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Third Parties

Essay Preview: Third Parties

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When the Presidential Election comes every four years, the people of the United States begin to think about either Democrat or Republican. In all actuality, there are other parties to be thought of. One must look at all aspects of what someone is standing for and dig deep into the background of the candidate and party and see if their whole platform is what someone would want in office.

This project is being done to open the eyes of the students in the classroom and so that they may open the eyes of more people when elections come around. The researcher received a majority of her information off of the internet and from a publication from the libarary. This paper is strictly limited to the parties that were either involved or tried to be involved in the 1996 and 2000 Presidential Elections.


The researcher of this paper, has pulled all the parties existing or non existing anymore that either had a candidate or nominee or endorsed someone for the 1996 and 2000 Presidential Election.

The information that will be found is who and when was the party founded, are they still in existence, who did they endorse for each on of those elections and what do they stand for. This information is provided only if it was available.



This party is a small, very conservative, Christian party formed after a break from the American Independent party in 1972. Their 1996 candidate for President was anti-gay activist and attorney Diane Templin. The 2000 candidate was former GOP California State Senator Don Rogers. They are pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax; they also advocate an end to farm price supports/subsidies, privatization of the US Postal Service, oppose federal involvement in education, support abolition of the Environmental Protection agency, support repeal of NAFTA, opposes minimum wage laws, oppose land use zoning regulations and opposes convening a Constitutional Convention. They also oppose the United Nations, the New World Order, communism, socialism and the Trilateral Commission.

The American Party rarely field more than five or so nominees nationwide, and now has largely faded into obscurity.


This party was formerly known as the Washington State afflation of the USTP/Constitution Party, which they broke away from in 2000 due to religious grounds. They ran on local candidate in 2000, name unknown. They describe themselves them selves as “a political party that adopts the Bible as its political textbook and is unashamed to be explicitly Christian(and) who principles are drawn from Scripture.”

The American Heritage Party now seems more focused on teaching their views through a 60 hour study course.


This party was known as the National Reform Party Committee, and broke away from Ross Perots Reform Party in 1997. In 2000 this party shifted to the left and decided to endorse not co-nominate the Green Party nominee Ralph Nader. A small part of this partys platform is to restore trust and integrity in government. Pay down the national debt; develop long-term programs to protect Social Security. “To renew democracy, our mission is to stimulate citizen participation in the political process, break the two party monopoly and guarantee free elections.”

The American Reform Party has become virtually invisible on the political scene and they will co-endorse other third party candidates.


Howard Phillips founded the US Taxpayers party in 1992 and it was renamed the Constitution Party in 1999. Phillips ran as the as the USTP nominee in 1996 and then as the Constitution Party nominee in 2000. They are strongly pro-life, anti gun control, anti-tax, anti-immigration, protectionist, ant New World Order, anti United Nations, anti gay rights, anti welfare, pro school prayer and are basically a hardcore Religious Right Platform.


This party was originally launched as Minnesota based liberal party. The first Presidential nominee was Dennis Peron in 1996 and in 2000 it was Denny Lane. They stand for the legalization of marijuana; promotes hemp farming and the establishment of a national system of universal health care. They are very similar to the Greens with a much stronger emphasis on the marijuana and hemp legalization.

In 2002 they disbanded and merged into the Liberal Party of Minnesota.


This party is the informal US affiliate of the left-wing, environmentalist European Greens movement. Their first Presidential nominee was in 1996 with Ralph Nader, who was again their nominee in 2000. With the amount of votes Nader took in 2000 in the states of Florida, New Hampshire; Gore would have won if Nader had not ran. “We submit a bold vision of our countrys future, a Platform on which we stand: Our Ten Key Values as a guide to a politics of vision and action, A creative, pragmatic plan for a prospering, sustainable economy, and, A call to restore and protect a healthy, diverse environment and to cultivate a sense of community at all levels, from the local to the planetary.


The libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and feels that they are neither left nor right. Harry Browned was the presidential nominee in both 1996 and in 2000. They believe in total individual liberty, pro dug legalization, pro choice, pro gay marriage, pro home schooling, antigun control and total economic freedom, anti welfare, antigovernment regulation of business, anti minimum wage anti income tax and pro fee trade. They also believe in more freedom, less government and lower taxes.

You can take a libertarian test at the website to find out if you are a libertarian or where you fall on the political scale.


The light party was founded by Da Vid, MD., Whoistic Physician, Human Ecologist and Artist. He was also the write in candidate for several years including 1996 and 2000. This San Francisco based party promotes holistic medicine, national health insurance, organic foods, solar energy, nuclear disarmament and a flat tax.

This party does not want to serious seek an election but advance an agenda.


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Hot Topic: Everything About The Music

Essay Preview: Hot Topic: Everything About The Music

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Hot Topic: Everything About the Music

Hot Topic was founded in 1989 in Westminster, California as a store specializing in accessories. In 1990, they added rock tees which at the time could only be found in catalogs, small record shops and at concerts (Hot Topic, 2006). By 1994, their assortment of merchandise was 50% apparel and 50% accessories. Hot Topic evolved into a retailer geared towards customers “who are passionate about rock music, pop culture, and music-inspired fashion” (Hot Topic, 2006). Hot Topic operates 748 stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico and was named one of Fortune Magazines best 100 companies to work for in 2006 (Hot Topic, 2006). This organization shows how a specialty retailer that targets young consumers can remain successful despite the rapidly changing nature of pop culture trends.


Hot Topic has many strengths including nationwide locations, a large quantity of stores that carry exclusive clothing lines such as Lip Service and Eye Candy, and their user-friendly, interactive website (Hot Topic, 2006). Their primary audience consists of 12 to 22 year-olds and they are known well throughout the Goth/Raver/Punk community (Hot Topic, 2006). Catering to this age group helps Hot Topic with their sales immensely. According to Global Information Inc, 15-24 year old teens were the top consumers for 2005 (Consumer Demo, 2005).

Their reputation as the go-to place for alternative youth culture may come from the line of clothing they offer, but it also stems from their specialized staff and website. Hot Topic works hard at hiring people who can portray the stores cutting edge image. Because of this effort, the staff is able to offer advice for how to wear or use any item the store carries. Their website is also a source for advice on how to put the whole look together as well as stay abreast of the newest fads in fashion. In addition to clothing, Hot Topic also carries a specialized selection of music, magazines, toys, shoes, accessories, and novelty items. One of their greatest strengths is their ability to cater to any “fashion fad”.

With these advantages one might think that they have the market cornered, but a few things hurt the retailer. One of their major weaknesses is the fact that Hot Topic gears merchandise so heavily towards one style of audience. They might do this to keep existing customers returning, but for a store to grow it must embrace other areas of its related business field. They do have a sister company by the name of Torrid which is aimed at a plus size audience that has similar taste in the gothic look, music, and punk related clothing. This limited scope of consumers can stifle Hot Topics profits and growth.

Another weakness is that their products can be more expensive than other stores such as Rave, Fashion Nation, or even online stores such as Spooky Boutique. Due to the age category Hot Topic targets, consumers may find it difficult to buy a pair of shoes that can be as expensive as $120. This can be a deciding factor for their online store as well. Competing stores available on the web may offer a better price, and Hot Topic may find that their prices drive people to continue shopping elsewhere. However, their mall locations are not limited by this option. The biggest obstacle that they face is where they are located inside the mall. Hot Topic explains how their first store location had to overcome a bad location decision to successfully reach their customers (Hot Topic, 2006). A store front that is not easily accessible could be overlooked by shoppers.

Even with these limitations Hot Topic does have opportunities to grow. They can look into branching into another area. Hot Topic goes to great lengths to gather input from customers about what they would like to see in stores (Hot Topic, 2006). One page of their website is called Community. On this page customers can go into areas where they register for contests and give customer feedback. By providing this section, they are able to gather information about their supporters. Information such as state, gender, age, and other items are entered into a database through filling out a contest or feedback entry. This information aids Hot Topic in creating projections and census for their consumers and allows them to provide better service for their customers.

Despite these assets, Hot Topic has seen failing profits over the last year and must find new ways to regain profit margins (Hot Topic, 2006). They are primarily driven by fashion and music fads. Their most powerful strength is that they are able to embrace these fads and turn them into a profit. If they are able to stay on top of the music and fashion industry, they will have a continued future in retail.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning determines three things for an organization. First, it tells the organization where it is going over the next year or more. Second, it explains how it is going to get there. Finally, strategic planning allows the organization to know whether or not it has achieved its desired outcome (Banyenzaki, n.d., para. 4). The focus of a strategic plan is usually on the entire organization, while the focus of a business plan is usually on a particular product, service or program (High performance coaching, 2005). When Hot Topic first came to life it was not as successful as what the founder, Orv Madden, had hoped for (Hot Topic, 2006). However, with a bit of strategic planning, his company would soon be moving forward into a future of net profit rather than net loss.

The plan was to change the location of the store within the mall in order to facilitate the needs of the consumers and then to reevaluate what merchandise was and was not selling (Hot Topic, 2006). The company found that costume jewelry was making the profit, so they started buying more cross necklaces, unisex earrings, and leather bracelets (Hot Topic, 2006). Once the problem areas were located, the company was able to brainstorm on a new strategic plan on how to advance with a better outlook for the success of the company (Hot Topic, 2006).

Tactical Planning

Tactical Planning is “a set of procedures for translating broad strategic goals and plans into specific goals and plans that are relevant to a distinct portion of the organization such as a functional area like marketing” (Bateman, Snell, 2007, pg.123). Tactical Planning for Hot Topic was definitely a part of the organizations success. The organization needed to take steps on relocating their first store in order to make their business profitable (Hot Topic, 2006). Once the store was relocated, it was time for the company to think of expanding their product line as well as their

Tesla Chose And North American Automobile Industry persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help

How Attractive Is the North American Automobile Industry for New Entrants?

Essay Preview: How Attractive Is the North American Automobile Industry for New Entrants?

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How attractive is the North American automobile industry for new entrants?For a potential new entrant to the North American automobile market, the landscape is highly unattractive. There are three main reasons why this is the case: competition amongst existing players is fierce, barriers to entry are high, and the profit margins on sales are extremely low. After analyzing the industry, it is clear that for new entrants utilizing traditional industry technology, it would be (and has been) nearly impossible to create, capture, and sustain economic value. As Warren Buffet said, “When an industry with a reputation for difficult economics meets a manager with a reputation for excellence, it is usually the industry that keeps its reputation intact.”[1] Indeed, the North American automobile industry has a knack for difficult economics. Currently, the market is extremely concentrated, with 49% of market share being dominated by the three largest companies. As evidence of how difficult it is to compete in this space, even two of these top three companies filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and there have been no successful new entrants with a mass-produced car since WWII. As a measure of how tenaciously firms compete in this industry, large players spend roughly $4 billion annually (GM and Ford spent $4.2 billion and $3.9 billion respectively) on marketing. While the case does not explicitly state GM’s market capitalization, it does note that Ford’s is $8 billion, which means that they spend roughly 50% of their total value (not their revenue, their total value!) on marketing alone. If the level of competition between existing competitors were not enough to deter a new entrant, the high costs of entry likely would be. A normal automobile manufacturing plant costs roughly $1 billion dollars to build, and between $1 billion and $6 billion are required to engineer and design a new car over a 4-5 year period. In fact, the manufacturing costs themselves typically make up 80% of the car’s final MSRP. Even once the factory and car design have been secured, the minimum efficient scale required for the average car company is between 100,000 and 250,000 units, a daunting demand level for a new entrant. Combine these costs with high defect rates and a considerable learning curve, and the barriers to entry and required IRR to achieve profitability are considerable.  Furthermore, the industry overall has extremely low margins from sales. Automobile manufacturers typically source parts for the powertrain and chassis from over one thousand suppliers, which have a cumulative cost burden. Within the factories themselves, worker errors are costly and have residual effects down the assembly line. As a result, 10% of the average factory floor has to be reserved for repairs, limiting the space that can be used for valuable production capacity. Plants that produce multiple models also frequently encounter imbalances along the line, meaning that some assembly stations of significantly more work than others. To combat this, flexible production systems can be installed, but these reduce volume and thus economies of scale. The compound effect of all of these factors is an extremely squeezed industry, with an average gross sales margin of 5%.[2] Rather, automobile companies rely on services and maintenance for revenue, posing an inherent conflict of interest; they are at once supposed to sell a top quality car and yet at the same time rely on repairs (most frequently on the powertrain) for revenue.

