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One of my favorite songs of all time is All Too Well by Taylor Swift. I really like this track because of the powerful songwriting. Taylor co wrote the ballad with Liz Rose. The song features well-crafted and relatable lyrics such as, “He calls me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.” Unlike many of Swift’s other songs, which capture just a slice of a love story, such as a breakup or a first date, All Too Well illustrates an entire relationship from beginning to heartbreaking end. Another thing that makes this song unique is that it doesn’t have any repeating verses or choruses. It was very well received by critics and fans alike. Many cynics dismiss Taylor Swift’s songs as being naive and immature, but those insults couldn’t possibly apply to the incredible lyrics in All Too Well. In my opinion, it is the most lyrically impressive song of Swift’s entire collection.

The song follows a clear storyline of a passionate relationship falling to pieces. Taylor reminisces on the beginning of the relationship, singing lines such as “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, I can still picture it after all of these days.” Later on in the song, she describes where she had thought the relationship was going, describing a December that seemed as if it would last forever, singing, “you taught me about your past thinking your future was me.” Then comes the heartbreak. Swift sings dramatic lyrics such as, “maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but maybe this thing was a masterpiece until you tore it all up.” Then Taylor reflects on the relationship and the impact it had on both of the people involved. She sings, “time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it. I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it.” Her ex-boyfriend, rumored to be Jake Gyllenhaal, “keeps [her] old scarf from that very first week because it reminds [him] of innocence and smells just like [her].”

A Girl and Her Horse aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help: aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

I start the circle. Desire is out of control. She darts for the white fence surrounding the arena. Sit back. Go for the emergency stop! It’s not working. I use my words, “Whoa, Desire.” Nothing works. She’s still galloping straight for the fence.

I try to soften the landing by the old tuck and roll method, but somewhere on the way down I lose that and land flat on my back. I can’t believe I just fell off twice in the same lesson. Seriously, I haven’t fallen off in years. Am I losing my touch?

I didn’t have anything to do with Desire’s outbursts and I wasn’t losing my touch. That lesson put a dent in my confidence. I was no longer this superhuman rider with the ability to ride any horse. I was forced to realize that I wasn’t perfect.
After this, I was put on different horses and even though I sometimes struggled, I grew into a better rider. I was no longer a superhuman, just a girl and her horse.

Education system rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

Our education system is more of parrot learning. Rather than doing real world examples, we stick to typical traditional theoretical system of learning even in practical courses like statistics. Therefore by giving an option for students to undergone the industrial training, it is actually a good alternatives as students can learn and get the exposure into the real world where we can actually do the implementation on what we have learned before into the real situations.In conjunction with that, I am very much delighted and thankful to the Unifiedcomms (OHQ) Group for allowing me to do internship in their organization for 11 weeks starting from 25th June till 7th September 2018 where I got the platform to have exposure on the analytic processes and enhance my knowledge and ideas.During the training period, I was placed in Business Intelligence & Analytic and I had the chance to learn a lot of beneficial new things such as MySQL where it is an open-source relational database management system besides Python programming language and data visualization software like Tableau Desktop.

I was being introduced with collection of databases from the company and doing the analytics on the number of services subscription, services renewal and also the termination for our client. By being in the telecommunication services provider, it is vital for us to see the progress to make forecasting for the future and come up with new refreshing ideas and convenient improvisation to ensure our client and the customers getting served with the best services.In sum, throughout the industrial training, I found that several things are important such as critical and analytical thinking, colleague interactions, time and goal management as this will be really useful for me in future to face challenges in a working environment as I learned on how to enhance the communication and problem solving skills.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe internship opportunity I had with Unified Communication (OHQ) Sdn Bhd was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore I am grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period.It is my radiant sentiment to place on record my best regards, deepest sense of gratitude to my supervisor, Mr Chang Lip Wei, who in spite of being extraordinarily busy with his duties, took time out to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path.I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my internship instructor, Dr Zailan bin Siri and Dr Suzeini Abdul Halim for their constant guidance, supervision and constructive feedbacks which enabled me to prepare a well executed report.

