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Analyze and reflect on the film.Too Big to Fail

Summarize the film.
2. Analyze and reflect on the film.
In the paper, demonstrate that you have thought independently and strategically about the film(s).
If several points of view were presented on the issue, which do agree or disagree with?
Which points or topics in the film most resonated? Why?
In your opinion, how much of the film was substantiated with fact vs. a bias towards or about the topic?
Make one or more specific references to assigned readings or class discussions about CSR.

Advantages and Disadvantages of John Operating as a Sole Trader essay help online free MySQL assignment help

Throughout the course of this assignment, the pros and cons of John Jones operating as a sole trader will be examined. Relevant literature will be consulted in order to gain an informed perspective upon this issue. The aim will be to provide as thorough an insight as possible into the benefits and pitfalls that are associated with being a sole trader.

There are a number of different ways in which operating as a sole trader is advantageous to John. Firstly, it enables him to be his own boss (Tasmanian Government, 2014). This allows him to go about his work in his own way without having to answer to anybody other than his customers.

Secondly, there are no specific legal requirements concerning the manner in which John has to set out his accounts (Canwell & Sutherland, 2008). This means that he does not have to waste time mastering a precise layout, which is beneficial given the large amounts of work that are currently available to him. It is one less complication for him to have to worry about.

In addition to these points, acting as a sole trader means that John gets to keep all of the profit that he makes (Fraser & Gibson, 2014). He does not have to share it with a partner and he does not have a boss who takes a cut. He is able to enjoy the full fruits of his labor.

It is easy for an individual who operates as a sole trader to wind up his business (Tasmanian Government, 2014). This means that if John decides that he can no longer cope with the workload of his plumbing business, he can cease operating without too much effort. It is also easy for somebody who operates as a sole trader to alter the legal structure of his business if his circumstances change (Tasmanian Government, 2014). This is particularly advantageous to John, as it is clear that his circumstances have changed and that he is getting more business than he used to get. It means that if he wishes to do so, he could easily adopt a legal structure that he feels will be better suited to the amounts of customers than he is now getting.

Another advantage of being a sole trader is that the individual in question has full privacy (Tasmanian Government, 2014). This means that John does not have to let a boss or partner know the full details of his earnings or the way in which he operates. Now that his business is significantly improving, it enables him to closely guard the secrets of its success.

However, there are also numerous different disadvantages to John operating as a sole trader. Firstly, potential clients might view his business as being less professional on account of the fact that it is not a limited company (Jacobs, 2003). Although he has currently managed to gain an extensive reputation, it is possible that he would have an even better reputation if he operated with a different legal structure.

It is also difficult for sole traders to raise money. Because they are unable to sell stock in their businesses, investors will not often invest in them. Banks also tend to be hesitant to lend money to sole traders on account of the perception that they lack credibility with regards to repaying loans if their businesses fail (U.S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). This could prove problematic for John, as it could limit the extent to which he will be capable of expanding his business. The fact that his reputation is spreading at such a rapid rate means that his business is prime for expansion. However, it will be difficult for him to facilitate this growth without the necessary levels of funding.

Sole traders are also faced with unlimited personal liability. There is no separation between John and his business, which means that he can be held liable for the obligations and debts of the company (U.S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). This means that if anything goes wrong then he could potentially face bankruptcy (Jacobs, 2003).

The fact that John is finding it difficult to cope with all of the work that is available to him on his own means that he would benefit significantly from employing other people. However, sole traders are also responsible for liabilities that are incurred due to the actions of their employees (U.S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). This means that taking on workers would significantly increase the risks that are associated with John’s business. It is impossible for him to predict every possible situation that could arise involving his employees. Therefore, the chance will always exist that something beyond his control might happen which will cause him to occur considerable personal losses.

In addition to these points, the fact that sole traders are in complete control of their businesses places a heavy burden upon their shoulders. It means that John does not have anybody except himself to blame for mistakes and failures (U.S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). This could be a significant source of stress, given the fact that his business is in a transitional phase in terms of popularity, which means that the situation is ripe for things to go wrong.

It can also be difficult for an individual to take vacations if he operates as a sole trader (Tasmanian Government, 2014). The fact that John is struggling with a large number of orders means that he could benefit from some time off every once in a while in order to de-stress. This might not be possible whilst he is running his business as a sole trader. Constant stress could lead to illness, which would mean that he had to take time off. This could potentially damage his business.

In conclusion, there are numerous different advantages and disadvantages to John operating as a sole trader. He has a large amount of control over his business, but there is also a substantial amount of risk associated with this legal structure. Whether or not he should continue to operate using it depends upon the extent to which he is willing to risk his personal funds on account of unforeseen circumstances. It also depends upon his ability to cope with stress and pressure. Ultimately, every business is different, so it is a matter of choice whether he alters his legal structure or not.


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  • Fraser, D. & Gibson, A. (2014). Business Law. London, UK: Pearson.
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Risk Assessment Scenario

Annotated Bibliography

Topic: Cloud Computing Select five articles related to your area of interest from your top journals. Provide an annotated bibliography for each article and discuss how these articles identify a gap in the literature that you wish to address in your dissertation. By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign?¢ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.


Answer 4 questions after reading the attached article; 1-What new terms were introduced? 2-What e-waste problems were presented? 3-What did you learn? 4-What can you do to help solve the e-waste problems?

Research Paper: Find A Peer Reviewed Article In The Following Databases -Paper Reviewing The Literature Concerning One Of This Week’S Topics, E.G. Data Storage In The Cloud, Cloud Storage Device Mechanisms, Or Collaboration In The Clou

Research Paper: Find a peer reviewed article in the following databases provided by the UC Library and write a 500-word paper reviewing the literature concerning one of this week’s topics, e.g. Data Storage in the Cloud, Cloud Storage Device Mechanisms, or Collaboration in the Cloud. You may choose to review only scholarly peer reviewed articles and papers. Use the following databases for your research: ACM Digital Library IEEE/IET Electronic Library SAGE Premier URL: Use APA standards and formatting. Include a Title and Reference page.