How did Tesla Chose to Compete?Tesla successfully entered the North American automobile market and was able to compete by thinking not only of how they could capture and sustain value in a very competitive environment, but also how to create new value in the industry altogether.[3] In particular, they were able to drastically reduce barriers to entry and cut costs while developing an innovative product that increased willingness to pay. They accomplished this by focusing intently on five key realms, which included market entry strategy, manufacturing, capital investments, technology, and customer interaction (comprised of sales, distribution, and service). Tesla chose to enter the market with a high-end luxury product.[4] By coming in with such an elite offering, Tesla and their Roadster competed on many fronts with the best cars available, but also debunked much of the conventional wisdom surrounding electronic vehicles. From a performance perspective, the Roadster accelerated faster than a Ferrari Testarossa and was described by enthusiasts as a “jaw dropper” and “head turner.” Simultaneously, the vehicle soothed concerns about the efficacy of electronic vehicles, including apprehensions regarding range, resale value, longevity, charging time, and safety. Additionally, by releasing the vehicle in limited supply, they were able create scarcity and allure for subsequent products to follow. Initially, this drew in the most affluent consumers with high willingness-to-pay, but later models would target lower price point segments with the brand equity that the Roadster established.In establishing their manufacturing capabilities, Tesla made extremely prudent choices about how they would compete with existing producers. From the outset, they assembled a team of both technology and auto experts to push boundaries. By combining some of the best minds from Silicon Valley with experienced automobile industry veterans, they limited the biases and anchors that could stifle innovation. Tesla also paid careful attention to how they would get down the learning curve to reduce costs as they developed their capabilities. Essentially, production of the Roadster allowed them to benefit from experience and learning prior to building scale. For this first vehicle, they partnered with Panasonic for battery production and Lotus Elise for help building the chassis. These partnerships allowed them to leverage expertise in battery design, safety, and engineering that they could then apply themselves for future models. Another critical component of Tesla’s manufacturing efficiency was that they were extremely efficient with their capital. Tesla bought the NUMMI plant at a discount price of $42 million, and received capital injection of $50 million from Toyota as part of a broader cooperation. They bought equipment from struggling car manufacturers at steep discounts, like the hydraulic stamping press that was worth $50 million that Tesla procured for $6 million, and brought the manufacture of 90% of their requisite components in-house. In total, Tesla spent less than $300 million to get the factory operational, roughly 30% of the typical costs to do so. They also designed and engineered the Model S completely in-house at cost of only $500 million (refer to $1 billion- $6 billion average mentioned earlier), and sold powertrains and design services to other manufacturers, the estimated revenues from which total $400 million. This not only contributes to overall profitability, but keeps competitors at bay and moves Tesla down the experience/learning curves by selling and manufacturing at higher volumes, while constructing additional barriers to entry for competitors who won’t be able to get down experience curve to compete with them on price. Overall, the cumulative effect of these capital efficiencies was a reduced minimum efficient scale at between roughly one-fifth and one-tenth of the typical output levels required for an automobile manufacturer and the foundation of a dominant market position.

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Three Forms of Interpretivism

Essay Preview: Three Forms of Interpretivism

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Three Forms of Interpretivism

Interpretivism has formed many of the above critiques of naturalism. Interpretivism rests upon idealism. Idealism holds the view that the world is the creation of mind; the world is interpreted through the mind; e.g., classificatory schemes (such as the classificatory scheme of species into mammals, insects, birds, etc., or of the human population into caucasians, negroids and mongoloids). Given this, we cannot know the �true’ nature of the object world, separate from our perception of it.

Weber believed that things that exist in space are merely appearances, and have no independent existence from our thoughts. The social world cannot be described without investigating how individuals use language and symbols to construct what social practices and experiences mean for them. For only when we come to understand the individual experience and its subjective interpretation that we begin to understand why social actors behave in particular ways. For example, Weber argued that the emergence of capitalism could partially be explained by the �doctrine of predestination’. Weber stated that only when we understood social actors’ meanings and their interpretations that we could explain why Protestant countries were first to develop capitalist relations and practices. It is irrelevant whether the Calvinists were correct in their beliefs about predestination, what is important is that their beliefs made them act in a particular manner. The social world becomes the creation of the purposeful actions of conscious agents. For Weber, no social explanation was complete unless it could adequately describe the role of meanings in human actions.

In the interpretivist’s methodology, the key is to understand (or verstehen), not to explain and predict as in the naturalist’ methodology. As a method, understanding must begin from the presupposition that there is at least some common ground between the researcher and the researched. Understanding begins from commonality; in particular, from shared experience that requires the researcher to empathise — something from its own lived experiences.

Ideal types

Not all modes of understanding involve empathy. Weber insists that sociology as a science attempts to understand social practices in the pursuit of a causal explanation. Hence, understanding becomes the starting point whose aim is the production of propositions that give rise to explanations that are adequate at the level of cause and meaning. In this sense, Weber’s methodology attempts to bridge positivism and interpretivism: to consider both the individual intentionality and purpose of conduct, and the pursuit of objectivity in terms of cause and effect.

While Weber shared the idealists’ philosophical assumptions, he constructed a methodological framework to by-pass the problem of how to come to know about social reality. The best that social scientists can achieve is to describe the social world by employing ideal types. These are concepts that researchers construct purely for research purposes. Ideal types are not averages or summary descriptions. Rather, they are rational constructs; i.e., elements of the object of study (e.g., bureaucracy) that fit together in the most rational manner. The researcher does not construct the object of study (say, bureaucracy) in a descriptive and empirical manner (i.e., what it is, say, capitalistic, male-dominated, or racist organisation), or in a moral sense (i.e., what it ought to be, say, fair, transparent, and equitable organisation), but what it might be if it were entirely rational (say, of the bureaucracy, a hierarchy of commands, levels of communication channels, a system of rules and regulations, a separation of public and private, a set of defined tasks and lines of authority and responsibility, and a system of files and secrecy). Such a methodology is also employed in neo-classical economics: ideal types are used to analysis market behaviour and macroeconomics.

An example of a research using ideal types, might be researchers attempt to understand why it is that suicide rate is higher in Protestant countries than in Catholic ones. Researchers would construct ideal types of Catholics and Protestants, and relate this to their ideas about sin, forgiveness and hell. Suicide is unforgivable act of sin in Catholicism, so that Catholics are more effectively deterred from committing it.

In a sense, ideal types offer a way of rescuing a programme of social investigation that rests on the philosophical assumption that �reality’ is mind-dependent. It is worth noting, that ideal types assume a congruence between the meanings of the researcher and the investigated, and they also depend on a shared rational faculty, implying that we can come to know the social world, as the social world and social life are assumed both to be rational. Further, ideal types are testable hypotheses formulated to account for the action being investigated. Thus, they can be either verified or falsified — however, this can prove to be difficulty as ideal types does not claim to describe reality as such, rather what it might look like.

Yet, an important weakness of ideal types is their emphasise on rationality (e.g., does a Catholic, or a Protestant, really weigh up rationally its act of suicide in relation to heaven and hell?).


This school of thought emphasises the importance of language and consciousness. It claims that consciousness is the only phenomenon that we can know with any degree of certainty. All things in the world are objects of consciousness. It also claims that language is social and a shared system of communication, in which we come to understand and use language games and rules to express our meanings to each other. Language is publicly available, and can be employed to access social actors’ minds.

In ethnomethodology, common sense views and expressions (such as �suicide’, �public space’, and �radicalism’) of people in their everyday lives are taken as the subject matter of social science. The topic for social scientists must be the everyday meanings people use to account for, or make sense of, theirs and other people’s activities. Social life is not just to be described through language, but is actually created by language games and rules. The focus of ethnomethodology is how social actors do things, rather than why or what. There are two important concepts in this focus of

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Geometric Krater

Essay Preview: Geometric Krater

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Geometric Krater

The Geometric Krater is a magnificent piece of Greek Art. In the eight century, vase painting became very popular. The vases show a great show a great variety of style and development over the centuries, beginning with the geometric and very linear style. They then continued through the oriental style which borrowed images from the eastern world, and into the classical era with mythology portrayed with as much classical accuracy as the ancient Greek potters and painters could muster. The majority of the vases were made of a ceramic material which could easily be used for everyday uses, however in this time, the artists would then paint on them in order to decorate them and make them ornate enough to be used for cultural or ceremonial uses such as grave markers. The Geometric Krater is a prime example of the vase painting movement in Greek art.

Originally made in approximately 740 B.C in Athens, Greece, the Geometric Krater was used as a grave marker in the Dipylon cemetery and now can be located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The vase stands about three and a half feet high and is in the Ðkrater shape. This shape is classified as having round body, a wide mouth, a heavy stand and a handle on either side, (Pottier). This specific vase was made to serve a purpose besides to decorate the grave site. It was made with holes “cut out of its bottom in order for liquid offerings to be poured to the dead,” (Vlamis).

The vase itself is golden, embellished with black and red geometric designs. These geometric designs are made up of intense details and intricate designs. The base of the vase is covered in thick black stripes separated by thinner and more decorative golden stripes. On the top half of the vase is where the designs become very intricate and are actually depictions of things. There are two main bands in which scenes are drawn out. Upon looking closely, one will see that the a funeral scene is represented. “The scenes depict the mourning for a man laid out on his bier and the grand chariot procession in his honor. In the upper band, the shroud, raised to reveal the corpse is an abstract checkerboard-like backdrop, and the funerary couch has only two legs because the artist had no interest in suggesting the depth or representing space,” ( Kleiner 94). This is a typical aspect of geometric design. The people, animals, and objects are all two dimensional. The figures are actually made up of very simplified shapes, not meant to be realistic looking. Upon examining one of the people depicted on the vase one may see that the bodies are comprised of only basic shapes. The torso is made of a triangle, while the head is a combination of circles. Even the arms are slender rectangles with triangular hands. The painters were not focused on the realistic aspects, but rather the symbolic representation. In their defense, it is clear to the viewers that the figures are people without the painters having to spend an enormous amount of time on them.

Upon researching the geometric style of Greek vase painting, I realized exactly how unique the style is compared to all other types of vases, even other vases made by the Greeks themselves. After the geometric style

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Coffee Time

Essay title: Coffee Time

Coffee Time is a popular coffee chain located in North America and Europe. The chain has decided to take measures to go global and expand the business to include South America. Coffee Time decided India would be an excellent location for a coffee bar. Although Coffee Time identified India as a possible location the company still had to determine the best location in India. In trying to determine where to locate outlets in India, Coffee Time analyze considerable data, along with the data, Coffee Time learned about the various locations in India, and Coffee Time learned what the company might learn from further research.

In trying to determine where to locate outlets in India, Coffee Time analyzes considerable data such as different cities for locations, target segment, and the expected revenue per outlet if the company enters India. The data allows the company the ability to have access to many types of information. Coffee Time is able to use demographics, leisure and lifestyle, infrastructure, and competition to learn about various locations in India. With the use of the data Coffee Time is able to determine the best possible location.

In order to determine the best possible location Coffee Time has to analyze many different areas. In the area of demographics, the company needs to know the each city’s population by age and annual income. In the area of leisure, the company needs to know the number of malls and visitors in each city. In the area of infrastructure, the company needs to know the number

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Gifts for My Friend’s Upcoming Birthday

Essay Preview: Gifts for My Friend’s Upcoming Birthday

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Aparna Shekar


I went to the Ithaca mall to buy a few gifts for my friend’s upcoming birthday. I found a T-shirt section with a “Buy 1 Get 50% off on the other” offer. I immediately seized this as an opportunity for my negotiation gym 2 and decided to negotiate a deal with the shopkeeper. Since I wanted to get only a single T-shirt, I planned to negotiate for a discount of 50% on that. The conversation with the shopkeeper lasted for about 20 minutes and I ended up paying $14 for the T-shirt which was priced at $22, essentially receiving a 40% discount on it, in addition to an add-on “Birthday Beer Bong” which I practically got for free.

My friend had accompanied me to the mall as I had a fair idea about what I wanted to get and sort of knew that my bargaining power would be strengthened by the presence of an additional person. When I looked at the original price of the T-shirt ($22) and decided to negotiate, my optimal goal was to bring it down to $11 or a 50% discount on the product. I had also fixed my resistance point for buying the T-shirt (the price above which I would not be willing to pay) to be $19. On the other hand, my BATNA was to buy two T-shirts and get the other one for a discount of 50% since I did find another T-shirt which I was genuinely interested in buying but something I thought was not necessary at the moment.