This report would not have been possible without the contribution and collaboration of others. My sincere gratitude:To Almighty God who granted me health and long life, without which I could not have finished this industrial training;To the Senior Executive Group Human Resources, Mr Yeat Nai Shyong for endorsing my application for internship.To my internship partner, Amirul Eizlan bin Mazlan as always being helpful with a healthy discussion that lead to constant state of self improvement.To the rest of the Unified Communication (OHQ) Sdn Bhd staff for their support and guidance which helped me to overcome the challenges I faced during the past seven weeks.Last but not the least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my family members, friends and well-wishers for their immense support and best wishes throughout the internship duration and the preparation of this report.CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONSUpon completing this industrial training,

Phantom Planet – The Guest cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

Since “The Guest” debuted, it has only increased in popularity. You can now hear Phantom Planet’s melodious tunes on the radio and in movie soundtracks. The musical talent is reminiscent of Weezer, but their own special touch makes them one of a kind.

Their most popular song, and the first on the album, is a soft rock tune called “California” that lures you in. Along with great sing-along tunes, “The Guest” also explores deep thoughts through musical poetry. “Turn Smile Shift Repeat” is a somber tune describing the people of the greedy, corporate world that makes a prominent statement.

Phantom Planet, taking their name from the ?s sci-fi movie, has been around since the late ?s but is just breaking into the music scene. Even with their famous drummer Jason Schwartzman, they have struggled to get their CD heard. But in listening to this record, one can tell that these young men love to make music.

Lead singer Alex Greenwald has an amazing, tranquil voice and lends his talent as a guitarist too. Jacques Brauther and Darren Robinson, lead guitarists, have several amazing riffs and harmonize well with bassist Sam Farrar. With so many instrumentals, you can easily observe their talent.

Phantom Planet is an awesome band, and I recommend them to any Weezer or Radiohead fan. You can hear Phantom Planet’s hit “California” on “The O. C.” during the opening credits. Enjoy! .

White Lies college essay help free: college essay help free

I am a weird kid. Not weird in the colloquial “hipster” sense, just genetically weird. I have red-green colorblindness, congenital insensitivity to pain, an extremely irrational fear of bees, and a 148 IQ that makes me come across as egocentric when others would be perceived as sincere. Considering the aforementioned, I would not have it any other way. Every person has little weird nuances and intricacies that make them who they are; most people do not cherish these oddities. I cannot fathom a world in which everyone is alike, it would be worse than if every channel was reality TV (oh wait…). My individualistic nature is pertinent if you hope to understand my take on white lies.
I am a firm believer in white lies; without them, our society would be so brutally honest that every achievement would be instantaneously subjected to the jealousy that percolates throughout the undertones of human nature. In short, white lies are healthy. Just so were not confused, I am using white lie as a euphemism for such lies that one finds convenient to tell, and excuses himself for telling. The infamous, “the dog ate my homework”, is as subtle as William Shatner’s toupee, but effective nonetheless. White lies are important for businesses as well. I evidence the typical – “the table will be ready in five minutes”- because customers would prefer to be lied to than told they are not going to eat for a half-hour; the hope of food conquers the reality of no-food every time. Moreover, if white lies were illegal, Olive Garden would be serving a life-sentence. I cannot count how many times I was longing for endless breadsticks and salad bowl, only to be delicately, yet meticulously deceived into believing that my craving would come to fruition in the near-future. Unfortunately, two hours is not in the near-future according to a hormonal teenager’s appetite. Despite all that, I find myself saying “thank you” at every instance in which polite manners are obligatory. What exactly am I thanking them for? Am I thanking them for making me linger in a six square foot area, where, despite the laws of physics, twenty-seven human beings manage to cluster to the point where everyone just marinates in the anguish of waiting? The answer is yes.
Political correctness is becoming a division of white lies before our very eyes. “You look great in that dress” and “it’s not you, it’s me” immediately come to mind. I mention political correctness because it is the subject of my favorite quote. It goes as follows, “Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.” I think it is regressive when people listen intently to your every word hoping that you utter something politically incorrect, so they can fulfill their duty as a “Good-Samaritan” and rebuke you. Political correctness has its place in formal atmospheres, just the way white lies have their place in informal atmospheres. So only use a white lie when it is not at the expense of someone else.