1. Section IV of the official Coding and Reporting Guidelines contains information regarding outpatient coding. * True or False 2. Systemic lupus erythematosus with associated endocarditis (M32.11) is an example of dual coding. * True or False 3. Multiple codes are often required for late effects, complication codes, and obstetric codes. * True or False 4. In coding, the letter A represents a sequel, and the letter D stands for subsequent visit. * True or False 5. A late effect is the residual effect after the acute phase of an illness or injury has passed. * True or False 6. It is important to follow any cross-reference instructions in the index of the I-10, such as see also. * True or False 7. For bilateral sites, the final character of the codes in the I-10 always indicates laterality. * True or False 8. The official Coding and Reporting Guidelines are updated every year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the American Medical Association (AMA), which could affect the steps to accurate coding. * True or False 9. Assign codes as directed in the index, only after verifying the code in the tabular. * True or False 10. If there are separate codes for both the acute and chronic forms of a condition, the code for the chronic condition is sequenced first as long as both codes are listed at the same indentation level of the index. * True or False 11. Using the ICD-10-CM (Encoder Pro.), complete the following statement. The correct reporting for acute cholecystitis with cholelithiasis with obstruction is: a. K80.19 b. K80.12 c. K80.10 d. K80.01 12. Using the ICD-10-CM (Encoder Pro), complete the following statement. The correct reporting for stage IV chronic kidney disease associated with diabetes mellitus, type 2, is: a. E11.29, N18.4 b. E11.22, N18.4 c. N18.4, E11.22 d. N18.4, E13.22 13. A combination code is a single code used to classify all of the following EXCEPT: a. two diagnoses. b. diagnosis with an associated secondary process (manifestation). c. a diagnosis with an associated complication. d. more than two diagnoses. 14. Which of the following statements is true regarding late effects? a. There is no time limit for the development of a residual. b. A patient may only develop one residual. c. A residual can only occur after an injury. d. Residual effects do not occur; any new symptom must be given a new diagnosis.

Psychology Essay-Intelligence

If you choose to handle my essay please make sure this is 100% original work. Here are my requirements of this essay: Word counts: 400-600 words Format: This is going to be graded automatically by the system, so please provide a 5-paragraph format which includes an introduction, 3 paragraphs of discussion, and a conclusion.At the beginning of each paragraph, please clearly indicate main points of that paragraph. Contents: Please read the instruction carefully and answer all the questions. Also, make sure to use course materilas. All the readings are in attachments. Grammar: There should be as few grammar errors as possible. Quality: Please provide a 80%+ work. Instruction of this essay: Provide real-world examples for the following types of intelligences as theorized by Gardner: verbal/linguistic, body-kinesthetic (movement), and logical/mathematical. Explain why each example represents one of the types of intelligence. Present some of the arguments critics have offered against Gardner’s research.

5 Psychology Questions In Exam

Note: It is recommended that you save your response as you complete each question. 1.After meeting Devon at a party, your first impression is of a pretty regular guy. But after a while you realize he thinks the CIA is spying on him and he doesn’t always quite make sense. 2.After a long period of being down in the dumps, April is now full of energy. She stayed up 3 nights in a row spring cleaning the house, and has been bringing home men she just met to sleep with. She recently maxed out her credit card buying supplies for a new art class, and quit her job to focus on painting full time although she just started painting a few weeks ago. She was feeling on top of the world but is now starting to feel irritable and anxious as well. 3.Demetrius has been having unexplained pain in his abdomen, but because he has an irrational fear of small places, he can’t have an MRI to diagnose the problem. 4.Krista’s friends have noticed a big change in her recently. She never goes to parties like she used to, she quit the debate team she had been captain of because it just wasn’t fun and was too hard, her grades are slipping, and she seems to have lost all hope that life can get better. She has even mentioned several times that everyone would be better if she wasn’t around. 5.Angie worries constantly about being sick. She washes her hands several times each hour even though they are raw and red from the rough treatment.

After Watching, Reading, Or Listening To This Week’S Activities Please Answer The Following Questions:

Sociology class – must be 250 words must cite work After watching, reading, or listening to this week’s activities please answer the following questions: What organization can you think of that best meets the ?ideal type of bureaucracy? How does this organization meet the characteristics outlined by Weber? In addition, please complete the quiz and discuss your results. Resources for assessment: Introduction to Sociology Bureaucratic Organizations: Examples & Characteristics Bureaucratic Organizations: Examples & Characteristics Quiz

Cloud Computing

No plagiarism very important and need a report for this. Discuss in 500 words or more why, in this age of distributed computing, centralized IAM systems are necessary. Use at least three sources. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. Cite your sources. Do not copy. Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format. Need 5lines+5lines=100lines to reply my teamates discussions

Risk Assessment Scenario

As a counselor, being competent and familiar with risk assessment is essential to the therapeutic process; both in giving a client’s context related to treatment of their psychological symptoms and in helping the clinician prioritize short- and long-term treatment outcomes. This assignment contains three parts, as identified and described below. Please complete each part with a combined essay of 950-1,700 words. Part 1: Write a 300-700-word scenario that involves a client that you believe requires a risk assessment. Part 2: Write a 150-250-word summary, discussing specific behaviors that lead you to create a risk assessment. Part 3: Write a 500-750-word summary, discussing how you would assess the client. Include the following in your discussion: Questions you would ask to determine the client’s level of risk Protocol you would follow based on the client’s answers, including documentation Include at least three scholarly references in your paper.

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