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Analysis of the Agricultural Guest-Worker System (the H-2a) Program

docx). In addition to the details provided below, please refer to the essay prompt attached. The below summary is just a  abridged version of the actual prompt, but you will need to read in detail the actual prompt to get a full understanding of the essay requirements. Thanks!Greetings! Please write an argumentative essay (essay must have a strong thesis) based on the agricultural guest-worker system. You will need to read the three attached PDF files for source material before writing the essay (Calavita, Sterett, Bedoya). You will also need to familiarize yourself with the Plenary Power Doctrine and any related source documents that you feel will facilitate the writing of this essay. Questions to keep in mind when writing this essay are: How is a program such as this possible given that itallows for “captivity” and deep economic exploitation? Is this program justifiable in a democracy—why or why not? Thank you!!!

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