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On the evening of March 6th, as Corrosion of Conformity wound up their act and the stage crew quickly set up equipment. An anxious FleetCenter crowd awaited the onslaught of fiery flame bursts, smoke-filled explosions, and thunderous, head popping rock ‘n roll that was forthcoming. Oh yes, this mob of worshippers was fired up. They were there for only one reason: to pay homage to their gods. They were there to see Metallica. The wait lasted over half an hour, but the crowd was not disappointed. Before even picking up a guitar or stepping onto the stage, bassist Jason Newsted and James Hetfield had the entire crowd on their feet after running around the perimeter of the floor high-fiving the fans. With Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich entering shortly thereafter, Hetfield loosened up the crowd by engaging them in the chan “Who gives a $#@?,” several times with each 1ouder than the last. This led to a few loud explosions in which large clouds of smoke rose from beneath the stage, and the jamming, “So …What.” Hetfield then antagonized the crowd with his barks “Do you want heavy? DO YOU WANT HEAVY?!!!” This catapulted the band through the lightning quick, booming rhythms “Sad But True” and “King Nothing” as all three the four gods summoned explosions and flames of fire from the depths of hell, and flashes of glowing light from the heavens. The ferocious pace calmed for only a moment during “Hero of the Day,” but it was all the time needed for almost everyone in the crowd armed with a lighter to have it glowing brightly overhead in ceremonial tribute to the gods. The pace picked up again with more flames and smoky explosions, the war song “One,” and “Wherever I May Roam.” Then the crowd was brought back down to surprisingly serene calm with the song “Nothing Else Matters.” The song found Lars Ulrich behind a second drum set on the stage opposite from where he began the night, and Hetfield perched on a stool emitting the song’s somber words. However, this immediately lead into an increase in pace with “Until it Sleeps” and “Fade To Black” during which more flames poured out of hell and rose from underneath the stage. After a disappearing for break, Hetfield and company all but brought down the ceiling with the ultimate fan favorit,e “Enter Sandman,” which left them surrounded by more hellish flames that formed a ring around both stages, and later a shower of sparks flying in all directions. Metallica wrapped up this phenomenal night of hard core rock ‘n roll with “Ride the Lightning” which was followed by a tumultuous roar of appreciation from the crowd that lasted ten minutes. The four men collectively titled Metallica, and viewed by fans as gods, certainly gave nothing short of a god-like performance. The tireless band rocked for hours, never weakening at any point. Not only did their music sound as good as ever, but the visual effects of the explosions and the fire, and Hetfield’s antagonistic attitude and chants are also what made this show so spectacular. Anyone who was fortunate enough to see this concert will forever remember Metallica as being truly amazing

Underneath It All college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angeles

Optimism, taking risks, thinking outside the box, going above and beyond, these are characteristics that mold the successful. On a global or national scale the Oak Island Money Pit outside of Nova Scotia may not be a priority to governments, but it concerns me nobody has investigated it further. In 1795 three teenagers from Nova Scotia began to dig on the island, every ten feet they found a wooden plank, after thirty feet the excavation was abandoned. Later at ninety feet a stone with writing was discovered which translated to “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” After digging further, the hole would fill up with water and nobody knows why. Diggers tried from different directions to reach the so-called treasure of Captain Kidd, but never succeeded. Cranes, and all types of machines have been introduced, but nothing was discovered. When FDR was in presidency he was part of the Old Gold Salvage Group and he funded it. Why aren’t we funding this?