Before I began the negotiation process, I tried to gain some information about the shop I was doing the purchase at and the prices of items similar to the T-shirt I wanted to buy. Firstly, I found out from two other friends of mine, who happened to be regular customers at that particular shop that the sales people who worked there were quite flexible and open to negotiation. Furthermore, I learnt that the price of the same T-shirt online (from multiple sites) averaged up to about $14. This bolstered my confidence and I went into the negotiation with adequate information hoping for a higher probability of success. However, I decided to keep my initial offer at 50% discount on the original price since reducing the price by more than that might seem highly unlikely and would make me look foolish in front of the sales person.

I came up with three main strategies that I wanted to implement during the negotiation. My first aim was to figure out roughly what the resistance point of the seller was through indirect assessment. Having done enough research online about the price of the t-shirt on various websites and having spoken to several people regarding the negotiating style and approach of the

shop’s sales people, I could fairly conclude that the resistance point of the seller would be around $14 and that they have a good amount of experience in dealing with bargaining customers. To gain further insights about the seller and to make a direct assessment, I engaged in a casual conversation with the seller asking him suggestions for a birthday party theme and so on. I carefully listened to all that he said trying to formulate a strategy based on it. During the conversation, I mentioned that I had gone to another shop nearby to purchase a few birthday stuff and that it seemed kind of expensive. This was to drive home the point that I was looking for a cheaper alternative. He immediately listed out all the offers in store at that time.

I sought to take advantage of the situation by making the first offer and trying to anchor the seller. I expressed my interest in the T-shirt on sale with a “Buy 1 get 50% off on the other” offer and told him that I would be willing to pay half the price for one T-shirt. He looked like he was expecting an offer of this nature and that is when I knew that this negotiation process might last longer than I perceived it would. His opening offer was a $2 discount on the product with an additional add-on “Birthday card”. This gave me a leeway and I realized

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Getting Parents Involved In Reading Achievement

Essay Preview: Getting Parents Involved In Reading Achievement

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When we take a serious look at the education of Americas youth, it becomes immediately evident that there is much work to be done (Reglin, 2002). Too many children in schools across the United States are struggling with reading. Demographic factors such as poverty, racial and ethnic identity, family size, and educational level of parents affect the education performance of children (Musti-Rao & Cartledge). Research indicates that a positive partnership between the school and home can have a beneficial influence on the students performance in reading. Parents interest and involvement in school experiences are valued and promoted by teachers who recognize parents significant role in childrens literacy development (Flood, Lapp, Tinajero, and Villamil, 1999). Parents are the center of the early education of their children. They create the early images about learning that will shape the childs attitude for many years into the future. Despite some parents and families desire to provide the best for their children, some are unaware of how to become actively involved. Parents, principals, and teachers can work together to meet the students needs (Smith 1990). The home environment is conductive to learning to read. Parents and teachers can act as role models by reading themselves and reading to the children (Fredericks & Rasinski, 1989).

It is not uncommon for teachers and principals to feel a little apprehensive when involving parents in classroom instruction. Parents are often thought to be a hinderer when aiding in the classroom. Parents are often thought to be pushy and overly aggressive. Teachers may be perceived as checking up on parents, and parents may be perceived as evaluating teachers. Mistrust and suspicion between parents and teachers

can develop. Both parties must attempt to communicate and be supportive of the students in order to bridge the gap (Allen & Freitag, 1988).

The home-school relationship is very import to the literacy of children. The question most often asked is, “Can parents make a difference?” Given proper guidance and support, parents can supplement, in powerful fashion, learning that takes place in the classroom. Landmark studies indicate that children who learned to read early had parents who play the critical role in their childrens early success in reading. Durkin also found that the home environment, as set by the parents, was conductive to learning to read (Durkin, 1966). The family provides the childs primary education environment. The benefits of involving parents are not confined to early childhood or elementary but has a lasting effect. Children learn to love to read from parents and role models. Children from low-income and minority families have the most to gain from parent involvement. The home influence hypothesis suggests that children of parents with high expectations do better than children of parents with low expectations (Reglin, 2002). Family involvement is mutually beneficial for students and schools Research shows that students benefit by making higher grades, by having better attendance, more homework completion, and more positive attitudes toward school (Kelly-Lane, 1998).

The parent as well as the teacher has an allegiance to the children. Parents are not blank slates. They know their children; they know the context of their homes; they have a sense of good schools and they understand the values, institutions, and operations that exist in their neighborhoods and communities (Rasinski, 1989). Parents may act as aids in classrooms, helping with bulletin boards, or checking assignments. Parents may

be tutors in their childrens classroom. Parent can also volunteer to come and read to the children. Some of the strategies presented in the classroom may be beneficial to the parents when helping their child at home. Parents need to communicate to the teachers in notes, phone calls, and in person. The communication could involve information on how the child is responding to reading and activities completed at home (Rasinski, 1989).

Teachers must encourage parents who usually have not been an active part of their childrens reading activities. Teachers can do several things to create the response

needed to involve parent. (1) Flood parents with lots of written and visual information over an extended time. (2) Make parent participation a school wide effort. Dont isolate it to just one classroom. (3) Provide awards, prizes, and certificates to parents and students for their participation. (4) Have students recruit parents and community helpers. (5) Encourage participatory projects that involve the entire family. (6) Make classroom and school a very comfortable place. A comfortable environment ensures better support. (7) Set up a hotline for parents to contact the school. Use it for good news not just for bad reports. (8) Take time to find out why parents are not involved. (9) Check students homework and make sure they understood it and to check for parent participation. (10) Develop a good and trusting relationship with parent and child (Fredericks & Rasinski, 1990).

A parenting program implemented at Dutrow Elementary School in Virginia, generated remarkable results in creating parent participation. This program consisted of a questionnaire that was sent to parents inquiring about their hobbies and interest.

The school used this questionnaire to solicit parents for activities that would interest them. This

Great Strength And Grecian Island Kingdom Of Ithaca academic essay help

Gigamesh And The Oddessy

Essay Preview: Gigamesh And The Oddessy

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Gilgamesh and Odysseus are similar not only in their physical appearances but also in the way the two of them deal with life’s dilemmas. Although Gilgamesh and Odysseus possess great strength and sharp minds, their own flaws blind them similarly, which does not aid in their quest for what they desire. As part of their heroic character, the gods must guide them in order to reach their goals. In every epic from antiquity, the greatest challenge a hero must overcome is not a monster or an evil tyrant but themselves. They wish to have glory, honor, and a place in history forever. Doing something that no one else could ever do again is what a hero desires to do. From Gilgamesh to The Odyssey, epic heroes constantly have to reinvent themselves to overcome their own weaknesses and shortcomings. Each has to learn from their previous mistakes, using the gods’ help, so they can fulfill their dreams. In doing this, Odysseus and Gilgamesh will reach their goals.

The dictionary defines hero in mythology and legend as, “a man who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and born of divine or royal blood. He is a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life.” In addition, I believe a hero is one to be looked up to and emulated. What is interesting about epic heroes is that their great deeds and exploits all have to do with defeating themselves, so with help from the gods they can truly become heroic. They can only defeat themselves with the help of the gods.

The heroes also possess uncommon powers of the body and mind. They are described as being the utmost in clever and crafty doings but always making sure that they received credit for it. For instance, Gilgamesh dove to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve the plant that would give him immortality, and Odysseus defeated the Trojans by devising the huge wooden horse. Thinking they were better than anyone, they blinded themselves to the truth. The truth is that everyone is equal until

they can conquer themselves. They are illustrated as being physically perfect and can outfight any man alive. This makes them perfect for describing human weakness. By showing how perfect they are, it is much easier to see the faults that will bring them down and defeat their dreams.

Heroes have many flaws that must be dealt with in order for them to learn and to realize the big picture. A common weakness found throughout is pride or hubris. Odysseus had his fate sealed for another ten years because he stayed at Troy to celebrate the Greek victory in the Trojan War, and when he revealed his name to the Cyclops so that it may know who out-smarted and blinded it. Gilgamesh’s fate was decided by the way he treated his people, putting unendurable hardships upon them and the deforestation of the Land of the Living, which was protected by the Humbaba.

Gilgamesh was born into partial godhood, his mother Ninsum being divine. Being two-thirds god only made him aspire to become immortal, thus achieving godhood. Odysseus was born into the royal family on the Grecian island kingdom of Ithaca. Becoming king, his ambition to become great fueled his desire to conquer Troy later on. Subsequently, the birthrights of both helped to make them the heroes that they turned out to be.

Gilgamesh and Odysseus are not completely heroic until they get help from the gods. Gilgamesh’s mother is a goddess that protects him and counsels him on his destiny. She is the one that told Enkidu to watch over him and keep him safe, and she also helped him on his quest for immortality. Without Athena, Odysseus would never have made it back to Ithaca, her wisdom and power gave him the strength and courage to go on. His feet never would have touch land if a sea nymph hadn’t given him her veil. The island of Calypso would have been his home forever had Zeus not sent Hermes, the messenger god, to free him.

The gods show them in the similar ways as well. Gilgamesh is

sent a friend, Enkidu, who is so much like Gilgamesh himself; he sees it as a godsend. In reality, the gods are teaching how to be more heroic him by sending a mirror image of him so that he may better understand others pain and joy. When Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh feels the full range of grief, and he realizes his own fate and attempts to divert it by becoming immortal. When he goes to see Utnipishtnum the Faraway to learn the secret of immortality, Gilgamesh is seen for what he truly is, a selfish character destined to be in the worst part of the afterlife. When Gilgamesh is told to go home and be with his wives and children, he scoffs at the thought of such a boring life and begs for the secret of ever-lasting life. Here again, the gods give Gilgamesh a way to regain youth with a plant but take it away to show him that immortality is not what is important. What are important are love, family, and a duty to protect others.

Odysseus is rewarded after ten years of war with the Trojans with all the riches and glory one man can have. Still it is not enough for Odysseus, and he in not ready to go home and live the quiet, peaceful

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Coco Chanel

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“Coco” Chanel

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born on August 19, 1883. She is most famous for her little black dress and Chanel No. 5. Chanel No. 5 was a perfume with such a sensational smell that is was one of the main contributors to her wealth.

In 1899, she was brought to Paris by a millionaire cavalry officer. She fell in love with the tastes and habits of the wealthy. She liked all of their fashions, except for the women’s boa-draped hats. She opened a millinery boutique in Deauville to alter the hat. In 1914, she opened her first shop in Paris.

In the 1920s, Coco’s fashion expanded. She came out with more relaxed and casual looks. Short skirts were a big hit. Her practical “working clothes” designs flourished and she opened two boutiques: one in Paris and the other in Biarritz. She served as a nurse in WWI for a little while.

Chanel retired in 1938 due to the war and to the Italian designer Schiaparelli moving on up into the fashion front. For 15 years, she shuffled through many cities hoping to reopen a store. She found no luck in Vichy and Switzerland.

In 1954, she created the Chanel suit.

In the 1960s she still stayed with her classic

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Coca-Cola Television Advertisements

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Fifty Years of Coca-Cola Television Advertisements: Highlights from the Motion Picture Archives at the Library of Congress presents a variety of television advertisements, never-broadcast outtakes, and experimental footage reflecting the historical development of television advertising for a major commercial product. The online collection includes five excerpts from stop-motion advertising developed for Coca-Cola between 1954 and 1956 by the DArcy agency and makes public for the first time eighteen excerpts from the Experimental TV Color Project of 1964, which determined the best lighting for the cans, bottles, and performers in television advertisements. Featured advertisements include the 1971 “Hilltop” commercial with an international group of young people on an Italian hilltop singing “Id Like to Buy the World a Coke”; the “Mean Joe Greene” commercial from 1979; the first “Polar Bear” commercial from 1993; the “Snowflake” commercial from 1999; and “First Experience,” an international commercial filmed in Morocco in 1999. The mission of the

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Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, And Roland

Essay Preview: Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, And Roland

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Idea of the Hero’s

A Review on the heroes

Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, and Roland

Over the past many years researchers have been studying the great hero’s (Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, and Roland) of the past. Just how great these heroes are is an exceptional question to most. Researchers agree to what extent of how great and far most these hero’s have come and to what extent they were driven. Below you will find conclusions addressing the following question:

What is there about these men that make them heroes?





What is similar and what is different among them?





