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American Sign Language (ASL) vs. Signed English essay help writing

Compares origins, techniques, aims, applications & effectiveness of two approaches to education of deaf children.

American Sign Language verses Signed English
American Sign Language began being used in the early 1800s (Bochner & Albertini 14). It is now recognised as a separate language apart from English. The linguistical constraints of ASL are different from those of spoken or signed English. In the 1960s, several groups of professionals were concerned about the academic levels, especially reading levels, of hearing impaired students. In reaction to these low scores, methods of encoding English into sign were begun. ASL, signed English, and spoken English are valid forms of communication. The big question is: Should deaf or hearing impaired children be taught in English or in another language? In the United States children are taught to read and write in English. Deaf children who are primarily ASL..

The Effectiveness of Seat Belt Laws melbourne essay help: melbourne essay help

A paper which shows both sides of the arguments on the mandatory seat belt law issue.

The paper shows that the dispute over laws requiring seat belt use is not on the basis of safety. Almost everyone agrees that seat belts can prevent injury or death. Rather, opponents point to the issue of personal choice. The paper discusses that how people perceive mandatory seat belt laws also reflect ones attitude and value system that is shaped by their environment, knowledge and experience. This paper reveals how the acceptance of seat belt laws varies across racial, gender and age. Furthermore, this study analyzes how people respond to mandatory seat belts laws based on knowledge and experience. Additionally, of those who favor seat belt laws to what extent is their support.

“There were also some fundamental differences in the way women and men responded the questions. The results of the survey showed that the majority of women support seat belt laws (91%), which is 11% higher than the support indicated by men. The majority of women also favor fines for those who are caught without wearing a seat belt, as two-thirds of the women polled hold this belief. More females than males also believed that if they were stopped for not wearing at seat belt and ticketed, that the ticket would be adequate and well deserved. ”

Chinese Peasants & 1949 Revolution free college essay help: free college essay help

Role played by common masses in events before & after Communist victory. History, peasants’ associations, village structure (rich, middle & poor), motivation, resistance and indoctrination.

This study will examine the role played by Chinese peasants in the Chinese Communist revolution which brought the communists to power in 1949. The primary role of the peasants in that revolution had to do with efforts in land reform. Also important to an understanding of this issue are the Peasants’ Associations and the differences between the three categories of peasants—rich, middle and poor. In general, however, it can fairly be said that the peasants were profoundly crucial to the revolution and to its ultimate success. As William Hinton writes in Iron Oxen: A Documentary of Revolution in Chinese Farming, Everything that had been achieved in the Communist areas had been carried through by the united efforts and hard work of the people. The people’s brains and muscles were the primary resource (Hinton Iron 25)

It is undeniable that the peasants depended on organization..

Jimmy Carter’s Arms Control Policy my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

This paper takes a look at President Jimmy Carter’s policy regarding the SALT negotiations.

This paper explains how the Carter administration attempted to halt Moscow?s advance through arms control however the agreements negotiated by the Carter administration left the US at a dangerous disadvantage by allowing the Soviets a first strike capability.

`In March, 1977, Secretary of State Vance presented the administration’s comprehensive proposal to Moscow. Carter’s position included two proposals. One offered to restrict American cruise missiles to a 2500 miles in exchange for Soviet reductions in SS-18s from 308 to 150. The second proposal left both cruise missiles and SS-18s unrestricted. The Soviets rejected both proposals. This gave the US the chance to continue development of the cruise missile unabatedly, but did nothing to address the rising Soviet threat. The fear of future vulnerability led Carter to reinforce Western Europe, deploying 35,000 more troops, more equipment, ground launched cruise missiles (GLCMs), and Pershing II intermediate range ballistic missiles. `

Women in Prison essay help writing: essay help writing

A paper which discusses women’s correctional facilities in the United States.

The paper shows that women’s correctional facilities are a common feature in the American state and federal prison systems, but this was not always the case – in the early nineteenth century, women were imprisoned alongside the men in state facilities. The paper traces the history of the establishment of separate institutes as well as illustrates, with statistical data, the rise in female inmates. Finally, it looks at the future of these facilities and how they can be improved.

