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Attached Is The Outline And Rubric For The Work. The Topic Chosen Is Inequality Online Essay Help

Attached is the outline and rubric for the work. The topic chosen is inequality and human rights, specifically focusing on the black lives matter movement. These are the two sources to refer to for this paper:

Respond to classmates discussion post:
Of all cancers in the United States, brea scholarship essay helpRespond to classmates discussion post:
Of all cancers in the United States, breast cancer is the most common cancer in females (Breast Cancer Statistics, n.d.). Approximately 43,000 women will die from this type of cancer (Breast Cancer Statistics, n.d.). Breast cancer is an illness that can be very life-threatening. Breast cancer screening and early detection is a staple to preventing and controlling the disease (Didarloo et al., 2017). The goal of the study by Diaarloo et al. (2017) was to explore breast self-examination behavior and its predictive factors within the population of female university students using the Health Belief Model (Didarloo et al., 2017).
This research examined 334 female students attending Urmia University of Medical Sciences in Iran. This was a cross-sectional survey. The researchers utilized a questionnaire in three-parts to collect the data. The researchers analyzed the data using SPSS software. They used descriptive statistics, a chi-square test, and multivariate logistic regression.
The study design evaluated the women based on these independent categorical variables: academic level, academic year, ethnicity, grade point average, family history of breast cancer, participant’s knowledge, perceived self-efficacy, perceived severity, perceived susceptibility, perceived benefits, perceived barriers, and health motivation.
This study discovered that the Health Belief Model ideas are able to calculate breast cancer screening behaviors. Of these ideas, self-efficacy was the supreme significant predictor for the behavior. Involvements based on the perceived efficacy, severity, and benefits, were suggested for increasing women’s screenings for breast cancer.
This study was a very complex multivariate logistic regression article as it included 14 independent variables. Each variable was scored and a p value was generated for significance. I feel as if this study was a great way to address early detection and breast cancer screenings among women. The data analyzed using SPSS generated robust information with levels of significant surrounding the Health Belief Model and behaviors of women.
Breast cancer statistics: How common is breast cancer? American Cancer Society. (n.d.). Retrieved March 16, 2022, from
Didarloo, A., Nabilou, B. & Khalkhali, H.R. Psychosocial predictors of breast self-examination behavior among female students: an application of the health belief model using logistic regression. BMC Public Health 17, 861 (2017).
The Unit V Course
Project is the culmination of the course project essay helpInstructions
The Unit V Course
Project is the culmination of the course project that began in Unit II. The
first portion (Unit II submission) of the course project involved a life cycle
analysis (LCA). The second portion (Unit III) was a pollution prevention (P2)
This third and final portion (Unit V) examines the impact of
corporate philosophy on P2 in an industrial setting.
Corporate Philosophy
The Unit V Course
Project requirement is to use the same product that you researched in Units II
and III to address the tasks below.
I used Rail freight transport,
please see Unit III Course Project Assignment
§ Appraise the
importance of upper management’s commitment to P2.
§ Explore the
value of corporate philosophy on P2 in production of your product.
You must utilize
information in the course textbook and at least one peer-reviewed article from
the CSU Online Library. In your paper, limit the amount of direct quotations.
The vast majority of your paper should contain paraphrased information from
your sources and should include your own thoughts on the role of corporate
philosophy to P2.
This portion of your project should be at
least two pages in length.
Course Project Submission
Since the course
project is cumulative and this is the final portion of the project, please
organize your paper as instructed below. Section headings should be APA Level 1
headings (centered, bold). The sections of the paper are listed below.
§ Title page
§ Introduction
(One or two paragraphs)
§ Life Cycle
Analysis (two-page minimum)
§ Pollution
Prevention Audit (two-page minimum)
§ Corporate Philosophy
(two-page minimum)
§ Conclusion (One
or two paragraphs)
§ References page
Please make changes to
your LCA and P2 audit sections per your professor’s Unit II and III feedback
before submitting your final course project. Do not include a title page and
references page for each section. Since this is a final report, only one title
page and one references section should be used. Adhere to APA Style when
constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for
all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.
Please write about the science pedagogy.
The main body of the work should be wri college application essay helpPlease write about the science pedagogy.
The main body of the work should be written in either Ariel, or Times New Roman, with a font size
of between 10 to 12.
Using the learning outcomes as subheadings for each paragraph.
The referencing style, such as MLA or Harvard. Generally,
Harvard Reference citations follow this format:
Last name, First Initial. (Year published). Title. City: Publisher, Page(s)
No Plagiarism
Essay 2: Conformity
The essay (due 4/3), is from the information we will cover i a level english language essay helpEssay 2: Conformity
The essay (due 4/3), is from the information we will cover in Chapter 12. You will write an essay on the following topic…
After reading Chapter 12 of your text on Social Psychology, you will be familiar with the concept of conformity. Pay particular attention to pages 439-441 of your text and watch ALL of the following videos located under Chapter 12 Learning Resources in Modules:
– ESSAY 2 VIDEO: The Stanford Prison Experiment
– ESSAY 2 VIDEO: Conformity 1
– ESSAY 2 VIDEO: Conformity2

