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ATH 101 Milestone 1

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PADD Analysis Worksheet for All Project 1 Scenarios

Read through the Project 1 practice scenarios linked below. These all feature small case studies of communication problems in the workplace and ask that you practice your own PTC skills to help resolve an issue.
Before you can begin using Professional and Technical Communication to solve problems, however, you need to make sure you have a deep understanding of the rhetorical nature of the issues at hand.
Please download and read through the Project 1 practice scenarios here: Project 1 paddanalysis worksheet.pdf Download Project 1 paddanalysis worksheet.pdf
This assignment asks you to analyze Purpose, Audience, Design, and Delivery (PADD) by answering a few questions after reading each scenario. Feel free to write the answers to these questions on a separate document and uploading.
For more information about the Rhetorical Situation and performing a PADD analysis, check out this video I made: (Links to an external site.)

Constitution Day Presentation

The following principles have been recognized as core tenets of the U.S. Constitution:
Checks and balances
Judicial review
Limited government
Popular sovereignty
Separation of powers
Create a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation to educate a group of students or adults about the core tenets listed above for an upcoming Constitution Day celebration in a school setting. You may select a grade level 1-12, teachers, or parents as your audience. Please specify your intended audience and include other pertinent information within the speaker notes. Your presentation should be engaging and appropriate for your chosen audience. Include speaker notes below each content-related slide that represent what would be said if giving the presentation in person. Expand upon the information included in the slide and do not simply restate it. Please ensure the speaker notes include a minimum of 50-100 words in your speaker notes per slide.
In addition to your PowerPoint, include a 250-500-word essay describing two interactive learning activities for your intended audience to coincide with your presentation.

Communications Question

Writing Assignment Help 5-6 Page Ideological Analysis Needed (Communication Studies)
Desired grade: A
Requirements: APA Style, Works cited page, Title/Cover Page, 5-6 pages. Please use .docx or .doc formats only. Pdfs, Google docs links, or
emailed assignments will not be accepted.
Please look at the pdf file attached below for the assignment!!

Mind Map Creative Project

Purpose: To practice and understand the ways in which an individual story has its origins in earlier stories, either in plot, genres, archetypes, or other similarities and to practice following a character through the hero’s journey. Finally reflect briefly on what you have learned from this module focused on the idea and value of story.
Assignment: This assignment has three parts: two drawings and a short reflection. You may choose to use one of the free digital drawing tools available such as LucidChart (Links to an external site.)–a google drive add-on–Adobe Illustrator from your student access to Adobe Creative Cloud, or another software with which you may be familiar. Or, you may choose to simply draw the assignment with paper and pencil/markers, and upload your drawing to the assignment page.
Instructions: Choose a favorite story– movie, novel, TV show, cartoon, family legend–your choice. Then
a) Place the different elements of the story you’ve chosen into your drawing of either a pot of soup [The Caldron of your story] with ingredients already simmering plus those added by the maker(s) of your story, or of a tree [The Tree of your Tale] with roots, a trunk, and branches/leaves that tell the origins, additions, and new branches/leaves that arise from the story you choose. Keep in mind the similar origins of the story/film, such as perhaps the Norse mythological origins of The Avengers, the crime fiction tropes and archetypes present in the recent film, Knives Out, or perhaps the way a recent story rethinks gender roles, for example
b) On the second page, place a character from the story you chose into the Hero’s journey, following the cycle suggested in the Hero’s Journey diagram.
c) Write a short 100-200 word reflection about what you learned from this assignment.

