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Article review with discussion board

Discussion Board
Please address/discuss the following: How would a first-line leader act to fulfill the purpose and functions of operational leadership in their area? What operational topics should be included in a training program for new leaders? For example, what responsibility does a head nurse have for boundary spanning and for planning the size of the service(s)? How do they discharge these responsibilities?
Reviewing an Article: A Paper
You will prepare a 2-3 page, article review of a recent (published within the past year) news or journal article relating to operational leadership or governance. Summarize the article in your own words and explain the relevance of this article to the topics covered during Week 2. This assignment is NOT a summary of the article, please review the article review guidelines found below and at the end of the syllabus to learn what an article review is.
By Dr. Peter Bailey, Wilmington University
A review of an article is your evaluation of an article’s strengths, weaknesses, and validity.You are informing readers of the article’s value through explanation, interpretation, and analysis.You must provide information that will allow the reader to make a value judgment about the article.The following describes how to write an article review:
Reviews should begin with a full bibliographic citation (author, the title of the journal article, name of the journal, volume, issue, date of publication, pages).
Your review should summarize the article and critique it on the information it gives you.
What is the purpose of the article (main points – major theme)?
Critique means your substantiated opinion of the article, including one possible use in your employment environment.
What are the strengths, weaknesses, and validity of the article?
Does the author accomplish her/is objective?Does the author do what she/he has set out to do?
Spelling. Good grammar and neatness count!
If you quote the author, use appropriate APA 7th edition style quotations and citations but quote very sparingly.
Since this is a review of one article, no page citations are necessary.
Running head – your name and name of the article in the header on each page
Reviews should be 2-3 pages in length and only include one article per review.

Public Health Question

Read Chapter 2 in “Getting Wrecked”
Synthetic Cannabinoids:Review all contents of Drug Policy Alliance “10 Facts about Synthetic Cannabinoids”: (Links to an external site.)

Cannabis:Read pages 4-14: ACLU MJ Race Report.pdfActions
Changes in Medical Cannabis Patient Status before and after legalization in California 2021.pdfActions

Tobacco:Balancing Consideration of the Risks and Benefits of E-Cigarettes AJPH 2021.pdfActions
Philadelphia smoking ban update and thorough background: (Links to an external site.)

Alcohol:Alcohol Use Disorders Lancet 2019.pdfActions. You can skip the following parts of this article as they will be covered in later classes: “clinical presentation and treatment use”, “interventions”, and “acute and long-term management”

Serving the needs of Mexican senior citizens

Religion and Theology Assignment Help First, please respond to this question after reading the article.
Of the alternatives suggested by Gutierrez, which alternative should the patronos select and why?
Then write a case study by applying concepts from a chapter in the textbook to the corresponding case, and submit a write-up that applies the concepts from the chapter to the content of the case. Chapter 4.
Paper must be double-spaced, typewritten, use 1” margins and 12 point Times New Roman font.

Annotated Bibliography for the references from the doc Researchers annotate (write concise, critical evaluations of) the sources they plan

Annotated Bibliography for the references from the doc

Researchers annotate (write concise, critical evaluations of) the sources they plan to use in their work. Annotations assess the credibility of a source by examining its author, use of evidence, argument or subject matter, purpose, and connection to your own research agenda. They can help you rigorously evaluate your sources and organize your research so you can integrate evidence effectively in your compositions. Building an annotated bibliography of sources is therefore an essential component of the Research Project. Follow the steps below to select and evaluate sources for your Annotated Bibliography:

Make sure your bibliography shows a variety of genres and perspectives that create a sort of “map” for understanding the landscape of your project as defined by its sources.

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