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Applying our personal connections to works of art

Works of art encompass the feelings and values WE recognize in that specific piece. In Chapter 2, look at Execution in Saigon (Figure 2.2) AND May 3, 1808 (Figure 2.3).  As you review these two works of art, respond to the following criterion in a 500-750 word essay applying APA formatting guidelines:Based on your initial reaction to both works of art, share which ONE of the two pieces you are able to connect with.Explain why you connect to that piece in relation to your personal/professional experiences, feelings, and values (i.e. provide examples).Consider differences between Execution in Saigon and May 3, 1808, as you elaborate on your response(s) to the question, “Does the medium (such as a black and white photograph vs a painting utilizing a variety of colors), expression of the individuals in each piece, and time period each piece was created make a difference in the personal impact these pieces have on you?” Provide a conclusion paragraph offering your perspective addressing the questions, “Do you feel the study of the humanities will be beneficial to you outside of our classroom? If so,in what way? If not, why do you feel the study of humanities will not be beneficial?”

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