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Artificial Intelligence in Music and Algorithmic Bias

Your answers to the following questions should total between 800-1200 words, each answer should be a paragraph long. You can number your responses to correspond with each question. You should not consult outside sources, however feel free to cite the assigned articles or MUSC 80R lectures, and other course materials in your responses. Please use citations (author, page number) (e.g. Rose, 42).You will be graded on how thoroughly and thoughtfully you answer the questions as well as spelling and grammar. **Include specific musical and technological details from pieces discussed in the articles and in class to support your answers.** Explain the concept of multidominance, in particular, how it relates to music. How does Lewis’s Voyager exhibit principles of multidominance?  What technological structures and musical values are present in the system as a result? What is notable about Lewis’s creation of an AI music system around afrological principles such as multidominance? How does Voyager deal with musical control? How does Voyager’s control paradigm relate to the concepts of “player” and “instrument,” and what are the implications for the human improviser(s) in relationship to the system? Explain the article’s title, “Too Many Notes,” as well as the impetus for Lewis’s creation of Voyager. How does the article’s title, as well as Voyager and Lewis’s work in general relate to the concept of “algorithmic bias”? What are the implications of algorithmic bias in Voyager and other AI systems?  What do creative works that explore Artificial Intelligence, such as Voyager, or other works we learned about in class, teach about human intelligence, machine intelligence, and creativity? Human-Machine Interaction? Music in general? In other words, did any of the works or artists we learned about (who work with AI) alter or shift any of your perspectives on these topics?

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