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Art Question

Directions:First, watch and read the content regarding Diego Rivera’s artworks from this weeks module. Then, usse the comparison images and compare the academic painting The Flower Seller by Louis de Schryver with Diego Rivera’s The Flower Seller.
Consider the following questions when answering your question in a 200-400 word short essay:
1. How does each painter represent the flower seller differently?
2. How does the style of each painting differ?
3. How deos each painting engage the viewer differntly?

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For this assignment, please read and refer to the section on “The Gain-Loss Theory of Attraction,” pages 324-327 in

For this assignment, please read and refer to the section on “The Gain-Loss Theory of Attraction,” pages 324-327 in your text (pages may be slightly different in the electronic version.)
Please answer the following questions in detail:
1. In your own words, describe the gain-loss effect.
2. What do you see as the strong and weak points of this theory? That is, in general, what do you find particularly compelling about this theory, and where do you believe it doesn’t work as well. (e.g. “The theory says X, and that’s a good point because….” or “The theory says (or fails to say) Y, but I don’t think that works very well because….”) Please include multiple strengths and weaknesses. Do not discuss hypothetical situations–focus only on what the theory says (or omits, if you feel it should be included.)
3. Give a personal example of someone who liked you, then later grew to dislike you, or someone who disliked you initially and grew to like you. Did the gain-loss theory work and have more of an impact on your feelings in this situation? Why or why not?
Please submit your paper using only Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (rtf). Your paper should be double spaced, with one inch margins. Please use only Times or Times New Roman 12 point font. In this format, there should be a MINIMUM of 350 words.
SimCheck will be used to check for non-original work.
Please Note: You will only be able to submit your assignment once. Be sure you’ve got it right the first time.

1-Student shows understanding of the gain-loss effect and has included all of the important points.
2-Student has identified strengths and weaknesses of the theory that shows a clear understanding of the concepts.
3-Student describes and explains a personal event and why the gain-loss theory did/did not work in a way that clearly demonstrates understanding of the theory.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words. What exposure have you had to nursing theory? What

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words.
What exposure have you had to nursing theory?
What experience do you have applying theory in practice?
What do you hope to get out of this class?
**Your post should include at least one (1) source cited per APA to meet substantive post requirements.

This is the instructions please follow this and it is not an essay its just a discussion

Decision making

Writing Assignment Help One of the key benefits of making full use of the available organizational data is that it enables business and other organizations to consistently make more rational, and in aggregate more accurate, choices. That said, while many, if not most business organizations are awash with data, most of those organizations nonetheless struggle to develop and deploy systemwide data-driven decision-making
capabilities. Given that, your task is as follows:
Firstly, you are to identify, delineate and describe a
specific business function (e.g., promotional planning
risk management, inventory control, etc.). Secondly,
you are to identify and clearly describe distinct and
specific data sources and data types that could be
used as input in the business function of interest.
IMPORTANT: Be specific! For example, it is insufficient
to just mention ‘customer purchase data’ because
there are numerous distinct sources (e.g., in-store
UPC scanners, factory shipments, online transaction
processing systems, etc.) and types (e.g., batch-
based period extracts vs. ongoing streams) of data,
thus it is very important to be as specific and as
detailed as possible. Lastly, you are to create a clear
and explicit plan for how you would propose to use
the available data to evolve the business function you
identified in step 1 into a more expressly evidence-
based practice that takes maximum advantage of the
available data. Again, be explicit!

COMM122 Critique Homework: Analysis of a Memorial Speech

Watch the YouTube video of President Obama’s speech given at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on August 6, 2016. (Links to an external site.)Minimize Video
Answer the questions on the Critique #4 assignment prompt.
Type your answers. Hand-written papers will not be accepted.
Submit your completed Critique #4 assignment through Module 32.3, Analysis of a Memorial Speech, by 11:59 p.m. by Wednesday, December 15, 2021.
Take this link to the Critique #4 assignment prompt
The word file attached below

Writing Question

paper of question: “Should humans use identify chips?”Week Two Activity: Journal Databases (Assignment)InstructionsAssignment instructions:
Journal Databases Activity
Download the answers template for this assignment here: Journal Databases: ANSWERS template
Click on the “Week Two Assignment 1: Journal Databases Activity” link above to submit your assignment.
Week Two Assignment: Library Research ReportInstructionsLibrary Research Report Assignment: Detailed Instructions
Please be sure to review the rubric for this assignment before submitting your work: Grading Rubric for Library Research Report
Please submit your work as an attachment (rather than copying and pasting).
Week 3: paper Assignment instructions:
Week Three Rough Draft Assignment Instructions [PDF]
Week Three Draft Assignment Instructions [Word document]
APA-Annotated Sample Student Paper
Please submit your work as an attachment (rather than copying and pasting).
Also please be sure to review the Grading Rubric for the Final Research Project carefully before you begin writing as well as during your final proofreading of the paper.

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