How do you account for the differences and similarities?





This paper is a review on the heroes Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, Roland

and the literature that focuses on these three questions.

Idea of the Hero’s

A Review on the heroes

Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, and Roland

Just how great these heroes are is an exceptional question to most. Researchers agree to what extent of how great and far most these hero’s have come and to what extent they were driven. Below you will find conclusions addressing the following question:

What is there about these men that make them heroes?

What is similar and what is different among them?

How do you account for the differences and similarities?

Over the past many years’ researchers have been studying the great hero’s (Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, and Roland) of the past, and this paper is a review on the heroes Gilgamesh, Achilles, Aeneas, Roland and the literature that focuses on these three questions.

What is there about these men that make them heroes?

Although little is known about the real Gilgamesh, historical evidence seems to indicate that he did indeed exist. The Nature of the Heroic Gilgamesh is understood to be every bit of superhuman; he is shown to be so powerful that the gods created an exact copy of him to keep his desires and actions fair. Gilgamesh, two-thirds god and one-third human, is the greatest king on earth and the strongest super-human that ever existed; however, he is young and oppresses his people harshly (Hooker, tablet.1). Gilgamesh went to recover the thorny plant that pricks your fingers and grows under the water, to help the old men recover, but in return the serpent stole the thorny flower from his hands. Yet still, he went a long journey, was weary, worn out with labor, and returning engraved on a stone the whole story. You were given the kingship, such was your destiny, and everlasting life was not your destiny (Cunningham; Reich, pg.31). Despite all of Gilgameshs power, he was unable to prevent death of any nature.

Achilles son of Thetis, unsuccessfully; but attempted to make her son an immortal. In the later version stories told of Achilles, she (Thetis) held the young child by his heel and dipped him in a river by the name of Styx. Everything that the sacred waters touched became incapable of being harmed, but his heel remained dry and therefore unprotected by the sacred waters. When Achilles was a young boy, Calchas declared that Achilles would have to help conquer the city of Troy, and that Troy could not be taken without his help. Thetis knew if Achilles went to Troy, he would die. So, she sent him to the court of Lycomedes, in Scyros. Sent there he was disguised as a young girl and what she thought was hidden from the evil. After Achilles identity was revealed; he willingly made his way to the city of Troy. It was Troy where he distinguished himself from all the other soldiers.

Achilles is part of the Achaean force Agamemnon takes to Troy to win back Helen for Agamemnons brother Menelaus. Proud and autocratic Agamemnon antagonizes Achilles, and so Achilles sits out the fighting. Achilles is, at length, motivated by revenge to join the fray when his friend Patroclus is killed by Hector, the greatest of the Trojans. In a rage, Achilles kills Hector and then dishonors the body by dragging it around in a chariot for nine days (Gill, PG.1, #1). Then Achilles cried out “Be not angry with me, Patroklos, if you discover, though you be in the house of Hades, that I gave back great Hector to his loved father, for the ransom he gave me was not unworthy (Cunningham-Reich, PG.63).a Achilles time on Earth was numbered after the death of Hector. He continued fighting heroically, killing many of the Trojans and their allies. Finally Alexander wounded Achilles in the heel with an arrow; Achilles died of the wound. After his death, it was decided to award Achilles divinely-wrought armor to the bravest of the Greeks. Were puzzled by the qualities the ancient Greeks looked for in their heroes. What the Greek heroes most longed for was a reputation for excellence, time (worship, esteem, honor) and kleos (fame). What they shunned was anything that lessened their reputation (Gill, PG1, #2).

I tell about war and the hero who first from Troy’s frontier, Displaced by destiny (Cunningham-Reich, PG.156). Aeneas was the son of Anchises and Aphrodite’s. After the fall of Troy, he wondered the Mediterranean as he led a pack of Trojan refugees to Italy. It was there he became the founder of Roman

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Cold War: Bridging the Gap to Peace

Cold War: Bridging the Gap to Peace

Cold War: Bridging the Gap to Peace

One might argue that the Cold War divided the world which is still present today. It also pulled countries’ ties with other countries further apart. However, these people fail to realize that the main superpowers of the Cold War are closer together than ever before. Both The United States and Russia (former U.S.S.R.) are now working together to limit the number of strategic arms further from what was settled at SALT I and SALT II. There are also numerous other areas where both the United States and Russia have become closer in relations than ever before. This created a stable world peace for the time being.

The Arms Race in the Cold War brought about plenty of newly designed weapons capable of massive destruction. By 1969, both the United States and U.S.S.R. have developed over one thousand missiles to be used at their disposal. At the end of the Cold War and the fall of the U.S.S.R., both countries looked for ways to reduce the number of arms to prevent this atrocity from every happening again. In 1979, SALT-II was signed by the two countries but was lost over a quarrel over Afghanistan. What people don’t realize was that the talks resumed and created a new program to further limit the number of ICBMs and other weapons of mass destruction. This program was entitled START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). Besides including the two countries, Soviet satellite countries joined the program as well such as Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Countries developed a defense program called NATO which would be used to help counties being attacked by the U.S.S.R. and its satellite countries. After the fall of the U.S.S.R., on May 27th, 1997, Russia joined NATO in Paris which marked the beginning of a “commitment to build together a lasting and inclusive peace in the Euro-Atlantic area based on the principles of democracy and cooperative security,” (Lord Robertson- NATO Security General). Many find that this is a

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Cold War

Essay title: Cold War

The Cold War is the term used to describe the intense rivalry between the United States and its allies and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics and its allies. The Soviet Union and its allies were refereed to as the Eastern Bloc and the United States and its allies were referred to as the Western Bloc. The Cold War period lasted from the mid-1940s until the late 1980s. During this period international politics were shaped by this intense rivalry between this two great blocs of power and the political ideologies they represented. The United States and its allies represented democracy and capitalism while the Soviet Union and its allies represented communism. The Cold War was truly a global conflict more so than either of the centurys two world wars. (1) The cold war was also the first total war between economic and social systems, an industrial test to destruction. Even though the Cold War Began just after World War II, some of its roots reach back as far as the nineteenth century. Its neighbors have long feared Russia; the giant among the countries in Europe, even when they were allied Russia against a common enemy. This fear Cropped up immediately after Russia, Britain, and other European nations defeated the French Emperor Napoleon in 1812. (2) In 1853 Britain, France and several other European nations went to war with Russia from keeping Russia from expanding into the Middle East. Britain, in fact, took a great deal of its energy during the nineteenth century trying to limit Russian power. (3) By the early twentieth century the United States was also concerned with Russias power. Although the United States tried to keep out of European disputes, American leaders were concerned about Russia becoming to powerful. They worried that if any nation became powerful enough to dominate the European continent, it would be a threat to the well being of the United States. (4) In the midst of World War I a new element was added to the European and American fear of Russia. In November of 1917 a radical Marxist called the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia overthrowing a democratic government. The United States strongly opposed the Bolshevik regime. The United States was angry that the Bolsheviks pulled Russia out of the War against Germany (WW I), and that it intended to spread its revolution to other countries. (5) During World War II Soviet leader Joseph Stalin reached an agreement with Hitler in which the two countries promised not to attack each other during the war. The Nazi-Soviet pack allowed Hitler to invade Poland and then fight France and Britain without having to worry about the powerful Soviet army. (6) A surprise attack by the Germans on the Soviet Union on June 1941 ended the Nazi-Soviet pact. This drove the Soviet Union to join the allies, but they found no love in the hearts of the United States and Britain. It was only Germanys might and murder policies that held the Grand Alliance together. (7) As the tide turned in favor of the Allies in the eastern theater, the side where the Soviet Union was fighting on, the soviets army was pushing into several Eastern European countries which were formerly allied or controlled by Germany. As the soviets controlled occupied these countries, they were able to control them. The same fear that had arisen in 1812 arose again: Would Russia become so powerful that it, instead of Germany, would threaten to dominate Europe. (8) To avoid this nightmare Britain and the United States invited the Soviet Union to a conference to discuss how to establish a durable peace. The “Big Three” met at Yalta, a resort on the Black Sea shore in the southern part of the Soviet Union. At the final diner at Yalta, hosted by Stalin on February 8, in a toast to Churchill and Stalin, President Roosevelt said he felt “the atmosphere between them was that of a family.” (9) Harry Hopkins, one of Roosevelts closest advisors and his special envoy to other heads of the state said; “we really believed in our hearts that this was the dawn of the new day we had all been praying for.” (10) But instead of leading to a real peace, Yalta set the stage for the Cold War. The Cold War was characterized by mutual distrust, suspicion, and misunderstandings by both the United States and its allies and by the Soviet Union and its allies. At times, these characteristics seemed to increase the probability of a third world war. The United States accused the Soviets of trying to spread communism throughout the world and the Soviets accused the United States with practicing imperialism and attempting the revolutionary activity in other countries. During the late 1940s and the early 1950s the cold war became increasingly intense. Both sides were accusing each other of trying to rule the world. Both sides viewed the Cold War as a dispute between right and wrong. They saw every revolt and every international incident as part of the cold

Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics And Cold War popular mba argumentative essay help

Cold War

Essay title: Cold War


Cont. World

Cold War

The cold war is best defined as a struggle of power between the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) who were communists and the USA who were democratic. The cold war never lead to any fighting. The cold war was mainly a lack of trust, suspicion, and misunderstandings on both sides and their allies. The cold war began in 1945, after WWII, and ended in late 1989. The cold war started because of disagreements on many issues and on Eastern Europe. The USA accused Russia of wanting to spread communism throughout the world and Russia accused the USA of practicing imperialism and wanting to stop other countries revolutionary activity. On account of these disagreements the USA adopted the “get tough” policy towards the USSR. In return the Soviet Union accused the united states of wanting to overthrow its communist government. The two countries split up into two separate sides referred to as blocs. In the 1950’s, the united states lead the Western Bloc which consisted of West Germany, France, Canada, Great Britton, The Philippines, Japan, Latin America, and Western Europe. On the other side the Eastern Bloc lead by the Soviet Union which consisted of East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania. Later in 1949, China joined the Eastern bloc because their government was taken over by communist power. The natural nations or nonaligned (not in any bloc) were, India, Cambodia, Indonesia and most Africa.

As the years past tension grew. Each side accused the other of wanting to take over the world. Each thought that their system of government were better then the other. It was as though a fight between right and wrong. Everyone feared that if WWIII broke out it would be the end of the world. Many economic developments caused power shifts. Japan and West Germany were industrializing rapidly. In 1970, Soviet and West German leaders signed a treaty that stated that their will be peaceful relations between their nations. In 1979, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan because they were protecting their government from rebels. This Invasion made tension greater between the two sides. Following the invasion in the late 1980’s, the US and USSR signed an arms control agreement, which eased tension among themselves.

During 1945, and early 1046, the Soviet Union scratched all contacts between the west and the occupied the territories of Eastern Europe. In March 1946, Churchill warned that “an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent of Europe”. Behind the curtain the USSR rapidly expanded its power. In 1946-1947 and in 1948, the Soviet Union organized communist governments in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The new communist governments were known as Soviet Satellites because they were controlled by the USSR.

May, 1960, the Soviet Union shot down a U-2 spy plane that belonged to the USA. The pilot Francis Gary admitted that he was a spy. Eisenhower admitted that the plane has been taking pictures of Russia for four years and took full responsibility for the incident.

During the summit conference on May

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Colonial Alcohol Use

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An Old Coon Skinner Says

I know this old coon skinner who sold fur to Eddie Bower when Eddie

was alive.

Fortunately one time he took me across the USA to Mr. Bowers home

and I got to meet him! WOW is all I can still say, but back to the

old coon skinner, Lonnie a big tall 66″ Red Neck strong as a Loaded

Cole Train and kind as 6 week old Red Bone Puppy. My friend Lonnie

when I mentioned that I was making Vodka …Well the old boys ears

pricked up like a 100 Pound Doberman smellin fresh meat!..hehhe…The

poor old chap cannot

drive and barley see (he is 91years old), but he

made sure he was ready for me to pick him up at 5:00am when it was

time to run a 15gal batch of sugar wash out of my new valve reflux

still. I was kind nervous cuzz this is only the second time I ran

the new still (LOTS OF HELP FROM THIS SITE).