ESE Unit Plan Week 3

Develop and complete a unit plan. The preparation and presentation of this unit plan demonstrate your pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills, dispositions, planning, and assessment abilities as stipulated in state and national standards.
Directions for the Unit Plan:
Develop a comprehensive Unit Plan consisting of at least five consecutive lesson plans designed for the preschool level. Prepare five consecutive lessons using the lesson plan template provided in Appendix D. Review the grading rubric in Appendix E for additional details that need to be included.
Begin by selecting a target group of at least three students at the setting where you did your field experience in Assignment #1. Provide a description of the developmental needs and characteristics of the target group (e.g., languages and special needs). Observe the students and informally talk with some of them to find out about topics of interest to them. Write down your findings. Based on your observations and interactions, prepare a list of the students’ interests.
Meet with the classroom teacher and talk about concepts and themes related to each of the subject areas that would be appropriate for the target group of students. Review the content area scope and sequence provided by the school or school district and/or state department of education. Share your findings from the observations and conversations with students and consult with the classroom teacher about possible relevant topics for the five lesson plans.
Considering the information from your observations and discussion with the classroom teacher, choose a theme or topic to serve as the focus for your unit. Provide a brief statement that describes the outcomes of your consultation with the classroom teacher, and how it contributed to selecting the theme or topic for the unit.
Unit Overview
In a narrative, provide an overview of the unit. Include the following in your overview:
Description of the theme or topic and how it was selected.
Why the theme or topic is meaningful for preschool-aged students
How the unit incorporates multiple developmental and/or subject areas.
2.. List the Unit Goals and your rationale for their selection.
Identify the Instructional Standards (e.g., VPK or other state-adopted and DEC standards) that are met through the unit. (FEAP a.1.a/FPEC 1.2, 1.6/InTASC 4n.k, 6r.d, 7a.p, 7g.k)
Provide a statement that describes why you believe that the students will be able to achieve the target goals. Comment on how activities and resources would allow students to meet the target expectations. (FEAP a.1.c/FPEC 1.3/InTASC 7b.p, 7i.k, 7j.k, 7q.d)
Profile of Students and Alignment Matrix: Create and complete Tables 1 and 2 (include all of the students who will be part of your lesson implementation).
Table 1
Student Characteristics
Home Language
Special Needs





Note: [Explain any abbreviations you use here.]
Complete Table 2
Table 2
Alignment Matrix
Lesson #
Objective #
Prior Knowledge/ Skills Needed
New Concepts/Skills to be Learned
Assessment Activity/Method
#1 By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to …

#2 By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to …

#3 By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to …

#4 By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to …

#5 By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to …

Include at least five consecutive lesson plans related to the Unit’s theme. For each lesson plan: Each Lesson Plan (Average is 1 page in length per lesson – 5 lesson = 5 Pages)
Develop learning experiences that require students to demonstrate a variety of applicable skills and competencies. Be sure to include three or more types of skills or competencies. b. Incorporate cross-disciplinary activities in the instruction as a means to help students apply content knowledge and/or skills (e.g., an activity that incorporates language and movement). (NSU a.1.i/FPEC 8.3/InTASC 7h.k)
Specify the accommodations and modifications that you are providing to support language development in instruction for ESOL students and/or students with special needs. (InTASC 2e.p, 2i.k, 2o.d, 7k.k, 7n.d)
Describe the materials selected that support the standards-based learning objectives and variety of learning needs. Include methods for incorporating technology. Include samples, as appropriate. (NSU a.1.j/FPEC 1.6).
Describe the questions and standards-aligned materials that you will use to promote critical thinking (e.g., opportunities for students to make choices; to respond to open-ended questions; to solve “problems”).
Describe the opportunities that students have to practice the use of academic language/ vocabulary in the content area that will lead to the students’ mastery of content and skills (e.g., science or math terms). (NSU a.1.h/FPEC 8.2/InTASC 4h.p, 4l.k, 4r.d./InTASC 4h.p, 4l.k, 4r.d.)
Identify appropriate formative assessments/activities to monitor learning during the implementation of the unit activities. (FEAP a.1.d/FPEC 1.1, 4.1/InTASC 6a.p, 6i.k, 6k.k, 7d.k, 7l.k).
Each lesson plan must follow the template in Appendix C.
Share your unit with the classroom teacher (and any specialists who work with the students) and request specific feedback pertaining to the following:
a. Data needed to appropriately evaluate learning outcomes
b. Recommendations or changes to improve the effectiveness of the lessons.
Summarize the recommendations that you received from the teacher and any specialists with whom you consulted.

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