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Astronomy Question

1. Suppose that the Earth spun backwards but still orbits the Sun…what would happen to the seasons and the day/night cycle in thissituation for San Diego? Why? What would happen at the Northand South Poles? What would happen at the Equator? How wouldthis affect life on Earth?
2. Suppose that the Moon moved closer to the Earth…how would the phases appear to us on Earth? Would we have all of the lunar phases, some of the phases, or none of the phases? Would you have eclipses? Why or why not? How would tides change?

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I have homework about astrobiology and I need help with it

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Part I: Astrobiology Discoveries
Discoveries are being made every week in astrobiology, and for this assignment I want you to read about several of them and report on what you think is the most interesting/exciting. Use these sources to find the most important recent discoveries:
NASA Exoplanet Exploration News

Question about Astronomy below

Just over one hundred years ago, Robert Goddard described his invention of a “multiple-charge rocket” that might reach the Moon. Read the article “Believes Rocket Can Reach Moon” from the January 12, 1920 issue of the New York Times (page 1, see column 4). This rocket operated by automatically feeding solid fuel pellets into the chamber, igniting them, and discarding them, one after another. He was never able to make it work, and abandoned the rocket in favor of liquid fuel rockets in 1921.
A day later, January 13, 1920, the New York times published a criticism of Goddard’s work, which has become infamous for its misconceptions about spaceflight and Newton’s third law of motion. Read the article “Topics of the Times” from January 13, 1920 (page 12, see column 5, middle of the page, both the “A Severe Strain on Credulity” and “His Plan Is Not Original” sections).
Your assignment is to write an Op-Ed rebuttal to to the Times’ criticism, detailing their error(s) and explaining the correct physics. As with all newspaper rebuttals, it should be short and concise (limit your response to no more than about 400 words, shorter is better). Remember, you are writing this for an audience of non-experts who will be reading the paper the following day. Follow the advice in this article on Writing Effective Op-Eds.

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