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Everything will be explained below, please feel free to let me know if you understood everything I wrote and feel you can get this assignment done immediately for me in proper manner as I explained.i will send you a case study that you MUST follow and just use that case study and refer to it to identify problems in the assignment.Surviving Amaz…docxThis is it, problems must be referred through herenow i am going to send you a list- First read case study and point out what the problems are!- Then check from the topics I send which should enter in the case study (choose 3 to 4 as major problems!)- Table of contents needs to be added!- Executive summary must be the highlights of the whole assignment not just an introduction about the company !- Any source of information put into the assignment must be cited. You cannot add certain info without citing, from where did you get this info?? Cite! Harvard style referencing- Findings must be found through case study! This must be the core of the assignment10D750BB-D0C1-…jpegSo mention all these then identify which are the 3-4 major problems and explain why using articles or journals cited properly!Whenever there is some info put in the assignment always write from where it’s coming!

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