Doesn’t anybody want to know what is down there? Who cares if there is nothing, just some resolution would sit nice. Maybe the idea of a pirates buried treasure is too good to be true, but why not take the risk. The worst that could happen, well assume the latter. Nonetheless the riches acquired if there happens to be a treasure would be astounding, this concerns me that nobody will take the risk. You don’t need to have endless amounts of cash to fund an excavation, simply assemble a team of Goonies. Something has to be done, someone must step up and explore the possibilities, think outside the box.

Maybe the concern of the money pit may be low and other situations take priority, but look at the idea and tell me if the hole is half empty or half full. If a nation funds the project and discovers riches, it would be free money and global popularity. Why doesn’t somebody think outside the box and find a way to dig past the water, who knows what could be down there.

Why should something as far-fetched as the money pit concern me? I like answers, resolution, if I don’t know something I have to figure it out, and if I can’t I will reach in with a death grip and pull until it surfaces. The money pit is a risk, I enjoy taking risks, if you don’t take risks, you won’t get anywhere. In order to succeed you have to think outside the box, this is also a risk. Go out on a limb, and stay there until you succeed, this is my philosophy. This is why the Oak Island money pit concerns me, nobody will take the risk. So Stetson University grab your shovel, because we’re going digging.

On my way to work today I was … college application essay help online: college application essay help online

On my way to work today I was thinking about my goals. I don’t think we think aboutthese things often enough. We let our daily lives get in the way of what we really want.

Work,traffic, chores, and many more things cloud our minds and overwhelm us.Realizing the importance of putting a plan together and writing down my goals has made a hugechange in my life. Setting yearly goals, monthly goals and even daily goals has helped me stayon track even with the everyday craziness.Most would say that being a single mom of three would be enough of a distraction right?I can honestly say that being in business for myself has definitely created a different mindset forme. Where most use their kids as an excuse, I use my kids as my reason. My reason forputting goals down, for doing things that make me extremely uncomfortable but are helping megrow, for pushing myself even on days when all I want to do is crawl under a blanket. I think tomyself, what type of example am I for my kids, will I teach them to hide from life under a blankettoo? No! I will be the example of someone that doesn’t quit, that falls and gets back up quickly,someone who knows their worth and believes that they deserve great things in life.

Even my kids know to write down what they would like to achieve, to say theiraffirmations and to believe that they can do anything. I’m teaching them to write down theirgoals, but not just that, also to write down a plan on how to obtain them. Kids are never tooyoung to be taught these important life lessons. We need to create a path for them that will leadto success, and we do that by being the examples, not just by speaking but by actually doingthe things that we tell them will help them to be great in life.As a parent, I think a lot of what type of adults my kids will grow up to be. Will theybecome average adults, just working a day to day job; unfulfilled and unhappy? Or am I plantingenough seeds in them to help them become strong adults, who thrive, who believe that they aremeant for more? My wish is that they become adults who will want to also make a change andhelp others. Our ultimate goal should be to create a family legacy, a family of entrepreneurswho do philanthropic work and want to not only create better lives for themselves, but also wantto assist others to do the same.

I’m proud to be a part Virtuity, a company that believes that nobody should be mediocreand that pours belief into every single associate by reminding them that anyone can achievegreatness. We are taught to create business plans, given direction and coaching withphenomenal tools so that we can obtain the things we want through our business. Howwonderful is that? It is a dream to work with people who value me as not just an employee, butas a partner whose contribution to the team and the business is paramount.So I would say, find some time in your day today, and start writing some goals down,write down what you want to achieve, and as you are writing think about how it would feel toachieve these goals. Also, start making a plan on how to achieve your goals, and make it yourmission to complete the tasks needed. Believe you deserve it, know that time dedicated tobettering yourself is never wasted; it’s invested. Make the decision today, what kind of aninvestment you want it to be?

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold extended essay help biology: extended essay help biology

After the death of their drummer and friend, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, nobody expected Avenged Sevenfold to continue making music. However, this summer the band released “Nightmare,” their fifth studio album.

