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answer 2 questions each question about 300 words

a) ‘The optimal risky portfolio, created by using the mean-variance criteria, is the
same for all investors’ To what extent do you support this statement? Explain your
answer by discussing behavioural biases that may affect the composition of the
optimal risky portfolio.
b) Discuss the differences between the Autoregressive Conditional
Heteroscedasticity (ARCH) model and the Generalised Autoregressive Conditional
Heteroscedasticity (GARCH) model for updating volatilities.

Finance Question

Make sure you are familiar with real estate finance. Only 500 words essay
Please help me write an essay about real estate finance (could be your personal experience), including:
1.why you have motivation and passion in real estate (Start with example of how you got interested in real estate finance REF)
2.Show off your experiences, link to real estate finance (REF)
3.Show off your grades from undergraduate study. Mention modules that the REF course offers that are similar to your undergraduate one; build a case to demonstrate that you have strong foundation to continue learning on the course.
4.Research interest; show off your interest/skills in research. The mphil has a dissertation, say this excites you. Find a research topic; possibly VC and real estate? See FifthWall and Concrete.
5.Demonstrate that you researched the course: Bayfield training, mentoring scheme, land society. Google the MPhil REF course.
6.End by saying something like ‘I hope the above demonstrates I am an ideal candidate for this course’.
One requirement: Please write something about real estate in venture capital

Challenges in Foecasting Guided Respose

Finance Assignment Help Attached are 2 initial posts. Please asses each of the posts and provide a response to each posts seperately using the Guided questions below:
Evaluate the pros and cons of the suggested actions, and explain whether you agree with your classmate.
Provide at least one additional action that should be taken to help mitigate the issue your classmate has chosen.
Provide a rationale for your statements based on evidence from your required readings.

Choose any two companies that are in the same industry and listed on the NYSE or any other exchange. Essay

Choose any two companies that are in the same industry and listed on the NYSE or any other exchange. Collect the financial information for these two companies and make sure you have information that includes balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow for the last three years. You may select any company except FedEx and Coca Cola.

Analyze the key characteristics of the companies selected, such as the industry in which they operate, the products they provide, their rankings in the industry, etc.
Go to the company Web sites. Find the “About ….” section and note the company’s commitment to corporate governance and identify the key features of its commitment.
Identify the main competitors for each selected company. Compare and contrast the reputations of the selected companies and their competitors.

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