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Analytic paper

5You will need to submit a one page double-spaced typewritten paper on chapter 5. It is imperative that you understand the main factors related to group dynamics so that you can assess group dynamics as the group develops and understand client interactions and dynamics. The paper is worth 6 points. This assignment is to address the course objectives related to attending to interpersonal dynamics and clients’ interactions.For the Analytic Paper, please make sure that you “identify and discuss at least three key points.” You may summarize, compare, and/or synthesize the information in the chapter. The paper should consist of 3 paragraphs each identifying a main point followed by an in-depth discussion. For these papers, it is helpful to state the main point in the first sentence of the paragraph. Transition sentences from main point to main point are not needed. Also, please do not waste sentences stating what was discussed, but rather select a main point and develop it. For example, do not state, “The authors discuss the history of social work and the types of groups and the importance of values and ethics.” Instead, write a paragraph about each of these main topics. Make sure every sentence adds to the main point being discussed. For example, these sentences do not add to a main point about the history of social work group practice: “Chapter one provides a lot of information about the history of social work. The author discusses different ways social workers have used groups.” Instead, begin with the main point about the history of social work group practice, such as “Group work emerged from the settlement houses to provide citizens opportunities for education, recreation, socialization, and community involvement,” and then continue with about 4-5 sentences expanding on this point. Also, please make sure the paper is only one page. Please refrain from writing about your experiences but rather use the content of the chapter to guide your discussion.

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