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Analysis of Biological/Evolutionary Theories

(a) explain and visualize the theory of Eysenk or Buss, (b) share a chart which categorizes the theory per Feist’s six dimensions, and (c) reflect on its relevance to a faith based model of personality development. This paper should follow APA Style format and cite any sources you use to complete it.Sources:Use textbook Theories of Personality ISBN 9781260175769The Holy BibleKnowles, J. “Evolutionary Psychology: A Brief Overview” YouTube. 31 May 2013. Web. [4 min.] Faupsy1012. “Evolutionary Psychology” YouTube. 9 Sep. 2012. [14 min.]Closer to Truth. “Jared Diamond – Does Evolutionary Psychology Undermine Religion?” YouTube. 3 Oct 2016. [9 min.]The following model will be applicable for your papers-Title PageOptional AbstractIntroduction- Around 350 words                      – Summarize the theory                       – Diagram about the theory itself (For example- Maslows’s Hierarchal pyramid diagram)                      -Key terms of theory in bullet or paragraph form       4. Categorization- 150 words I expect this section will take more than 150 words.                      -Include the visual above (checking each row with how the theory corresponds)                      -THOROUGHLY explain why you chose each item (why is Freud’s theory more pessimistic for example)                      – USE the textbook and references to prove your points here.      5. Relevance                      – How does this theory compare to the Christian faith? Does it contradict the word? Could the ideas be used by a                                Christian counselor?Overall, every project from now on should clearly display that you have read and understood the theory. Usage of paraphrases and quotes (with citations) are required. Biblical references are great but shouldn’t make up the foundation. Please see the attachments

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