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Based on  Mr. Silva’s advice on solving public policy challenges, select a local or national policy issue, then outline and specifically delineate each policy process variable(s).Paper should include:Six comprehensive paragraphs – each paragraph heading will be listed as:Problem Definition and Analysis: In this paragraph, answer the questions of who, what, why, where, when, and howmuch.Drafting Policy Options: In this paragraph, identify policy options.Policy Decision Implications: In this paragraph, identify which stakeholders and what will be changed.Measuring Alternatives: In this paragraph, identify realistic and practical options.Ethical Implications: In this paragraph, identify what groups’ values or cultures may be affected.Desirable Conclusions: In this paragraph, describe the policy selected and why it was selected; anda summary. Conclude your remarks by illustrating why the public policy option was selected, why it was the best optionor not the best, and identify what lessons you learned from your research

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