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Essay on infectious-contagious diseases in a global context
Using the materials available on D2L in the section The Global Petri Dish – Infectious/contagious diseases in a
globalized world (Chapter 5 of Joralemon’s book, the documentary “Unseen Enemy”, Amy Goodman’s Interview with
Paul Farmer “How Colonization Fueled Ebola” (for which I’ve loaded a copy of the transcript that I cut and pasted) –
explain why Joralemon says “ the anthropologist’s holistic framework and understanding of socio-behavioral dynamics
can advance our understanding of the epidemiological reality of the twenty-first century, precisely because so many of
the underlying factors promoting re/emerging diseases are linked to social patterns.” Illustrate with several examples.

Accounting Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

Please help me with this Accounting discussion question. Please make sure it is original and at least 300 wordsCollege Homework Help

In this week’s discussion, we will introduce the basic accounting equation. Understanding the relationship between the equation’s key components is essential in learning accounting. Those components are assets, liabilities, and equity. We will also introduce basic transactions within a company that can occur, and how those transactions are recorded. Finally, we look at the 4 basic financial statements and their particular importance.

1).  Define and discuss the accounting equation and each of its components. 

2).  Give an example of a typical business transaction and discuss its impact on the accounting equation (Your explanation should describe which account(s) are increasing/decreasing and whether those accounts were “debited or credited”).College Homework Help

3).  Finally, list and discuss the importance of each of the 4 basic financial statements. 

Be sure you cite references appropriately (APA). Also, please review my grading policies related to 1st Posts for full credit.Get Business and Finance homework help today

Political Science Assignment/Buy Homework Help persuasive essay help

Question 1    discuss what you consider to be the most impressive of all the efforts the DHS has made in its immigration enforcement efforts. 

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Question 2 Suggest three nontraditional ways to find important background information on potential employees. Get Political Science help today

Social Interaction Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

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 Speaking Up: In Seminars, Gender MattersCollege Homework Help

How does gender shape the college classroom? A recent study involving thirty-five colleges and universities in ten countries found men two-and-a-half times more likely than women to ask a question in a campus seminar. Both men and women reported not asking a question when they had one, but women are much more likely to report feeling intimidated at the thought of speaking up. What do you think might explain this pattern?Get Social Science homework help today

Sociology Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

In a minimum of 300 words respond to the following.

   College Homework Help

Textbook: Sociology 17th EDITION (PEARSON) JOHN J. MACIONIS

In Chapter 5 we read about how Socialization has a significant impact on the development of the person. Even those we consider to be the “best” or “worst” of society aren’t just born that way; society has had a significant impact on their thoughts and development.

Utilizing one of the following two biography videos (MLK or Hitler) (you are welcome to do further reading) identify the following:

1. Was this person more a product of nurture or nature or both? In what ways?

2. Who were the agents of socialization in this person’s life?

3. Choose two of the six theories of socialization to discuss this person development.

Six major theories of socialization;College Homework Help

Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan, George Herbert Mead, and Erikson H. Erikson. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Get Social Science homework help today

Emerging Risks And Counter Strikes Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a honey pot. College Homework HelpYour response should be at least 200+ words, and contain at least one external citation and reference in APA format.Get Information System homework help today




Statistics Assignment | Professional Writing Services persuasive essay help

Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable (Coin) where each of the students flipped a coin 10 times.

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Round your answers to three decimal places and type the mean and the standard deviation in the grey area below.  There are 35 students and 136 coin

Get Statistics homework help today

Linear Programming Assignments | Online Homework Help common app essay help

Simple Linear Programming in excel using solver(need answer within 20 minutes) based on urgency


Substitute LP problem for Test 1 LP

Luxury Furniture is a company that produces many types of furniture.  They are considering offering some combination of three different types of chairs, High, Low, and Fancy if it is economical.  The company has a long-term contract with a supplier of the specialty woods and receives a 10,000 feet shipment of the material each week. Each Highchair requires 12 feet, Low 8 feet, and Fancy 14 feet. The sales forecast indicates that at most 1100 High and 1200 Low, and 900 Fancy can be sold per week.  Each Highchair requires 75 minutes of labor to produce and generates a unit profit of $40.  Each Low requires 55 minutes of labor and generates a unit profit of $30, while the Fancy requires 80 minutes of labor with $48 of profit per unit.  The company has 40 laborers available for the chairs that each provides 30 hours of labor per week. Management wishes to know what quantity of each type of chair to produce per week in order to maximize the profit.   Below table shows the above information:


    Type of chair
  High Low Fancy Available resources
Wood (feet) 12 8 14 10,000
Time (minutes) 75 55 80 72000

Sales forecast                1100                                 1200                 900

Profit per type is provided below

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  High Low Fancy
Profit $40 $30 $48


  1. Solve the resource allocation problem using an excel spreadsheet to determine the optimum number of each type of chair produced weekly and to determine the maximum weekly profit. Keep in mind that it may not be profitable to produce every type. (35 points)


  1. What is the maximum profit if we can only produce 800 of the Low chair? (10 points)


  1. How many chairs of each type can be produced if you now have 10% less labor time (minutes) (use part A numbers) available due to the upcoming holidays? (10 points)


  1. What will the answer to part A be if you can sell the Fancy chairs for $55 instead of $48? (5 points)


  1. What will be the answer to part D be if you should only make an integer number of chairs a week? (5 points)


Article Related to Design Assignments | Online Homework Help common app essay help

Find 15 news article related to design – dated no later than a week old

After reading the article be prepared to share the key point from the article (small summary ) 4-7 sentences

Articles must have appeared in a newspaper, news magazine i.e. Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Fortune…

“How to design” articles not acceptable


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Questions Assignments | Online Homework Help common app essay help

Could you please answer these questions by using the giving data? The questions include short answers and a 1-page essay.

All information provided on the pictures.

Thank you



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What is Foreshortening Discussion Assignments | Online Homework Help common app essay help

  • What is foreshortening? (Links to an external site.)

  1. Please post your responses (20 sentences or more, not including websites and/or visual examples) on the topic or reading material Please share what you learned, did not know, how the topic/learning changed your view toward the topic now, possible questions.

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