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analyze family system

You will use the family system dynamics in the episode you chose to respond to the assignment this week.Based on the family you selected from one of these videos, write an overview that includes the following elements:    A description of the family that includes information about the addicted individual and all family members (such as relationship status, socioeconomic status, living arrangements, health status).    A discussion of the onset of addiction; how the addiction began, how it progressed, and the status of the addiction at the beginning of the episode.    Your assessment of how the family system facilitated the addiction (how did they respond to the initial drug taking behavior, what is their response to the addiction, what have they tried previously to help their loved one).    A description of how the addiction has affected the members of the family, including the survival roles of each member.    Your assessment of how the family system has impeded or facilitated the recovery of the addicted family member.    A description of what the family will need to change if the addicted family member becomes sober.    A summary of what happened at the end of the intervention.Length: 5-7 pages, not including title page or referencesReferences: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

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