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Assignment (Identify and compare two geographic units: California and NC)

Identify and compare two geographic units: California and the state you have signed up to study, or the CA-52 congressional district (make sure to consult the 2022 lines) and the US congressional district you have signed up to study. Answer the following questions in one single pdf document. (North Carolina Republicans is state chosen)

*Use sources as much as needed, no specific amount*

Gravitational Waves and Science Journalism

Find and read the following two articles about gravitational waves. Both of these article are best read in their on-line formats.

(1) “Gravitational Waves Discovered from Colliding Black Holes” by Clara Moskowitz
(2) “How gravitational waves could solve some of the Universe’s deepest mysteries” by Davide Castelvecchi

For each article do the following.
A. Summary: Write a 1 paragraph summary that describes the content of the article. (20pts)

B. How did you locate the article? (3pts) (We have used Pubmed and Semantic Scholar, Google Scholar, Science Direct, Academic Search Complete in class)

C. Evaluate the quality of the article based on the guide sheet Download guide sheet we used in class (I’m attaching it). The below are based off each of the 7 topics (the finding, the publication source, the author, the documented source trail, source bias, balance, headline) in the guide sheet as an individual numbered item. You can refer to the guide sheet for specific things to think about. Be sure to justify your answers with a sentence or two. (35 pts)

(i) What was the scientific finding being reported on, and how did the reporter come to know of it?

(ii) What was the quality of the publication that published the pop science article?

(iii) Was the author of the article reputable and qualified?

(iv) Does the article contain a transparent source trail?

(v) Do the sources used demonstrate any obvious bias? (Note that we are all biased in one way or another, you need to evaluate if the sources are so biased as to be intentionally or unintentionally misleading.)

(vi) Is the article balanced in its presentation of the material?

(vii) Was the headline appropriate for the article?

D. What ideas/topics did the article do a good job of communicating/explaining (1-2 sentences)? You can think of this as what did you learn or what new perspective have you gained from reading the article. (5 pts)

prompt: parallels of hobbes views on mens right to authority to todays toxic masculinity

Political Science Assignment Help Your essay will draw on the questions presented in your abstract, examining questions and concepts relevant to one or two political thinker/s studied in class. Start by identifying and characterizing your question/s, to then introduce the ideas and concepts that you find most useful in addressing them in a close dialogue with thinkers and texts (always include brief citations, which is both the evidence and raw matter with which we work in political theory). Briefly contextualize and explain how the concept works in its original framework, and show how you will be using it in the analysis of your own question.
Make sure to offer examples and to justify the importance and significance of your questions and concepts. As you conclude, explain what political dimensions or type of events your analysis helps to elucidate, and others, connected, that call for further research.
As you write the essay, make sure to:
· Identify your premises (ex., basic views about the human condition or society), when needed;
· Cite properly, economically, and strategically (a standard paper in political theory has an average of 5-7 references per page);
· Use definitions consistently throughout, and to back your claims with evidence (mostly textual, in the case of political theory);
· Any citation method (e.g., MLA, Chicago) is fine, as far as you are consistent;
· Avoid ad hominem fallacious arguments. Attacking a person will not compensate for a lack of arguments and evidence to discuss her arguments (for this class and beyond, consider checking out this little book, Weston, A. (2009). A rulebook for arguments. 4th ed. Indianapolis: Hackett).
· You can use the first person to state your theses, positions, and perspective (if just not in a colloquial way);
· Work and rework your argument until it flows from the initial question, premises, and announced thesis to the end. Make sure to connect the different parts of the argument and to make transitions clear;

Catwoman from the 1992 film, Batman Returns, was an African American transwoman? -In which wave of feminism would this Essay

Catwoman from the 1992 film, Batman Returns, was an African American transwoman?

-In which wave of feminism would this Catwoman be in and why? Explain.
-Taking into consideration the wave discussed above, how is this Catwoman similar or different to the Wonder Woman from the same wave. Explain.
-How does this wave differ from the wave that Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was in? Explain.
-What if this Catwoman was in the first wave of feminism? How would that movie evolve? Describe a few scenes that would be different (it’s okay to make your own scenes inspired by a scene from the movie). Include at least one scene you’ve created.
-What would Rorschach say about Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman according to Miettinen’s interpretation of Rorschach’s perspectives towards women?

-Movie link : (
-Miettinen’s interpretation (

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