“The number of women in prison has been increasing and is likely to continue to do so, especially so long as the drug trade attracts many women and so leaves them open to arrest. More women than men in prison are drug users, another reason for the large number of women imprisoned for drug offenses. There will be more pressure in the future for added protections for women in prison, such as providing for more women corrections officers to reduce sexual abuse. Better facilities for family visits and for keeping infant children with their mothers would also benefit the inmates, the children, and society at large.”

The Crusades melbourne essay help: melbourne essay help

This paper looks at the history of the Crusades during the Middle Ages, the military campaigns, the religious factors, the leaders, and the brutality.

This paper provides an in depth history of the medieval Crusades, and reviews James Reston Jr.’s book on the Crusades, Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade. The author discusses the brutal and savage events of the three Christian expeditions to the Holy Land between 1095 and 1192, and the two most famous leaders in the final campaign, Richard the Lionheart, monarch of England, and Saladin, the Moslem conqueror.

James Reston Jr’s Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade presents the Crusades as he sees it. In the past the books that present the Crusades have managed to create a glamorous and romantic image of a war that caused destruction for years. The book relates events in a manner that we realize that the crusades were among the most destructive wars on earth. In the name of God and civilization, massive expeditions created havoc on earth. Three Christian expeditions to the Holy Land between 1095 and 1192, took place each of which was cruel to any person that stood between the crusaders and the recovery of their religious shrines from Islam – especially those in Jerusalem . Reston clearly states that there was nobility involved nor was there even a hint of romance. The Crusades were just a massive butchering of people regardless, of caste, creed or race.

Hemoglobin, Oxygen Transport and Nitric Oxide college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

This paper presents electron paramagnetic resonance and oxygen binding studies of -nitrosyl hemoglobin – a novel oxygen carrier having NO (Nitric Oxide) assisted allosteric functions.

This paper shows that Nitric Oxide (NO) is a very popular compound to investigate in the scientific community today. It is physiologically ubiquitous as a potent vasodilator, neurotransmitter, and immuno-active agent at low concentrations and it is produced and recycled in the respiratory tract to regulate the airway. This paper discusses in detail the mechanism behind oxygen binding and release by hemoglobin as it relates NO bound to the Hemoglobin. The oxygen affinity dynamics of native Hemoglobin and nitrosylated Hb are compared. The research also reveals that although NO has a much higher affinity than oxygen or carbon monoxide for Hemoglobin, NO behaves differently than these other ligands and is not as toxic to normal Hb oxygen binding as previously assumed.

“Small, unicellular aerobic organisms can obtain oxygen required for metabolism by simple diffusion from the environment. Most multicellular organisms have too great a surface area and many cells not in contact with the environment. They require circulatory systems that transport oxygen from gas-exchange organs to other tissues. In vertebrates, oxygen is bound to molecules of Hemoglobin (Hb) or transport in Red Blood Cells. Mammalian Hemoglobin is a tetramer, consisting of four polypeptide chains; two a and two b. Six ligands are coordinated to the ferrous iron, with the ligands in octahedral geometry around the metal cation (figure 1). In aqueous solution, free heme does not does not reversibly bind oxygen. Instead the Fe(II) is rapidly oxidized to Fe(III) when it gives up an electron to oxygen. The quaternary structure of hemoglobin prevents formal transfer of an electron and allows it to reversibly bind O2. Positively charged amino acid residues stabilize to negatively charged diatomic oxygen without an ionic bond. Hemoglobin unbound to oxygen is called deoxyhemoglobin and has a low affinity for oxygen. Once one oxygen molecule binds to the Fe, the proximal Histadine (figure 1) moves closer to the porphyrin ring because the Fe is now bound to six ligands instead of five. This disrupts the stabilizing ions that interact with Hb. The remaining Heme groups have an increased affinity for Oxygen. In addition to this positive cooperatively of binding, allosteric interactions regulate the binding and release of oxygen by Hb (Horton, 1996).”

Collapse of Silverado Savings & Loan (S&L) best college essay help: best college essay help

Analyzes firm’s fall, real estate deals, role of Neil Bush, regulators’ actions, overall savings & loan crisis.

