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Anthro 2A: Perusall: Chagnon – Yanamamo

Perusall annotation of required readings:
Minimum 5 annotations (comment or response to other comments) per reading,
I screenshot some of paragraphs from Perusall. Please pick 5 sentences or paragraphs to annotate. Just write about 3-5 sentences for each paragraph for annotation. Please copy paste the paragraph or sentence you are annotating. Thank you.

Respond to the two students post below: Jordyn Kehoe 1/11/22, 9:27 PM NEW I think that some of the Essay

Respond to the two students post below:

Jordyn Kehoe
1/11/22, 9:27 PM NEW
I think that some of the challenges that I may face while working with law enforcement and some of the barriers that could potentially take place could be one with a person that could be deaf, or they could have some mental illnesses such as a bipolar disorder and or a depression disorder. I think that one strategy that could take place is to always remain calm and always reassure the person or persons that you are there to help them. I think if the person is deaf I think that it would be very beneficial to try and see if anyone that is working for the department is a translator or if anyone from a near by city or county that could come assist you. If no one is available for that I think that you could just use a piece of paper to communicate with you and the person that you are dealing with.

Robert Whiteside
1/11/22, 8:15 PM NEW
There are a few different barriers a peace officer may encounter when working with those who are disabled. Some of these barriers might include: communicating with someone who has vision impairment, hearing impairment, physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or even mental illness. These can all vary in severity and change how one would interact with them. A good real of thumb is to treat them in a kind manner, with respect, avoid patronizing them or being sarcastic as well as passing judgment or assuming things about their situation. One strategy for overcoming the barrier of hearing impairment, depending on the severity, is to carry a Deaf and hard-of-hearing communication card offered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This double-sided info sheet will allow the peace officer to determine the best way to communicate with the individual, ask for specific information, if they need specific help, or even tell them what violations they were stopped for or what the next steps are.


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Writing Question

So you go onto and select any speech and have to critique the speech and write a review discussion what the speaker did well, what you liked or didn’t like about the speech, monotone, good intro or conclusion. Kind of doing a review of something

week 7 discu

Writing Assignment Help Your response to the discussion question will be in two parts. Use subheadings to label your answers Part A and Part B. The first section is a common question about the readings that everyone will answer. In the second section, you will select one of six different questions to answer.
PART A: World War II or Sputnik? Which historical event presented a greater opportunity for the advancement of the knowledge and advancement of physics? Use examples to support your answer.
PART B: Select one of the following questions to answer. CLEARLY INDICATE the question you are answering in your thread title. For example, if you are answering the first question type: “Response to Question 1.” I would like to see all the questions answered in as equal numbers as possible.
1. Do you feel that the knowledge of how to split an atom is good or bad for society? Explain your answer.
2. What is the relationship between physics and warfare? What was the “physicists’ war”?
3. What is meant by the phrase “taming the endless frontier”?
4. What was the importance of landing men on the Moon? Was it a political, military, scientific, or cultural success? Explain your answer.
5. Define the main components of the “New Physics.” What was its significance?
6. What was the scientific, cultural, and military impact of Sputnik?
Use the readings to inform your answer. If one of the questions is not supported by the readings (most are), then you are to use our library to research it. There is to be NO USE OF COMMON WEBSITES in your answer under any circumstances. Scholarly and peer reviewed research only. Visit this link to assist you:
Post your initial response to the Discussion by THURSDAY. Respond to at least three other students by SUNDAY of Week 7.

Respond to the two students below: Alex Johnson 1/11/22, 5:40 PM The theory that I think best describes domestic

Respond to the two students below:

Alex Johnson
1/11/22, 5:40 PM
The theory that I think best describes domestic violence is the Coercive Control Theory. Coercive Control is a series of actions that exercise controlling behavior in an intimate partner relationship. Some of these actions may consist of monitoring a partners actions online and in personal friendships, restricting access to money or depriving a partner of financial freedom, or using pets or children as a bartering chip. These actions may escalate into physical abuse later on.

One aspect of the theory that helps explain domestic abuse is that someone who exhibits these types of behavior towards their partner is usually insecure in one or more aspects of their lives. They exhibit controlling behavior in an attempt to regain or gain control of the relationship.

Another aspect is that this type of abusive behavior is more often experienced by women. Which may also be a flaw in the theory, suggesting men do not often experience coercive control abuse in relatiuonships.

Asia Jones
1/11/22, 10:00 PM
Social Control Theory

Social control theories are the connections between family, school, and other aspects of society that contributes to aberrant behavior ( I selected this theory because I think this behavior is seen from those closest to the ones that display domestic violence. Failure to creating bonds and establish relationships can create tension.

Two aspects that are important are connecting with others in and outside of the family. Commitment to investing energy and time into activities that are enjoyable.

Two potential flaws in this theory are a lack of self-control and the importance on building bonds with others.

MLA FORMAT, MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, CAMILA RODRIGUEZ, ENGLISH CLASS. Using the topic you selected for the first assignment or

MLA FORMAT, MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, CAMILA RODRIGUEZ, ENGLISH CLASS. Using the topic you selected for the first assignment or choose another topic, you will write an MLA formatted paper for this assignment. Remeber to include the correct MLA format, a hook, general information and a well developed Thesis Statement and thats just in the first paragraph. Also do not forget to use Transitions. Remember the 3 parts of an essay Introduction, Body (3 Paragraphs) and Conclusion. Typically each paragraph has between 5 and 8 sentences.

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