anglerfish, and he has to reach the East Australian Current without losing his way or being stung by the jellyfish (Stanton). Although these problems are different from one another, they both could cause a failure to the journey. Another theme of an epic that the Odyssey and Finding Nemo share is the characters that assist Odysseus and Marlin along the way. Odysseus had the help of Athena, Hermes, Eumaus and many others on his long and rough journey to Ithaca (Homer). If Odysseus would not have had their help, he might not have made home.

Marlin also had his share of friends to help him along the way, such as Dory, who was with him every step of the way, the sea turtles, who helped him on the East Australian Current, and the Pelican, who kept Marlin from being eaten and took him to Nemo (Stanton). Just like Odysseus, Marlin would not have been able to save his son without the help of the others along the way. Glorification of the hero at the end of the story is another motif the Odyssey and Finding Nemo share. Odysseus is seen as a hero for surviving all his hardships, and for coming back home and saving his family from the suitors (Homer).

Marlin is also glorified as a hero of the sea for advancing past the sharks and swimming across the sea. He is also praised by his son for being so brave and fearless (Stanton). Although both Odysseus and Marlin would have taken these journeys without being exalted, they were still envied by many for their heroic journeys. Finding Nemo and the Odyssey also share the theme of a parent and child relationship. In the Odyssey, Odysseus was away from home for the first twenty years of his son’s life, which meant he never formed a relationship with him. When they reunited with each other after twenty years, it was as if no time had passed.

They were ecstatic to see each other and held nothing back (Homer). Marlin and Nemo are the opposite of Odysseus and Telemachus, because they spend every moment together. When Marlin and Nemo reunited, Marlin better understood Nemo and was no longer overprotective. He gave Nemo space to make his own decisions (Stanton). Whether a parent or child has seen each other yesterday or twenty years ago, there will always be unconditional love for one another. Although these stories are largely contrasting, they each share some of the main characteristics of traditional epics.

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Role of T-Shirt Design Tool for Social Messages Summary: Here we are going to discuss about the T-shirt designing tool for creating a personalized design for your apparel. We will discuss how they are emerging as a great way of imparting social messages. Creative design on t-shirts and apparels is becoming commonly practiced trend today. T-shirt designing tool is high in demand these days due to trendy customized designs on T-shirts required by people to promote various social causes. There are various social welfare organizations raising their faith in this tool to promote their issues and causes for generating awareness in the society.

With t-shirt design tool one can create entirely distinctive piece of customized apparel keeping a particular thought in mind. A number of online software are available for designing personalized creations on T-shirts. One can choose various colors, sizes, and shapes of designs for your t-shirt. The user can integrate endless creative designs in form of pictures, images, fonts, graphics, pixel effects and other unique things. Among the various T-shirt design tool providers in the market No-Refresh reigns with its amazing services.

They create high resolution output for their customer using T-shirt designing software with newest versions of flex applications. Their team of experts is indulged in providing you the best results to the customers with tailor made application for the customers. You are not required to have knowledge of hard core programming to install and use this software for designing your T-shirt. The usage is simple and anyone having basic knowledge of operating personal computer can commence creating outlandish design for themselves.

With endless options in designing one can create his/her customized apparel with personal and social messages. T-shirt designing is a great tool with which it is easy to reflect the ideas, concerns, thoughts, desires, emotions and several other processed issues of your personal and social life. With the help of this tool many of the organizations have been able to caste their views in front of the society in an easy manner. So, it is a helpful tool serving mankind in a special way.

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And today I truly believe that to know India one just needs to visit any Indian village where there is a blend of ancient as well as the modern world. The face of my village in the Indian state of Kerala is also changing. The village where my father and his siblings have grown from young toddlers to mature individuals. Growing up in a dusty, marshy environment of a village had its share of joy and ecstasy. Those good old days, as my father says, are etched in his memories even after spending nearly 20 years in this cosmopolitan city of Mumbai.

His life as a kid, who grew up in a joint family, shared his clothes and books with his siblings, walked miles to his government run school always fascinated me. But over the years i noticed that these things are gradually changing. My cousins who reside in Kerala live in nuclear families; go to schools run by private institution which is very much similar to our lifestyle in cosmopolitan cities. This manifests the rising changes in Indian villages which are gradually transforming into small towns.

However this is not only the account of my village in Kerala but also of hundreds of such hamlets across our nation. We must obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature. Abiding by this great law villages in India are constantly changing. the driving force behind these changes are factors like industrialization, modernization, development in means of transport and communication, improved quality of education and above all ” the craze to be urbane. As it is said every coin has two sides; similarly change can happen for the good as well as the evil. Improved transport has connected interior parts of villages to the towns which is a boon for the villages. Good quality education has improved the literacy rate in villages. Industries generate employment in small hamlets. But these same factors create a lot of evil impact on the village life. Industrialization proves to be hazardous to the health of villagers. It results in all types of pollution.

In an attempt to be modern villagers are being driven from the basic values which initially kept them firmly rooted. The children from younger generations are unaware of the pros-n-cons of living in a joint family. As someone once said,” to change and to change for the better are two different things. ” Keeping this in mind change in any form, which takes place anywhere should always be for the good and create a positive impact. ”There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction. “

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The play Away, by Michael Gow, shows the inner conflict of a character named Gwen who is struggling to accept change and let her daughter go. Gwen and her daughter Meg are always in constant conflict with each other; revealing that Gwen is losing control of her life.

As she struggles to maintain her grip on her daughter she tightens her grip on her social status. Her caravan is the symbol for her status, “We’ve got a caravan, everything in it you could want”. The caravan has everything that a normal middle class family would have at their home and shows that Gwen doesn’t want any change on her holiday as her caravan is a replica of her home. Later a storm comes and destroys her caravan thus destroying her status and forcing her into change. Gwen experiences change and is finally able to accept it, she lets go of her grip on her daughter thus resolving her conflict.

The character Tom, in Michael Gow’s play Away, is experiencing turmoil within himself as he is dying from Leukaemia and his parents are convinced that Tom not knowing will lessen the pain for him but in real fact Tom knows about his disease already. Each family member wants the best for each other but this causes each person to suffer alone and stopping them in consoling each other. Tom wants his parents to believe that he does not know of the disease in order to make them happy, but this choice has lead him to suffering alone with his disease.

They show their awkward relationship through duologues as each family member want the best for each other and their conversations are awkward, as tom knows that his parents are lying to him so he is constantly trying to avoid conversations with them. An example of their relationship is through this duologue; Harry: “when you have kids you’ll know what I’m talking about. ” Tom: “Come on dad you’re getting tired” The conflict that each individual is having, not being able to tell the truth instead dealing with it inside, shows that inner conflict can cause great pain to an individual.

In the film 10 Things I Hate About You, directed by Gil Junger, Patrick Verona, a rebellious teenager, experiences a struggle wether to tell his girlfriend Kat that he was given money to date her and thus risk his relationship with her. The technique showed is irony as he continues accepting bribes even though he has said that he has fallen in love with her. The following duologue is an example of this; KAT: “Really? What was it like? A down payment now and then a bonus for sleeping with me?

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