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Are language and thought related?

These may be empirical and/or review papers. At least 3 of these papers will be found through your own research and not provided in class.Please note that, depending on your topic and the papers you use, you may need to cite additional papers in order to achieve grades in the “Good” or “Excellent” categories on the rubric (see below)Your arguments must ultimately the result of the integration your own ideas and multiple sources you have found on your own. For instance, it would not be acceptable to summarize an existing argument paper and derive all of your citations from that one paper’s reference list. All of the writing is in your own words (i.e., no direct quotes)Paper follows APA formatting (see APA FORMATTING below)Structuring Your PaperPosition papers require you to take a position on a particular issue and defend that position by addressing evidence on both sides of the issues. It is important that your paper goes beyond simply summarizing both sides of the argument—you need to pick a side and argue why your side has stronger evidence. This evidence will be a combination of papers reviewed in class and peer-reviewed papers you find through your own research.A good structure to follow is 1) introduction paragraph, 2) summarize prior research that supports your argument, 3) summarize contradicting research, 4) describe the pitfalls of the counter argument, 5) explain why your position’s evidence is stronger, 5) conclusion (items 2-5 can have more than one paragraph each, or be combined into multiple paragraphs). Please note that these are just guidelines, and you may choose a different structure that better suits your topic.APA FormattingThere are lots of rules when it comes to APA formatting, but we’re mostly going to focus on citations for this class. You must always cite sources when you’re referring to an idea or concept from something you read, watched, or listened to—even when you’re stating these ideas in your own words.How to cite?Papers with one author:Acceptable: Bryant (2019) found that children generally prefer cats over dogs.Preferred: Children generally prefer cats over dogs (Bryant, 2019).Papers with two authors:Acceptable: Bryant and Cuevas (2019) found that children generally prefer cats over dogs.Preferred: Children generally prefer cats over dogs (Bryant

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