Fans will notice that M. Shadows’ vocals aren’t nearly as nasal or whiny as in previous albums, but rather show a more aggressive and emotional tone. Also, the album tries to restore the band’s former sound by using heavier guitar riffs and even a bit of screaming, which Shadows hasn’t done since their second album, “Waking the Fallen.” As always, the band likes to experiment with new sounds; you can hear trumpets, marching bands, whispering, and even whistling, which I think many fans will enjoy.

“Nightmare” opens with the title track and an eerie xylophone that creates an uncomfortable feeling, and almost instantly kicks into pounding drums and fast, dark guitar riffs. The next few tracks are both heavy and catchy. “Welcome to the Family” will stick in your head for days, while “Danger Line” is dedicated to the American troops.

The first ballad,“So Far Away,” is written by guitarist Synyster Gates for his late friend, The Rev. The song features Zacky Vengeance on an acoustic guitar, clean vocals, and a climactic ending with strings and a guitar solo.

Nothing thus far prepared me for the next track. Titled “God Hates Us,” the song is easily one of the heaviest and most aggressive the band has written. It begins with a bit of a fake out, with a clean intro but then from nowhere kicks in with thunderous double bass, heavy guitars, and a lot of screaming from M. Shadows. The song will definitely appeal to a new audience as well as old fans.

At this point, the album’s focus changes from heavy and aggressive to emotional and slow. The next two songs, “Victim” and “Tonight the World Dies,” definitely slow the pace with some of the best ballads the band has created. “Tonight the World Dies,” will be a song most will overlook because it’s slow. The chorus and bridge have deep vocals and are climactic without the build-up you expect.

The next, “Fiction,” is easily the hardest to listen to, and for most fans will likely bring them to tears. This song was written by The Rev only three days before his passing and was originally titled “Death.” If that isn’t enough irony, the song is basically Sullivan saying his good-byes, with the last line, “I know you’ll find your own way, when I’m not with you tonight.” The song actually features Sullivan and Shadows on vocals, as well as a very dark and creepy piano.

The last song, “Save Me,” is the longest at almost 11 minutes. It includes just about every element the band has ever used, including dueling guitar solos, clean guitars, heavy riffs, catchy choruses, dark piano parts, and powerful lyrics. The album culminates with dynamic drum fills and the line “Tonight we all die young.”

Overall, I believe fans will enjoy “Nightmare” and might even find it better than some of Avenged Sevenfold’s previous work. “Nightmare” is worth the listen. New and old fans will enjoy listening front to back and will give Avenged Sevenfold the support they need to continue making music after the death of their friend.

Witness in Life, Word and Deed… nursing essay help: nursing essay help

Witness in Life, Word and DeedUnderstanding church mission in this time, we need to trace the thread of the historical interaction between the issue of mission in according to these two traditions: Evangelical which mission is focusing primarily in proclaiming the gospel while Ecumenical is focused in social action for justice and mercy.

This chapter starts with that history and examines to both sides of the church mission today. And concerning of the believers calling in the society where words and deeds plays the most significant role in witnessing the kingdom.Church mission is to proclaim salvation and encourage others to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Our words and deeds reflect the way we live our lives in connection on how the kingdom of God present in the Christian world as a gift of the Spirit. Jesus demonstrates both words and deeds which are essential in relationship with mission and witnessing the kingdom of God. His words are being showed by his actions and his action give substance to his words. The church needs to be the witness, by doing it and saying in “In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’ (Mt 5:16 NIV).

Probably, “good works” embrace all the ways that Gods people witness to the kingdom in daily life, both word and deed, in personal relationships and through acts of righteousness and compassion. Good deeds are public and missional. Their ultimate purpose is to lead those who see them to offer glory to God through the quality of their character and loving behavior to attract others to worship of the true and living God”. (Dean Flemming, Reclaiming the Full Mission of God, pp 98-99) To participate in Gods, work for the Kingdom is the mission of the church as a general goal. We all need salvation for all things has been created by Gods purpose. And the Kingdom of God is announced in the gospel, the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ who defeated the evil and give people new hope, in the present times and in the future of humanity. How can it be done? If the church is faithfully witnessing the gospel, it must be seen and visible as a community gives for the sake of the other and also deeply involved in concerns to the surroundings.

