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analysis of “stand up” using a theoretical approach

This 10-12 page paper, and should be turned in as a word file into our blackboard portal. You will have a work cited page (not part of the total page count) that should include your text book (if you use it to understandthe method) and the citations for your communication scholarship.  You are requried to have three outside sources.  Citations for this paper should be APA.    Due Date: Dec 2nd, by the end of the day (midnight), through a TURNITIN Portal on Blackboard. Suggested Structure: Here is a structure you can rely on, complete with important elements for each section and the suggested precentage of the overall paper that it takes up. Introduction (10-15% of the total paper)  Must include a Research Question and ThesisJustification of the Artifact (10-20% of the total paper)  Here you tell your reader about the speech you chose and why you consider it to be rhetoric.  Method of Analysis (15%-20% of the total paper)  This will include the theoretical approach, or mehtod, you are using for this analysis. This section probably include your three scholarly sources.Analysis (20%-50% of the total paper)  This will include the analysis of the artifact, using your theoretical approach.Conclusion (5-15% of the total paper)  revisit your research question and your thesis.I submitted this essay from essay shark and the highlighted part is all plagiarized. I just need the highlighted part fixed and redone without any plagiarism please this will make or break my grade.  the instructions are above. If the attached document does not have the highlighted parts on it please let me know.

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