I had the valves closed, Lonnie kept feeling the column. He said he

never seen nothing so new fangled in this((IN His God Dam Life)

direct quote)) the old coon shiner says that you have to have a feel

for the dam thing Dago! You have to know by touch! You have to know

by smell! And Feel…I was thinking WTF…I was thinking to my self that

this old boy cut his teeth on moon shine, so all I could do is pay

attention. As the heads came off he asked for a new mason jar. I

told him that I wanted to save them to ad to the next batchLonnie

abruptly replied, I ant had no dam polish from home for 20 years son

and this is goin home with me! (I am 45 years old and going on 15

when Lonnie is around, Now thats LOVE!) I will try not to romance

the story too much more and get to the point but what love can be

shown just from a great hobby!

So the heads are off and we are in the middle of the run and the old

boy has his hand on the column every 20 to 30 sec. the still is


Innocent Ada And Inman’S Decision college admission essay help

Cold Mountain : The Civil War

Essay title: Cold Mountain : The Civil War

Cold Mountain: The Civil War

The Civil War was a four year armed conflict between northern and southern sections of the United States. The Civil War cost more American lives than any other war in history. There were bout 3 million people who fought in the beginning of the Civil War and about 600,000 people’s lives were lost at the end of the war. What began for many as a romantic adventure soon became a heartbreaking bitter struggle between the two parts of a divided country. This, however, was more than the industrial North fighting against the agricultural South. There were divided families with brother fighting brother. Some Northerners joined the Southern ranks and some Southerners were in the Union army, each fighting for what he thought was right.

The most obvious causes of the Civil War were the issues of states’ rights and slavery.

Hundreds of books, movies, and documentaries have been published on the Civil War. One of them was written by Charles Frazier called Cold Mountain. The novel focuses on the life during the Civil War.

Cold Mountain captures some of the spirit and reality of the Civil War. Many people contributed their time, effort and lives in the Civil War. The main character, Inman, walks away from a hospital for Confederate wounded at the start of the book and is constantly on the move, meeting odd and dangerous characters, even a Circe. Beginning with Inman’s decision to leave the hospital where he has been recovering from a near fatal neck wound which turns him into a deserter, or an “outlier”. As a fugitive, Inman must take back roads and obscure footpaths, always hiding from the murderous Home Guards. Inman is sickened by the wanton waste of young lives on the battle field and torn between the traditional conflict of valor and cowardice. In the field hospital, the injured Confederate private witnesses the brutality of both sides in the most bloody of American armed struggles, the War Between the States. Emotionally shaken, Inman realizes that he will return to the front and possible death as soon as he is well. He watches men on both sides ordered to charge into lethal barrages of gunfire and cannon shot, only to fall after a few precious steps. On more than one occasion, he is forced to kill. Inman is haunted by nightmares of bloody battles at Malvern Hill, Sharpsburg, Petersburg and Fredericksburg, which Frazier described in unflinching, horrific detail. Inman said that “he believed the scene would never leave his mind-wall, blind man, tree, cart, road,-no matter how far on he lived (8).” Once a happy, handsome country boy, Inman has become hardened, cynical, burned out. He feels he has lost his soul and is thus unworthy of the worldly yet innocent Ada. Inman seeks solace in memories of home, where “morning on the high bald were crisp, with fog lying in the valleys so that the peaks rose from its disconnected like steep blue islands scattered across a pale sea (19).” Fundamentally changed by the harm that he’s seen men perpetuate on their brothers, Inman soon deserts, setting out on foot towards Cold Mountain and Ada, the woman that he loves.

Ada Monroe was the pampered daughter of a Charleston minister, Monroe. Sheltered by her father, who came to Cold Mountain to minister to the “heathen’s,” she is unprepared for his death. Like any lowland lady, she reads well, play the piano, and can plan parties. She knows not to plant, or sow, or reap. She comes very close to starving on her lovely mountain farm before Ruby comes walking up her lane. Ada’s savior is a scrawny mountain girl with will and work ethic for them both. She came to work the land with Ada, saying. “…if I’m to help you here, it’s with both us knowing that everybody empties their own night jar (68).” Ruby forces Ada off the porch rocker and into the fields. Through days of weeding, planting, and butchering , the book wise Ada becomes “increasingly covetous of Ruby’s learning in the ways of living things inhabited this particular place ( ).” Different in so many ways, Ruby and Ada slowly forge a singular friendship and an inseparable team.

Ada is the woman that Inman loves and he has deserted the army to come back home to Ada. When she first met Inman, she hardly noticed him, but when Inman was invited to a party, things changed for Ada and Inman. Ada began to noticed Inman, and soon they met very frequently. It is a very sad good bye for Ada when the war started and Inman had to leave. Since Ada was close to Inman before the war started she thinks about

United States And Chinese Revolution college essay help

Cold War Ideology and Policies

Essay title: Cold War Ideology and Policies

Cold War Ideology and Policies

Tyricho Washington

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Niccolina Mariconi

September 14, 2008

During war time, the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia) were unified together against Germany and Japan. Consequently, the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia) didnt trust each other. Even during war time there was a lack of trust. When the United States shared information with Great Britain, they kept that information from the Soviet Union. When a wall was built to separate East and West Germany, the United States and Soviet Union separated. Afterwards, the United States began helping with reconstruction of West Germany.

In addition, many believe the atomic bomb was implanted to keep the Soviet Union from gaining power over Japan. Also communism became a serious problem to the United States. When they thought they would lose China during the Chinese Revolution because of communism, it led to many different wars. The United States were trying to

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Time and Money Management

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Time and Money Management

There are many differences between both time and money management. By using time management skills you can save money. The way people spend their time reflects on how they spend their money. Both time and money are scarce commodities. People who succeed and get many things done in a day know how to manage their time properly. Time and money go hand in hand.

If a person can manage their time well then they will save money. When people manage their time they can look at the best prices for an object while people who try to get too many things donein one day do not have time to look at the best prices.

They way a person spends their time shows how they spend their money. People who waste their time throughout the day usually are people who waste their money. People who use their time wisely usually are people who spend their money wisely.

Time and money are both scarce commodities. Since time is limited people must learn how to spend their time

Small Blocks Of Time And Majority Of Students computer science essay help

Time Management

Time Management

Time Management Paper

Do you find yourself daydreaming when you sit down to study? Do you stare into space after reading your textbook, trying to “absorb” the information? Or do you look at pictures of friends or family instead of doing the task in front of you? All of these may eventually lead to wasting time and frustration. Here are a few tips to help you concentrate better: Study in small blocks of time instead of long time periods. Try 60-minute blocks of time and take 10-minute breaks in between. Tell yourself (as crazy as it sounds) before you begin to study. Each time you find your mind wandering, repeat this phrase. Concentrating is a skill and you may need to remind yourself to practice it. Remove distractions from your desk/study space. Minimize noise. Alternate topics, rather than spending 2-3 hours on one subject. Use a hi-liter as you read, underlining the important words in concepts that are presented. Reward yourself once youve completed something. Develop regular study habits — same place, same time. Try reserving one place for studying that you dont use for anything else.

Where you study will influence your ability to retain information. Sometimes your room isnt the best place for studying. For some, the library is just “too quiet” or creates more distractions for socializing. Eliminate or minimize noise. Stay away from the phone! (If its really important theyll call back.) Make sure you have adequate lighting. Have what you need to study at hand, so you dont have to get up so much to get things. Take a few minutes to straighten your study space before you start. Dont get too comfortable while youre studying. A bed is not the best place – try a straight-backed chair and desk. In addition to the above tips, there are probably other places around you – on campus or off – that could easily become positives study environments. Try your church (or campus ministry).

You may be overwhelmed with a large task or even with trying to figure out how youre going to do all the “little but important” things. Dont panic! Break down assignments, tasks, or daily responsibilities into manageable parts. Begin by making a list of things you need to do. Use lists to organize your class work as well as any committee work, or job commitments. Reserve time each day or each week to complete small portions of the assignment. Learn how to prioritize effectively. Check off items as they are completed so you can feel a sense of accomplishment when youre working through your list.

Do you put things off till the last minute, and then feel guilty and plagued with self-doubt? There are a variety of reasons that people procrastinate (perfectionism, evaluation anxiety, ambiguity in the task, fear of the unknown, lack of relevance, etc.), but there are ways to overcome them. Here are a few tips: First, recognize what contributes to your procrastination. (Do you have difficulty concentrating? Are you a perfectionist? Do you have a hard time making decisions? Or do you manage your time poorly?) Understand that time management requires a certain amount of discipline. Learn to prioritize your tasks and to use your time more wisely. (Alternatively, you may decide that certain things really only need a minimal amount of effort. Admit it and move on!) Learn how to break down tasks to more manageable parts. Dwell on your successes, rather than your failures. Periodically write down your goals — for the long- and short-term — and identify your strengths as well as areas for self-improvement. Track your progress! Change your study environment .Be reasonable about your expectations for yourself. Perfectionism often results in rebellion or self-sabotage. All students want to get their assignments in on time and the majority of students succeed in doing it. But some students frequently miss deadlines for assignments. So what is the difference between students who regularly meet the deadlines and those who don*t? One important difference is likely to be motivation (or the lack of it). Motivation is a desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal. Certainly a student who is motivated about their program usually enjoys university life, feels they are benefiting from study and is able to meet academic deadlines.

Most students find that their greatest challenge in adjusting to college life and to succeeding in the classroom is in managing their time effectively. This is especially true for community college students who often work long hours. Adult students deal with the additional issues of childcare and family and home responsibilities. When evaluating your schedule or how you spend your time, you also need to consider your goals and priorities. What is most important in your life, right now– your

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Times Have Changed

Essay title: Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed Times have changed dramatically in

the past thirty years. The style of living, the sizes of families,

and education have all changed dramatically. During the

fifties, sixties, and most of the early seventies teenagers

were thinking about going off to war or starting a family.

Very few teenagers coming out of high school were

thinking about college. Slowly as times started to change,

more and more people were going off to college. Today at

the end of the nineties, very few people do not go off to

college. Instead of high school students thinking about

starting families or going off to war, they have a bigger

decision to make. What college to attend. This decision will

affect ones entire life; how they live, where they work,

what size family they are going to have, and sometimes

whom they will marry. Today, choosing a college is almost

one of the biggest decisions one would have to make. The

answer to this question will affect them for life. Finding a

good job in the workforce is getting more difficult as time

goes on. Employers are looking for individuals who are

smart and can add something to the company; the

competition is fierce. They are no longer accepting

teenagers right out of High School. They are looking for

people in their mid- twenties with a four-year degree,

sometimes even a graduate level degree. Many hypothesize

that this is because companies are paying their employees

more. Another hypothesis is that they are trying to move

forward. These companies are trying to expand on what

they already have. There is a race to become the biggest

and the best. Therefore, they are looking to college

Sputnik I. And Sputnik Launch academic essay help: academic essay help

Cold War

Join now to read essay Cold War

Throughout history there has been many events that have changed the way we all live. In this essay, I will take one event from each decade that I think has had an impact on our way of living. There are many events that have had an impact on everyone in the world. Some may be small events but have a huge effect. We are all aware of some of the major events but are we aware of some of the smaller events in history?

History changed on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. The worlds first artificial satellite was about the size of a beach ball, weighed only 83.6 kg. or 183.9 pounds, and took about 98 minutes to orbit the Earth on its elliptical path. That launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments. While the Sputnik launch was a single event, it marked the start of the space age and the U.S.-U.S.S.R space race.

The Sputnik functioned for 21 days. Its on-board radio transmitter sent out a beeping signal that was heard all around the world. The Sputnik was launched by the R-7 Rocket aka Vostok Rocket at Baikonour, Soviet Union. Today the modern derivative is called Soyuz Rocket. (Vic S, 2008)

The story begins in 1952, when the International Council of Scientific Unions decided to establish July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958, as the International Geophysical Year because the scientists knew that the cycles of solar activity would be at a high point then. In October 1954, the council adopted a resolution calling for artificial satellites to be launched during the International Geophysical Year to map the Earths surface. (N.A.S.A, 2007)

The Sputnik launch changed everything. As a technical achievement, Sputnik caught the worlds attention and the American public off-guard. Its size was more impressive than Vanguards intended 3.5-pound payload. In addition, the public feared that the Soviets ability to launch satellites also translated into the capability to launch ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear weapons from Europe to the U.S. Then the Soviets struck again; on November 3, Sputnik II was launched, carrying a much heavier payload, including a dog named Laika. (N.A.S.A, 2007)

Immediately after the Sputnik I launch in October, the U.S. Defense Department responded to the political furor by approving funding for another U.S. satellite project. As a simultaneous alternative to Vanguard, Wernher von Braun and his Army Redstone Arsenal team began work on the Explorer project. (N.A.S.A,2007)

On January 31, 1958, the tide changed, when the United States successfully launched Explorer I. This satellite carried a small scientific payload that eventually discovered the magnetic radiation belts around the Earth, named after principal investigator James Van Allen. The Explorer program continued as a successful ongoing series of lightweight, scientifically useful spacecraft. (NASA,2007)

The Sputnik launch also led directly to the creation of National Aeronautics and Space Administration . In July 1958, Congress passed the National

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Time Is Limited

Time is Limited

Where has the time gone? The time that everyone shares in life together is limited. People tend to be blind to see completely that time is slipping away like that bar of soap in the shower. As people age into adults, time flies by quicker each day. It could be that there aren’t as many eventful memories being made compared to a young teenager who often encounters many of them. There are so many opportunities that can be taken in this limitless life. Time is taken for granted and there is no way on bringing back lost time to make up for it. That is where many of us go wrong from the start.

