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Artist Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel’s work relates to both of these mediums. In Zittel’s bio on it states that, “Influenced by modernistdesign and architecture from the early twentieth century…Zittel creates clothing, furniture, homes and vehicles. Her sculptures and installationstransform everything necessary for life, such as eating, sleeping, bathing and socializing, into artful experiments…Zittel continually reinvents her relationship with her environment.” Zittel’s work plays an interesting role in making the viewer question through design, how much we really need to exist. After viewing Andrea Zittel’s interview on Art 21, please answer the discussion questions below. Link to video: relation to Zittel’s work, please discuss the difference in meaning between the words necessary and sufficient. Then, under the premise that you are asked to design a room in which you will live for one week, please list all items that will be both necessary and sufficient.Discuss the pros and cons of isolation. Whatmakes a person want or need to seek isolation?What challenges would you expect Zittel to face during the month she lives on her island?

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