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answer this question below?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) identifies requirements related to provider compliance with fraud, waste, and abuse laws that have been enacted to protect consumers. Research three of these requirements and describe the corresponding measures that your health care organization has initiated, or could initiate, to comply with the ACA. Support your analysis with a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles.
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agency synopsis

Agency Synopsis
Identify regulatory agencies that regulate health and the health care system within the US, create a table listing your 5 regulatory agencies and address the following:
Describe the agency, level of regulatory authority (local, state, federal), scope of regulatory authority, and role within the US healthcare system.
Address relevance of the organization or the organization’s authority to the APRN/DNP graduate.
Describe relevance to specialty area, area of practice, or setting of practice. For an example, mental health.
Submission Requirements:
In the table, write the 3 criteria above and respond to them.
The table is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling.
The table is to be complete and thorough. It should include all items indicated in the assignment.
Incorporate at least 3 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work.

QUALITATIVE STUDY to critique Discussion

Nursing Assignment Help Question One
. Read the posted article above on attitudes and barriers to DM article
b. Refer to Chapter 6 pages 120 to121 of your assigned textbook for more guidance.
Respond to the questions below by reviewing the article and identifying
those elements (state the page number you found the element). If you
indicate you support the researcher use of the element, make sure your
findings are with literature (eg. you can reference your textbook where
it says that element is important in qualitative research).
Your critique responses should reflect the following:1. What type of qualitative approach did the researcher use?2. what type of sampling method did the researcher use? Is it appropriate for the study?3. Was the data collection focused on human experiences?4. Was issues of protection of human subjects addressed?5. Did the researcher describe data saturation? 6. What procedure for collecting data did the researcher use?7. What strategies did the researcher use to analyze the data?8.
Does the researcher address credibility (can you appreciate the truth
of the patient’s experience), auditability (can you follow the
researcher’s thinking, does the research document the research process)
and grittiness are the results meaningful, is analysis strategy
compatible with the purpose of the study) of the data?
9. What is
your cosmic question? (This is a question you ask your peers to respond
to based on the chapter discussed in class this week i.e. Qualitative
Using in-text referencing and a reference list, submit your initial
discussion post by Wednesday at 1159PM and reply back to your peers by
Friday at 1159PM.

Question Two
1. PICOT/Research question Submission : This
should include the full statement of the research question, followed by
a table that clarify the P,I,C,O,T in your proposed study.

answer this question below?

Health care organizations continually face challenges from various regulatory and government agencies while also being bound by Managed Care Organization (MCO) standards. View the video located in the study materials entitled “College of Nursing and Health Care Professions: Do We Know What Our Future Is?” for insight into the challenges of health care reform. Based on the video, describe two key reform factors that you believe will need to be addressed by future health care workers or leaders and explain why. (Note: You can download slides from this video for ease of review in developing your forum response). Additionally, what role does adherence to MCO standards play in your future health care vision?
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