The very important contribution which the church can do according to this book in facing the enormous issues and problems of our day today is to nourish the people, so they can live out the gospel in their life callings. The good news that Jesus preached and in by his grace God is restoring his rule over the entire creation and in every area of the life of his people. This means that the gospel is all restorative and comprehensive and that all the humanity is being restored by the Spirit of Christ in whatever traditions it may be.ConclusionThis chapter often refers to the importance of the church, specially the local church, as a representative of Gods cosmic, encompassing the agenda. Because of the importance of the church in the advance of this, Gods holistic purpose. We close with this prayerful observations and admonition. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians contains one of the clearest and understandable descriptions of the purpose of the church.

He says that God has chosen the church to administer his agenda for the reconciliation of all things and that it is through the church that God will demonstrate this, his manifold and eternal purpose (Ephesians 3:9-11 and Colossians 1:20)Redemption was completed on the cross, but God has given the church the task of administering the process of restoration through our walk with Christ until his return.

Relaxer Alt-J compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Alt-J, an English band whose genre seeps into almost everything, from electro-pop, to rock, to folk, and everything in between, released their third album, “Relaxer,” this summer.

Three tracks were released as singles before the album: “3WW,” “In Cold Blood,” and “Adeline.” These were pretty good and generated hype for the release of the album. Unfortunately, that’s when we learned that the singles are the best songs on “Relaxer.”“Pleader” takes half of its allotted length to get to the singing, which I normally wouldn’t mind if the first half of the song was interesting. Instead the song is boring and tedious. If I have to sit through two-and-a-half minutes to get to the good part of a song, I’m not going to listen to it often.“Hit Me Like That Snare” isn’t boring, but it’s also not good.

It’s the most different on this album, but that’s not always a good thing. The fact that “Relaxer” is only eight tracks doesn’t leave much room for mistakes. Although six of the songs feature strings performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra, there isn’t a real cohesive sound to the collection; I would have liked at least two more songs in order to tie in some sort of creative theme.This album wasn’t more of the same Alt-J that we knew, but it’s not completely new either. “In Cold Blood” is similar to “Left Hand Free” (from the group’s second album) in structure and sound, and “Adeline” is very similar to some of the slower songs on their first album, “An Awesome Wave.”Overall, “Relaxer” is a solid 6 out of 10, in my opinion. It’s some good music, but I don’t think it’s a landmark album in Alt-J’s career.

I see it as a stepping stone to a new sound for the band, and I’m already anticipating their next album.

Reaching the Peak of my Mountain college application essay help online: college application essay help online

Being enrolled into elementary school marked the day that the first brick on my pathway would be cemented to the ground never to be removed again. This marked just the beginning of my thirteen years of paperwork to prove my work ethic and intelligence to my peers and colleagues.However, working and worrying about other matters during these years seemed to occupy my workspace. I didn’t always care for grades and the ever so critical GPA that determines everything. Even though my grades aren’t the best of the century, I know I’m not a quitter.

Just a few months ago in the summer of 2014, I remember a challenging task that I didn’t think would teach me such a great life lesson. Being with my friends in Colorado, visiting our friend that recently moved there for his dads work. Like any other person from Texas, seeing a mountain can be breathtaking. Being in the youth age, I immediately wanted to reach the peak of a mountain once we settled into my friend’s home. Once we arrived to a mountain suitable for us to climb, looking at it from the basin truly made me feel meaningless to the scale of the Mountain, the Earth, and the Cosmos.Already, the altitude in Colorado knocks the breath out of me within just a few steps. Continually climbing upwards using my hands and feet for over four hours was one of the most difficult things I could have ever imagined. Although looking back now, the challenge improved me.

