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and Conflict Assessment( impact of Atom Bombing Hiroshima on japanies economy)/inflation

specific historical facts, detailed descriiptions, explanations and appropriate examples which support your information.

Research question:
Examine how Atom Bombing Hiroshima influenced the Japanese economy during and after WWII.
Sub-Question 1:
How was the Japanese economy before WWII? What was the economic purpose behind atomic bombing
Sub-Question 2:
What were the major problems faced by the Japanese economy after WWII?
Sub-Question 3:
How did the country reconstruct its economy ( stop inflation and shortage of resources) after the Atomic Bombing?
Sub-Question 4:
What are the impacts of the event on other nations’ economies?

– use the 10 vocabularies from the attached file
-MLA8 format

History Question

* Previous tutor completed the first portion…. Research paper (Battle Analysis) proposal. It is attached. The next portion before final paper is annotated bibliography. example for this assignment is attached.
You will write three (3), 150-word annotations on articles or
academic journals of your choice and prepare an annotated bibliography.

History Question

History Assignment Help View a film related to the history we are studying, and write an essay on the film based on the instructions below. Tell me the title of the film before you view the film.
For your assignment you are to view a film and to analyze it historically in a three to five page double spaced paper written in Google Docs. It is your responsibility to find the film to view, and you should email the title to the instructor before viewing the film. Do Not View Documentaries.

(This is the movie) The Godfather
Your paper should be structured in the following manner:Introduction – 1-2 paragraphsA good leadThe title of the filmA brief description of the filmSummary of the film – 1-2 paragraphsMain characters, setting, basic plotAnalysis of the film – 3-5 paragraphsSee below for detailsThis should include a detailed deconstruction of at least one key sceneConclusion – 1-2 paragraphsRestating main points of your analysis in a succinct mannerJustification of your analysisThe analysis must address four main areas:1. The history-Is it accurate, or was it “Hollywood” to make more money?-Are events presented realistically and chronologically?2. Setting, details, design and behavior-Are locations, costumes, and sets accurately portrayed?-Has the filmmaker included details that enhance the historical atmosphere and viewing experience?-Do the characters speak and act as people in their time, situation and class did?-Are gender relationships accurately rendered?3. ****THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DIFFICULT PART OF THE ESSAY**** ?Agenda and Values?-What does the filmmaker do to influence feelings and emotions?-What sort of heroic and villainous icons are presented and supported in the film?(Who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy and why do you think that way about them?)-What messages did the filmmakers wish to convey?4. Effects-Does the film succeed in producing the desired effect?-How does it change your understanding of history?

MILH360 WWII (Combined bomber offensive 1941-45, Bombing of Auschwitz, end of Japanese naval power 1943-44

Choose ONLY ONE of the following and respond
1. Why wasn’t Auschwitz bombed? Should the Allies have bombed Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944/45?
2. What could the Germans have done after Kursk to stall the Soviet offensive?3. Did the Japanese have any other recourse but to abandon traditional definitions of how war should be waged?

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