The savings and loan crisis, with the many thrift failures and the federal bailout, has come in many ways to symbolize the 1980s as a decade of unbridled greed in which the moneyed few profited at the expense of the masses. Such sentiments greatly oversimplify the situation that the thrift industry faced as the 1980s came to a close, but the savings and loans which went out of business were characterized by corruption among figures at the highest levels, and included a bright array of politicians (Charles Keating, Lincoln Savings and five Senators who eventually resigned) as well as relatives of politicians (bad loans made to associates of Neil Bush, the president’s son, by a Texas savings and loan. This research examines the collapse of one savings and loan, Colorado-based Silverado, including the circumstances which led to..

Herakles and Kerberos: Review buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

This paper examines an ancient Greek amphora that depicts Herakles’ twelfth labor, bringing the monster Kerberos up from the Underworld.

This paper discusses the amphora, or vase depicting the struggle between the Greek mythological hero, Herakles, and Kerberos, the two-headed dog, entitled Herakles Bringing Kerberos from the Underworld. The author discusses Herakles’, or Hercules, twelfth labor and analyzing the paint, patterns, illustrations, and overall technique used by the artist.

“This is an Attic black-figured belly amphora with the characteristic cylindrical handles. This vase is classified as B type. Like most belly amphora, this vase has a flamed picture and a ray-pattern at the base of body. There is bud-patterned ornament on the upper part of the panel. Subject is Herakles Bringing Kerberos from the Underworld. On the left panel Herakles is shown with the two headed monstrous dog Kerberos and a club in his hand. But his most characteristic lion fur is missing. At the center of picture, Kerberos is threatening Herakles with his snake-like tail. Behind the monster, Athena, who always supported him, is depicted with an Attic typed helmet. But the painter of the vase painted with black where he should depict the ear of goddess in white. And in black-figure, woman’s face is usually painted white over black, but her features are not clear because the graved line of her face is very faint. She has her spear in her right hand and a shield in her left. She is wearing an aegis over her breast.”

Business Planning admission college essay help: admission college essay help

Analyzes needs of entrepreneur building new business. Skills, marketing, location, legalities, accounting, quality management, finances, organization. Includes an abstract.

Successful entrepreneurs are self-motivated individuals who possess a broad base of business knowledge as well as skills in a specific area which they decide to market. They must be able to put together a sound business plan, which encompasses all of the key areas of a new business.

The business plan is the most critical document that any business can produce, and is used by creditors, potential employees, investors and the entrepreneur himself to gauge the potential success of the business and to provide a roadmap for the company. The business plan is a working document that is modified and updated as the business itself grows and changes, and the document can help a new entrepreneur determine the best way to approach his new venture.

The business plan force..

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Biography law essay help: law essay help

This paper examines Napoleon’s life.

This paper is a biography of Napoleon. It examines his life, his motives, his goals, and his actions in a manner which illuminates him as a person.

Napoleon’s title as the greatest military leader in history undeniably resulted from his high level of ambition, which interestingly also contributed greatly to his downfall. Napoleon had political ambitions, yet he intelligently suppressed these urges while he built his military reputation (Caryle, Thomas). Eventually, Napoleon seized control of the French Government, and became dictator. His strong leadership skills, military prowess, and political abilities brought him an empire that covered most of Central and all of Western Europe. These skills, all of which were brought out by his ambition, led him to overextending himself both politically and geographically, and ultimately, to his downfall.

Election Systems easy essay help: easy essay help

An analysis of the presidential election systems of America and France.

This paper compares two recent presidential election campaigns and victories – Bush in the U.S. and Le Pen in France. It examines the electoral system and how a majority is calculated in each of these countries. The paper also questions which of these systems is the fairest. These assessments are based on the recent presidential elections in France and America.

“Political organization is dependent on the leader of a country. However, he too is dependent on the popularity he gains through election. Modern day election is no longer a structure of simple popularity and what people believe but instead, most elections has become a ground for political propaganda. For instance in the U.S. elections, the federal controls the standard of the election to ensure there is no unfair voting strategies. However, the question arises who would govern the Fed themselves? How will the public know that the ruling party does not influence the controlling body. Similar notions / questions could be raised in the case of French election procedures, a nation that is marked by socialist and republic governance suddenly changed to democracy. ”

Captain Vere’s Moral Dilemma summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

An examination of one of the character’s in Melville’s Billy Budd.