Halfway up the mountain, once we found a clear spot for a beautiful scenery spot just seeing the size of our car at the bottom was jaw dropping.I wanted to keep going up the mountain to reach the peak and view a full panorama of the world around me. Things just got more challenging though, I kept wanting to turn around and travel down the mountain, but my friends kept continuing forward, so I couldn’t turn back now.We finally hit the steepest part of the mountain with rocks attached to breakable soil. I remember grabbing a rock to pull myself up, and when I was halfway up the rock it broke away from the surface which caused me to fall and slide into a tree. That fall made me realize I’m not immortal, and one wrong slip and my gravestone will be calling my name short noticed. I immediately stood up and marched onwards. Nearing the peak of the mountain was the most memorable thing I could ever experience, the clouds were just a few hundred feet above us, and we could see over the mountains across the valley leading to even more massive peaks covered with snow during the summer. Seeing Highway 70 with the ant line never stopping or ending, that is when I truly felt like a spec in this universe.

Now I know this story wasn’t anything special, however it showed me that no matter how steep the road ahead of me gets, and what challenges come before me, I know that I can keep climbing no matter what. As long as I have the motivation to keep going, nothing is going to get in my way. The peak of the mountain symbolizes a milestone in the things I would like to achieve in life; I want to leave my footprint everywhere. I was put on this planet for a reason, and I intend to find out why.

Spectrophotometry summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

Spectrophotometry is a quantitative method of analysis involving the principles associated with how visible light interacts with atoms. Visible light is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and includes the colors we observe (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet). It consists of electromagnetic radiation whose wavelengths range from 400-700 nm.When white light is observed what is actually being seen is all the colors of light combined. When this light passes through a substance certain energies (or colors) of light are absorbed while the other color(s) are allowed to pass through or are reflected. This is why some substances appear colored.

The color we see is the combination of the energies of visible light which are not absorbed by the sample. If the substance does not absorb any light, it appears white or colorless. A solution appears a certain color due to the absorbance and transmittance of visible light. For example, an orange solution appears orange because it is absorbing all of the colors except orange. A sample may also appear orange if all colors of light except blue are transmitted. This is because blue and orange are complimentary colors. (see figure below)The wavelength associated with the complimentary color is known as the wavelength of maximum absorbance.

The wavelength of maximum absorbance is used when determining the concentration of a colored solution since at this wavelength a slight change in concentration allows for a significant change in the absorbance of light.Many compounds involving transition elements are colored. This is because the transition metals include “d” electrons in its atomic structure. The spacing of these “d-orbitals” allow for electronic transitions within the energy range of the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Compounds containing the alkali and alkaline earth metals are white due to having only “s” electron transitions. More energy is required to cause this type of transition and, thus, light of shorter wavelength is involved.The amount of light absorbed by a solution is dependent on the ability of the compound to absorb light (molar absorptivity), the distance through which the light must pass through the sample (path length) and the molar concentration of the compound in the solution.

This relationship is known as Beer’s Law and is represented by the equation:A = * l Cwhere A is the absorbance, * is the molar absorptivity, l is the path length and C is the molar concentration. If the same compound is being used and the path length is kept constant, then the absorbance is directly proportional to the concentration of the sample.A spectrophotometer is used to provide light of certain energy (wavelength) and to measure the absorbance of that light. The basic operation of the spectrophotometer includes a white light radiation source which passes through a monochromator. The monochromator is either a prism or a diffraction grating which separates the light into the colored components and allows only light of a particular wavelength to strike the sample. The sample is poured into a cuvette which is similar to a small test tube. It is marked so that it can be positioned in the light beam the same way each time to avoid variations due to the differences in the composition of the glass.

The light passes through the sample and the unabsorbed portion strikes a photodetector which produces an electrical signal proportional to the intensity of light. The signal is converted to a readable output which is used in the analysis of the sample.OBJECTIVES• To introduce the use of spectrophotometry for qualitative (what is it) and quantitative (how much is there of it) analysis of biological samples and molecules.• To apply laboratory skills in the lab• To determine absorbance spectrum of unknown compounds (qualitative analysis).• To prepare and graph standard or calibration curves for quantitative analysis using colorimetry.

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