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Analysis of the Movie Inside Out

Your paper could take any of the following forms and deal with any of the following topics: 1.    You could analyze a film [or a series of related films – such as films in a particular genre] and demonstrate how that film [or series of films] fits into one or more of the various types of psychology and culture theories we have been discussing. The theories include film and Freudian theory or film and Jungian theory, an analysis of the monomyth and film, or feminism/film/Mulvey, and/or Lacanian psychology and film.2.    Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, minimum 6 to around a maximum of 9 pages [excluding title and reference page]. Be certain that your name appears on the title page of your paper. 3.    Your paper should be in APA format, with a minimum of five (5) sources that you cite within your paper. At least two [2] of your sources should be academic articles [not your text]. Be sure to include the film you analyze as a source. References should be cited within the text of your paper and listed on the Reference page in APA format. For help with APA formatting questions, go to  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. You cannot afford a grade of zero [0] and/or class failure that automatically result from a plagiarized paper. Please refer to the Academic Honesty Policy in the syllabus. 5.  At the bottom of the title page, please include the following paragraph and sign and date: I hereby confirm that I have written the following paper. I utilized sources in forming my thoughts and opinions, and I have cited those sources where I used them, and the resulting paper is my own work. [Signed] [Date]6.    Let your writing style be honest and FROM YOU. I want to hear what YOU have to say. You may quote small parts from an academic article [properly cited] but use small ‘chunks’ and lots of your own thinking and analysis.

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