Each day, I wake up and do the same routine. Hardly ever do I change up my everyday schedule for anything. My day consists of waking up, getting ready, attending to my animals, going to school, coming home to do homework and associate with my family, and then hanging out with my friends if there is time. However, being a typical eighteen-year-old, I find it hard to handle college, working side jobs and still trying to manage a social life with family and friends. I often said, “Oh, I will just call my granny back tomorrow after school” when I should have called her back immediately. I always have just assumed that everyone in my life will always be here and that he or she can wait to a later time. People and time are taken for granted each and every day. I wish I had realized this sooner rather than now, when I regret some of my past choices. I experienced the worst time of my life because I thought that time and people would always be here.

I have never been the best about trying to keep in touch with people because I easily get distracted and always seem to have something to do. I live in regret each day from not picking up the phone to call or getting in my car to visit my great grandma, Ruby, every chance I had. On March 24, 2015, I realized how much time has slipped from underneath me that I will never be able to get back. On this day, my grandparents had left early in the morning at five to go to the Maple Festival. My great grandma lived with my grandparents due to a hard fall that kept her from living alone. I was asked to come watch her and help her with whatever was needed. I know how to take care of younger children and elderly people because of many job experiences. I came over that morning like any other time and checked her while she slept. I crawled up on the couch beside her bed and went to sleep. My great grandma would knock on the walls to get someone’s attention instead of yelling. So when I heard that tap on the wall I jumped up to get our day started. I helped her sit up on the edge of the bed and put her fuzzy pink robe on her while she kept talking about how bright my fingernail polish was. After this, we usually head out to the kitchen and get her cup of coffee along with a red grapefruit. However, this time was not the same as any other time. She stopped responding to what I was saying and just sat on the edge of the bed, staring into space with a blank face. I thought she had just zoned out because most ninety-five-year-old people do, but then I noticed she was starting to slip down off the bed. I quickly tried getting her back all the way on the bed because I did not want her to get another injury. I started to panic because I never had seen this behavior from her before. All of a sudden, she started to make these strange noises. Drool started to pour from her mouth like a water fountain. My little heart was beating faster than it ever had before. In a panicking moment like this, I had no idea what to do or who to call. I ended up calling my mom, who was an hour away. I knew I couldn’t call my grandparents because they were in a different county. Quickly, I took moment to say a short prayer for God to help me figure out a plan. No tears at all came out because the situation happened so

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Time Management And Spending Money college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Time Management: Putting Time on Your Side

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Derrick Smith

English 373

December 6, 2004

Project 4: Research Based Service-Learning Project

Time Management: Putting Time on Your Side

Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste ones time is to waste ones life, but mastery of time usage is mastery of life and making the most of it. Einstein once said, “There is no absolute relation in time between two events, but there is an absolute relation between space and time” (Sharp 1). Time is a mystery. It cannot be tied down by definition or confined inside a formula. Like gravity, it is a phenomenon that we can experience but cannot understand. We are aware of the ageing of our bodies, of the effects of the movements of our planet, and of the ticking of the clock. We learn a little about what we call the past and we know that change is built into our lives. But neither philosophers nor scientists have been able to analyze and explain all of the meaning of time. Not only have they failed to provide easy explanations, but their efforts sometimes seem to have made mystery more mysterious and to have shown us that our lack of understanding was even greater than we supposed.

Some philosophers argue that the passage of time is an important metaphysical fact, but one that can only be grasped by non-rational intuition. Others tell us that the flow of time is an illusion and that the future can no more be changed than the past. Some believe that future events come into existence as the present; the future becomes the actual “moment-in-being.”

When spending money, one presumably tries to balance their expenditures in such a way as to obtain the best possible yield. This means that one will probably refrain from spending all of their assets on a single commodity. Instead, one will distribute their expenditure over a variety of different goods and services. The optimum situation will have been reached when it is impossible to increase satisfaction by reducing expenditure in one field

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Time Managing & Stress

Essay title: Time Managing & Stress

Time Managing & Stress

A lot of people are “stressed out”, like me, not because we cannot cope with stress managing; it is simply that we overload ourselves with commitments and responsibilities. We put ourselves in a spot were stress can be developed. Hence, stress arises from an overbooked schedule or a great number of responsibilities than one person can handle. No matter whether in school, at home, or on the job we tend to over commit ourselves. Trying to do things right and trying to have certain things ready by a deadline or a due date is an invitation for getting stress out. During the course of this year this has definitely happened to me and it has not been easy.

Through the course of this first college semester I have never been so stressed out in my life. Getting accustomed to college has been very hard and stressful form me. Trying to manage my time in order to do a million things has not been easy; writing papers for many different classes, going to soccer practice, traveling for away games, taking tests, and even working. Trying to keep up with everything at once and at the end have enough time to do non school related things is a very difficult task. One in particular that has been a difficult task is taking homework to away games and finishing it on time just to make the deadline. Since I have arrived here Ive noticed that college is all about dead lines and due dates, I can really say that high school did not prepare me for this. Also for me having to rush from one place to the next because, like I said, you are on an everyday time schedule is enormously irritating. For example, everyday I have to eat fast in order to get to work on time and I do not have time to enjoy my food because, for me, rushing is really aggravating and stressful. I am the kind of person who hates to rush anywhere and I hate to be late to anything. In high school I did not have so many things to do in a day and so I had a lot of time left over for things that I wanted to do. For example, hang out with my friends, watch TV, or even take an afternoon nap. Since I have come here I havent had time to do any of those things, which are important in maintaining a social life, and it would be nice to be able to do those things more often. On a positive note, as the year goes by I am beginning to be more responsible and getting better at handling more important responsibilities. My good grades are a reflection of my determination, level of responsibility and a sign of my maturity.

On a different note the cause of my stress is not only having trouble with time management, but the pressure to play well in soccer games. It has been tough trying to stay focused on playing well while I am thinking about a million other things that involve school. This has been very hard because soccer was always number one and I still was able to maintain good grades through out high school, but college is different. Since I have so many things to do and worry about, soccer has kind of taken a backseat. I never felt like this before and I hate feeling like that. Its also been stressful because sometimes I get scared that with all the school work and things going on I wont be able to perform well on the soccer field. My goal is to become a pro, but if I do not play well I have no chance to make it. I think about it every night and day, and the more I think about it the more I get stressed out. I never thought that college would be this stressful and

Time Management And Essay Time Management medical school essay help

Time Management & Family Issues

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Time Management and Family Issues

Upon returning to college, the mature student (any student over the age of 24) soon realizes that their ability to manage time effectively directly impacts their learning experience and their family life. Unlike traditional students, the mature student may have a spouse, children and a full-time job that is necessary for them to survive financially. Adults with families will readily agree that their family alone places serious demands on their time. When adding the responsibility of school, it becomes even more difficult to make time for family, work and personal time. Enough time needs to be spent on these three major facets of life. Too much time spent in one area usually means to little time spent in another, which usually leads to stress. Time management professionals say that stress is usually the result of poor time management. Effective time management has to be the foundation of any successful and productive life.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. If one is employed full-time, then about nine hours (540 minutes) of the day is spent at the office and commuting. The time left in the evening for family and self is very limited. Some companies allow their employees to telecommute, in which the companys network is accessed from the employees home, usually via a high-speed or broadband connection. Telecommuting increases available time for family and self by eliminating the employees commute. Along with telecommuting, some companies offer Flex-Time. Flex-Time allows the work schedule to be configured differently from the typical Monday through Friday, 9am-to-5pm workweek. One will still work a total of 40 hours that week only one day may be shorter than the rest. Flex-Time is basically a flexible work schedule. Flex-time and telecommuting are examples of Flexible Work Options (FWO). FWOs allow employees the opportunity to find time for their families and selves by introducing a time management element that “bends”.

Along with the changing nature of office-hours via telecommuting and Flex-Time, there is a need for employees to be more efficient at work. Companies are implementing the “virtual office” which partly entails telecommuting but with the main focus being a more efficient, yet mobile workforce. With the virtual office, traditional office setups such as permanent workspace and a personal telephone become a thing of the past.

Time Management And Better Time Management Skills devry tutorcom essay help: devry tutorcom essay help

Time Management

Essay title: Time Management

You need to manage time effectively if youre going to be successful. Better time management skills can improve your grades, help you keep stress in check, and help you be competitive in the career you undertake following your college or university education. Time management systems often fail because they the expectations of them are too unrealistic. Some people dont start a time management system until theyre already falling behind in their work. They take on time management as a way of catching up. They try to cram all of their work into a period of time that is too short. The people who are trying to follow crammed schedules often fall way behind their intended pace and desert the plan altogether, which results in more time trouble.

To be successful in time management you first have to set some goals. It might help to divide your goals into time frames (important goals, mid-term goals, long-range goals) but it is not completely necessary to do so for the exercise to be useful. All you need to do is think of a handful of goals to get started. Once you have a set of goals, it is useful to break down the goals into manageable steps. Breaking down your goals makes it easier to begin them one small step at a time and to reduce procrastination.

After setting some goals, time awareness and time tracking is the next step you should follow. It will help you manage your time well if you know where your time actually gets spent. One helpful way of determining your actual usage of time is to track your time. Instead of writing things down that you are planning to do, write down things that have already been done. Doing this helps you get to know yourself because this method will draw attention to many of your habits that you might selectively ignore. At the end of every hour write yourself a quick note about how you actually spent your time for that hour. If how you spent your time doesnt match an already planned activity, simply enter a comment as to what you really did during that time. This way you will be able to analyze patterns that appear in your use of time and make adjustments to improve your efficiency.

The next step is planning. It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of scheduling is not to enslave you to your planner, but

College Student Time Management And Daily Schedule extended essay help biology

Time Management

Time Management

Time management is very important in order to be successful in life. As a college student time management is extremely important in order for me to get my work to get done but also to make time for leisure activities. The most common motivational cold is the lack of interest in certain subjects. The heart of effective time management is a weekly and daily schedule. Also long terms goals must be determined in order for short term goals to be established. Be proactive means taking initiative, not waiting for others to act first, and being responsible for what you do. The opposite of proactive is reactive. Reactive people tend to react to what goes on around them. Proactive people act based on principles and purpose. So think with the end in mind when establishing your schedule.

Gathering necessary information is an important factor in time management. Write all of your assignments down so that you know how much time you have to do it, and when it is due. By doing this you will be able to work your schedule around your study time. Also not only do you need to write down your assignments but also leisure activities. Such as after sport team meetings, social club meeting, and even vacations.

Planning ahead is another key factor in managing your time. Consult your things to do with a monthly schedule and hang it up in your room. Be sure while you are making a schedule of “things to do,” you take into consideration how long it takes you to complete certain task. Also figure out how much time you have to do certain assignments and break them up into several days if that works best for you. By dividing up your assignments it takes the stress off of you and gives you extra leisure time. When planning ahead use some type of calendar or monthly planner to keep track of your things and also to keep them

Prioritizing work assignments is crucial to successful time management. Some people do not know how to prioritize and become procrastinators. Deciding which tasks are the most important, and then setting aside time to complete them, while leaving time to deal with unplanned interruptions, is one way to manage time while aquiring more. Many time management experts recommend only handling a piece of paper once – act on it, file it, or toss it, but do not allow it to sit and wait. Plan time in your day to complete the most pressing projects, but leave time for unforeseen developments. Always carry a calendar with you so you can schedule meetings and appointments once, and only once.