This is a paper on the moral dilemma faced by Captain Vere is Melville’s `Billy Budd`. The author examines the events and the plot in the novel as well as the major themes and focuses on one of the main characters in the novel, Captain Vere and the moral dilemma he faces when Claggart arrives and the captain has to decide whether Claggart is lying.

`Melville in Billy Budd introduces his characters through an introductory sketch after which they enter into the narrative. These descriptive sketches provide the necessary background for each character and prepare the reader for the part each is to play in the narrative. The characters are further developed by means of words or phrases, which are repeatedly used to describe them, or by means of characteristic phrases, which they repeatedly utter. For example, Captain Vere by his nickname of `Starry` Vere. Then the characters are described through repeated references to their appearance. The ‘aristocratic’ Captain Vere is a reflection of the real character. (Mumford, 1929).`

Theories of Melanie Klein & DW Winnicott essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Compares lives, careers, influences & psychoanalytic ideas on child development.

Melanie Klein and D.W. Winnicott were both psychotherapists who belonged to the British Psychoanalytic Society. Klein and Winnicott had practices working with disturbed children. They both studied and accepted the work of Freud, although they both expanded and altered his theories on child development. Despite these facts in common, Melanie Klein and D.W. Winnicott had very different theories. Melanie Klein was a firm believer in the child’s innate ability to fantasize on a complex level and did not give much credence to the role of the mother during early infancy. She gave credit to the innate instincts in determining a child’s development. D.W. Winnicott, on the other hand, believed that the mother has an important impact on the baby’s development from birth. He believed that the environment the child inhabited was the key to a child’s development. The..

Social Control in Early Republican America college essay help free: college essay help free

A comparison of the way women and people of different ethnicities and races were treated in early republican America.

An examination of social control measures in republican America. The author looks at the way which women, men of color and people of varying ethnicities were treated and controlled. An examination of race, ethnicity and gender in the areas of politics, economics and social structure in early republican America. The author argues that these groups were subjected to similar measures rendering them subordinate.

“While there were important differences in the ways in which Native Americans, black Americans and women were treated in colonial and early Republican America having to do with the complex ways in which race, ethnicity and gender intersected with the spheres of politics, economy and social structure. But against these differences may be weighed the many similar ways in which members of these three groups were subject to the same forms of social control, for women and men of color all found their bodies controlled, their destinies foreshortened, their economic prospects diminished, and their potential sense of agency stolen from them because of the social category to which they belonged.”

Blood Stain Evidence buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

History & theory of blood spatter analysis & application to O.J. Simpson murder case.

Blood Stain Evidence in Criminal Cases: People v. O.J. Simpson
This paper will discuss various aspects of blood stain evidence, particularly with regard to the O.J. Simpson case. The first part of the paper will discuss the interpretation of blood spatter evidence in general. The second part of the paper will look at the Simpson case with regard to such interpretation.

The analysis of blood stain and blood spatter evidence is quite distinct from that of the blood itself. While blood analysis looks at the chemical and DNA characteristics of blood samples taken as evidence, blood stain and blood spatter analysis examines the patterns of the blood found at the crime scene. Blood sample testing is used to identify the persons at the crime scene; blood stain/spatter evidence is used to explain the sequence of events which took place and the manner in which the ..

Highlander college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

An analysis of the movie “Highlander” staring Mel Gibson as the epic Scottish national hero.

This paper examines this movie telling the story of William Wallace as a nationalist and freedom fighter for Scotish rights. Despite its grandeur, the writer shows that this movie had historical inaccuracies and portrays a very simple view of the world. A brief description of the historical story of William Wallace is presented followed by a comparison of the way this story is portrayed in “Highlander”.