– ESSAY 2 VIDEO: Conformity 3

In your essay, address the following…
– Define conformity (Cite the text) – This should be done in the introduction and repeated in the conclusion (in different words).
– Describe a situation in which you (or someone you have observed) conformed to the group. What happened? Why do you think you or the person you are describing did this? What was the outcome?
– Choose ONE of the four videos listed above to discuss in this section. Describe how the people in the video conformed to the group. Why did they behave this way? What would you do in this situation? Why?
– Reflect on the following questions: Is conformity necessary in our society? In what situations should we conform? In what situations should we avoid conforming? Share your thoughts on this topic and be as detailed as possible, using examples.
I expect a general 5-paragraph essay here. A 5-paragraph essay consists of…
Paragraph 1: Introduction (Include your thesis statement and introduce all major topics your essay will cover. Remember to give me a definition of conformity, citing your text, and a brief introduction of what your three body paragraphs will be about.)
Paragraph 2: Body paragraph 1 (Conformity example – see above)
Paragraph 3: Body paragraph 2 (Discussion about chosen video and how you would respond – see above)
Paragraph 4: Body paragraph 3 (Conformity Reflection – see above)
Paragraph 5: Conclusion (Wrap up the essay by summarizing the main points. Remember to re-state what you said in the introduction, but use different words)
I expect details and examples. Please elaborate and show me that you understand conformity well enough to apply the concept to the videos you observed and to your life.
This is a writing emphasis course which means you are required to successfully write four essays throughout the course. As you should have noticed on the syllabus, these writing assignments make up a large percentage of your final grade in this course and it is important to put forth your best effort.
*You are expected to cite all sources you use in these essays and to use APA format. See APA documents in Modules to understand how to properly cite sources in APA format. You can also use the APA template and Sample APA Essays (both in Modules). These documents are also located in the course files.
*Please see the rubric below and make sure you understand these general writing requirements. Ask me if you have any questions. Essay Rubric.PNG
I will mark down for formatting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. so please pay attention to these aspects of your writing. I highly suggest using the PSC Writing Center for help if you struggled on the first essay.
Post your paper as an attachment.
Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this assignment or need any help at all.

I chose the topic: “Mental Health Care Amongst Female Veteran College Students” essay help online freeI chose the topic: “Mental Health Care Amongst Female Veteran College Students”
This is a 15 page research project. The research will focus on a single topic within the broad scope of
issues of concern among college students. The assignment is broken up into three sections, research
paper draft, the final research paper, and the research presentation. The research paper and presentation
should include the following information:
-Brief introduction with overview of topic/purpose
-Your purpose statement/thesis (what are you arguing)
-What the reserch say about your topic/how you supported your points
-The implications for future research and practice
The research project must include at least 6 but no more than 15 sources related to the topic. All sources must be cited in proper APA format. At least 6 sources must be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals.
The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 1000words long. Please see writing essay helpPRIORITISE TOP TUTOR
The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 1000words long. Please see the questions shown in the screenshot. I will send you all info after being hired, eg PPTs, student access etc. Please send a draft in 12hrs -1 day time, day 2, and day 3 as well. + Will need to draft some questions to ask the teacher and revise base on feedback (Send bk ard in 1 day max)
Compile a bibliography, and be sure to prioritize your list (rank) by importance essay help site:eduCompile a bibliography, and be sure to prioritize your list (rank) by importance & relevance.
-Find 7 sources (only), list in Chicago Style format.
-Insert screen shots (to include visible database search, and abstract), justify its position. Note, I’m looking for these four items, for each source: citation, pic of database, pic of abstract, justification.
-The screenshots should be made from EBSCO. Example of it will be attached in the file.
Look for: articles, reports, and books (two books maximum), etc. You can look elsewhere, outside of EBSCO database; but know that you are encouraged to use these bonafide academic sources, and you should be sure to scrutinize your publisher and author – particularly when venturing outside the database.
The newly hired school district superintendent has been charged with reviewing a essay help onlineThe newly hired school district superintendent has been charged with reviewing and updating the district’s school-community relations plan. Because he/she has recently hired you to be the principal of one of the district’s schools that was criticized for not having effective relations with the community, the superintendent wants you to be involved with this project.
The superintendent has asked you to develop a (2-3 page) paper about why a school-community relations plan is needed.
* Use Apa style writing (be current on the rules). Of course, you will always have an APA-style cover page.
please read : cheap essay helpplease read :
“In Re Quinlan”
then answer the following questions:
1. What was Karen’s condition at the time the court considered her father’s position to become guardian and remove life support?
2. What did the court say about free exercise of religion here?
3. The court considered extensively a right to privacy: First, what did they say about Karen’s rights? How did the court think she would probably feel about the issue if she had the decision?
4. What were the State’s interests in this case? The court held here a sliding time frame for when the individual’s privacy rights begin to overwhelm the state’s interests. What is that time frame?
What did the court ultimately decide in this case? Do you think it was a good decision?
HRM vs Personnel Management
In the past, Human Resource Management (HRM) departm best college essay helpHRM vs Personnel Management
In the past, Human Resource Management (HRM) department was referred to as the personnel department. Due to the impact of legislation and strategic alignment, the department has evolved into a major business function of a business organization. For this assignment, differentiate between personnel management and human resource management by comparing and contrasting the two. Include at least 3 pros and 3 cons for each.
Submit a Word document containing the following specifics when writing your paper:
-Answered the assignment/essay questions above and used relevant vocabulary in narrative form
-Included introduction, body, and conclusion
-Included two (2) peer reviewed reference(s) outside of the text.
-Length no less than 500 words
-Integrated research and used external citations and resources
-Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage and punctuation are followed.
-Used APA 7th edition style and format–one-inch margins, double space, title page, reference page
-Provide detailed answers in APA format, to include references.

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