Working with a realistic schedule is very important in time management. You have to be realistic when making your schedule. Monitor and analyze how you spend your time. Take into consideration when your best time for studying is, your sleep patterns, your leisure activities, your eating patterns and even your due dates for certain assignments. By doing this you are making a schedule that is “ideal” for you and not anyone else. It will be easier for you to fit this schedule because it works with your schedule. Also when making your schedule set priorities of things that must be accomplished each day, and build flexibility into your schedule. It is essential to build flexibility into schedules incase an emergency comes up.

Additional things that you might want incorporate into your schedule are study routines, places to study, leaving yourself enough time to complete projects, breaks, and time to review studied material. All of things are very important.

First Exercise And Set Of Constraints college essay help service: college essay help service

Business Statistics

Problem 1: Optimization

Color Chips:

This was the first exercise on linear programming.

The target was to develop an objective function and find a solution for the problem the solution searched for was to maximize the profit of the factory fabricating the color chips.

The given were a set of variables A, N, P and a set of constraints which set the number of each chip to be produced. There were no limitations on the resources.

With the given data, the objective function was found to be MAX 3.15A + 2.65N + 3.85P.

After being introduced to the use of solver to solve a linear problem, the data was entered to the excel sheet and a data analysis tool called solver was used.

This exercise helped define the linear programming model, a basic introduction to the use of solver in excel and a simple problem of maximization. It also shed a light on the concepts of minimization/maximization depending on the target that the user is searching for. In this problem the target was to maximize the profit.

Computers S&P:

This exercise aimed to maximize the profit of a factory.

A typical example of production planning.

The variables used were S & P and the objective function was MAX 6S + 9P subject to some constraints.

The constraints restricted the resources as well as requirements of production.

This exercise helped understand the mixture of many constraints with a practical example on production planning. It helped understand more the linear programming model.

Make or Buy – Hamlet:

This exercise aimed to help the factory make a decision on what to produce and what to outsource in order to find the minimum requirements of the factory.

The target was to find the minimal amount of money required to produce a certain number of units.

The constraints included much more factors than of the previous exercises, it included cost, time of production and restriction on the resources.

The objective function was found to be MIN 3.15A1 + 33.75 A2 + …

The data was entered into excel and with the use of the solver tool the solution was found.

This exercise helped understand the minimization concept while introducing more constraints into the equation. The logical thinking moved from a straight forward problem, to a more complex real-life situation model.

Reallocating Bikes:


Time Value And Value Of The Money Today college essay help online: college essay help online

Time Value of Money

Essay title: Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money

The first step in understanding the relationship between the value of the money today and the value of money in the future is one must look at how money is invested. One must also monitor how the money will grow over a time based on the investment made. The conclusion based on the investment made will allow one to answer the following question. How much should be invested today to produce a specified future sum of money in the future?

The time value of money (TVM) is the process when money is calculated in the present or future (wikipedia). TVM is based on the assertion that one will prefer to receive a certain amount of money today than the same amount in the future. As a result, when one deposits money in a bank account, one earns interest. Todays earned money has more value than the money that one would earn in the future because of the interest that can build up over time. For example, if $90 today will accumulate to $100 a year from now, then the present value of $100 to be received one year from now is $90.

TVM allows the calculation of present value and future value of money. Present value and future value are different. Both have disadvantages and advantages; depending on how they are used. Of course, present value is what he or she has at this present time. While future value is the amount of money he or she will have at a given time in the future. Furthermore, a bond is composed of two types of payments, annuity and a lump sum return. As a result, when the bond matures one is eligible to receive future payment. Money is believed to be worth more now than in the future. The once a year annuity payment is considered the interest earned for that particular year. Therefore, one must decide if the annuity is going to be paid at the beginning or the end of the year.

Interest rate is the “rent” paid to borrow money (wikipedia). The interest rate earned over a period of time from the principle. Compounded interest is the interest added to the original principle (wikipedia). Due to daily fluctuation of interest rates in the method used, one can lose a great deal of money if the money is not invested wisely. Most people, if asked, would choose to receive $10,000 now rather than later. Any rational person would not defer payment into the future when he or she could have the same amount of money now. At the basic level, the time value of money demonstrates that it is better to have money now rather than later. Although the amount is the same, much more can be done with the money now. Over time, it can earn more interest. The more often interest are compounded, the faster the principle will mature.

Opportunity cost is the value of something in term of a chance

Time Value And Individuals Best Friend college essay help service

Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money

An individuals best friend owes him $600 dollars, and asks if he can pay the individual back in six monthly installments of $100 dollars, is this a good way to be paid? This decision is a good example of the concept of the Time Value of Money or TVM. Time value of money is the concept that “a dollar that you have today is worth more than the promise or expectation that you will receive a dollar in the future” (Getobjects, 2002). Factors that might affect TVM like compound interest, present value, future value, opportunity costs, annuities, and the rule of 72 are important to understand when planning your financial future.

Interest can be defined as either a fee that is charged by a lender for borrowed money or as a return upon an investment (Investorwords, 2007). Compounded interest occurs when an investment returns interest upon the initial investment and the interest accrued every period since the initial investment was made (Econedlink, 2007). The initial investment is often referred to as the present value.

Present value is how much money a future payout on an investment is worth today, or at the time of the initial investment (Henderson, 2002). If after one year an individual receives 1000 dollars off an investment that had a 8 % interest rate then that amount he initially invested $1000/1.08 = $925.92. Due to the time value of money the present value is expected to be lower than the future value and will be worth less the longer an individual has to wait to receive the future payment (Getobjects, 2002). The $925.92 initially invested would be referred to as the present value, and the $1000 dollars that was received at the end of the period would be referred to as the future value.

Future value is the amount of money a particular investment will be worth given a certain period of time (Econedlink, 2007). Suppose an individual wanted to know the future amount of money he would have after depositing $600 dollars in an account paying 6 % interest and not touching it for a year. The future value of the money invested would be 600*1.06 = $636 dollars. Due to the time value of money the future value of the initial investment is expected to be greater, and the difference depends upon the number of compounding periods and the interest rate being used (Getobjects, 2002).

Another concept tied to time value of money is opportunity costs. The opportunity cost of a decision is not just the financial investment, but also your time and the costs of whatever your alternatives might have been. If an individual has the choice of going to the zoo or to a museum and decides on the zoo; his opportunity cost is not only the price of admission to the zoo, but also what you lost by not going to the museum. This is important because if an individual chooses to allow his friend to pay a debt back over time the opportunity costs of lost interest might on an investment that could have been made with the bulk sum might be more than the individual wanted (Econedlink, 2007).

Annuities are payments that are made at equally spaced intervals until a certain amount has been reached (Brealey, Myers & Marcus,

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Time Value of Money

Essay title: Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money


This paper is going to discuss key components of the time value of money (TVM) and identify some financial applications to commercial banks, credit card financial service companies, insurance companies, state government lotteries, and retirement plan financial service providers.

Time Value of Money

The Time Value of Money is “the idea that a dollar now is worth more than a dollar in the future, even after adjusting for inflation, because a dollar now can earn interest or other appreciation until the time the dollar in the future would be received,” ( The time value of money has many calculations. These calculations are future value of a single amount, present value of a single amount, future value of an annuity, present value of an annuity, annuity equaling a future value, annuity equaling a present value, determining the yield on an investment, less than annual compounding periods, and patterns of payment-deferred annuity.

Commercial Banks

Banks cannot operate without using the TVM. Commercial banks make business loans, accept deposits, and offer savings and checking accounts. Banks offer their customers accounts with a high interest rate to draw them in. The more customers the bank has, the more money they can make from them.

Credit Card Financial Service Companies

With credit card companies, they charge their customers whenever they have a balance. These credit card companies offer high credit limits to draw in their “victims”. Once the consumer is drawn in, making many charges on their account, they cannot make their full payment. When they cannot make their full payment, the credit card company charges them a finance charge and, simply put, makes money when the consumer is unable to afford to pay for their full balance.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are a prime example of TVM. With auto insurance companies, consumers spend money to make sure their car is safe. The insurance companies take the consumer’s money and invest it to increase their profits. The more customers the insurance companies have, the more they invest. Since the insurance companies know that not everyone will get into an accident or get sick, they can “bank” on the money they receive from their customers.

State Governments – Lotteries


Marijuana Question And Legalization Of Marijuana law essay help

Tim to Decriminalize

Essay title: Tim to Decriminalize

Lately it seems that drug policy and the war on drugs has been in the headlines quite a lot. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the policies that the United States government takes against illegal drugs are coming into question. The mainstream media is catching on to the message of organizations and individuals who have long been considered liberal “Counter Culture” supporters. The marijuana question seems to be the most prevalent and pressed of the drugs and issues that are currently being addressed. The messages of these organizations and individuals include everything from legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, to full-unrestricted legalization of the drug. Of course, the status quo of vote seeking politicians and conservative policy makers has put up a strong resistance to this “new” reform lobby. The reasons for the resistance to the changes in drug policies are multiple and complex. The issues of marijuanas possible negative effects, its use as a medical remedy, the criminality of distribution and usage, and the disparity in the enforcement of current drug laws have all been brought to a head and must be addressed in the near future. It is apparent that it would be irresponsible and wrong for the government to not evaluate its current general drug policies and perhaps most important, their marijuana policy. With the facts of racial disparity in punishment, detrimental effects, fiscal strain and most importantly, the history of the drug, the government most certainly must come to the conclusion that they must, at the very least, decriminalize marijuana use and quite probably fully legalize it.

The history of marijuana in North America is integral in understanding the reasons it is now illegal and how todays policies have evolved. It is important to look to the past and see factors leading to the outlawing and criminalization of marijuana-especially the stages of misinformation, silence, and the imposition of zero tolerance or severe penalties for such victimless crimes -before looking at the effectiveness and future of these policies. While marijuana was not actually outlawed until the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 it was a part of the country and society since before the arrival of its current transplanted inhabitants. Hemp is the name of a species of Cannabis that has been used throughout history for many things including rope, clothing, medicine, oils and other such novelties. Marijuana and hemp are both of the species Cannabis Sativa and occur naturally along with a score of other variations of the plant. Marijuana is simply a form of hemp that is higher in delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), marijuanas naturally occurring psychoactive chemical. Today we hear many nicknames for marijuana including: weed, pot, budda, grass, and bud to name a few. Marijuana has long been used by the indigenous peoples of North and South America for many things, from medical to religious purposes. Of course a select few Europeans exploited narcotics and different types of marijuana. However, in Europe it was not a widespread phenomenon, and neither was it from the time of colonization or even industrialization in America. It was not until the era of the 19th amendment to the U.S. constitution, known as prohibition, that marijuana became a widely used substance in the U.S..