“The film Braveheart, a tale of a Scottish nationalist hero, follows Mel Gibson’s William Wallace through and love through war, stopping periodically to comment on the very nature of love and war. A narrative in which love conquers all, the movie, while and emotionally manipulative, reinforces extremely pedestrian and normative social ideas. Furthermore, many of the fundamental tensions that drive the film, the distinction, for example, between the brute strength and the intellect are contradicted by the narrative imperative itself. Braveheart is a movie that cannot bear the burden of its own epic status, fundamentally reducing broad historical themes to unsophisticated Star Wars-esque banalities.”

Foundations of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism ( Colin Baker ) essay help websites: essay help websites

Critical review of work on bilingual theory, effectiveness, strategies, student communication and feedback.

The text entitled Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism by Colin Baker is a comprehensive look at the theoretical basis of the field of bilingualism, but it falls short of teaching educators practical ways of reaching bilingual students. In that sense, it is not a well rounded introduction to bilingualism for those who find themselves teaching bilingual students.

Ofelia Garcia’s foreword notes Baker’s psychological and sociological perspectives, and acknowledges that Baker engages them [educators] in making decisions about appropriate educational approaches and pedagogical approaches (vii). Baker may engage his readers in a discussion, but he does not offer a sufficient number of practical guidelines with which a teacher could successfully teach bilingual students. Again and again, he..

Personal Perception nursing essay help: nursing essay help

An analysis of an experiment about people “learning” to see certain objects in a certain way and how perception is an individual thing for everyone.

This research investigates the ways in which individuals “learn” to see certain objects. Despite our common-sense understanding of perception as being biologically based, in fact a number of experiments have demonstrated that we “learn” to see objects due to situational cues including color. However, not all individuals learn to distinguish objects on a visual basis in the same way due to differences in both perceptual and cognitive abilities. Moreover, some skills that might seem to be cognitively grouped are not. This experiment, in which subjects are asked to arrange objects in a hierarchical fashion, attempts to ascertain the influences that various factors have on the perception of objects.

“While we may believe that we perceive different attributes of objects in dependently from one another, this is not in fact the case. For example, the color of an object “bleeds” over into our perceptions of its weight. This is true even when subjects though the subjects in this experiment clearly understood, as do the rest of us, that color and weight are independent properties of each other. Nevertheless, humans have a tendency to conflate color with other attributes even as they simultaneously understand that such attributes are independent of each other.”

Looking at Eliot and Conrad law essay help: law essay help

A comparison of their work.

A comparative essay of T. S. Eliot?s 1925 poem and Joseph Conrad?s 1898 story “Heart of Darkness”. The author compares their similarity in themes such as the theme of humanity and blindness and examines how each displays this in their language and style.

“Both T.S. Eliot’s 1925 poem and Joseph Conrad’s 1898 story Heart of Darkness present us with a series of contrasts. These are works about black and white (in their various metaphorical and literal applications), about here and there, about staying home and setting out, about civilization and savagery and the ways in which it is sometimes difficult to predict where it is that we will find civilized behavior. Eliot writes about these issues in what might termed a more abstract, more metaphorical way as a part of his lifelong path attempting to understand the nature of good and evil and the ways in which people may be either redeemed or lost. Conrad’s work (although of course it predates Eliot’s) can in fact be read as presenting a character who is an example of precisely the kind of person that Eliot is describing as a hollow man.”

Writing of the Bomb college application essay help online: college application essay help online

A look at the bias presented by authors regarding the atom bomb and Japan.

This paper examines what has been written about the dropping of the atom bomb on Japan, following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The writer details several articles and explores where the writer is coming from and what may have led to a particular slant on a story regarding the bomb.

“The atom bomb was dropped on Japan to make a statement to the world. It was not just that the US wanted Japan to understand attacking Pearl Harbor was wrong, but Japan was the example the United States made for the world. The message was loud and clear that if the US is attacked the enemy will be hit back ten fold and then some. In addition to it being a message to the world the use of the atom bomb in the situation was cost effective. The United States could choose to send in many troops, incur loss of life, military property and finances or it could choose to drop atom bombs and be done quickly and efficiently. The second choice was the most obvious one given the circumstances at the time. The country was aching for revenge and the government had just lost many pieces of property that would have to be replaced financially.”

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