A large part of the original fear and misrepresentation of marijuana was due to ethnic and racial concerns, especially in the southeastern United States. Immigrant populations moving from Mexico into the U.S. and some other groups such as Jamaicans and other West Indian transplants from the slave trade were introducing the weed into the population of the U.S. as a recreational drug much like Alcohol or Tobacco. It was a xenophobic reaction to this seemingly alien population and their customs and actions that spawned an early backlash against the drug. In 1937 the federal government created the Marijuana Tax Act, effectively making the sale and possession of the plant illegal. During this early period of a prohibitive stance on marihuana no research was conducted into the effect of the weed and any possible detrimental effects that it could have. Yet due to the government and society wide ignorance of pot and its true characteristics-largely due to an ethnocentric refusal to accept the views of the native and traditional cultures of the continent-weed was assumed by the government and media and consequently society to be a narcotic that caused psychological dependence and led to violent crime and insanity. The first of three general strategies or trends used to fight marijuana in U.S. society was silence and denial. As a consequence of this, discussion of the subject was prohibited in public schools during the 1930s. The Motion Picture Association of America

Cold War And Union Of Soviet Socialists Republics custom essay help

Cold War

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The Cold War is the term used to describe the intense rivalry between the United States and its allies and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics and its allies. The Soviet Union and its allies were refereed to as the Eastern Bloc and the United States and its allies were referred to as the Western Bloc. The Cold War period lasted from the mid-1940’s until the late 1980’s. During this period international politics were shaped by this intense rivalry between this two great blocs of power and the political ideologies they represented. The United States and its allies represented democracy and capitalism while the Soviet Union and its allies represented communism. The Cold War was truly a global conflict more so than either of the century’s two world wars. (1) The cold war was also the first total war between economic and social systems, an industrial test to destruction. Even though the Cold War Began just after World War II, some of its roots reach back as far as the nineteenth century. Its neighbors have long feared Russia; the giant among the countries in Europe, even when they were allied Russia against a common enemy. This fear Cropped up immediately after Russia, Britain, and other European nations defeated the French Emperor Napoleon in 1812. (2) In 1853 Britain, France and several other European nations went to war with Russia from keeping Russia from expanding into the Middle East. Britain, in fact, took a great deal of its energy during the nineteenth century trying to limit Russian power. (3) By the early twentieth century the United States was also concerned with Russia’s power. Although the United States tried to keep out of European disputes, American leaders were concerned about Russia becoming to powerful. They worried that if any nation became powerful enough to dominate the European continent, it would be a threat to the well being of the United States. (4) In the midst of World War I a new element was added to the European and American fear of Russia. In November of 1917 a radical Marxist called the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia overthrowing a democratic government. The United States strongly opposed the Bolshevik regime. The United States was angry that the Bolsheviks pulled Russia out of the War against Germany (WW I), and that it intended to spread its revolution to other countries. (5) During World War II Soviet leader Joseph Stalin reached an agreement with Hitler in which the two countries promised not to attack each other during the war. The Nazi-Soviet pack allowed Hitler to invade Poland and then fight France and Britain without having to worry about the powerful Soviet army. (6) A surprise attack by the Germans on the Soviet Union on June 1941 ended the Nazi-Soviet pact. This drove the Soviet Union to join the allies, but they found no love in the hearts of the United States and Britain. It was only Germany’s might and murder policies that held the Grand Alliance together. (7) As the tide turned in favor of the Allies in the eastern theater, the side where the Soviet Union was fighting on, the soviets army was pushing into several Eastern European countries which were formerly allied or controlled by Germany. As the soviets controlled

People Of This Nature And People my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

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Many people go to the movies. The movies are an escape into a fantasy world. Everyone has a different preference on what kind of movie is the best. Romance, horror, action, and comedy are different types of movies. The kind of movie someone goes to see can give clues to what kind of person they are.

People who prefer horror films obviously like to be grossed out or like to be frightened. The horror fans probably tend to enjoy suspense and anxiety. One might suspect these people love to go on frightening roller coaster rides or do other things that would cause suspense and anxiousness. People of this nature might enjoy things that most people would not, considering the amount of gore produced in many horror films. For example, some people watch surgeries on TV. These shows contain blood and things disturbing to others. It would make sense to say that the person who has no problem with the gore in the movies could probably watch and enjoy a surgery on TV.

Comedy, most people enjoy going to the movies and laughing. Although most people do enjoy a comedy here and there, some people try to be like the characters in them. These people love to laugh and try to make others laugh whenever possible. Sometimes this is a good thing and one would not mind being around them because they are actually funny. Nevertheless, some of them are down right annoying. If someone tells them they are annoying then that just means to them that they have to try harder to get people to laugh. People who love comedy always seem to love going out and having fun with their life. These types of people rarely get mad either.

People who enjoy going out and living up life probably watch action adventure

Sample Mean And Student Body Of University Of Wisconsin 40,858Sample writing an essay help

Business Statistics Pre Assignment

Business Statistics Pre Assignment1.4         Chapter 1 A. population – full time first year students         B. sample – 2,821 full time first year studentsC. parameter – 3727 studentsD. average hours spent studying 4.6 hoursA.  Population – Student body of university of Wisconsin 40,858Sample – 100 Wisconsin studentsB. no, that means that only means of a representative sample of the university of Wisconsin study body population, 29% of the sampled students responded “zero”, not the entire student body.C. Sample statistic2.6        Chapter 2        1)        A.  continuous quantitative                    B.  discrete quantitative

C. Qualitative                 D. Discrete quantitative         2)         A. sample mean = 0                B. sample media = 9                C. range = 8                D. sample standard deviation = 2.21                E. z-score of 5 is -1.81 and it is not an outlier                F. 95% rule means it is between 4.6 and 13.4[pic 1]                G.         3.5         Chapter 3Scenario 1 – Experimental Scenario 2 – Observational A. Treatments – the 3 types of feed (A,B,C) distributedB. Experimental Units – feed was given to 12 pens, so pens are the experimental units with 3 pigs in each pen

Usefulness Of The Employees And Plant Manager essay help us: essay help us

Ws 2 – Analysis of the Goal Chapters 6-10 – Operations Management

WS 2 Analysis of The Goal Chapters 6-10

June 13, 2010

Operations Management

The manger of the production plant starts to second guess the production of his departments and the usefulness of the employees. The plant manager begins to seek out a valuable resource who reminds him of the simple basics of business which include throughput, sales and inventory. The plant manager began to apply these simple measurements in making money and realizes that since the implementation of robotic resource inventory has increased, sales have not increased and there has been an increase in overdue shipments.

The plant manager has begins to refocus his thinking with employees actions by simple evaluations of walking past employees who are not gainfully employed and wondering why these employees are not working on something versus in the past the plant manager would have continued on without making a fuss. An employee’s day should be well managed by the foreman or immediate supervisor. There are several methods utilized in the workplace to keep employees busy with training, production work, or cross leveling resources to improve the organization efficiency. The practice of continuing to improve a employees self worth by reading shop manuals or learning the latest safety information can make an employee feel valuable and it will improve the effectiveness of the organization.

There are several instances in which the plant supervisor states “I you can’t keep them working, I’ll find a department that can…” (Eliyahu, 2010, p. 42). There will be times when department will be slow due to shifts in workloads and resources. The managers of each department should have a viable communication chain in which excess manpower can be requested and submitted when work is slow due to unforeseen circumstances. A daily planning meeting can be used to sort out excess resources for planned slowed production times. These employees can pick up new skills by assisting other employees in performing their duties. Employees who gain enough on the job training can become certified in new skills and become a valuable asset to the organization. One other method of utilizing underworked staff is to assign additional duties such as a peer trainer or safety officer so that when time become slow the employee can focus on these set of duties.

The plant shift and department supervisors did not seem to have a clear picture of how every department fits in to the big strategic picture, the departments focused only on their piece of the goal. Training managers collectively can help each manager identify overall plan weaknesses and may empower them to refocus from

High School Students And Times Change college admission essay help houston tx: college admission essay help houston tx

Times Change and We Change with Them

Join now to read essay Times Change and We Change with Them

“Time and Us”

“Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis” is a Latin quote which means “times change, and we change with them.” This quote may be true in some situations such as fashion, but for the most part is not. Things such as trends and word “lingo” are expected to change, and they do. Other things such as people’s behavior and actions seem not to change as much. High school students for example, still act the same way they have for who knows how long.

High school is a perfect example for “times change, and we change with them.” If you were to look back at a group of teenagers back when your parents were in school, they would very much resemble teenagers today. They would make the same mistakes, break the same rules, and even act the same as we do today. Adults may say they never saw anyone doing drugs or never heard of anyone having sex at their age, and they use it against all teenagers today, when the

Communication Skills And Writing Skills assignment help sydney

Tips for New Supervisors

Essay title: Tips for New Supervisors


When being promoted to a supervisor many questions will arise. So to help out our new supervisors we have assembled a collection of best practices from our most tenured supervisor. Included in this collection are tips about communication skills, orientation and training, improving team productivity, conducting appraisals, handling conflict and final employee relations. This guide will help lay the ground work for you to be successful and create your own best practices which will help you build a winning team.

Demonstrate Effective Communication Skills

When it comes to being able to communicate effectively one of the most important skills as a supervisor is your ability to produce quality written communications. By being able to write quality communications you will be able to set yourself apart from a large portion of the eligible work force across the nation. This is according to a study by The Conference Board released on Oct 2, 2006 stating that companies are reporting 72% of high school graduates are deficient in writing skills, they are also reporting this problem among 2-year and 4-year college graduates. By improving this communication skill you will be able to create more impactful letters, and memos and presentations. (2006)

Not only are good writing skills important for getting you point across, but it also helps you keep or maintain you professionalism. Al Boulden former sales executive of Sealy said he has seen misspelled words on documents from high-level people and this then puts them in a hole they have to dig out. (Perry 2007) You dont want to be in that hole yourself so that is why your writing skills are important.

To complement your writing skills you will want to make sure you have good verbal skills as well. Why you ask. Well that is due in part to the fact that research found in how to be a good communicator (2005) shows that 42% of employees feel that their employer is a poor communicator.(4) As a new supervisor you dont want to fall in to this category of employees feeling you are a poor communicator. There are a few tips that can help you improve your verbal communications. The first is making sure you use the correct language for the audience. You really dont want to use terms or acronyms that your listeners wont understand. (4) You can lose credibility if you speak over the head of your audience.

The second piece of advice I would give you when speaking in public is that whenever possible have your speak prepared in advance. After it is prepared it would be a good idea is to have another person review

Oldest Brother And Right Place online essay help: online essay help

Timing Is Everything in Life. from the Movie “in Good Company”

Essay title: Timing Is Everything in Life. from the Movie “in Good Company”

Timing is everything in life. From the Movie “In Good Company”

I picked this quote because I believe that “timing is everything.” Its all about being in the right place at the right time, kind of like perfect timing. Endless possibility can happen to you, if you have this “perfect timing.” Who knows, if you are an inspiring actor and happens to bump into a famous director or actor and right then and there your connection happens, due to being in the right place at the right time. Timing can also deal with saving lives for instance, if you are traveling home from work one day and come across someone that flip their car, or some other freak accident, you would save their life, or at least their day.

Timing has played an important role in my life, in good cases and bad cases. At the age of two and a half, my oldest brother sent my other brother to go get knife to open a box that he had just received at the time. My brother, the one sent to retrieve the knife, started walking back to the other room holding the knife incorrectly, holding it by the handle around his hip with it pointing outward. This brother was around eight and half, nineish at the time. While this was taking place I was doing what every other two and half year old would be doing, that is running around the house. Here comes the timing, as I was rounding a corner, my brother just so happened to at the same time, with the knife in hand. Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam! I run into the knife that my brother was holding, the knife briefly enters my left eye just for a split second. According to my parents, my brother went absolutely nuts, screaming that he stabbed me in the eye, and at the time they didnt believe him since there was no wound of any kind apparent. Then in time my eye started to bleed from the center and my parents rushed me to the hospital. And since then I have been blind in my left eye. That was the bad case if you didnt clue in. Now for the lighter side of my life, when I was five I stayed with my baby sitter most nights of the week, she was and still is like a second mother

Real People Person And High School Years college application essay help online

Time of My Life

Time of My Life


By: Karen J. Biscuiti

I was supposed to be having the time of my life during my High School years. I started out in the Newtown Annex. I had many friends there, I also had a great schedule, from 12:00 until 4:00 PM, and it was great! You get to sleep late and not have to worry about being late to school. I knew many people; I am a real people person. Some of the people I met there I am still friends with like Kirsy, Jose, Joanna, and many more. I was only in Newtown for my freshman year then they told us that we had a choice, stay with Newtown or we would be able to stay in the annex for a new high school called “High School for Arts and Business”. So I decided to stay with Arts and Business. I thought it would be great, an art school, thats what I want to major in. So I stayed. Back then I did so well in school, I thought I could get a scholarship to my first choice, a college for art. I met so many new friends in Arts and Business, including teachers like Mrs. Contoveros, Mr. Drakes, and the principal who would do anything to help us. The teachers here made me feel at home and helped me through the hard times, and they shared the good times as well. They made an impact on my life and I will never forget them. The other students couldnt have been any nicer to me. For me being one out of a couple of white kids in the school I got along with everyone. The people I became close with have many different characteristics and personalities. For example, Veronica Galindo, she has a great personality and she always listened to my problems and she is one of the best dancers I have ever seen; Kirsy Duverge is full of excitement, and is always there to cheer someone up and has the most school spirit. Jose Liz, he is a cool guy, even though he bothers me, thats the little thing Ill always remember, and Denise Rosario, Denise and I always had class together and we always talked and we would always get in trouble especially in Mrs. Arons class.

Those people I mentioned are my closest friends in high school. We had our good times and bad times together. We will always be there for each other. For me I think of high school as “The best time of anyones life!” High school is where you mostly do all of your growing up, and for me I did a lot of growing up. For three years in Arts and Business I learned a lot and have been through a lot. As I see myself now as a senior I remember freshman, sophomore, and junior year like it was yesterday.

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